ePub 版


Transactions of the Highland Society, 6 vols. 8vo, bds. (L-3, 148)


Tatier, with a Biographical and Critical Preface, 3 vols. 19mo, (182.)

10s. 60. Respectfully submits the following Selection of Standard Books

Troubadour, a Poem, by L.E.L., (10s. 6d.) 6. from his Stock, all of which he has now on Sale, at the very Redu.

Views in Inverness-shire, folio, (12s.) 8s. ced Prices affixed.

Walker's Pronouncing Dictionary,

8vo, bds. (95.) 78. Orders from the Country, either by the Post or Cartier, punctually Wernerian Society's 1 ransactions, 3 vols. 21s. executed.

Zimmerman on Solitude, (12s.) 78. 6d. C. MACKENZIE has now on hand a large and varied collection of all the ANNUALS, JUVENILE AND OTHER WORKS, usually appro BOOKS PUBLISHED BY W. R. M'PHUN, priated as CHRISTMAS AND NEW-YEAR GIFTS.

Robertson's Works, 12 vols. royal 18mo, bds. (L.2, 5s.) L.1, 16s.
British Essayists, edited by the Rev. Dr Lynam and others, 15 por-

NEW GAELIC DICTIONARY. traits, 30 vols. half bd. cloth (L.%, 8s.) L.5.

Now completed, in one handsome octavo volume, dedicated to his Buffon's Natural History, a new and beautiful edition, with an im Grace the Duke of Gordon, price One Guinea in cloth,

mense number of engravings, in cloth, 4 vols, bds. for 21s. Philosophical Journal, 14 vols. (L. 8, 8s.) L.3, 3s,

A DICTIONARY of the GAELIC LANGUAGE, Medical Journal, 25 vols. bds. (L.12, 12s.) L.5, 5s.

containing many more words than the Quarto Dictionaries. Henry's Bible, eomplete in 3 very large vols. in cloth, for L.2, 158. By the Rev. Dr. M.LEOD, Campsie, and the Rev. Dr DEWAR, Henry's Miscellaneous Works, containing all his Sermons and Dis Glasgow. courses, with Life, 1 large vol. cloth bds. L.1, 49.

“ It is very neatly printed, and its accuracy is vouched for by the Tooke's Diversions of Purley, 2 vols. 8vo, eloth bda. (L.1, 108.) respectable names of its editors, Dr M'Leod of Campsie, and Dr L.1, 48.

Dewar of Glasgow-two gentlemen who are imbued with classical as Høne's Every Day Book and Table Book, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth bds. well as Celtic literature, and whose names might reasonably give L.), 15s

currency to a work of more pretension than the present."-Spectator. Hone's Pamphlets : a Curious Collection of his amusing Caricature

Neatly done up in poeket size, price Isus
Political Jeu d'Esprit, 6s. 6d.
Sharpe's British Prose Writers, and Dave's Classics-Series of vols.

A CATECHISM of PHRENOLOGY, Illustratire admirably adapted for Presents to Young People, at 25 per

of the Principles of that Scienee. By a Member of the Phrenological cent from the asual shop prices.

Society of Edinburgh. Bruce's Travels, 7. vols. 8vo, bds, with 4to vol of plates, (L.7, 76.)

This Work contains all that is requisite for the information L.1, 48.

of the general reader on Phrenology. All the leading facts and prin Boswell's Life of Johnson, 4 vols. 8vo. (L.), 16s.) 20%.

ciples of the Science are fully detailed, and the whole is illustrated Life of Johnson, 5 vols. royal 18mo, (L.1, 9s.) 166.

with Engravings. -Life of Johnson, complete in 1 vol. (Jones's edit.) (10s.6d.) 78.

In one volume, foolscap 8vo, price 5s.,
Blair's Lectures, complete in 1 vol. 8vo, bds. (128.) 78.
Belzoni's Researches and Operations in Egypt and Nubia, 2 vols.

SONGS of SOLITUDE. By WILLIAM BExner, 8vo, bds. (28s.) 14g.

Author of “ Pictures of Scottish Scenes and Characters," &c. Byron's (Lord) Childe Harold, Cantos 1, 2, 3, and 4. Also, Giaour,

In One Volume, foolscap 8vo, price 78., Bride of Abydos, Corrair, Lara's Ode to Napoleon, with Illus The PHILOSOPHY of SLEEP. By ROBERT MACtrations by Stothard, 25s.

NISH, Author of " The Anatomy of Drunkenness," and Member of Cabinet Edition of Eminent British Poets, 4 vols. bds. (42s.) 32s.

the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Crawford's History of Renfrewshire, 1to, large paper, bds. 20s. Cook's History of the Reformation, 3 vols. 8vo, bds. (36s.) 176.

“We have been captivated by the eloquence-we had almost said Drake's Winter Evenings, 2 vols, bds. (2 18.) ds.

the poetry, of its descriptions; and on the whole, we must say, that Dwight's Theology, 5 vols. 8vo, bds. (50s.) 28%

we consider it to be one of the most valuable and amusing books of Elme's Dictionary of the Fine Arts, 8vo, bds. (24s.) 10s. 6d.

philosophy we have met with for this long time past."

