The Question About Tithing

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The writings of this book will clearly show that tithing is under the law, and that the Law was a temporary principle to bring the children of Israel to Christ who is the Founder of the Church. The administration of the principle to receive tithes was specifically given to Levi, the third son of Jacob or Israel. It is written that none of his brothers or any strangers should serve in the office of the Priesthood; otherwise, they would face the death penalty. Because of the seriousness of this command, the author urges every reader to observe the book of Ephesians Chapter two. This chapter clearly explains the difference between the Jews to whom God had first revealed himself, and the believing Gentiles of whom it is written that they, without Christ, were strangers and foreigners in the commonwealth of Israel without God and without hope. Therefore, no stranger can rightly serve in the office of the Levites.

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