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Fontenelle, the French writer, laneum, 2zi. Compared with
remarks on, '516.

Cicero de Natura Deorum, 232.
Foster, Mr., his tracts on Unita. Gold, its price on the Continent
rianism, 442

discussed, 415. Sce Bullion.
Fox, Charles James, and Burke, See Guineas,

Edmund, anecdotes of those Goodall, Jos. his Cambridge
great men, 155. Eulogy on prize poem, 369.
Mr. Fox, 215.

Government, its influence on the
Fox, the whelps of that animal m oral state of society, 249.
suckled by a terrier-bitch, 194.

, absurd ideas of the
Deposits its young in the hol. nature and, origin of, by a
low of a tree, 195.

French writer, 542.
Fox-hunters, accommodated by Granada, some account of, and

Jandlords, to the prejudice of of an attempt to ascend the
their tenants, !92.

Sierra Nevada, 261. .
France, view of its literature Guineas, a light guinea proved

during the 18th century, to be worth more than a heavy

one, 413.
Franks, character of, in the reign Gypsum, its use as a manure dis.

of Clovis, delineated, 484. .cussed, 431.
Frere, Bartholomew, and Wil.
liam, their Cambridge prize

poems, 369.

Hamilton, Duchess of, letter to
Friendly Societies, the benefits from Mr. Pope, 60.
of, 276.

Harman, Mr., on the influence
Fucus Banksči, Menziesii, and of paper-issues on Exchanges,

Griffithsii, description of, 374. 293.
376, 377.

Haworth, Mr., on the rise, &c.
tenax, description of, and of entomology, 33.
its gelatinous qualities, as pre. Hayes, C., his prize Ode on the
pared by the Chinese, 378. death of Captain Cook, 366.

Henry, Dr., on varieties of Salt

of Soda, 269.
Gaelic poetry, two collections of, Herculaneum, MSS. found at and

published by Gillies and Hill, Dissertations respecting, 225

- 245.
Game-laws, remarks on, 198. History, claims of the English
Gibbon, his Roman history trans- and French writers in that de-

lated into French by Louis partment of authorship, 522.
XVI. 466.

Home, Mr., his case of a man
Gibson, Mr., on an extraordinary who died from the bite of a
human fætus, 271.

Rattle-snake, 268.
Gilbert, a French satirist, melan. Homer, editio princeps, Florence,
choly fate of, 525.

1488, copy of sold at an enor.
Gisborne, T., his prize poem on mous price, 6.
Herculaneum, 364.

- remarks on, and on
Gladiator, dying, poetically deli. Mad. Dacier's translation of,

neated, 97. Signs used to 505. 507.
cause his death or his preserve Honduras, Bay of, statistical ac-
ation, 544.

count of, 390.
Gods, Nature of, remarks on a Horne Tooke, Mr.,observations on
MS. on, found at Hercu his etymologies, and on his




non-acquaintance with the sality asserted and denied, 530.
Scotch language, 17. Extract Lanterns, feast of, among the
from, 23.

Chinese, resemblance of that
Hughes, T.S., his prize poem on ceremony to the shews at
Lord Nelson, 367.

Eleusis, 68.
Huntington, William, S.S., remarks Latakiu, sad state of that city af.

on his preachments, and worldly ter the earthquake of 1796,
success, 281.

Hutton, Dr., his theory of the Law, Grecian, Roman, Feudal,
· Earth controverted, 429-500. and Canon, notes respecting,
Hydroscope, or improved log, for 445.
measuring a ship's way, 86. Liberty, necessary to the advance.

ment of society in virtue and
I and K

in the arts, 249.
Industry; See Labour,

Libraries, principal, in England,
Inscriptions, at Herculaneum, ob belonging to private persons,
servations on, 240, 245.

notices of, 3.
Insects, memoir on rearing, 33. Light of Nature, that phrase ex:

On several rare species, ib. plained, 397.
Intercourse, free, its beneficial in. Lightning, effects of in the death

Auence on the moral progress of two lovers, related in a let-
of society, 247. :

ter from Mr. Pope, 56. í
Job, remarks on the book of, Linen-Books, used by the antients

as materials for writing, observe
Keate, John, his-prize poems, 361. ations respecting that fact,

368. 369.
Kenyon, (first) Lord, anecdote Lips and Eyes, a poetical jeu d'es-
of, 156.

prit by Carew, 74.
Knapp, H. H. his Cambridge Lisbon, 'murderous fury of the
prize Ode, 365.

mob of, 257.

Literature, view of its progress

· in France during the 18th
Labour, the necessity of, or the century, 514-531.

freedom from, their influence Log, improved, for measuring a

on the state of society, 248. ship's way, 86. .
La Mancha, brief account of London, poetic farewell to, in
that province, 118. .

1715, by Pope, 51.
La Motte, the French author, Lonsdale, J., his prize Ode, 366.
remarks on, 516.

