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Ere long my foul fhall wing its airy flight,
And share the sweetness of your full delight:
Nor time-nor death-fhall my firm hope destroy,
For now my foul anticipates your joy.


your SUNwith dazzling glory bright, By whom ye fhine as ftars with borrow'd light, Shall burft the veil of nature's thin disguise, And I, like you, fhall in his image rife. O, happy period! O, long wifh'd-for day! Ye lagging moments, why this long delay ? Hope not to quench nor damp the latent fire, Your fleepy progrefs but creates defire: When shall these eyes in perfect vision fee, The fpotlefs LAMB that BLED-that DIED for me!. O PRECIOUS FAITH!-I love thy friendly power! Thou kind attendant in each doubting hour; Yet half the glory thy dim light conceals, And partial pleasures thou, at best, reveals: To higher blifs! my ardent foul aspires, And pants to join the loud angelic choirs : Yet purer joysyet more exalted blifs, My heart anticipates, by far, than this; A RISEN SAVIOUR, there must crown my joy, And all the powers of conscious love employ. 'Tis his lov'd-prefence muft my bliss impart, And fill with tranfport this now throbbing heart! 'Tis there the faints-in loud hofanna's fing, And hail! triumphant--their victorious king. With them my foul fhall join her raptur'd lay, But fhout him conqu'ror-far more loud than they.





YLVIA, to thee this wither'd rose I fend,
Receive the dumb instructor as a friend;
And if the moral tale you juftly mark,
'Twill preach as well as TILLOTSON OF CLARKE.
This lifelefs, fhrivel'd, now neglected thing,
Was lately feen the glory of the spring;
Exulted in the pride of youthful bloom,
Grateful to fight, luxuriant with perfume:
Its bofom pregnant with etherial dew,
Swell'd to the fun, and blufh'd as bright as you :
The morn the full-blown ruddy vigor spy'd,
At eve it droop'd its languid head and dy'd.
Such, and fo frail the tints of beauty's power,
The gaudy drefs and bloffom of an hour.
Expos'd each minute to the nipping storm,
To baneful blafts, that every grace deform:
Difeafe ftill hov'ring round on pallid wing,
With all her ugly train prepar'd to fting:
And thefe efcap'd, with flow, but fure decay,
Old haggard time each colour wipes away;
The lily, and the rofe's hue decline,
Shrunk to the texture of a fhrivel'd skin.

Sylvia, too grave perhaps thefe truths appear, My fong too moral, and the theme severe;


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To one, in all the pride of thoughtless May,
Of health improvident, and nature gay;
Untutor'd yet in wifdom's facred school,
And in the one great needful thing——a fool.
To say that beauty's frail will seem more odd,
Than doubt of providence, or doubt a God:
Your cares devoted only to employ

The golden hours, to deck a sparkling toy;
To fpin the thread, to spread the guileful art,
To catch the idle, giddy, flutt'ring heart:
In affectation every charm express,

And torture every feature into dress.

The fop, the coxcomb, buzzing round you fly,
Live, if you smile, and if you frown, they die.
On air-blown bubbles flattery's altar raise,
Diffufing round the fmoak of empty praise,
Defpoil all nature's works of every grace,
To shape your person, and adorn your face.
Not all the blooming colours of the field,
Sufficient ftrength of epithet can yield;
Your white and red how delicate to fhow
The lily and the rofe not only blow,
Earth's bowels rent, GOLCOND, and VISAPOUR
Lend their affiftance to th' imperfect flower.
Your eye-the diamond's brighteft water fhows;
Your lips-the ruby's crimson blush disclose;
Your veins the fapphire's comely blue deride,
Within the garnet rolls a scarlet tide.

*Two places in the Mogul's dominions famous for jewels.



"Hail! happy favorites of our heavenly king! "To You these tidings we with rapture bring: "For You--not us-(now clad in human guise) "The willing Saviour left his native skies! "Our kindred fpirits, when they finning fell, "Were doom'd to fuffer the fierce pangs of hell ! "There, bound in chains, the impious rebels lie, "And feel a thousand deaths-but never die ! "For them, no profpect of a wifh'd release, "No views of pardon, no kind terms of peace! "No gleam of hope difplays its distant beam, "No GOD to DIE. -no JESUS to redeem"One finful act destroy'd their blest estate, "And ftampt ETERNAL their reverfe of fate! "Then join with us, ye honor'd fons of GRACE! "Ye happier fubjects, ye dear PURCHAS'D race!

Let heaven and earth their grateful accents raife, "And fing with us your kind Emmanuel's praife!" Their errand told the feraphs take their flight, Through tracklefs æther, unapproach'd by fight; The lift'ning fhepherds, loft in strange amaze, Express their wonder as they diftant gaze! Thus eager look'd the apoftolic few,

When from their prefence, their lov'd mafter flew !
When each fond gazer dropt a mournful tear,
And wifh'd to follow him--they follow'd here.

But lo!. the fhepherds turn their wond'ring eyes!
They feek the manger, where EMMANUEL lies.
TO BETHLEHEM with hafty strides they run,
There, view their SAVIOUR-there, their RISEN SUN!


Amazing thought!-but more amazing fight !-
The GOD of nature, and dark nature's light!
The GOD of GLORY leaves the realms of blifs,
To fhare the forrows of a world like this!
From glory flies to be defpis'd on earth,
As fpeaks the language of his humble birth.
Amazing proof of thy kind errand here!
Thou soN, thou SAVIOUR, whom all should revere !
No infant honors thy lov'd prefence wait,
No forms of grandeur, nor large rooms of ftate;
No weeping friends, no waiting fervants 'tend,
No earthly comforts, kind affiftance lend;
No tender nurse, no skilful midwise stands,
To aid weak nature when fhe most demands:
No downy bed, no eafy pillows there,
No feeling figns of fympathetic care!
Nor aught I fee-nor aught affords relief,
But weeping JOSEPH, drown'd in floods of grief!

Now born the SON- -the raptur'd PROPHET fung
When fire celeftial touch'd his hallow'd tongue!
The given SON the hope of ancient years,
The mighty GOD-

-the PRINCE of PEACE appears!



* Thefe expreffions, though agreeable to Ifa. ix. 6. may probably be adopted by a SARELLIAN, as confiftent with his own fentiments. It may not be improper therefore to inform the candid reader, that I retain a fenfe of the words widely different. The nISTINCT PERSONALITY of the Godhead, is, in my judgment, a truth of the last

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