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Grove, and an unnavigable Lake calld Avernus, The Lake from whence such Poisonous Vapours arise as strike Avernus. Birds dead Aying over it. Yet over this Lake the Souls of the Dead must pass ; to which End a nasty, old, decrepit, long-bearded Fellow, calld Charon, attends with a Ferry-Boat, and Old Charon. carries them over to the other Side, after they have paid him his Fare, which is at least an: Half-penny.

After this there are four Rivers to be passed The Rivers of : over, viz. (1.) Acheron, whose Waters are ex- Hell.

Acheron. treme bitter. (2.) The next they met with was Styx, a Lake rather than a River, and so sacred Styx. to the Gods, that if any swore by it, and broke bis Oath, he was depriv'd of his Godhead, and drank no Nestar for an hundred Years. (3.) The next was the River Cocytus, which flows out Cocytus. of Styx with a lamentable groaning Noise ; and imitates the Howling and increases the Exclamation of the Damned. (4.) The last is the River Phlegetbon, so call’d because it swells with Waves Phlegethon. of Fire, and all its Streams are Flames.

The Souls having pass'd these Rivers, are The threeconducted to the Palace of Pluto; where the headed Dog

Cerberus. Gate is guarded by Cerberus, a Dog with three Heads; whose Body is cover'd with Snakes instead of Hair. This Dog is the Porter of Hell, begotten of Echidna by the Giant Typhon. We are now arrived to

PLUTO the King of Hell; the Son of Saturn Pluto and and Ops, and Brother of Jupiter and Neptune.

Proserpina. He obtain'd these infernal Dominions by Lot when his Father's Kingdom of all the World was divided as before related ; and also because he invented Burying and funeral Obsequies for the Dead. He sat on a Throne cover'd with Darkness, holding a Key in his Hand, and crown'd with Ebony,


and by him his Queen Proserpina, whom he stole

froin Ceres, as before observ’d. Plutus, or SOME, from a Likeness in Name and Office, to Mammon.

Pluto join Plutus the God of Riches and Wealth, the Son of Jason by Ceres; he is the same Deity which in the New Testament is callid Mammon. He was blind and lame, injudicious and very

timorous. Judges of Hell The next Ministers in the Oeconomy of Hell Minos, acus

are the three Judges Minos, Æacus, and Rhadaand Rhadamanthus.

manthus ; the two first were the Sons of Jupiter by Europa, the latter by Ægina. These are believed to judge the Souls of the Dead. Rhadamanthus judg’d the Asiaticks, and Æacus the Europeans. But Minos holds a Golden Scepter, sits alone, and superintends the Judgments of the other two.

The Fates come next to be observed : They are three old Ladies, array'd in Garments of Ermine, white as Snow, with a Purple Border.

They are the Daughters of Erebus and Nox; Clotho, the Goddesses of Destiny; their Names are Clotho, Lachesis,

Lachesis, and Atropos. These order and manage Atropos.

the fatal Thread of Life. Clotho draws the Thread, Lachesis turns the Wheel, and Atropos cuts it asunder when spun to a due Length ; then down we

drop to Ades or Hell. The Furies of

The Furies (calld also Eumenides, Dire, and Heil. Canes,) next present themselves. They have

Faces like IV imen, their Looks full of Terror, hold lighted Torches in their Hands, and Snakes and Serperits lash their Necks and Shoulders. They

are the Daughters of Nox and Acheron; their Alecko, Tisi- Names are Aleato, Tiliphone, and Megara ; all rione, ieg.era.

call’d by one cominon Name Erinnys. Their Office is to punish the Crimes of wicked Men, and to torment and frighten them by following them with ghastly Miens and burning Turches,


nus, Mor


Moreover in these infernal Regions you meet Erebus, Nox, with the most antient Deities, Erebus, and his Mors, SomWife Nox, of whom Mors was born, and his

pheus. Brother Somnus. Erebus and Nox preside over Darkness and the Night ; Mors, over Death ; and Somnus is the God of Sleep, who by his Servant Morpheus sends Dreams to us above while sleeping

In Hell are also the following Monsters. (1.) The Monfters The Centaurs; whose upper Parts were Human, of Hell.

