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第 221 頁 - So from the root Springs lighter the green stalk, from thence the leaves More aery, last the bright consummate flower Spirits odorous breathes: flowers and their fruit, Man's nourishment, by gradual scale sublimed, To vital spirits aspire...
第 694 頁 - My fate cries out, And makes each petty artery in this body As hardy as the Nemean lion's nerve. Still am I call'd. Unhand me, gentlemen. By heaven, I'll make a ghost of him that lets me!
第 268 頁 - Those rich lands at this present remain waste and overgrown with bushes, receptacles of wild beasts, of thieves, and murderers; large territories dispeopled, or thinly inhabited ; goodly cities made desolate ; sumptuous buildings become ruins ; glorious temples either subverted or prostituted to impiety — true religion discountenanced and oppressed ; all nobility extinguished ; no light of learning permitted, nor virtue cherished ; violence and rapine insulting over all and leaving no security...
第 18 頁 - The writings of Drs. Gall and Spurzheim have not added one fact to the stock of our knowledge, respecting either the structure or functions of man ; but consist of such a mixture of gross errors, extravagant absurdities, downright misstatements, and unmeaning quotations from Scripture, as can leave no doubt, we apprehend, in the minds of honest and intelligent men, as to the real ignorance, the real hypocrisy, and the real empiricism...
第 221 頁 - O Adam, one Almighty is, from whom. All things proceed, and up to him return, If not depraved from good, created all Such to perfection, one first matter all, Endued with various forms, various degrees Of substance, and, in things that live, of life; But more refined, more...
第 411 頁 - Alas! What boots it with uncessant care To tend the homely slighted shepherd's trade, And strictly meditate the thankless Muse, Were it not better done as others use, To sport with Amaryllis in the shade, Or with the tangles of Neaera's hair?
第 18 頁 - ... George Combe who wrote the " Phrenology." Nearly all Edinburgh has been brought over to belief in spite of the Review and its ill sustained opinions. Yet these latter were considered of so great weight that Dr. , Spurzheim was induced to visit Scotland for the purpose of refuting them. There, with the Edinburgh Review in one hand, and a brain in the other, he delivered a lecture before a numerous assembly, among whom was the author of the most virulent attack which perhaps the science has ever...
第 450 頁 - Guard them, and him within protect from harms. He can requite thee; for he knows the charms That call fame on such gentle acts as these, And he can spread thy name o'er lands and seas, Whatever clime the sun's bright circle warms. Lift not thy spear against the Muses
第 320 頁 - You," to a paralytic patient, ** have, I presume, no objection to become the scape-goat." — " Every objection pp-possible," stuttered Palsy, and was turned out to hobble after Gout. The doctor gets rid of all his patients in the same manner, without any loss of reputation ; for as they leave the hospital they are interrogated severally by the king, to whom, under apprehension of being sent back to be calcined, they all report themselves perfectly cured.