-London Me Ferguson's Poems, svo, scarce, 79.

dical Gazette. Field's Account of New South Wales, 8vo, bds. (18s.) 88.

The Third Edition, price 6s. boards, Fergusson's Roman Republic, 3 vols. 8vo, bds. (36s.) 15s.

The ANATOMY of DRUNKENNESS. By Ros Gibbon's Rome, 8 vols. 8vo, bde. (L.3, 4s.) 40s. Goldsmith's Animated Nature, with plates, 4 vols. Avo, (12s.) 30s.

BERT MACNISH, Member of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons Animated Nature, 3 vols. 8vo, with plates, (425.) 288.

of Glasgow.
Miscellaneous Works, 1 vols. (L.1, 12s.) 20.

In One Volume, 12mo, price 58.,
Greece, 2 vols, 8vo, bds.

(12s.) 8s.

The PRACTICAL BAKER and CONFECTIONRome, 2 vols. 8vo, bds.

(12s.) As.

ER'S ASSISTANT; being a Comprehensive View of every thing Guardian. with a Biographical and Critical Preface, 2 vols. (10s. 6d.) 7s. Hume's History of England, 8 vols. 8vo, bds. (L.2, 168.) 216.

relative to the Baking of Loaf and Fancy Bread, on both the ancient Hume and Smollett's England, 13 vols. bds. (L.5, bs.) 50s.

and modern systems; with a great variety of Practical Receipts in

Pastry, Confectionery, Candies, Preserves, Cordials, Wines, &c.: Josephus' Works, 4 vols. 8vo, bds. (L. 2. 2s.) 13s.

and the various methods of making Artificial Yeast. By Joux TTBJohnson's Dictionary, by Tod, 8vo, bris. (11s.) 108.

CAN, Baker. Johnson's Works, complete in 2 vols. (Jones' edition,) (L.1, 116. 6d.) "'His book is a perfect repository of every thing relating to the

228. Illustrations of Marmion, (12s.) 28. 6d.

subjects which he has undertaken to discuss. The whole mystery of Johnson's (Dr S.) Dictionary of the English Language, (the vols. judicious directions laid down, any one may practise for himself the

baking and confectionery is fully laid open, and by the simple

and folio, complete in 1 vol. Imperial 8vo,) with fine portrait, (128.) operations of these universally interesting arts. We doubt not that 275.

the work will be found highly useful to the trade,--and we dismiss it Kames' Principles of Equity, 8vo, bds. 45. 6d.

with every wish for that success which it so well deserves."-Edia. Lowth on Isaiah, Svo, bds. ('0s. 60.) 6s 6d. Labaume's Russian Campaigns, svo, bds. scarce, &s.

burgh Evening Post. Locke on the Human Understanding, (12.) 8s. 6d.

Literary Gems, in two parts, (10s. 6d.) 6. 6d.

In a neat pocket volume, price 6d.,
Massilon's Sermons, complete, 1 vol. 8vo, bds. (10s. 6d.) 78
Mackenzie's (Sir George) Illustrations of Phrenology, 8ve, bds. (15s.) Language. Selected by JAMES MUNROs of Cardel.

The CASKET; a Collection of Songs in the Gaelic 58. Memoir of Ferdinand King of Spain, (10s. 6d.) 18.

“It contains as much closely and neatly printed matter in Gaelic, Murray's Diseoveries in Africa, 2 vols. 8vo, bds. L.1, 11s. Gd.) 8s. 6d.

for sixpence, as we have ever seen offered for the same money in Mitchel's Elements of Astronomy, 12mo. (6.) 20. 6d.

English."-Scots Times. Mirror of Amusement, 1 vol. 8vo. bds. (12s.) 6s,

In two volumes 850, price 225. boards, Oxbury's Dramatic Biography, with numerous portraits, 4 vols. The SCOTS WORTHIES, Modernised by a Cler18mo, bds. (278.) 15s. Ed.

gyman of the Church, with Preface and Notes. By W. M‘Gavin, Paley's Works, complete in 2 vols. 8vo, bds. (18s.) 14s. 6d. Paley's Works, 5 vols. 18mo, (20s.) 12s.

Esq. Plati's (Rev. J.) Manners and Customs of all Nations, (16s.) 8s.

In one volume, price 48. boards, Plutarch's Lives, by Langhorne, 6 vols. 18mo, calf, (L.2, 12s. 6d.) 88s.

A BRIEF HISTORY of the PROTESTANT Parkhurst's Greek Lexicon, 8vo, bls. (21s.) 14s.

REFORMATION, in a Series of Letters addressed to WILLIAN - Hebrew Lexicon, 8vo, bds. (218.) 11s.

COBBett, in consequence of the Misrepresentations in his “ History Rambler, with a Biographical and Critical Preface, 2 vols. bds. (12s.) of the Protestant Reformation." By the Author of "The Protest.

88. 6d. Robertson's Works, 6 vols. 8vo, bds, (L.2, 14s.) 56s.

