Politics and Power: Barbara Castle, a Biography

Andre Deutsch, 2000 - 406 頁
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"This biography reveals the other side of Barbara Castle: Barbara Castle the daughter, wife and lover. The unfathomably ambitious girl, born before women had the vote, but ever-determined on a high flying political career. Lisa Martineau examines the influence exerted by her socialist parents, Frank and Annie; her ten-year love affair with William Mellor, one of the most important socialist thinkers of his time, which ended tragically in his early death; her lifelong intense friendships with Harold Wilson and Michael Foot; her relationships with Tony Benn, Nye Bevan and Jim Callaghan, and her fascinating marriage to Ted Castle, a Fleet Street newspaperman on the Daily Mirror and the pre-Murdoch Sun." "This is the story of a truly remarkable woman who has left her indelible print on the Labour Party and consequently the British political system of today; a woman who continues to believe that politics is about who we are as a people."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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