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Abate, to blunt, to shorten, to subdue.

Abated, depressed, subdued.

Abhominable, an old mode of spelling abominable.
Abide, to pay the penalty, to be responsible; to dwell.
Abjects, refuse, rejected things; servile persons.
Abode, to forebode, to presage.

Abodements, foreboding apprehensions.

Abraham Cupid, a burlesque title, meaning cheat or rogue Cupid.

Abridgment, amusement, pastime, a short play.
Abroad, disbursed, expended.

Abrook, to brook, to endure, to submit to.

Absey Book, ABC book, a primer, a catechism. Catechism books usually contained the alphabet. Absolute, positive, complete, certain; highly accomplished. Abstract, that which abstracts, or makes a separation. Abuse, to deceive; abuse, delusion, deception.

Aby, to be responsible, to abide a penalty, to pay dear for. Abysm, abyss.

Accents, inflections, and elisions. See Elisions.

Accite, to cite, to summon.

Accordingly, conformably, proportionately.

Accost, to approach.

Account of, to value, to appreciate duly.

Ache, sometimes pronounced aitch, and represented punningly by the letter H.

Acknow, to acknowledge, to confess; acknown, known.
Acquaintance, amity; sometimes used for acquaintances.
Across, to break, a technical term in tilting.

Action, direction by signs; charge or accusation.
Action-taking, disposed to foment quarrels, litigious.
Acture, action.

Adam, old, a sergeant or bailiff.

Adamant, loadstone.

Addition, personal attribute, title, designation.
Address, to prepare, to make ready.

Addressed, or addrest, ready, in position.

Admittance, vogue, fashion, allowed in public sentiment. Advance, to patronise, to raise to honour.

Advertising, paying attention, making observation.
Advice, consideration, representation, discretion.
Advised, considerate, cool, cautious; assured, persuaded.
Advocation, pleading, advocacy.

Affect, to have affection for, to love.
Affect the letter, to use alliterations.

Affection, affectation, imagination, disposition, quality.
Affects, affections, regards.

Affeered, assessed, confirmed.

Affined, bound, joined.

Affront, to confront, to meet another with hostile purpose. After-supper, a rere-supper, a second supper.

Against the hair, contrary to will; "against the grain..'
Agazed, struck with astonishment.

Aglet-baby, the small figure engraved on a jewel.
Agnize, to acknowledge, to confess.

A-good, in good earnest, copiously.

A-hold, hold fast,-a sea-term.

Aiery, the place where a bird of prey builds its nest; used also for the bird itself.

Aim, to guess, to conjecture, to strive after.

Aim, give aim, to encourage.

Aitch, see Ache and H.

Ajax, used as a pun for a jakes.

Albany, an ancient name for Scotland.

Alder-liefest, all-dearest, most loved of all.

Ale, an alehouse, a rural festival.

A'life, as life, or, of my life.

All at once, a trite phrase, signifying promptly, heartily. Allow, to approve, to supply proof.

Allowance, approbation, sanction.

Allowed, known, recognised, licensed.

All-thing, in every respect.

Alms-drink, liquor given another to drink, by one who

wishes not to drink more himself.

Amazing, confounding, appalling.

Ames-ace, two aces, the lowest throw of the dice.

Amiss, a fault.

Amort, dejected, out of spirits.

An, if; an if, an emphatic form of the conjunction if.
Anatomy, a skeleton, used in contempt.

Anchor, an anchoret, a hermit.

Ancient, ensign-bearer.

Ancient-angel, supposed to mean a good-natured old gentleman.

Andrew, a name for a ship, probably from Andrea Doria, the celebrated Italian naval hero.

Angel, a coin stamped with the figure of an angel.
A-night, in the night-time.

Answer, retaliation.

Anthropophaginian, a cannibal, a man-eater.
Antic, the fool of the old plays.
Antiquity, old age.

Antres, caves, hiding-places,

Appaid, pleased, satisfied.

Apparitor, an officer of the spiritual court.
Appeal, accusation.

Appeared, presented, made evident.
Apperil, risk, responsibility.

Apple-john, a kind of apple.

Apply, to attend to as a subject of study.
Apprehension, opinion, conceit, sarcasm.
Apprehensive, apt in understanding a subject.
Approbation, probation, proof, trial of qualities.
Approof, approbation, proof.

Approved, felt, experienced, convicted by proof.
Approver, one who proves or tries.

April-day, spring-time of life.

Apt, ready, disposed to receive counsel.

Aqua-vita, brandy, eau-de-vie.

Arch, chief, head.

Arbitrate, to determine.

Argal, a word in burlesque of the Latin ergo, therefore. Argentine, silvery.

Argier, Algiers.

Araise, to raise, to upraise.

Argosy, a ship of burden, from Argo, the name of the ship in which Jason sailed to seek the golden fleece.

Argument, subject of remark, evidence.

Arm, to take up in the arms.

Armigero, burlesque for the Latin Armiger, esquire.

Aroint, avaunt, begone.

A-row, successively, one after another.

Arras, chamber hangings.

Articulate, to consent to articles of agreement, to ex

hibit in articles.

Artificial strife, art contending with nature.

Artist, a scholar, a learned man.

As, often used in the sense of if.

As double, a phrase signifying as extensive, as powerful. Aspect, regard, looks, countenance, disposition.

Aspersion, sprinkling; hence blessing, from the sprinkling by holy water with which the priest usually accompanied his benediction.

Assay, to attempt, to try, to make proof of, to test.
Assinego, an ass, a fool.

Assubjugate, to subdue, to subjugate.
Assurance, deed of assurance, conveyance.
Assured, betrothed.

Astonished, thunderstruck.

At friend, on terms of friendship.

At once, some time, suddenly, all together.

Ates, revengeful spirits; from Até, goddess of Revenge.
Atomy, an atom, a particle.

Atone, to reconcile parties hitherto at variance.
Atonement, at-one-ment, reconciliation.

Attasked, rebuked, taken to task.

Attended, waited for; attent, attention.

Attorney, an agent, a deputation, advocate, pleader.

Attorney, to employ as an agent, to perform by an agent. Attributive, that which attributes or gives.

Audrey, a corruption of Etheldreda.

Authentic, having authority.

Avaunt, begone.

Ave, the Latin for hail; hence acclamation.

Ave-Mary, Hail, Mary; the angel's salutation to the Virgin Mary.

Averring, confirming.

Aweless, not regarded with awe, without authority. Awful, reverend, worshipful; awful men, men of worth and honourable position.

Awkward, contrary.

Ban, to curse.

Ban-dog, a village mastiff; perhaps a dog chained, or banded.

Banbury cheese, a thin cheese.

Band, bond, guarantee.

Bank, to sail along the banks.

Banquet, a slight refection, a dessert.

Barbed, caparisoned in a warlike manner.

Bare the beard, to shave the beard.

Barful, full of impediments.

Barm, yeast.

Barns, bairns, children.

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