and energy, are summoned away in the preciating the value of tiine, and the full career of their useful action, - importance of the often disregarded see when the parent of a large family, their ries of small detached portions of this companion, instructor, guide, and friend, precious gift, she had the happy faculty fuitiling with sedulous and untiring cheer- of finding suitable and useful employfulness the varied duties of wife and mo- ment for every passing minute. She ther, is removed from the presence of thus gained leisure for the acquisition those who delighted in her society, it is of knowledge where others saw only fitting that such an event should be se- constant and wearying occupation io riously considered, that the living should her professional pursuits; and thus was “ lay it to heart." Bliud unbelief com she enabled, not only to continue ber plains of the unequal distribution of course of self-education in the various happiness and misery in this world ; branches of useful knowledge and ele. aud feeble, unreflecting faith almost gant literature, but (ivdulging a predishudders at appointments in which, lection which, from her earliest child. apparently, undixed evil prevails; but hood, she had evinced) to surprise ber the sincere, the rational, the confiding friends by the continual prodoction of Christian feels a firm conviction that new efforts of taste and skill in more the entire ways of Divine Providence than one branch of the pictorial art, form a mighty and harmonious whole, which shewed, that bad she been de. and is enabled to bow with calm resig voted to that pursuit, as the occupation natiou under the action of the immuta of her life, she would hare been recogble decrees of him who “saw the end nized as one of the painters “ of this from the beginning."

age and variou.” She also published a Many circumstances conspire to ren- comprehensive Chart of History and der the death of Mrs. John Herford un Biography, in which, by an iugenious usually distressing and decply impres coutrivance, she succeeded in exhibit. sive to an extensive circle of relatives ing, uot only the rise, progress, and aud intimates. Highly gifted by nature, extent, of each empire, but its compaand with taleuts industriously cultirated ratire condition of prosperity or decav. and in proved, she had for many years in the midst of this coustapt activity, devoted herself to the work of educa- Mrs. H. never permitted herself to detiou ; and, incessantly and usefully oc- generate into the mere worldly cha. cupied, she was happy in the success of racter. Her religious feeliugs were pare her own efforts, and ever ready to con- and ardeot; her admonitions on this tribute to the success and advancement subject earnest and affectionate ; her of others. Especially, she held herself faith enlightened and sincere, and her favoured in being permitted to assist benevolence disinterested and diffusire. and promote the welfare, in succession, Enjoying to the last the complete use of of a lumber of her young friends, who her faculties, she was enabled to adminow, profitably employing the informá- nister consolation to ber surrounding tion they received from their amiable friends, and to suggest the best possible instructor, recall, with respectful re- arrangements for coutinuing for the begret, the recollection, not of the teacher nefit of her family, the establishment only, but of the kind, the active, aud she had succeeded in forming the uuwearied friend. Thus usefully S uch an example is surely worthy of proceeded the days of the excellent per being recorded. It shews that the best son whose decease, in the prime of feelings of the friend and the Christian widdle life, is here recorded. But her may co-exist with the most assiduous exertions were not confined to the exercise of the mental faculties, and the routine of her engagements. Fully ap. most active occupation of the time. It

shews to the young that the task and

duty of acquiring knowledge need not * “ It has been ascertained," writes be renounced because their days are a near relative of the departed friend, constantly and laboriously employed, " that there existed an interval disease It presents, in fact, auother justauce in which must have terminated fatally if addition to many more which might be peculiar circumstances had not expe- quoted, to prove that the more regular dited its action, aud would have caused, aud important are the occupations, the while life continued, severe suffering. more opportunities may be found for How merciful then was her removal !" benevolent and intellectual pursuits. This account was received after the

W. H.S. above was written, but wliat a practical Birmingham, Nov. 6, 1831. commentary does it present! S.


Tenterden District Meeting. since the congregation assembling in

this chapel, were nnjustly expelled from The Eighth Auniversary of this Brauch

their former place of worship in John's of the Kent and Sussex Uuitarian Chris

Street. During this period, they regutian Association, was held at Tenterden, larly assembled for public worship in a on Wednesday, the 19th of October.

school-room, having the services conMr. George Buckland, of Benenden, ducted by one of their own membeis, read the Scriptures and offered up the with the occassional assistauce of neighgeneral prayer. Mr. Payne, of Rolven.

buuring ministers. The attendance on den, preached an excellent discourse

this occasion, and the liberal contribufrom Colossians iii. 16: “Let the word

tions of many of the members of difof Christ dwell in you richly in all

ferent churches around them, evinced wisdom teaching and admonishing one

the steady progress of liberal aud chaanother.”

ritable feelings. Among the numerous After the religious services ninety

congregations which attended on the seven individuals, of both sexes, ad.

various services on the day of opening, journed to the Town Hall, where tea

and the succeeding Sunday, they had the was provided. After tea Mr. Holden

happivess to number many of the most was called to preside. One of the first

strenuous and consistent supporters of toasts was the King: to mention his

$ the Established Church,- and have reapame is pow something more than a

son to hope, that many went away immere form,- this is shewn by the way

pressed with a more farourable opinion in which it is received in all assemblies

of Unitarian Christianity, and feeling and for whatever purpose met. In the that thou

that though its professors may differ course of the evening speeches on va.