Centaurs. but had the Body, Legs, &c. of an Horse begotten of a Cloud by Ixion, which he thought had been Juno. (2.) Geryon, who had three Geryon. Bodies ; he was Nain by Hercules, who took away his Cattle also, though guarded by a Dog with two Heads, and a Dragon with seven. (3.) The Harpyies born of Oceanus and Terra ; who Harpyies. had the Faces of Virgins, Bodies of Birds, and their Hands arm'd with Claws; their Names were Aello, Ocypete and Celeno. (4.) The Gor- Gorgons. gons, Medusa, Stheno and Euryale, who were Daughters of Phorcus and Cete; they had Heads cover'd with Snakes instead of Hair ; which so terrified Beholders that they immediately turn’d them to Stones. (5.) The Lamia and Empuse, Lamia and who had but one Eye, and one Tooth common Empulæ. to them all. They had Faces, Necks and Breasts like Women; but Bodies cover'd with Scales, and Tails of Serpents. (6.) The Chimera, Chimæra. a Monster vomiting Fire ; he hath an Head and Breast of a Lion, the Belly of a Goat, and the Tail of a Dragon, and was sain by Bellerophon. (7.) The Sphinx begotten of Typhon and Echidna ; had Sphinx. the Head and Face of a Virgin, Wings of a Bird, and Body and Feet of a Dog. Her Riddle was explain’d by Edipus, at which being enraged she threw herself from a Rock and died.


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The most fa- The most famous of the Condemned in Hell

are the following. (1.) The Giants, Sons of Cordemned in Hell.

Cælum and Terra; they were very high in StaThe Giants. ture, had horrible Dragons Feet, and their whole

Mien full of Terror: They waged War against the Celestial Gods upon the Phlegrean Plains, but were overcome, and struck down to Hell with

Jupiter's Thunderbolts and the Arms of the Gods. Typhon, The principal of which were Typhon, Æg@on, Ægæon,

Alæus, and Tityus; and in order that they might Alaus, Tityus.

not rise again, the Inand of Sicily was fix'd on Typhon, and Mount Ætna on Ægæon, which, when he heaves, cafterh forth Flames of Fire ; and Tiiyus's Doom was to have a Vultur always

gnawing his Liver, which grows afresh every Phlegias. Month. (2.) Phlegias, who, for firing Apollo's

Temple at Delphi, was sentenced to have a great

Stone hang over his Head, ready to fall each MoIxion. ment to crush him to Pieces. (3.) Ixion his Son,

who, for attempting to violate the Chastity of

Juno, was struck to Hell, and tied to a Wheel, Sisyphus. which turns about continually. (4.) Sisyphus, a

notorious Robber, who is condemn'd to roll a great Stone up to the 'Top of a Hill, which ever

llides down again, and makes bis Labour perpeTie Belides. tual. (5.) The Bclides were fifty Virgin Sisters,

Daughters of Danas, who, by his Command, did all (but one) iliy cheir Hufvands on the Wedding Night; for which Impiety they were condein'd to draw tvarer out of a deep Well, to

fill a Tub whose Botton was full of Holes like Tantalus. a Sieve. (6.) Tantalus ir vited the Gods to a Feast,

and to prove their Divinity, he killd, boild, and serv'd up the Joints of his Son Pelops on the Table before them to eat: They abstain'd from such horrid Diet, and condemn'd Tantalus to stand in Water up to his Lips, which he could not drink; and to have Meat placed just at his Morth, which yet he could not tafte; and was thus tormented and teazed with eternal Hunger and Thirt.

In these Tartarian Regions is a Place abound- The Elyfium, ing with all kind of Pleasures and Delights, calldor Heathen Elysium ; because thither the Souls of the Good

Paradise. come after they are loosed from the Chains of the Body. This is the Heathen Paradise of Delights consisting of most pleasant Plains, the most verdant Fields, the ladiest Groves, and the finest and most temperate Air that can be produced. After the Souls of the Pious had spent many Ages in che Elysian Fields, they drank the Water of the The River River Lethe, which made them forget all things

Lethe. paft; and then return'd to the World again, and possess'd new Bodies. 'Twas necessary they should forget the Pleasures they enjoy’d in Elyfium, that they might willingly return again to this miserable Life.

The Fifth Class of Heathen Deities were those Subordinate of a Subordinate and Miscellaneous Nature. Such Gods. were, (1.) The Penates, a sort of Teraphim ; Penates. some of which presided over Kingdoms and Provinces, others over Cities, and others over particular Houses and Families. (2.) The Lares, who Lares. were the Children of Mercury and the Nymph Lara; these were another Sort of Domestic Gods, who presided over Houses, Streets, and High-ways. They were sometimes cloath'd in the Skins of Dogs, and sometimes fashion’d in the Shape of Hogs. (3.) The Genii were a sort of Demons, Genii. whom they believed to preside over the Births of Persons, and attend them as Guardian Angels all their Lives. Those which were proper to Women were callid Junones. (4.) Libitina, the Chief Libitina, of the funeral Deities. And besides these there were particular Gods and Goddesses allow'd to pre

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