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Search'd their dark orbs for answer. The warm blood His frame bad lost its fuluess in that time ;
Into his temples mounted, and across

His handsome features had grown sharp and thin,
His countenance the flush of passionate thoughts

And from his lips the constant smile had faded. Pass'd with irresolute quickness. He rose up

Wild fires had burn'd the languor from his eye; And paced the dim room rapidly awhile,

The lids look'd fever'd, and the brows were bent Calming his troubled mind, and then he came

With an habitual frown. He was much changed. And laid his hand upon her forehead white,

His chin was resting on his clenched hand, And in a voice of heavenly tenderness

And with his foot be beat upon the floor Answer'd her :

Unconsciously the time of a sad tane.

Thoughts of the past prey'd on him bitterly. “ Before I knew thee, Mary,

He had won power, and held it. He had walk'd Ambition was my angel. I did hear

Steadily upward in the eye of Fame, For ever its witch'd voices in mine ear

And kept his truth unsullied but his home My days were visionary,

Had been invaded by envenom'd tongues ; My nights were like the slambers of the mad,

His wife

his spotless wife had been assail'd And every dream swept o'er me glory-clad.

By slander, and his child had grown afraid

To come to him his manners were so stern. “ I read the burning letters

He could not speak beside his own hearth freely. Of warlike pomp, on history's page, alone

His friends were half estranged, and vulgar men

Presumed upon their services, and grew
I counted nothing the struck widow's moan-
I heard no clank of fetters-

Familiar with him. He'd small time to sleep,
I only felt the trumpet's stirring blast,

And none to pray; and, with his heart in fetters,

He bore deep insults silently, and bow'd And lean-eyed Famine stalk'd unchallenged past.

Respectfully to men who knew he loathed them,

And when his heart was eloquent with truth, I heard, with veins of lightning,

And love of country and an honest zeal The utterance of the statesman's word of power

Burn’d for expression, he could find no words Binding and loosing nations in an hour

They would not misinterpret with their lies. But while my eye was brightening,

What were his many honours to him now? A mask'd detraction breathed upon his fame,

The good half doubted, falsehood was so strong And a cursed serpent slimed his written name.

His home was hateful with its cautious fears

His wife lay trembling on his very breast, “ The poet wrapt mine ears

Frighted with calumny! And this is FAME
With the transporting music that he sung.
With fibres from his life his lyre he strung,

And bathed the world in tears-
And then he turn'd away to muse apart,

And Scorn stole after him and broke his heart!

A TRAGEDY. IN THREE PARTS. " Yet here and there I saw

Part II.
One who had set the world at calm defiance,
And press right onward with a bold reliance;

The dreary solitude of Margaret's abode added to her And be did seem to awe

suffering. She had but one relation, a female cousin, The very shadows pressing on his breast,

who resided in a more northerly county, and with whom, And with a strong heart, held himself at resto,

in happier days, she had maintained an intimacy. Nancy

Grant was an elderly woman, and, like Margaret, alone " And then I look'd again,

in the world. Hearing of her kinswoman's affliction, And he had shut the door upon the crowd,

Nancy kindly invited her, by written message, which had And on his face he lay and groan'd aloud,

to find its way through many hands, to come and take up Wrestling with hidden pain;

her abode with her for a time. Margaret gladly accepted And in her chamber sat his wife in tears,

the offered hospitality. Collecting together such small And his sweet babes grew sad with whisper'd fears.

articles as she could conveniently carry with her, and

disposing of what remained amongst her neighbours, she “ And so I turn'd sick-hearted

left the scene of her unhappiness with an aching heart. From the bright cup away, and in my sadness

A weary journey of four days brought her to the house Search'd mine own bosom for some spring of gladness :: of her friend, from whom she received a cordial welcome. And lo! a fountain started,

After a much longer stay than at first intended, she Whose waters ev'n in death flow calm and fast,

thankfully acceded to her proposal to remain with her. And my wild fever-thirst was slaked-at last.,

