The Chinese Repository, 第 10 卷

proprietors, 1841

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第 241 頁 - White, and are to bee solde at his shoppe, at the little North doore of Paules, at the signe of the Gun. 1600.
第 196 頁 - I am the Resurrection, and the Life : he that believeth on Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live : and whosoever liveth and believeth in
第 107 頁 - Hardly prepared for this blow to my established notions, I requested he would discourse of their philosophy. He reopened the volume, and read with becoming gravity, ' The most learned men are decidedly of opinion that the seat of the human understanding is the stomach.'* I seized the volume in despair, and rushed from the apartment.
第 512 頁 - ... smile upon their countenance, too much under the influence of the drug to care for passing events, and fast merging to the wished-for consummation. The last scene in this tragic play is generally a room in the rear of the building, a species of dead-house, where lie stretched those who have passed into the state of bliss the opium-smoker madly seeks — an emblem of the long sleep to which he is blindly hurrying."* 360.
第 477 頁 - Signet, and according to such Instructions as may from time to time be given to him under Our Sign Manual and Signet, or by Our Order in Our Privy Council, or by Us, through one of Our Principal Secretaries of State, and to such Laws as are now or shall hereafter be in force in the Dominion.
第 512 頁 - Pity, if possible, takes the place of other feelings, as we watch the faded cheek and haggard look of the being abandoned to the power of the drug; whilst disgust is uppermost at the sight of the human creature levelled to the beast by intoxication. " One of the streets in the centre of the town is wholly devoted to...
第 64 頁 - ... free exercise of their religious rites, ceremonies, and social customs, and in the enjoyment of their lawful private property and interests. They will be governed, pending her majesty's further pleasure, according to the laws, customs, and usages of the Chinese (every description of torture excepted...
第 180 頁 - English officers to remember, that the good and peaceful people must be tendurly considered. But if the high officers of the celestial court offer the least obstruction to the British forces in their present stations, then it will become necessary to answer force by force, and the city may suffer terrible injury. And if the merchants be prevented from buying and selling freely with the British and foreign merchants, then the whole trade of Canton must immediately be stopped. The high officers of...
第 16 頁 - Matsmai, recognised in his successor a journeyman tobacco-cutter, who, some months before, had suddenly disappeared from his master's shop. The journeyman tobacco-cutter had been personated by a noble of the land, who had assumed that disguise in order to exercise the office of a spy, for which he had been sent to Matsmai by the court.
第 537 頁 - Burrell had directions to push on and take the principal square fort, when the 49th made their rush. Simultaneous with these attacks, the brigade of seamen was to carry the two western forts, covered by a concentrated fire from the whole of the guns and rockets.