" Those who wish to see Mr Cobbett more than matched, should Rome in the 19th Century, 3 vols. bds. (L.1, 11s. 62.) 21s.

possess themselves of this valuable publication."-Evangelical Magoi Rollin's Ancient History, 8 vols. 8vo, bds. (638.) 30%.

sine. Saratt on Chess, 8vo, bds. (12s.) 68. Scott's Mechanics' Magazine, 1 vol. 8vo, bds. (15s.) 66. 6d.

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, Shakspeare, 7 volş. 24mo, bds. (L.2, 28.) 21s.

by JOHN AITKEN, (of CONSTABLE & Co.) 19, WATERLOO complete in 1 vol. 8vo, bris. (11s.) 9s. 6d.

PLACE; Smith's Wealth of Nations, 1 vol. 8vo, bols. with portraits and Sold also by THOMAS ATKINSON & Co., 84, Trongate, Glasgow; W. Life, (105) 56. 6d.

CURRY, jun. and Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 8t Spurzheim on Phrenology, with plates, (158) As. 6d.

Paul's Churchyard; and EFFINGHAM Wilsox, Royal Exchange, siamma on Chess, 1 vol. by Lewis, 100 plates, (As.) 5s. 6d.

London ; and by all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Takings, or the Life of a Collegian, with 24 coloured plates, 8vo, Roads throughout the United Kingdom.

bds. (3118.) 12s. Tatlet and Guardian, complete in 1 vol. 8vo, (Jones' edition,) (146.)

Price 6d.; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d. Printedby BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongata


[No. 113, January 8, 1831.]


The Public of Edinburgh is respectfully informed, that, next Week Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.




Will visit this City, for the purpose of giving TWO CONCERTS of



DUCHESS OF HAMILTON. THE FIFTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the Farther Particulars, and Plans of the Concerts, will be duly Academy for the Works of Living Artists, will OPEN early

announced. in February next, at the Rooms of the Academy, 24, Waterloo Edinburgh, 8th January, 1831. Place. Intending Exhibitors will please to observe, that the Rooms will

be open for the reception of Pictures from the first to the 3d of Fe-
bruary, after which no Pictures can be received.

Published this day,
By order of the Council,

D. O. HILL, Secretary. THE favourite MAZURKAS and GALLOEdinburgh, 31st December, 1830.

PADES, as danced at the Foreign Courts, at Almack's, and at

Mr and Madame D'EGVILLE's, arranged for the Piano-Forte. To No. 32, EAST SIDE ST ANDREW SQUARE.

which is added, the BOHEMIAN REY"DOWAK, price 05.



sung with the most enthusiastic applause by Mr Murray, 1s. 6d. OF THE

Published by ALEXANDER ROBINSON, Musicseller to their MaIMMORTAL BURNS,

Jesties, 17, Prince's Street, Edinburgh, where may be seen a most

extensive assortment of new Music, and Musical Instruments of who walk'd in glory and in joy,

every description. Behind his plough, upon the mountain side," Sculptured in stone by GREENSHIELDS, of the size of life, and NEW AND IMPORTANT PUBLICATIONS from the original painting by the late Mr PETER Taylor, is now

PUBLISHED BY on Exhibition.

EFFINGHAM WILSON, 88, Royal Exehange, London ;

Open from 10 till 4, and 6 till 9 evening.
Admittance-Ladies and Gentlemen, Is. Children, 60,- Season

In a handsome post Svo volume,
Tickets, 5s not transferable, to be had of CONSTABLE and Co., and

Price 9s. cloth, at the place of Exhibition.


Engravings, after Designs by George Cruickshank.

“ We are delighted tenfold when we find such embellishments as these in Tales of other Days.' They are in Cruickshank's happiest

style; the tact and taste with which he has selected the points of hu. This day is published,

mour of these pages are only exceeded by the vigour and facility with

which he has embodied his ideas. Wood-CUTS CAN GO NO PARTHER. Price 10s. 6d. post Avo, beautifully done

up in arabesque binding, lately introduced by De la Rue and Co.,

They are executed with extraordinary ability by Thompson and

Williams. There are twelve Tales in the volume; they touch upon BRITISH MELODIES;

every subject; there is a story for every taste. The marvellous, how.

ever, preponderates: and this admits of proper play and spirit for OR,

the genius of Cruickshank. Friar Rush is an excellent incident, SONGS OF THE PEOPLE.

most exquisitely illustrated ; and the • Fifth of November' gives a

fine picturesque portrait of that extraordinary annual of our own By T. H. CORNISH.

times, Guy Fawkes. • Roger Clevelly' is also a rare scrap of ro

mance; the embellishments here exhibiting the Evil One disarming -- Perhaps the breath of Music

his antagonist by twisting his sword round his own, is a happy idea May prove more eloquent than my poor words."

very effectively embodied, and would alone, we are disposed to think, Published by SMITH, ELDER, and Co, 95, Cornhill, London. secure the popularity of a volume of infinitely more doubtful preThe author of these Melodies has dedicated them to his country tensions than this. The book is well written, well printed, and well not so much (as is evident from the phraseology of his dedication) illustrated."-British Nagasine, Oct. 1830. with a view to the national character that attaches to them, as in manifestation of his affection for that land whose liberty so frequently

FRENCH LANGUAGE. becomes the theme of his inuse. In a remarkably neat and attractive volume, we are presented

The following Introductory Works are compiled

By P. F. MERLET, with a number of short lyrical pieces, embracing subjects of great variety; but, for the most part, appealing to our patriotism, or some

Teacher of the French Language at the London University. other ennobling or benevolent feeling of our nature.

