Life and Times of Washington, 第 1 卷

M.M. Belcher Publishing Company, 1903

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第 142 頁 - This species infests a great variety of plants, and is to be found throughout our country from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
第 113 頁 - We had a tedious and very fatiguing Passage down the Creek. Several Times we had like to have been staved against Rocks ; and many Times were obliged all Hands to get out and remain in the Water Half an Hour or more, getting over the Shoals. At one Place the Ice had lodged and made it impassable by Water ; therefore we were obliged to carry our Canoe across a Neck of Land, a quarter of a Mile over.
第 61 頁 - October last, I have not slept above three or four nights in a bed, but, after walking a good deal all the day, I have lain down before the fire upon a little hay, straw, fodder, or a bearskin, whichever was to be had, with man, wife, and children, like dogs and cats ; and happy is he, who gets the berth nearest the fire.
第 45 頁 - Read no letters, books, or papers in company ; but, when there is a necessity for doing it, you must ask leave. Come not near the books or writings of any one so as to read them, unless desired, nor give your opinion of them unasked ; also, look not nigh when another is writing a letter.
第 106 頁 - As I got down before the canoe, I spent some time in viewing the rivers and the land in the fork, which I think extremely well situated for a Fort, as it has the absolute command of both rivers.
第 222 頁 - To be sure, sir, if you arrive well before Duquesne, with these fine troops, so well provided with artillery...
第 2 頁 - May I nevertheless be indulged to inquire, if we look over the catalogue of the first magistrates of nations, whether they have been denominated presidents or consuls, kings or princes, where shall we find one, whose commanding talents and virtues, whose overruling good fortune, have so completely united all hearts and voices in his favor...
第 46 頁 - Associate yourself with men of good quality, if you esteem your own reputation ; for it is better to be alone, than in bad company.
第 231 頁 - I had four bullets through my coat, and two horses shot under me, yet escaped unhurt, although death was levelling my companions on every side...
第 231 頁 - In short, the dastardly behavior of those they call regulars, exposed all others that were inclined to do their duty, to almost certain death ; and at last, in despite of all the efforts of the officers to the contrary, they ran as sheep pursued by dogs, and it was impossible to rally them.