Louis XVI. said to have trans-
Lancaster, See tell,

lated Gibbon's Roman His.
Land-holders, hints to, respecting tory, and published it under a

the depreciation of money, fictitious name, 466.
· 301, 422. See Fox-hunters.
Land's End, in Cornwall, de.

. 'M ;
scription of that point, 141. Maceira, creek of, in Portugal,
Language, Scottish, remarks on, description of, 159.

and on its present decline as a Machiavel, his political principles
written tongue, 11-30.

considered, 312. Misrepresent-
-, antient, of Cornwall, ed by the clergy, 313.
observations on the remains of, Mackintosh, Mr., (now Sir James,)

political conversation with,
, French, its univer.' 155.


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Macpherson, See Ossian. . Miners, of Cornwall, account of,
Madagascar, account of by Row 141.

bert Drury in 1743, repub. , Money, See Bullion.
·lished and commended, 110. Money-balance, in trade, the idea
Madras, government of, differ. of refuted, 417.

cnces between the members of, Montesquieu, strictures on his
on military affairs, 107.

theory of the effect of hot cli-
Madrid, description and popula mates on the character of man,
tion of, 123.

Magnesia, See Brande.

Moore, Abraham, his prize Ode
Mahogany, mode of cutting, &c. on the death of Captain Pierce,
at Honduras, 392.

Maintenon, Mad. De, corrected an- Moors, their distrust of the mo-

ecdote of, respecting a transla- tives of travellers, 263. Ex-

tion of Thomas à Kempis, 464. cursions among, ib. i .
Maliby, Edward, his Cambridge Mosquito Indians, account of,
prize Ode, 370.

Man, observations on his charac- Mother, unfeeling and unrelent.

ter, as affected by climate, ing, story of, 425.
.250. As displayed in the dif- Müller, Professor, his annota.
• ferent stages of savage lifc,253. tions on Æschylus character.
Manilius, editio princeps, bought ized, 173. .
by accident, 8.

Murcia, province and capital of,
Manuscripts, Oriental, list of, 9. statistical particulars respecto
Markland, excellent remarks of, ing, 113.

on the want of diffidence and Mysteries, Eleusinian, explanation

urbanity among scholars, 166. of, 65-73.
Marllorough, great Duke of, re - , Mlimics, and Moralists,

spect and cordiality of Prince when introduced and when

Eugene towards, testified by abolished, 437.
· the Prince himself, 540.
Meanness, observations on, 337.
Merida, fine Roman antiquities Names of trades, origin of; 307.
in that city, 120.

Nitrogen, experiments on, 267.
Merinos, flocks of Spanish sheep, Norfolk, catalogue of insects
account of, 118.

found in, 33.
Mesta, explanation of the custom

, the husbandry of that
80 designated in the province of county stated, 432.
· Estremadura, in Spain,118,161.
Meials, Alkaline, exper. on, 265.

On the metals of earths, 268. Orators, political, of France and
Methodists, Calvinistic, remarks on England, compared, 531.
their tenets and conduct, 395 Ordeals, among the Franks, in the

reign of Clovis, account of, 485.
Metre, alteration of that of the Orders in Council, their mis.

psalms of Sternhold and Hop chievous effects on the exchange.
· kins, 304. Specimen of a and the commerce of this coun.
- peculiar sort of verse, 305. try, 290.
Meursii elegantie Latini Sermonis, Ossian, tull investigation of the

that book really the produce authenticity of the poems attri.

tion of Nicolas Chorier, 467. buted to, 337–360.
Milton's exordium to Paradise Lost Oudenarde, battle of, described by
, trans, into cinglo-Saxon, 80. Prince Eugene, 539.

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, Proportion of, who are reclaimed
Pacific Ocean, route to by the at the Magdalen, 220, nole.'
Missouri and Columbia rivers, Psalms, of Sternhold and Hop-

kins, the metre of not originally
Painting, not known as an art be arranged as it now stands, 304.

fore the time of Homer, 243. Pseudonymous works, curious par-
Palissot, a French author, writes ticulars respecting, 462—469.

satire to get rid of his bile, 526.
Paper-currency. See Bank.
Papyri, at Herculaneum, efforts Quakers. See Barnard.

to discover. 226.. . Quh, observations on that combi.
Park, James, his prize poem, 363. nation of letters, 21, i
Pearse, Mr., his evidence on the Quhill, until, etymology of, 19.

issue of Bank-notes, 293.
Peg.tankards, an old species of


drinking-cup, account of, 308. Raikes, Darell, and Bosanquet,
Pegge, Dr., character of, 302. M. M. their opinion on the
Persia, particulars respecting that state of exchange, 293.

empire, 381-389. 450-461. Ramsden, R., ode by, 369.
Peter the Great, of Russia, his Rattle-snake, case of a man who
character, 492.

died by its bite, 268.
Philosophy, remarks on English Reason, gospel of, founded on

and French writers on, in the Platonism, remarks on, 477.