1. SYNOPSIS OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE. But though the generality of these pieces are of a national cha

12mo, Price 2s. 6d. bound in cloth. racter, there are many that may be classed with productions of a

To those who have already gone through the French Gram. more playful or sentimental description, and which touch upon the mar, this little work will be of infinite service, as it will enable them, pathetic chords of local attachment, and of early recollections. We

at one view, to refresh their memory, by means of Tables representrefer our readers to the volume itself, which will, we doubt not, find

ing the verbs, and the most essential rules concisely expressed, and its way to the boudoir, as soon as it is known that so acceptable an

each accompanied by an example, so arranged as to make the whole addition has been made to the lyrical productions of the present day. a Tabular View of French Grammar. January 1, 1831.

2. A FRENCH GRAMMAR, divided into Four Parts.

The Pronunciation--the Accidence-the Syntax and the Appendix. THE COURT JOURNAL ENLARGED WITH In One thick Vol. 12mo, price 10s. bds. or 10s. 6d. bound.

“All the rules we find arranged in this Grammar with the utmost OUT INCREASE OF PRICE.

simplicity and perspicuity, none occupying more than two lines, and arranged in so convenient a manner as to make reference very easy. At

the same time every rule is illustrated by a number of plain practical THE great and increasing success of the Court

sentences, such as are wanted in the common intercourse of life, and JOURNAL has induced the Proprietor to spare no expense in

are made familiar by exercise of a similar kind. The Tables of Demeeting the many new claims which the existence of the New COURT

clensions and Conjunctions are also admirably clear. It is almost has put forth on the space and attention of the Journal. According

impossible to represent sound to the eye; yet the rules of Pronuncialy, new arrangements have been made, by which, in the first place, tion laid down in this book are so systematic and precise as to render the reader will gain two entire pages of additional original matter in

them a great help to those who have

had some oral instruction. The cach number ; and in the second place, new and exclusive sources of Appendix, or a Dictionary of Difficulties,' which also sells sepainformation have been opened and secured in connexion with Court

rately, will be found an excellent book of reference to the more ad. and Fashionable Life, and new and sure means have been adopied

vanced student, more useful than French works of this kind, as it is for obtaining early political infor mation of a kind and character in

evidently the work of a man who, by long practice, has made himself accessible to any other weekly Journal.—The Proprietor solicits

fully acquainted with all those points in his language which offer public attention to the early numbers of the new year, in which the

difficulties to the English learner."- Monthly Review, June, 1829. results of these new accessions will be amply and unequivocally ap

The separate Parts may be had at the following Prices : parent.

N. B.-The first number for 1831, will contain, among other arti Part 1.-TREATISE ON FRENCH PRONUNCIATION, with Rules and cles of peculiar interest, a Second part of the GARLAND Or Beau. Remarks on reading Prose and Poetry, exemplified by Passages TY,-a paper, which in the publication of the first part, excited so from the best Writers. Price 28. 6d. bound. much attention as to call for the reprinting, three several times, of Part II.-THE ACCIDENCE. Price 3s. 6d. bound. the number in which it appeared.

Part III.-THE SYNTAX. Price 3s. 60. bound. The Court Journal is published every Saturday morning, and sent by the Newsmen, free of postage, to all parts of the Kingdom. Part IV.-THE APPENDIX, or Dictionary of Difficulties and Idioms. Office, 19, Catherine Street, Strand, London,

Price 3s. 6d. bound.



This day is published,

Price 5s.

Beautifully printed, and neatly done ap in canvass,


And concluding the Dissertations,

In Three Chimeras.
Was published on Friday the 31st December,

With Six Engravings,
Price Six Shillings.

"Is't like that lead contains her

It were too gross

To rib her cerecloth in the obscure grave." In pointing out the recommendations of this Edition, the Proprie

SHAKSPEARE. tors may state, that all the available matter in the Supplement to former Editions will be transferred to its pages. The articles thus “ Shepherd. Stoddart has genius. transferred will previously undergo a careful revision; many of them « North. He has." will receive important alterations from their respective contributors,

Blackwood's Magazine, Noctes Ambrosiana. as well for the purpose of substituting new matter in the place of what is antiquated or imperfect, as for that of accommodating them “A story of wild and original interest and power."-Scots Times. to the objects of the present undertaking.

“ Contains some very beautiful minor poems."-Saturday Evs. 1. The Dissertations on the Progress of Philosophy, by Professors ing Post. STEWART and PLAYFAIR, which reflected so high a lustre on the late “ The best of the whole last year's productions.-Mr Stoddart is Supplement, are now completed by Sir JAMES Mackintosh and full of imagination of the right sort, and can penetrate the mysteries Professor LESLIE, forming a handsome introductory volume to the of human feelings successfully."— Atlas. work.