They dwelt in a small cottage in the outskirts of a

fashionable town in the North, and supported themselves 5. And then I met thee, Mary,

comfortably by their joint industry. And felt how love may into fulness pour,

Margaret and her friend were one day surprised by Like light into a fountain running o'er ;

the appearance of two strangers leisurely approaching And I did hope to vary

their dwelling. One of them was a short, brisk-looking My life but with surprises sweet as this

man, in dress and gait a sailor. The other was tall, A dream, but for thy waking, tillid with bliss.

walked stiffly erect, and wore a sort of military undress,

and a common-shaped hat, surmounted by a cockade. “ Yet now I feel my spirit

The sailor's dress of the former recalled to Margaret her Bitterly stirr'd, and nay, lift up thy brow.!

son, who might yet survive. She looked earnestly upon It is thine own voice echoing to thee now,

the stranger, but he was not tall enough. She sat down And thou didst pray to hear it

much agitated : it might be some one come to tell that I must unto my work and my stern hours !

he had perished but the lond laugh of the men without Take from my room thy harp, and books, and flowers !" dispelled such sad boding. By this time they were heard

close by, the one talking rapidly, and almost without inA year

termission. And in his room again he sat alone.

“ Damme, Jem, can't ye be quiet ?!! exclaimed the

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et almost overpower

sight of port, with our good thinks we, let's take a cruise

Dhe, Jemi!' says?t;brdon't Robin ? 9 Robini's 'adaptain, toe," turning again to his

sailor, somewhat angrily, after several attempts to restrain and twas making a dd row about it; when, all on a his companion's volubility, Ayast, I say.' By Harry, sudden, he fell slap at my feet. Poor chap, I shan't soon you jabber jabber just like Captain's big monkey, green forget it, there he day for dead, and {might have been Tom, with his d-d ugly mug. Many 's the douse i' | beaved to the dishes, buth, thinks I, due, let's carry the chaps I gilen bim; slyly, though, for Captain grew Jom to the cockpit, who knows as how they can't make mighty fond of him, Come, now, slack! Dre, you've him open his twinklers again? Jem would done as much as much jaw's á middy at first trip. Hark'e, my lad, for 1. Off'I hauled him, and was devilish glad to hear take a spy about iye, while I tjogs into this ihbre, berth'; him grumble afore we got ball dovn. Jem mended fast; but, mind ye, don't hoist a sheet till thail yol again." but thof our surgeons made all tight again outside, why, Saying which, he relieved his cheek of á bálky quta,wnd, Jem's company was lost, and poor soul! he can't always making all clean by two wipes.of his jacket sleeve, enter- steerito the right point, you understand . Now, since ed the cottage, his hands on his haunches and blowly you're had a bit of explanation, Jem has com'd along eyeing first Margaret) then Narvey Grant, bid without with me, stands outside there, and will be with: ye in a addressing either. Turning again to Margarety and more twinkling." Saying which, he darted to the door, calling closely examining her features, he ejaculated, Ng! "Messmate! Jem! Hallo, my boy! Come along, my my eye --Be you mother Rouat ? ----éh! Dags: how hearty.”.?", changed you be ! Give us your fist, old woman, and you, o Margaret had no is caught some notion of her son's real too, my old hearty,” addressing Náncy, and sqacering a situation, and trembled to meet bim. · Robin returned hand of each in his own tough grapplers. Don't ge with his companion, tall and manly-featured, but with a know me? What, my old luss, you ha'n'u forgotten twho restless glance and half simpering smile. : I be?” coutinued he, in å tone of amlazement... Don't £4) Avast, Jemi !", exclaimed Robia to the poor fellow, ye remember Robin Blair, Jem's' polo! 1945 111

who followed him into the apartment, repeating over and “ Is't you, Robin ?", cried Margaret,

over the few words he had last spoken. ** Look round, ed by feelings to which the recognition gave riseo,man; don't you see poor old mother? Doff your cap, my

“ Dame, it's me l", said Robin, twitching up his lad; and give her your fist.”logie po lat braceless trowsersy with a toss of ithe head, and jerking He was unattended to by bim'he addressed, whose bend of the knees; then, assuming a rather ludicrousex glance continually flitted from one object to another. pression of seriousness, as he observed Margaret's distress, Robin, soinewhat perplexed, took him by the arm, and he added, “ Don't blubber '80, woman! I heared an led him towards Margaret; who had sat stunned and about the old chap, but it's no usg numping whatşqui: hiding her face in her hands. She looked up, as Robin, dever. It's all as the wind blows.ye know."1 stevie standing on tiptoe, in order to remove his hat, exposed to

