The Life of John, Duke of Marlborough

Thomas Tegg, 1839 - 386页

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第13页 - I set at nought, in comparison of being true to my religion. In all things but this the king may command me ; and I call God to witness, that even with joy I should expose my life for his service, so sensible am I of his favours. I know the troubling you, sir, with thus much of myself, I being of so little use to your highness, is very impertinent, but I think it may be a great ease to your highness and the princess to be satisfied that the princess of Denmark is safe in the trusting of me; I being...
第174页 - I wish I could serve some campaigns under so great a general as your majesty, that I might learn what I yet want to know in the art of war."* This flattering address from so illustrious a commander pleased the monarch, whose foible was a passion for military glory.
第101页 - I have not time to say more but to beg you will give my duty to the Queen, and let her know her army has had a glorious victory. Monsieur Tallard and two other Generals are in my coach and I am following the rest. The bearer, my aide-deCamp Colonel Parke, will give Her an account of what has passed. I shall do it in a day or two by another more at large. MARLBOROUGH...
第41页 - Groom of the Stole, Mistress of the Robes and Keeper of the Privy Purse...
第64页 - ... opinions are. If I were with you I would endeavour to persuade you to think as little as is possible of worldly business, and to be very regular in your diet, which I should hope would set you right in a very little time, for you have naturally a very good constitution. You and I have great reason to bless God for all we have...
第280页 - I am very sorry to tell you, that the behaviour of the French looks as if they had no other desire than that of carrying on the war. I hope God will be pleased to bless this campaign, for I see nothing else that can give us peace, either at home or abroad.
第160页 - Why, for God's sake, must I, who have no interest, no end, no thought, but for the good of my country, be made so miserable, as to be brought into the power of one set of men?
第44页 - I do at this moment suffer so much that nothing but being with you can recompense it. If you will be sensible of what I now feel, you will endeavour ever to be easy to me, and then I shall be most happy : for it is you only that can give me true content. I pray God to make you and yours happy : and if I could contribute anything to it with the utmost hazard of my life, I should be glad to do it.
第349页 - I thought fit to entertain my reader with, concerning a hero who never was equalled but by one man * ; over whom also he has this advantage, that he has had an opportunity to manifest an esteem for him in his adversity.