Edinburgh: Printed for HENRY CONSTABLE. The Illustrations are entirely new, and engraved in the best man

London : HURST, CHANCE, and Co. ner on steel. An important improvement on the Maps has been in. troduced since the work commenced publication. Instead of being confined to a single 4to page, each Map will in future extend over

This day is published, TWO pages, forming an entire folio leaf, folded in the middle, and placed upon a guard. The Drawings are made from the most ap By Messrs MacLachlan and STEWART, opposite the College, proved and recent authorities; and the Engravings are executed by

Price One Shilling, SIDNEY HALL, whose eminence in this department of art is universally known.

N0., I. of the EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY Duplicates of the folio Maps, to supply the place of those that have Monthly during the Session.

MAGAZINE, conducted by Students, and to be continued appeared on the 4to scale, will be given in an early Part.

A copious Index will be appended to the last volume of the work, which, by affording a key to the Miscellaneous information contained

In two volumes, 12mo, with etchings, in its General Treatises, will greatly extend its utility as a book of

price 14s. boards, reference. Printed for Adam BLACK, Edinburgh.


SANTRY: containing Ned M.Keown-The Three Tasks,

or the Little House under the Hill-Shane Fadh's Wedding-Larry DEDICATED, BY PERMISSION, TO HIS

M'Farland's Wake The Battle of the Factions--Funeral and Party

Fight-The Hedge School - The Abduction of Mat. Kavanagh MAJESTY.

The Station.

“ Admirable, truly intensely Irish-never were the outrageous This day is published,

whimsicalities of that strange, wild, imaginative people, so charac PART VIII. or

teristically described, nor in the midst of all the fun, frolic, and folly

is there any dearth of poetry, pathos, and passion."-Blackwood's LANDSCAPE ILLUSTRATIONS of the WA Magazine. VERLEY NOVELS. From Drawings by

" Neither Miss Edgeworth, nor the Author of the O'Hara Tales, Messrs Barrett, Messrs S. Prout,

could have written any thing more powerful than this."-Edinburgh Brockedon,

R. R. Reinagle, R.A.

Literary Journal.
W. Daniel, R.A.

" We do not hesitate to affirm that one of the cleverest and most Dewint,


lively sketches in Literature may be found in the Tale of Larry C. Fielding, T. Stothard, R.A.

M'Farland's Wake;' it has the moral truth of the Cottagers of GlenJ. D. Harding,

W. Westall, A.R.A.

burnie, with the pathos of Mrs Opie, and the characteristic traits so

forcibly drawn by the creator of Aby Nowlans."-Spectator. The Engravings executed in the most finished style, by

Dublin : Printed for W. CURRY, Jun. and Co.; Sold by HURST, WILLIAM AND EDWARD FINDEN.

CHANCE, and Co. London; and OLIVE R and BOYD, Edinburgh. In announcing the above-mentioned Artists as those who have undertaken to furnish the drawings, the Proprietors feel they are giving

THE IRISH PULPIT. the best pledge of their earnest wish to produce a publication worthy of illustrating an Author whose works have afforded such universal

This day is published, delight, and contributed so greatly to the literary renown of his

Handsomely printed in 8vo, price 10s. 6d. cloth, country. „Those views will be selected which, possessing in themselves great THE IRISH PULPIT, a Collection of Original

Sermons, by Clergymen of the Established Church of Ireland. writer himself. Fidelity of representation will be strictly adhered Second Series. to, and no historical allusion permitted to interfere with the reality

CONTRIBUTED BY of the scene. · This Work will be published in Parts, each containing four Plates, 1 The Rev. Hugh White, 8 Rev. William Hare, of a size to bind up with the new edition of the Waverley Novels

2 Dean of Ardagh,

9 Rev. Henry Magrath, now in progress, but the impressions will be taken on paper suffi 3 Rev. Henry Woodward, 10 Rev. Patrick Pounden, ciently large for any of the collected editions. The Proprietors ex

Rev. F. B. Woodward,

11 Rev. Henry Brougham, pect the whole will be completed in Twenty Parts, which will appear

5 Kev. Alexander Ross,

12 Rev. Hans Caulticid, Monthly.

6 Rev. Hans Hamilton, D.D. 13 Rev. W. K. Tatam,
£ s. d.
7 Rev. Thomas Walker,

14 Rev. J. C. Lloyd. Prints, royal 8vo,

0 4 0 India Proofs, royal 4to,

0 7 0

A few copies of the First Series of THE IRISH PULPIT remain, Proofs before the Letters, 4to, 50 only taken 0 10 0

8vo, price 10s. 6d. cloth. Twenty-five Impressions, Proofs, before the Letters, accompanied DUBLIN: Printed for WILLIAM CURRY, Jun. and Co. Sold by with Etchings, will be taken, price 14s. per Part. An early applica- Hurst, CHANCE, and Co. London; and Oliver and BOYD, Edintion will be necessary to secure Copies.