Robin's blunt offers, of consolation wero unheeded view a scar over her son's right temple; then all the were scarcely heard. The whole soul of the mother was feeling of the mother broke forth.' wrapt in the success of one question which her’i tongner “My puir lang lost Jeemy! Is't this way you're come struggled to frame." At last it burst forth.“ $16:

47hame to meat last p" cried she, clasping bim to her breast, " Whar's Jeeny, man?" exclaimed she be an effort. ." While tears of maternal emotion flowed fast

..!! Why, hang it?"

4. Robin, slapping his thigh The unconscious son was bewildered by his situation; " and isn't that the very thing I com d about? Jan: his eyes, too, were moistened with tears, not of affection, as merry's a lark, and not far oik; only I had a mind as but of sympathy, at seeing another weep, for memory was how 'twould be best to speak ye first myself, for dem, waste,' and even the spring of filial tenderness seemed d'ye see_Jemi hashada-* Dup! poor Jem's upper dried up. works got damaged a bit in fighting the enemy; and so 2 Days, Jem!" exclaimed Robin, trying to rouse bim, but ye don't belike understand me, old woman?"" Don't ye remember poor old mother, man? Dry your

Margaret, unable to reply, signified her assent to his glims, my lad;" hastily pulling his handkerchief from his concluding words by a sad shake of the head.it -10o jacket, and applying it to his companion's eyes, while

“ Lookye,' said Robin, drawing a chaikcorpexwise brushing a tear from his own with the palm of his band. close in front of her, if you remember when Jemland I! " Jem, that's your mother, my hero !" called he, raising left home together, Jem had a huge notion to be a sailor his voice, and again trying to shake him into consciousness. Well, after trudging' along for svine 'hbutt, we came this Mother !" repeated Jeemy, as if a thought had

Tying off the harbour fashed across his darkness-it passed awayışı he retained but, afore stepping aboard,

the wordy but spoke with his usual vagueness.: 1" I'm for discoveries ; so off we steered, when, who should be captain now, mother ; 'lovkysee this, mother," disengaging about, but our marines, row-de-dowing fresh hands. Soon's himself abruptly from her embrace, and pointing out they see'd me, Sergeant Press coméd' alongside, and ax'd bit of blue silk ribbon tied through a loophole of his us to some grog. We couldn't refuse that, yo know, bút, jacketor is It's quite true; I'm captain now Isn't it true, says I to Jem softly be' bit by them here sharks.; "threy is but amplliberous wretched parent with a childish laugh! 14 Yes, yes, we're rascals

, half-and-half sort of fellows that a true sailor, bath captainsi Isn't it trues Robin Pm hardly speaks to. iidem tipped me a vínko as inuchas to 1 Kolay, to be sure we are, my messmate !” said Robin, say, “Robin, let me alone > I knows hobvito manage'en, pasting his hand over his eyes si" but don't mind that Howsomdever, the Sergeant stuck closeodem shipped now.ru You must look to poor old mother, you know,” too much grog, and so the big rogue made a marine tot di hat many out! #1964 Montaigne him.”

Margaret Rouat's Isorrdt was great. She could have Margaret listened, and marked Robin's contemptuous botsib any affliction but the wreck of reason in her son. expression of countenance, but was unable to compre. Time, howevery reconciled her to his melancholy state; hend.

and her affection for him rathor increased than abated. “ 'Bout five months ago," continued he, "we fell in Jemmy could do nothing for his otvn support. Margaret with a French privateer, hailed him,god no answer,' so did her best in this matter, and hev kind kinswoman to it we went. Our marines pattered away to little use, cheerfully joined her. Jemmy was well clothed and well but, dags! had ye only' seen beduisez out great shot fed, without any apparent diminution of their comfort, poured in like thunderbolts—the Irenehman was ours, by or increase of their labour. . Bạt the amount of MargaGeorge, in a couple of seconds. After a round or two, retsafflictions was not yet complete. Jem and I somehow got close to each other, doing our Jemmy was an innocent and a happy being, withoat best for our noble king and country. Jem just looked one thought or care to disturb his simple gaiety. His aside, to help a lazy lubber who'd got his arm blow'd off, eccentricities were altogether harmless. The chief of

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to the action of the public registers, as well as many


tention paid to her by Lady Macintosh. The name of this WEEKLY REGISTER OF CRITICISM AND BELLES LETTRES. 285 them was his love for the dress and duties of a soldier.

LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES OF The barracks of the district were but a short way from prolly

EDINBURGH. his home; and thither Jemmy repaired every moming) 09919,79600ni vidisq) dilini decked in as much stiffness and pipeelay puritypas if for 'i gruob 90s - SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES, a general review. Jemmy was rarely absent from paradot 1939 nibden) 201 Monday Evening, 25th April, 1831. his tall, straight figure, strutted backirard and forward grungen

DRG. A. Borthwick in the Chair. in front of the line, eyeing each man with the steri bri ill, *13 scrutiny of an inspecting officer. The men with show of Present, Drs Oarson, Keith, Moncreiff; Messrs Skene, deference ceded to himi bis assumed rank of captain o 1 and Sivright, Maidmetit, Dauney, Laing, Gregory , Captain erer when they met, made the formal sweep of the hand Knight RNo Se, &c. f. psd footweifagor ord to the cap, which Jemmy acknowledged with the careless Thert was presented to tlie Society, by Thomas Sivnod of a superior. When a party was ordered in pursuit rightl Esqı, a plaster cast of a very fine antique bronze of smugglers, for recruits or otherwise, Jemmy always bore statue in his possession, about 18 inches in height, and supit company. He was exact and orderly in all his deporte posed to represent a Gladiator, ment, and became a favourite with the soldiers 5-while

The secretary, drew the attention of the meeting to the their officers spoke a kind word to him as they passede: o prospectus of a valuable work about to be cominenced

Upon one occasion, a small escort swas, dispatched to of some distance with a deserter in charge 5 Jemmy attended of Coperniageti hately, the “ Bibliotheca Anglo-Saconia

,” which is to include a number of interesting Angloof course. The party, consisting only of a corporal and Saxon MSS. neper ypptiprinted1440 , ait, i three privates, with their prisonerna stout, sly.looking The secretary then proceeded to read a' curious, letter young 'Irishmanand Jemmy, started about noon of a from Sir Alexandar Hay, Clerk Register of Scotland, dated very hot daysEre they had proceeded four miles on their in the year 1614, and supposed to be addressed to John

of Lochmayen, refresh themselves, jocularly leaving the captain" to: King, on the subject of the discrepancies of the valuation guard the prisoner, and proud, indeed, was Jermy of the of hands in warious parts of Scotland. This is a subject of post assigned him. The soldiers caroused together for a great interest ide histórical point of view, and the remarks little, when the corporal bawled to the mistress of the housb of Sin Alexander Hay throw great light upon it. He atto carry a draught of beer to the two fellows,outsideaidla tributes the errors that had erept into the valuations, which obedience to this order, footsteps were in a few minutes he estimates in many cases as prejudicing the crown reveheard moving outwards to the dear, but they were sobat

five, , and hurriedly retraced, and the landlady re-enteneds private writs and title deeds, in the burning of Edinburgi, exclaiming that it's

** so that,hi gays he, 16 every man presuming that nathing “ The tither man's surely awa, sirs, there's naebody wes extant to control them, they retoured their landis at there but the daft captain !" 11.01.

pleassours and so kindervalued them as skaiøse they keiped “ The devil !--muster, lads !", hellowed the corporal, i the sixt pairt of the proportioun of their former retoures. as be sprung to his feet, seized his musket, and rushed to their parents talking of the great Landholders,

voi vita. I IT Jemmy was standing with his back towards bim, ataScottishe proverbe, to give him kaile off his owne peittis,

Majestei's predicessouris

, yit ar they loathe, according to our small distance, gazing over the fields, and giggling in and euerielote eryis kell to haif frome the crowne, bot very unrestrained admiration of the agility displayed by this fema willing to returne anything back to it.!! The dilate companion.

