History of British Costume

Charles Knight, 1834 - 376 頁
Details the full history of British fashion from pre-Roman times to George III.

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第 x 頁 - Sinks the lost actor in the tawdry load. Booth enters, — hark ! the universal peal ! " But has he spoken ? " Not a syllable. " What shook the stage, and made the people stare ? " Cato's long wig, flower'd gown, and lacquer'd chair.
第 313 頁 - You see, Sir, my great great great grandmother has on the new-fashioned petticoat, except that the modern is gathered at the waist; my grandmother appears as if she stood in a large drum, whereas the ladies now walk as if they were in a gocart.
第 280 頁 - His linen was plain, and not very clean ; and I remember a speck or two of blood upon his little band, which was not much larger than his collar: his hat was without a hat-band; his stature was of a good size; his sword stuck close to his side...
第 269 頁 - Paris in 1625, he had twentyseven suits of clothes made, the richest that embroidery, lace, silk, velvet, gold and gems could contribute ; one of which was a white uncut velvet, set all over, both suit and cloak, with diamonds, valued with fourteen thousand pounds, besides a great feather stuck all over with diamonds, as were also his sword, girdle, hatband, and spurs.
第 285 頁 - And your sweet mistress-ship ladyfied, you wore Satin on solemn days, a chain of gold, A velvet hood, rich borders, and sometimes A dainty miniver cap...
第 96 頁 - Yt shall be covered with velvet red, And clothes of fine gold all about your head ; With damask white and azure blewe Well diappered with lillies new ; Your mantle of ryche degree, Purple pall and ermyne free.
第 204 頁 - the women that, like snails in a fright, had drawn in their horns, shot them out again as soon as the danger was over.
第 100 頁 - Edward ; but on opening his tomb in Westminster Abbey, AD 1774, his corpse was discovered arrayed in a dalmatica or tunic of red silk damask, and a mantle of crimson satin fastened on the shoulder with a gilt buckle or clasp four inches in length, and decorated with imitative gems and pearls. The sceptre was in his hand, and a stole was crossed over his breast of rich white tissue, studded with gilt quatrefoils in philagree-work, and embroidered with pearls in the shape of what are called true-lovers
第 251 頁 - Elizabeth taken in the dress in which she went to St. Paul's to return thanks for the defeat of the Spanish armada, AD 1588, engraved by Crispin de Passe, from a drawing by Isaac Oliver.
第 259 頁 - Memorandum : That over the seats in the parliament-house there were certain holes, some two inches square, in the walls, in which were placed posts to uphold a scaffold round about the house within, for them to sit upon who used the wearing of great breeches stuffed with hair like wool-sacks, which fashion being left the eighth year of Elizabeth, the scaffolds were taken down and never since put up.