CHARLES TILT, 86, Fleet Street; London. This Work, if completed as it has been begun, will be worth all Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday


by JOHN AITKEN, (of CONSTABLE & Co.) 19, WATERLOO the miscalled illustrations that have hitherto appeared.”-Monthly PLACE; Mag. July. "We have met with no series of embellishments at once so beautiful

Sold also by THOMAS ATKINSON & Co., 84, Trongate, Glasgow; W. and interesting."-British Magazine, July.

CURRY, jun. and Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, and Co., St “ They are such prints as have adorned the most finished of the

Paul's Churchyard; and EFFINGHAM Wilson, Royal Exchange, Annuals."-Literary Gazette, April 10.

London; and by all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the “ This is a happy idea, and in such hands, the execution cannot

Roads throughout the United Kingdom. fail to be worthy of the author whose works are to be adorned ; all

Price 6d.; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d. the Plates are in Messrs Findeps' best style, and are, therefore, choice specimens of their most useful and beautiful art."-Examiner, April 20.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.

(No. 114, January 15, 1831.]



R. FRASER, Carver and Gilder, 95, Prince's


This day is published,

With Plates, and a Map, 5s.
Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts,




By WASHINGTON IRVING. RD. B. REID, Experimental Assistant to Pro

Forming a Sequel to the LIFE of COLUMBUS. FESSOR Hope, and Conductor of the Classes for Practical No. XVI. LETTERS on DEMONOLOGY and Chemistry in the University of Edinburgh, will commence his WITCHCRAFT. By Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart. COURSE of POPULAR LECTURES on CHEMISTRY, in the Assetubly Rooms, George Street, To-day, (Saturday, the 15th,) at

AxD Two, P.M.

No. VIII. The COURT and CAMP of BUONAThe succeeding Lectures will be delivered at the usual hour every PARTE, with a Portrait of TALLEYRAND. Saturday ull the end of April. Each Lecture will continue from an hour and a half to two hours.

No. XVII. contains The LIFE of BRUCE, the the whole being equal to a Course of about thirty Lectures of one haur each,

ABYSSINIAN TRAVELLER. By Major HEAD, Author of Rough In this course, Dr D. B. Reid will give a view of the Nature and

Notes of some Rapid Journeys across the Pampas and among the

Andes, Principles of Chemistry, and of its more interesting and important applications in illustrating the Phenomena of Nature, and the vari

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London.
ous Processes of Art.
Each Lecture will be illustrated by an extensive series of Experi-

Syllabus of the Course may be obtained, gratis, at the different

Ladies and Gentlemen may obtain Tickets, One Guinea each, at
Messrs MACLACHLAN and STEWART's, opposite the College : Mr

Edited by the Rev. G. R. GLEIG, M. A.
JAMES ANDERSON's, 33, George Street, booksellers; and at Mr John
Doxx's, Hanover Street.
There will be free admission to the Introductory Lecture, for

THE PROPRIETORS of this Work feel themwhich Tickets may be procured at the above places

selves stimulated to fresh exertions by the distinguished faDoors to be open at one o'clock.

vour with which it has already been received. 3, George Square,

The volumes of the NATIONAL LIBRARY already before the world Saturday, January 15, 1831,

may be confidently appealed to as proofs of zeal ou the part of the Proprietors, to engage, without regard to ex pense, the assistance of

writers of high celebrity, and to present to their readers a series of FINE ARTS.

Productions, which, as they are connected, not with ephemeral, þut with permanent subjects, may, years hence as well as now, be consulted for lively amusement as well as solid instruction.

The Life of the illustrious Byron, by Mr GALT, who was personStreet, begs most respectfully to intimate to the Nobility and Gentry of Edinburgh, that he has removed from Nicolson Street to

ally known to the poet, has been stamped by the voice of the public the above premises, which were formerly occupied by J. Fraser, in

with the character of a standard work, authentio in particulars and

dispassionate in judgment. That it should have met with opposition the same line. By zealous attention to orders, and moderate charges, he relies on

from some quarters, was an inevitable consequence of the task, since a continuance of the patronage which he has experienced since he

the very name of Byron conjures up at once a host of angry dispu

tants, who, having each his own theory to support, cannot all concur began business. R. f. has a considerable variety of the most fashionable Pattern

in the statements and opinions of the biographer, be these what they Frames.

may. The memoir in question has, however, been so fortunate as al. Gentlemen in the country who wish their old Frames re.gilt upon

ready to rise superior to its assailants. the spot, will find it to their advantage to employ R. Fraser.

In speaking of the Rev. Mr GLEIG's HISTORY OF THE BIBLE, it Orders by post promptly attended to.

has been said in a contemporary Journal, that " it would be some Edinburgh, 2 İth Dec. 1830.

ground of reproach to the friends of truth, if they had entirely neg

lected the new species of monthly publications as a means of diffusing JUST PUBLISHED BY

religious knowledge among the higher and middle classes of society;

and the present volume shows, in the happiest manner, how well they E. WILSON, 88, Royal Exchange, London ;

are adapted to convey that knowledge which makes faith more sure, And Sold by H. CONSTABLE, 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. and piety more enlightenedl.”. In 1 vol., 12mo, price 4s. boards,

The HISTORY OF CHEMISTRY, which forms the third volume of GATOR.

