Limpy: The Lost Way of the Bible

Stratton Press, LLC, 2019年7月17日 - 260 頁
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Limpy is a gripping story about men of faith who are mortified to discover that, even in the church they love, the ways of the Bible have been corrupted exactly as foretold by Jesus 2,000 years before. They suffer as they realize that cherished practices are not only wrong, but cannot possibly meet the needs of God's children. This anguishing discovery compels them to actions they could not have imagined. Their answer to the plague of today's church--which makes Limpy a must-read book--is wonderfully enriched by the nobility of their lives as the tale unfolds.

But, there is more. Truth that is greater than life emerges from deep within the pathos of their struggle. A groan uttered by creation itself travails for the manifesting of the sons of God. There is an unquenchable thirsting, an insatiable hungering for His fullness; a groaning to be home with Him forever.

When you read Limpy, you will know it is so; and you will be comforted.

The book is both promise and warning. In the fullness of time, God will gather believing Jews and Gentiles to be a holy temple, a dwelling place for Himself in the Spirit. Will you be in that gathering?

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