18th century, 529. See Plato. Rebellion of 1745, related in Latin
Pindar, obs. on the unpopularity prose, 48.
of, in these days, 35.

Rennell, J., his prize ode, 371.,
Pitt, Mr., communication between Robinson, Hon. F.; ode by, 365.

him and the Bank Directors Romances, political and philoso-
in 1795, 294.

phical, in France, 521. .
Plane-tree, of vast size 452. Romans, observations on their
Plato, continued view of the life, knowlege of the arts, &c. in the

studies, and system of, 469 first century of our æra, 242.

Rome, antiquities of, view of, 543.
Plato. See Academy.

Poetry, of the French, in the

18th century, view of, 524. . Saguntum, remains of, 115.
Poor, good remarks on the ma. Salamanca, account of that city,

nagement of the poor, 276. 121. Its university, 1612
Pope, Alex. remarks on his court. Salt of Soda, analysis of, 269.

ship of Miss Blount, and hither. Savages, observations on various
to unpublished compositions nations of, 253.

by, in prose and verse, 51-63. Schutz, his disingenousness as a
Population of Spain, the idea of commentator on Æschylus ree

its decrease combated, 126. proved, 170.
Porson, Prof. his refusal to edit Scorpions, account of, 456.
Æschylus, 163. note.

Scottish Language, See Language."
Porteus, late Bishop, obs, on his Scrofula, remarks on, OIM24.

pulpit-eloquence, 281. Scudery, Madlle. de, her Artanenes
Portuguese, their present patriotic published anonymously, 463.
enthusiasm, 257, 258.

Sea-sickness, observations on, 264.
Preaching, remarks on, 278. Segovia, description of, 123.
Prostitutes, controversy respecting Shakspeare, a French critic's ree
a Penitentiary for, 218-222. marks on, 526.


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Sheeraz, particulars rel. to, 381. Valladolid, description of, 122,
Sicard, Abbè, account of his exa. Vanity, definition of, 333.

mination of his pupils, 131. Vendome, Marshal, thwarted by Sierra Nevada, or snowy moun the Duke of Burgundy at

tain, attempt to ascend it, 261. Oudenarde, 539. Sinclair, Sir John, formerly an Under the Rose, explanation of

enemy but now a friend to the that phrase, 306.

Bank suspension-act, 299. Universities, of Spain, lamentable Skrimshire, Mr., on insects, 33. state of, 127, 161. Smith, Rev. Sydney, strictures on Voltaire, an impromptu by, 465. his preaching, 280.

Urine, See Brande. - , Robert, his prize ode, 362. Smyth, a J. H., his Cambridge prize ode, 369.

Wales, Prince of, his laudable pa. Society, moral progress of, affected tronage of efforts to discover by certain principles 246. Those MSS. at Herculaneum, 227.

principles discussed, ib. 251. Wa'pole, Mr, un Campania felix, Soliloquy. in Hamlet travestied 239. On the kuowlege of into a song, 325.

the Romans respecting the Spaniards, view of their character Greek language and the arts,

and habits in humble life, 259. in the first century, 242. On Stage, dramatic, history of 437. Herculanean MSS., 244. On Stammering, observations on, 132. inscriptions there, &c., 245. Sternhold and Hopkins, their Warburton, Bishop, quoted and

psalms differently arranged as defended, for his remarks on to metre, 304.

. .the Eleusinian Mysteries, 61. Straw, used as a covering in win 73, On the Platonic philosoter, 161.

phy, 480. Succession, war of, detailed by Warrior, Greek, costume of, 438. Prince Eugene, 536. Water, its agency in the mutations

of the earth's surface, 497. T

Watling-street, .curious account of Talavera, account of, 124.

the meaning of that name, 30. Thoughts, by Mr. Pope, 54. Wharton, Mrs. Margaret, her exTinea Capitis, obs. on, 204.

centric character, 428. Toledo, that city described, 125. Whitmore, Mrig his evidence on Tolmen, in Cornwall, account of, Bank notes, 291, 295, 296. 137.

Williams, Dr., his hypothesis on Tomline, W. E. P., his prize ode moral evil controverted, 222.

on the Duke d'Enghien, 370, Wolfe, General, particulars of his Trades, origin of narnes of, 307. last moment3, 153. Turks, defeat of by Prince Eugene, Wollaston, Dr., his Croonian lec

in 1697, described by him, 534. ture, 264. Turner, Mrs., an unfeeling mo- Worming, of dogs, acc. of, 195-7. ther, story of, 425.,

Worthington, Mr., characterized Tweddell, J., his prize poems, as a preacher, 282.

364, 368.

Valencia, province and city, sta.

tistical account of, 117.

Xativa, in Valencia, tragical siege

of in 1706, 116.


Strahan and Preston,

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