son, of the University of Glasgow, who, in recording the wonderful By JUSTIN BRENAN,

incidents and effects on society which marked the progress of Che

mistry-in telling of the strange lives of its early students, (the AlNo fewer than seven different languages, exclusive of English, are

chemists and others,) and in describing at full the useful labours and here put in requisition, to illustrate our Conjugators, but most par

discoveries of more recent professors, has written a book which, while ticularly shall and will, with their derivatives, SHOULD and

it is characterized by scrupulous truth, and by practical information WOULD, which have hitherto proved such stumbling blocks to the

in every part, possesses much of the attraction of romance, Foreigner. It is presumed that this work will much encourage strangers to learn our language, as its chief difficulties are now ex The remaining volumes of those hitherto published, are occupied plained in that clear and familiar manner, for which the author is so

by the History of CHIVALRY AND THE CRUSADES, by G. P. R. distinguished,


CIENT AND MODERN, by Mr HORACE SMITH, which latter is just Also, by the same Author, third edition, price 4s.

issued to the public. or the charm of the former subject in an ima COMPOSITIONand PUNCTUATION, familiarly | hals of European nations, it is needless to speak : while as regards

ginative point of view, and of its great utility in illustrating the anexplained, for those who have neglected the study of grammar.

the present author's treatment, the numerous readers of “ Richelieu" This popular work is now re-produced, with very important attrac and Darnley" have, no doubt, from its first announcement, formed tions. Not only is every article revised with great attention, but so high expectations, which, it is hoped, have now been fulfilled. much has been added, that the present edition may be considered as almost a new work.

To these, many other original works, of a class which seems, of es" This is a plain, useful, sensible little treatise ; does its author | pecial right, to belong to an English National Library, will immecredit; will well repay attention; and has our strong recommenda- diately succeed : among which may be mentioned the History of tion."-Literary Gazette.

the Royal Navy of ENGLAND from its first existence; and that of

the BRITISH ARMY and its Services. Also, price 2s.,

Such are the principal features of the National Library as far as it UTILITY of LATIN DISCUSSED, for the con has already proceeded ; and such the nature of some of those works sideration of parents, or those who have influence in the direction in preparation. of juvenile education.

And in conclusion, the Proprietors trust they shall not be accused of In this little treatise, the important subject of classical utility is

unjustifiable pride in expressing their belief, that, in the progress o placed in an original and highly interesting pont of view, and

their underlaking, they shall be the means of publishing, at a price entirely free from the prejudices that are usually brought in aid of

accessible to the public at large, a body of Literature deserving the such discussions.

praise of having instructed many, and amused all; and, above every : “ We are happy in having another opportunity of complimenting other species of eulogy, of being fit to be introduced, without reserve the author of Composition and Punctuation, on a work, which, or exception, by the father of a family to the domestic eircle. unlike many of the present day, contains mulluin in parvo, in which, in short, good sense, and practical utility, are in an immense ratio Sold by BELL and BRADTUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. to its size and pages."-Edinburgh Litcrary Journal.

Literary Gazette.





A YOUNG LADY, a native of Paris, is desirous WRITERS.

of obtaining a situation as GOVERNESS in a family. She

teaches French, Italian, Singing, Elements of Music, Dancing, &e Just published,

Salary not so much an object as a comfortable home. The most re

spectable references will be given and required. By HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London:

Application to be made by letter, (post paid,) addressed to P. L., And sold by BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street,

Aberdeen Post Office.

In 3 vols. post 8vo,

THE COMMITTEE respectfully intimate their

intention of still giving the Series of SUBSCRIPTION CON.

CERTS this season, provided they are guaranteed from loss by a A NEW GLANCE AT SOCIETY.

sufficient number of Subscribers eoining forward by the 22d inst. By the Author of " The Roué."

As it is not intended to send round the subscription book in future, “ This novel abounds in fun; it is full of the most laughable and

those Ladies and Gentlemen wbo intend honouring them by beco whimsical situations, and cannot fail to amuse every class of readers, ming Subscribers are requested to insert their names as early as poswhile tho portraits drawn by the author are recognised by every one

sible in the lists, which will be found at all the Music and booksellers' at all conversant with. Life in London.' "-Evening Paper.


If there are not 200 Subscribers by the above date, the SubscripII.

tion Concerts for this season will be abandoned. SOUTHENNAN.

Subscription for each set of Four Tickets, ONE GUINEA. A Tale of the Reign of Queen Mary. By John GALT, Esq.

JAMES DEWAR Sec. Author of “ Lawrie Todd," "'Life of Byron," &c.

24, Dundas Street, Jan. 12, 1831. In 3 vols, post 8vo. A tale of great and varied interest."-Court Journal.

No. 32, EAST SIDE ST ANDREW SQUARE. “ The period of the reign of Mary Queen of Scots is rich in materials for the Novelist. The fortunes of Chatelar-the life and loves of Darnley-the history of Morton and the conspirators—and the

strange story of the Italian musician, are all replete with interest of
the highest order."-Atlas.


-who walk'd in glory and in joy,
A Tale of the Reign of James II.

Behind his plough, upon the mountain side," By the Author of “ Brambletye House," " The New Forest," &c.