otjuj bai lapislation of the ancient crown revenues, both in Scotland “ Hallo you, captain! wvbero's Donnelly ?" roared the and England, is a subject on which a good deal of obscurity

still rests corporal. 116111 Hissit bio strong cover92749 44100

to remove this obscurity, by wait for us at the bent yonder,” answered Jemmy, unvono documents like that quoted above.

the collection and, presume, eventual publication of scious of aught being wrong, and pointing in the direction,

John Anderson, Esq., then proceeded to read some Anecthe fugitive had taken.

Esitdi ,nl, Udtds of the Highlanders, and of the Rebellion 1745.6. “ You have helped him off, then !" cried the corporal; Various causes have now conspired to lessen the interest and the next moment the sharp click of setting the lock which once attached to the romantic enterprise of Charles was heard, and the savage levelled his nausket. The pdori Edward,, but we listened, votwithstanding, with pleasure idiot shrunk from the pointed engine with an involuntary tainders-many of thiếh were entirely new io us. We do cry. The monster followed with his aim--he fired not recollect' to have Keard before, an affecting incident Jemmy gave one, bound, and fell back lifeless on the meritioned by: Mr Anderson, which occurred after what is earth.

"Ite! 10 tid commonly called the 4 Route of Moy,'' when Lord LouMargaret Rouat was preparing the evening meal, when dou'd' attempt to surprise the Prince, at Moyhall, was so rumours of the dreadful event reached the village, and signally defeated. The little girl who overheard some sol. were, by the thoughtless officiousness of some children, dhe sheads up frustrating it by running across the hills to abruptly communicated to heroi At first she doubteil,

Moyhall, and giving the inmates warning, died next day and with wild looks again and again questioned her

the effects of fatigue, notwithstanding the utmost atfrightened'informers. She knew Jemmy had gone to the place, and in company with the persons they mentioned little hetoine according to Mr Anderson, was Janet Macand the shocking tidings seemed but too probable. The bean.UTEN & 1 ), e long puor mother, pale, weak, and sick at heart, bent her tottering steps to the fatal spot, heedless of the crowds that

PJOBB um ORIGINAL POETRY: were thronging in the same direction. Sbe riveted her -91f010's of dem Bilities eyes on the disfigured countenance of her poor son the

STANZAS. blood curdled and clotted, but blacker and thicker, whence ir litt life had issued. She dropped senseless on the corpse. Prosil Yes! thou wert beauteous as the summer flushes vidence in mercy thus dulled hier sense of suffering and it Of rosebud, smiling o'er its perfumed bed, when Margaret awoke, it was as from a long and weary When the fresh sun's full tide of radiance gushes dream. Those around, by whose charitable attentious In beams of bright luxuriance on its head : she had recovered, proffered farther kindness in assisting Yes t thou art beauteous as the silvery glancing her home. But Margaret was not unconscious of kind That shopts along the murmuring midnight sea, ness, and rudely shaking them off, she with frantic gesa. When on its breast the moon's sweet beams are dancing tures quickly moved forward alone.

In shadowy light, and melancholy glee;



With the ex.



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Me D. Murray played TSWISS air, with variations de violin,

srncastle's pers showed

works of this authuat ciety in Moscow and St Petersburg-Polish and Russian country the eventertainment is. Mathes Coppie appalt the so

Or like the full-blown cistus, fragile flower,

still we had no idea that it would have been the cause of such an That buds, expands, and withers in an hour!

ominous display of empty benches. The instrumental portion of The aged smiled when thy sweet face was


the concert was very judiciously chosen; bat we cannot say quite rych for the

The Queen of Withi sobe what the very lether cay 1

ang one of

opmok executed in an The young drank sweetest poison from thine eye, extremely spirited and effective manner. Mozart's “Japiter," And shining ringlets, in their 'tranced gaze;

was played in a way that altogether surprised us. And when the thrilling music of thy tongue,

Aception of a slight wavering of the band which occurred in the In soft Æolian numbers, to the ear

beginning of the second Part, it did the Society infinite eredit. Bore the full dos primeladpakoogi 18 ana vapaaehtoisten done zosfora proposta piept, in his over.