from them in many of their distinguishrious subjects were elicited by the sen

ing doctrines, they are yet not wholly timents proposed by the chairmau; but

unworthy of the name of Christians and whatever the topic, there were continual brethren. allusions more or less distinct to the

The morning sermon, on the day vreat question. Was the topic the of opening, was preached by the Rev. comiug conquests of truth?, Reform Joho Kentish, of Birmingham, who, in would do much for the truth, by re

a most luminous, eloquent, and powermoving the supports of error. Was

ful discourse, pointed out the grounds the subject colonial slavery ? Grant

of our dissent from the Established but Reform, and soon will the man

Church of this country. He was foldate be given, to let the oppressed be

lowed, with great ability, in the evening free. Even the passing of the Unita

sermon, by the Rev. Samuel Bache, of rian Marriage Bill was considered to be

Dudley, who, with great force of argucontingent on the success of that mea

ment and warmth of piety, illustrated sure to which all thoughts are turned.

the unity wbich the Scriptures represent City Missions, and Unitarianism in In

as subsisting between Jesus Christ and dia, were also amongst the topics to bis God and Father, with the powersul which the attention of the meeting was

motives which this doctrive preseuts to directed. The individuals who took a his followers, to imitate his example principal share in the discussions of the

in spirit and in conduct, and thus be

in spirit ereping, were Messrs. George Buckland,

come joint partakers with him of the Mace, E. Adams, Payne, Ford, and Talbot.

After the morning service, the memE. T. T.

bers of the congregation, with their

friends, sat down, to the number of Opening of the New Unitarian Cha seventy, to a dinner which had been pel, Wolverhampton.

provided at the New Hotel.

On Sunday, the 230 iustavt, notwithOn Tuesday, the 18th instant, the standing the unfavourableness of the Snowhill Chapel, Wolverhampton, was weather, the two services were most opened for publie worship. Au interval numerously attended. Iu the morning, of nearly fifteen years has vow elapsed, the Rev. Sicphenson Hunter, the miuis

' divine pature.

ter of the congregation, stated and de. Henley (Oxon) Auxiliary, Hitchin and feuded the distinguishing doctrines of Baldock Auxiliary, Hungerford Branch, Unitarianism; and in the evening the Kidderminster Auxiliary, Loughborough Rev. Hugh Hutton, of the Old Meeting, Branch, Luton Branch, Malmesbury AuxBirmingham, with the impressive elo- iliary, Marshland Bravch, Merionetbquence for which that gentleman is re- shire Auxiliary, Newark Auxiliary, New. markable, pointed out the richness of castle-upon-Type Ladies' Association, divine grace, as more particularly dis- Newport-Pagnel Branch, Pentonville As. played in the Christian dispensation. sociation, Penzance Branch, Reading

S. H. Auxiliary, Scarborough Auxiliary, Ships.

ton-on-Stour Auxiliary, South-Shields British and Foreign Bille Society. Auxiliary,, St. Columb Branch, Tari.

In continuation of the Lists, printed stock Anxiliary, Tring and Berkhamstead in our last Number, made up to the 16th Branch, Wandsworth Ladies' Associaof September (not the 6th) we subjoin a

tion, Weald-of-Kept Auxiliary, Were trion, Wealo

mouth Branch, Whitby Auxiliary, Wood. List of Fifty one additional Societies ai.

bridge Branch, York Auxiliary. verse to any Alteration in the Consti. tution.

List of Two additional Societies favourable Acle Branch, Bath Auxiliary, Bec

to Alteration. cles Branch, Bedfordshire Auxiliary, Bic Brewham and Pitscombe Association, shop-Stortford Branch, Blaenavon Aux- Clerkenwell (North) Association. iliary, Budmin Branch Society, Bradford The above Lists are made up to the (Wilts) Branch, Bridliugton Auxiliary. 17th of October. Bridport Branch, Brigg Auxiliary, Bury (Lancashire) Auxiliary, Chippenham As

LITERARY NOTICE. sociation, Clerkenwell (South) Associa The Subscribers to Dr. Priestley's tion, Corwen Branch, Croydon Aug. Works are requested to take notice that iliary, Cuckfield Branch, Dunstable Vol. I. Part I., containing the Memoirs Branch, Exeter Ladies' Branch, Fes- and Correspondence from 1733 to 1787, tipiog Branch, Gloucestershire Auxili- is now ready for delivery, at the Unitaary, Halifax Auxiliary, Halifax Ladies' rian Association Rooms, 3, Walbrook Branch, Hauts (North-East) Auxiliary, Buildings, near the Mansion House.


H. C. E. will find all the information we can give in p. 796. We need not remind bim that the fact does not necessarily imply the assigned cause.

The Editor must hold himself excused from discussiug the insertion or rejection of communications, or of parts of communications to which the name of the writer is not attached. The inconveniences of such a practice are obvious.

The notice of several publications which hare been sent to our office is unavoidably deferred to the next nuinber. We are also obliged to postpone various communications from Correspondents which are intended for insertion,

We beg to remind our friends and Correspondents that in future all communica. tions for the Editor, Advertisements, &c., must be addressed, post-paid, to the care of the publisher, Mr. Charles Fox, Mouthly Repository Office, 67, Pater noster Row, and there only. Advertisements from the country should be accompanied by an order for payment in London.




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