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Hell than to hunt after Riches ? Plutus is said to be lame : Ah! how do Rich Men limp when they go to give Alms, how now their Motion! What dismal Grimaces attend their Acts of Charity! Plutus was blind; and what Rich Man can see tbe Wants of his poor Neighbours? How purblind are they to Merit! and how few Rich Men can see any Folly or Defeats in themselves! Plutus was very Injudicious ; the Picture of a Rich Man! who paffeth by good Men, and heaps his Favours on the Bad and Undeferving.. Plulus was timorous, so are all Rich Men; they are continually in a Panic, and watch their Treasures with the utmost Care and Fear.

The Centaurs were antient People of Thesaly The Fable of near Mount Pelion, who first broke Horses for the Centaurs War; the ignorant Country People seeing them explain'd. at a Distance on Horseback, supposed they were (both Horse and Man) but one Creature ; whence the Fable before mention'd.

The Fable of the Monster Geryon's having As also that three Bodies, is thus to be understood. Geryon of Geryon. was, in antient Times, a King of the three Spanish Islands call’d Balearides : Or else thus ; from the Unity there was between the ihree Bretbrea of that Name, who ruled so lovingly together, that they all three fecm'd to have but cne Soul.

By the Hellish Monsters Harpies and Gorgons, Harpies, Gor&c. are to be understood the black and devilish Arts gon:, 60 cm and Protices of Lewd and Vicious Women'; who moraliz’d. having cast off all Sbame, Mariefly, and Grace, appear in their AffeEtions, Paffions, and Aftions as monstrous and deform'd as the infernal Inbabitants now mention'd.

The Chimæra is a Fiktion deriv'd from a Vol- The Fiction of cano or Mountain of Lycia which cafts out Fire : the Chimæra For on the Top thereof Lions harbour'd; Goats explain’d.

in and about the Middle, where there was much Pasture, and the Bottom thereof abounded with Serpents; and because Bellerophon made this Moun

tain habitable, he was said to Nay the Chimera. Tantalus the TANTALUS was design'd to represent a Emblem of a Miser ; for like him they live in the Midst of Mifer.

Plenty, but enjoy it not. 'Tis peculiar to them to starve in a continual Feast ; to familh amidst

fuil Barrels, and to freeze by the Fire-side. The Story of

ORPHEUS and AMPHION are said to Orpheus and be so very skilful in Music, that the first play'd Amphion mo- on his Harp and sung so sweetly, that he tamed raliz'd.

wild Beasts, stay'd the Course of Rivers, and made the Woods follow him; and that by the Melody of the latter, the Stones moved so regularly, that they form’d the Wall of the City of Tbebes. The Moral of all which is this, That Orpheus and Amphion were both Men fo cloquent, that they persuaded those who lived savage Lives, like the wild Beasts, before, to em

brace the Rules and Manners of Civil Society. The Fiftion of ATLAS is said by the Poets to have born Atlas, whence.

the World on his Shoulders; which Fiction arose hence, that Atlas, an antient King of Mauritania in Africa, first invented the Science of Astronomy, and reduced the Motions of the Heavenly Bodies to fome Degree of Certainty and Regularity,

which were all before unknown. The Fable of HESPERUS was the Brother of Atlas, who Hesperus.

also studied Atronomy, and frequently went up Mount Atlas (so nam’d of his Brother) to view the Stars : At last he went up and came down no more; at this the People imagin'd that he was carried to Heaven, and became the Evening and Morning Star, callid Hefperus (or Vesper) and Phosphorus, or Lucifer.


THE Hesperides were three Daughters of The Gardens of Hefperus, by Name Ægle, Arethusa, Hefperethusa ; the Hesperides and 'tis laid in their Gardens Trees were planted the Garden of which bore Golden Fruit; these Trees were Eden. guarded by a watchful Dragon, which at last Hercules kill'd and carried away the Golden Apples. The Ground of this Fable is supposed to be the Garden of Eden, and the forbidden Tree of Knowledge, and Tree of Life, the Trees which bare the Golden Fruit.