Sculptured in stone by GREENSHIELDS, of the size of life, and In 3 vols. post 8vo.

from the original painting by the late Mr PETER TAYLOR, is nos

on Exhibition. “ The principal characters in this work consist of the Prince of Orange : Mary, the daughter of James ; one of the Sydneys; Sir

Open from 10 till 4, and 6 till 9 evening. Charles Sedley, and his daughter the Countess of Dorchester ; Judge Admittance-Ladies and Gentlemen, Is. Children, 60-Season Jeffreys, and other ruling spirits of that day. A period more prega Tickets, 5s, not transferable, to be had of Constable and Co., and nant with events and absorbing interest, both as lo character, inci. at the place of Exhibition. dert, and national importance, could not possibly have been chosen." Courier.


A retrospect of the progress of the New Monthly Magazine, during

the present year, has been a source of gratification to its proprietors: By the distinguished Author of " Tales of the O'Hara Family," -but, although they hope and believe that no prominent defect has "The Nowlans," &c. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

existed, they conceive that the work may be improved by adding “ Mr Banim is well entitled to rank among the foremost of our

one or two new features to those by which it is already distinguished, modern writers."-Literary Gazette.

and by increased activity in its general management. “The character of these stories is connected with that all-power The New Monthly Magazine will therefore commence the year ful mover of the heart and passions-Religion. Under this great 1831 with renewed claims to that public support it has so long enjoyed. agency, more strange and romantic deeds have been achieved, and Among other improvements it is the intention of the Proprietors to more startling events have arisen, than were ever excited even by introdince into the Magazine a series of Literary Sketches, or estirevenge, ambition, or love."-Globe.

mates of the genius of the principal authors of the present day, ac V.

companied by engraved likenesses. As, in these tiines of intellectual

-fertility, the series must include many writers comparatively new to THE ENGLISH AT HOME. fame, the plan must be adınitted to possess some novelty, By the Author of " The English in Italy," "The English in France," The Proprietors pledge themselves to the most unremitting exer. &c. In 3 vols. post Svp.

tions in continuing to secure the co-operation of the most able and "This work presents, in a series of tales, a picture of the private popular writers of the

age; and the

contributors may feel assured of life of the great of our day. There will be no difficulty in recogni- being permitted the most perfect freedom from undue restraint in zing many of the political and fashionable portraits.”- Globe.

conveying their opinions to the public.

With regard to the Politics of the Magazine, the proprietors feel it

scarcely necessary to state that it will persevere in the course it has THE UNITED SERVICE JOURNAL. so long anıt so invariably maintained. If its sentiments generally The distinguished favour with which this periodical has been re.

accord with those of the individuals who at present influence the des. ceived since its commencem.ent, not only by the two Services to

tinies of the country, it is because the government has happily taken which it is more immediately addressed, but by the public in gene

the form which, for years, has been considered in the pages of the ral, is not a little gratifying to the Proprietors, inasmuch as they

New Monthly Magazine, as most conducive to the best interests of consider it a proof that the execution of the work has met with ge

Great Britain. It is, however, less to men than to measures that its neral approbation. Assuredly every true lover of his country, in

support will be extended ;-it will ever be the advocate of such prin. perusing the details of operations that led to the triumphs achieved

ciples as are consistent with reason and experience, and have the by a Nelson and a Wellington-in reading narratives of individual

sanction of the great and good of all nations. The sentiments of the heroism and suffering-in participating, as it were, in the exploits

great mass of the British people will be echoed freely and boldly, of our gallant Soldiers and Sailors in every quarter of the globe-in

influenced by no other considerations than those of wisdo:n and short, in tracing the progress of those events which have conferred

justice. such lustre on the British armsmoust feel a deep and anxious in

N.B.-The First Number for the New Year will be published on terest. But in securing to their Journal the various advantages it the 1st of January, and those who desire to avail themselves of the has hitherto possessed, the Proprietors have made considerable sa occasion for cominencing the Work are requested to transmit their crifices by having, repeatedly exceeded the proper limits, without orders to their respective booksellers or news-venders. however being able to do full justice to their numerous and valu Printed for HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; able contributors. Under these circumstances they have determined and Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. to enlarge the plan and price of their work to the same extent as those of the New Monthly Magazine, so that, like that popular periodical, each year of the United Service Journal will in future Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, consist of three volumes. By these means they trust they shall be by JOHN AITKEN, (of CONSTABLE & Co.) 19, WATERLOO enabled to render their Journal still more worthy of public favour, PLACE; as they shall thus obtain space for many additional valuable communications, and be enabled to open new and important channels of

Sold also by THOMAS ATKINSON & Co.. 84, Trongate, Glasgow; W. information both at home and abroad.

CURRY, jun. and Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, and Co., SC Printed for HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, Lon

Paul's Churchyard; and EFPINGHAM Wilson, Royal Exchange,

London; and by all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the don ; and Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. Roads throughout the United Kingdom.

N.B.—Those who desire to avail themselves of the favourable opportunity of the new year for commencing the work. are requested

Price 6d. ; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d. to send their orders forth with to any Bookseller or News Vender in their own immediate neighbourhood.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.

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