composed for this occasion, showed considerable knowledge Till the sweet notes hush'd nature seem'd to hear of orchestral composition, but it wanted originality. The finest Through all her scenes of mountain, grove, and river

parts of the introduction were entirely

. Who heard those tones, wish'it-they might-linger ever?"

very beautifully. A larghetto and variations upon a Tyrolean But now the gazer scarce a sigh suppresses, ! ,cylir ihn ickbnpdeed for the pianoforte by Hammel, were executed with At the changed features of thy loveliness,

great taste and delicacy by Mr J, M. Müller. We particularly As thou approachest with thine auburn tresses,

admired the simple and unaffected style in which Miss Turpin Shading a brow, whose smile was form’d'to bless :

considerable tasté m

Oh give bat For now a purer whito deeper ted! 17"!!!(' or Adown thy cheek in fev'rish beauty plays,'

my Arab Steed." We saw demonstrations that the manufacture of

lats, 100u trimite And the fresh smile of buoyant health is tied," yun!

ily 'lusyunal nogVI That dwelt upon thy lips'in other days last

the hardy banda song 4** That cherub smile, which chased away all gloom,

03.1, WWWK'seruped the strings with strenuous hand, Seem'd of celestial birth, and deathless Bloom!

wie escaped much of the infliction. The band was led'in an ad

mirable manner by Mr Finlay Dun; assisted by Mt James 'Dewar. Yes, thou art sadly changed. Yet, can it be 011 1970)

Altogether, we consider this concertone of the best we have had And the chill grave close over such as there's a waib :I

come before the public, they will meet, with, something like en.

couragement, for shame to the people of Edinburgh, be it men. And yield thee all to darkness and the worna.Pudla tioned the whole audience consisted of exactly sixty persons. 'Tis but thy spirit that essays to rise in dhiliw ws.la GLASGOW.Dhe evening meetings of the Anderson and Univer.

From this world's cares and troubles, far above, toonsity have been very agreeable on the list besar, after coffee, To hold sweet communings, beyond the skies, tigrastemo sereral specimens of amnonites from the Himalek mountains With şinless beings worthy of its love, os 41963 luni

were exhibited, these occasionally fall from the gegion of perpe. Then should we grieve, when to thy soul 'tis given 110- veneration, and preserved with such care that it is only very

tual snow, and are worshipped by the natives with superstitious To quit its sojourn heremp-for bliss in heaven?, czuiot jately that any of them have found their way to Europe. There

blow oul S. X. !" was also exhibited a remarkably perfect Kornati abil, iately dng del sumi pin the ruins of the wall of Antoning 3. Mr Sniltlf of Thrdanhill

then read a paper,pppp,the effects)of tha delugelilintatated by LITERARY CHIT-CHAT AND VARIETIES. 1

numerous specimens of tusks and bourse of the mammotle, and in Phn 10 blu

other extinet animals, and pointed out the diluvial phepopnena as A History of Poland, including a natrating of the recent trans ekhibited'in tlie' ébttnity round Glasgow it was announced, that actions in that country, is announced. It is said, to be from the on Monday the 25th; "Mr Ross' would read'a paper on education, pen of a distinguished Polish nobleman.

lista wi and Abat Dt Spoulder would describe a remarkabluriki Prustace Captain Marryat, author of “ The King's Own," has a new ous animal, of which the specimen in the museum to the only novel in the press, entitled, “ Newton Forster; or, The Merchant one hitherto discovered, Mr Atkinson;into tome won awreeding Service."

evening, an Essay on the present state of the Law of Literary The fifth and sixth parts of Booth’s

Analyticul Dictionary of the Property. English Language are nearly ready,

Theatrical Gaskip

. Aplanidhés

seventeen dramatic production The “Silent Member," of Blackwood's Magazine, has published The Legion of Honour, an 'adaptation from the French has been A Letter to the King." The Life of Sir Thomas Lawrence,