PROMETHEUS, the Son of Iapetus, is The Fiktion of faid to have made a Man of Clay or Earth, and Prometheus afterwards to steal Fire from Heaven, in order and Pandora therewith to put Life and Soul into his Man ; applied to the

of this Theft so displeas’d Jupiter that he fent Pan- Adam and dora into the World to Prometheus with a Box, Eve, and the from which, when open’d by her Husband Epi- Fall of Man. metbeus, there flew out all Sorts of Evils and Diseases which have pester'd Mankind ever since. And afterwards Prometheus was chain'd to Mount Caucasus, and an Eagle perpetually prey'd on his Liver, as a farther Punishment of his Impiety. As to the Moral of all this, I think his making a Man of Clay may allude to the Creation of Adam out of the Dust of the Earth: And that Pandora (who also was made by Vulcan at Jupiter's Command, and whom every Deity adorn’d with various Gifts, Minerva giving her Wisdom, Venus Beauty, Apollo Music, Mercury Eloquence, &c. I say this Pandora) was Eve, who, to be sure, before the Fall possess’d all the Heavenly Graces and Endowments possible, but by her Transgression (the Fatal Box) she open'd the Way for all the subsequent Evils and Mifchiefs in the World.

DEUCALION (the Son of Prometheus) and Deucalion's his Wife Pyrrba are said to reign in Thessaly Deluge was when a Deluge happen'd so great that it over

Ncali's Flood. flow'd

Aow'd the Earth, and destroyed all Mankind,
excepting only Dencalion and his Wife Purria,
who were carried in a little Ship upon Mount
Parnaljus; and when the Waters abated, they
consulted the Oracle of Themis, to know how
Mankind imight be again restored; the Answers
was, They fhould cast the Bonus of their Great Mo:
ther behind them, (i. e. the Stones of tve Eartb ;)
accordingly they did so, and from these Stones
sprang a New Race of Men and Women. All
which, 'tis very evident, is but a Poetical Meta-
morphosis of Noah's Flood, and some of its most

considerable Circumstances. Iphigenia is

IPHIGENI A was the Daughter of Aga-
Jeptha's memnon and Clytemnestra ; her Father by chance
Daughter. kill'd a Stag of Diana's, who in Revenge stopt

the Paffige of his Fleet with contrary Winds,
and the Oracle told them, that Diana would not
be appeas'd, unless sonie of Agameninon's Blood
were facrificed. Whereupon Ulyfes got Iphigeni a
from her Mother by. Craft; but as she stood by
the Allar at Arlis, ready to be sacrificed, Diara
pitied her, and put a Hind in her stead; and
made her one of her Priestesses, who folemnized
her Sacrifices with buman Blood. And now how
plainly does this appear to be the Scripture Hi-
îtory of Zepha's Daughter, under the Disguise
of Poetical Fiction, and some fabulous Accom-

modations. The Fable of

PHAETON was the Son of Sol and Clymene ; Phaeton vari- he requested of his Father Phebus to drive the exsly applied. Chariot of the Sun for one Day: He granted it,

but warn’d hiin of the Danger thereof : Phaeton, careless of any future Event, mounts the Chariot, the Fiery Horses drove furiously thro' the Heavens, and their Driver not able to govern them, let the Reins go, and had like to have set the whole World on Fire; to prevent which Jupiter


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Itruck him with a Thunder-bolt, so that he fell in. to the River Eridanus, now call'd the Po. His Sisters were turn'd into Poplar Trees, and wept for him with Tears of Amber on the same Ricer's Banks. Some think this Phaeton was Pbut To Phut Son of the third Son of Cham, who was skill'd in Astro- Cham. nomy, and therefore calld the Son of Sol; and that he foretold the great Conflagrations in Italy and Ethiopia, which happen'd An. Mundi 2426. Others say, this Fable had its Origin from the History of Elijah, who was taken up into Hea- To Elijah. ven in a Chariot and Horses of Fire. Others think To the Burning it refers to the Destruction of Sodom, Gomorrab, of Sodom, &c. &c. by Fire and Brimstone rain'd from Heaven. And lastly, 'Tis supposed the Moral is levelld The Moral at ambitious and inconsiderate Princes, and Prime thereof. Miniters, who, uncapable of the high and weighty Charge they have taken on them, let loose the Reins of their indiscrete Government, and thus set the Subjects all in a Combustion, and endanger their own Downfal. Such a Phaeton fell upon the River Thames, and set England in Flames, not an Age since.

NISUS was a King of the Megarenses, and The Fable of had a Purple-colourd or Golden Lock of Hair Nifus ard bis among the rest on his Head ; on this Lock of fame with

Daughter, the Hair the Fortune of his Kingdom depended. His Sampson and Daughter Scylla fell in Love with Minos, who Delilah. besieged her Father in Megara ; and cutting off her Father's Golden Lock, she gave it to Minos, and with it the Kingdom; whereupon Nifus died with Grief, and was turn’d into an Hawk, and his Daughter into a Lark. Whence the Antiçatby between these two Birds ever since. - The whole of this Fable is undoubtedly grounded on the Scripture Relation of Sampson and his Mistress Delilab; with a little Variation allowable to the Poets.


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