Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Regions


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第113页 - Miserable they! Who, here entangled in the gathering ice, Take their last look of the descending sun; While, full of death, and fierce with tenfold frost, The long long night, incumbent o'er their heads, Falls horrible.
第113页 - ... no night at all, but a continual light and brightness of the sun shining clearly upon the huge and mighty sea.
第513页 - Oot-ko-hi-ca-lik), as its description and that of the low shore in the neighbourhood of Point Ogle and Montreal Island agree exactly with that of Sir George Back. Some of the bodies had been buried...
第513页 - There must have been a number of telescopes, guns (several of them double-barrelled), watches, compasses, &c., all of which seem,- to have been broken up, as I saw pieces of these different articles with the natives, and I purchased as many as possible, together with some silver spoons and forks, an Order of Merit in the form of a star, and a small silver plate engraved
第81页 - ... from whence, by frequent short dives, he silently makes his approaches, and so arranges his distance, that at the last dive he comes to the spot where the seal is lying. If the poor animal attempts to escape by rolling into the water, he falls into the paws of the bear ; if, on the contrary, he lies still, his destroyer makes a powerful spring, kills him on the ice, and devours him at leisure.
第541页 - ... went Yet when the men were ordered to spread themselves, so as to multiply the chances, though they all obeyed heartily, some painful impress of solitary danger, or perhaps it may have been the varying configuration of the ice-field, kept them closing up continually into a single group.
第313页 - ... and fashioned into different shapes, but all perfectly entire. Two of the officers engaged in an encounter with a walrus, from which they came off with little honour. The animal being alone, was wounded in the first instance ; but, plunging into the deep, he obtained a reinforcement of his fellows, who made a united attack upon the boat, wrested an oar from one of the men, and had nearly overset her, when another boat from the Carcass, under the command of Nelson, came to her relief. From the...
第293页 - Sinbad, that it even was a mountain of iron, or a magnet as large as Mont Blanc. But Nature had here erected no monument to denote the spot which she had chosen as the centre of one of her great and dark powers...
第512页 - ... were now going to where they expected to find deer to shoot. From the appearance of the men, all of whom...
第375页 - You are well aware, having yourself been one of the intelligent travellers who have traversed the American shore of the Polar Sea, that the groups of islands that stretch from that shore to the northward to a distance not yet known, do not extend to the westward further than about the 120th degree of western longitude, and that beyond this, and to Behring's Strait, no land is visible from the American shore of the Polar Sea.