, which is just proceeding ing's amusements at this thentge cousisted exclusively of the from the press, is the work of Mr D. E. Williams, to whom, with

drama we have just nained, Charles the consent of the friends and family of the deceased, Mr Thomas the Twelfth, and the Campbell transferred the private papots of Sir Thomas Lawrence, Don'r, de Trueba, has

hoe om te gaangebyrin, tre acts, by

Green Room at Coventwhen other literary engagements prevented Me Campbell's prou | Garden, and may be expected to appear soon.-Their Siajesties ceeding with the biography, according to his original design. ! have visited tho Italian Operaz-he entertainments were_“La In the press, Ivan Vejeeghen, or Life in

have commenced their season at die AdelphiaThe Best part of -- and

two humouristfombined actors and actresses-shells and tricks of the Moscow gamblore theit forces, but the plece did not succeed, and has since been sketches of the Russian, barcharacters of the sudge & Che withdrawal various reasons

are heen'assigned for the il success first st Petersburg edition was sold within three weeks after, its of this divinion, of which åtslutter kupitiyede eklene nått plan. publication, and it has already been translated into the French and sihle.--In Glasgow, Alexander ikraftting his thonate to enlar. The NewS MONTHLY MAGAZINE. We are utefiorired to state controverene

Seymoun, dao, dong, as, Paugelyf watching Autoppins with

we are informed by Athlon - The that it was at the express desire of the proprietors, that Mi benefits 'arë kommending here and have, bt yourse a stop to Campbell seceded from the editorship of “ the New Monthly our eritieisin during their continuance. Kean visit us after the Magazine.” The chief contributors to that work are as firmly lat. preachingsa, id el kiind ithin 1946 tached to it as ever, and to their exertions are pow added those. : Wekker' LIST 6 pétroraadis. Among the former may be named

robovill i

Ik »17 APRIL 23_-29, Horace Smith, Mrs Hemans, Allan Cunningham, Carné, Leigh Hunt, the author of "Richelieu," and " Darnley;". Mise* Lan. Sar: ! Musantello, Three Weeks dfter starridge,"Ni Tomkins, don, the author of " Panl Pry," Barry Cornwall, &c.; and in 19 $ The Tableauxır: 7 editoru


Roy, The Tablegur, $ Higher and Atacaye. of those who have lately given their literary support to the Magas Tues. Cinderella, The Tabletus Perfection zine, the following are the most noted: Theodore Hook, A. Lytton Wenst Rontt's pl, Puppine dhe pikation, frohn of Paris. Bulwer, Galt, the Hon. Mrs Norton, the author of " Granby Tours. The Way to Keep Hin, Concerts i Thakuaker, Mrs Charles Gore, Cooper, author of "The Spy," "The Pilot,

Fer Cinderelta, Tableau... 411* re** &c. and others whose names have not transpired. Several of the oldest and most valued contributors who had left the work, have få vet, i* » Bylist TOP OORRESPONDENTS. returned under the new arrangement. Il estoy box OK Wa liave mislaid tlte uddress opG. R. M.," but will forward to

PROFESSIONAL Society's CONCERT.-The members of this Society him the Numbers of the Journal he wishes, as soon as he sends ns gare a morning concert on Friday last, in the large Assembly it.-"H." is under consideration ---Lines " On a Shot Thrush" Room, The day was badly chosen for a morning concert, but wont do.

of the state of so-

In a

of several new writers.

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, we felt somewhat afraid lest our good townsmen should insist upon taking the horses from the phaeton, and

drawing us out of town, but luckily they did not recog" Depend upon it, the change of place and pursuits, nise us, and we were allowed to pass in quiet. the free breezes of our hills, will breathe a new soul into Once fairly out of town, we mended our speed, and you after your winter's labours. The Journal will be the carriage bowled along over the smooth road. Blessten per cent the better of it."

ings on thee, Macadam! How invaluable has thy disThis last argument was irresistible ; and, as we had covery proved to the erewhile travel-bumped wight! made up our mind beforehand to yield to our friend's How invaluable to glaziers, as the late experience of urgency-were merely coquetting with him, like a lady Edinburgh can testify! There is an inexpressibly soothidelaying the rosy, glowing yes, or an angler pausing to ing charın in the noiseless, motionless, rapid change of enjoy (the bumane brute !) the convulsive tugging of the place which we experience in a well-hung vehicle on a finny captive of his skill-we agreed to get our fishiny- smooth road. *». It brings on a state of dreamy voluptuous tackle in order, and be off next morning to Clovenford. contemplation. We receive the impressions of the beau

We were accordingly stirring by daybreak. Alfred tiful scenery through which we are passing, listen to the was with us by four, and, ere the coffee was filled out, songs of birds and milkmaids, and look at man and his or the cigars lighted, the Lounger came sidling into the doings; but we cannot talk. We never met with any room with his noiseless footfall. The partaking of the person who could talk in a coach but one lady, who on said coffee and cigars, previous to setting out upon an entering, begged that we might not deem it rude in her early drive, is one of the German luxuries which Alfred if she declined conversation, for she bad a very severe imported from the University of Göttingen, and a pre-cold, and was quite unable to speak. Without exaggeracaution against the effects of the raw morning air upon tion, her tongue never lay still from that blessed moment an empty stomach which we recommend to the serious till we reached the end of our journey-a tritle of some attention of all true believers. This pleasing duty over, fifty miles. we bundled ourselves_rods, fishing-creels, and all-into There being no Jady in our party, we rolled on in the phaeton, which John had brought to the door. Alfred silence, up the Esk and down the Gala, until we arrived assumed the seat beside John, while the two seniors de- at the Hanging Shaws, an ugly and ominous name. We posited themselves behind. It is true that we are all were each indulging in a separate reverie. But here the tolerable whips, but before breakfast the exertion is too sun overcame the clouds, and looked smilingly down much. Each man, wrapping himself close in his great- upon us. Alfred muttered a question, imperfectly heard, coat, rolled his cigar round in his mouth, and, puffing out respecting the breakfast arrangements at Torsonce, and a huge volume of smoke, threw himself back into a the Lounger stretched himself across our portly personage, corner. John shook the whip over the horses, and away to see what condition the water was in. It was of a we went.

beautiful brown-the hue of the darkest cairngorm. It was a grey sort of a morning, rather dull and The sun was flashing on the ripples which a light breeze lowering, and evidently as uncertain as a civic dignitary brought at times over its surface. Huge distended clouds, what it ought to make of itself. It was all the same to hovering a short way above the hills, promised a frequent

The borses darted onward, and walls, houses, pla- interchange of sun and shade. We had to lay violent cards, and sign-boards, few away behind us. It is a hands upon our friend, for, in his eagerness, he had beastly practice of the bill-stickers of Modern Athens to grasped rod and creel, and was on the eve of springing clap one placard awkwardly and unevenly upon the top from the vehicle. of another, leaving part of the old to appear above the *** The'spring is come at last," said we, with a view to

It produces permanent cross-readings far before check his impetuosity, by changing the current of his those of the newspapers. Thus, we saw on one corner thoughts. “Much though we admire the leafy luxuriance --" The Political Union-For Sale ;" on another. The of England, there is a more heartfelt charm to us in the Lord Advocate- Is Open every lawful day from ten till evidence of reviving vegetation, which we trace among dosk;" on a third_" The Cheapest - Reform Bill;” our treeless hills and glens, what time the "pale prim

beneath of the Temperance Society.” We have sometimes been the shelter of some long tuft of grass, withered and inclined to suspect that the sly rogues were aware of the bleached by the rain and blasts of winter.

Have you no strange medleys they thus got up.

new song akin to the spirit of the season ?" As we passed the Tron Church, the hard-handed sons “I have a new one by your old friend, Alexander of labour were congregating-indulging in half-an-hour's Maclaggan ;. but your Gruffness is such an enemy to saunter, and a “ blast o' their cutties," before proceeding love lays." to renew their monotonous employments. Some of them “ We have been thawed by the genial influence of the were fine high-spirited, free-glancing young fellows, season, and could, like our great prototype, Hercules, while others were evidently members of that sect which y tumble down upon our Nemean hide.' Sing." directs its disciples to testify their aversior: to Mahom. And, accordingly, he began to chant, with his fine medanism, by performing their ablutions only once a mellow voice, the words of our young songster, which



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