The Floricultural Cabinet, and Florists Magazine, 第 19 卷

Whitaker & Company, 1851

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第2页 - Tis Flora's page: — In every place, In every season, fresh and fair, It opens with perennial grace, And blossoms everywhere. On waste and woodland, rock and plain, Its humble buds unheeded rise; The Rose has but a summer reign, — The Daisy never dies.
第188页 - Not a tree, A plant, a leaf, a blossom, but contains A folio volume. We may read, and read, And read again, and still find something new, Something to please, and something to instruct, E'en in the noisome weed.
第3页 - A wisdom fitted to the needs Of hearts at leisure. When, smitten by the morning ray, I see thee rise alert and gay, Then, cheerful flower ! my spirits play With kindred gladness ; And when, at dusk, by dews opprest Thou sink'st, the image of thy rest Hath often eased my pensive breast Of careful sadness.
第127页 - A work much called for by the progress which has been made during the last few years in this interesting science.
第3页 - Some memory that had taken flight; Some chime of fancy wrong or right; Or stray invention. If stately passions in me burn, And one chance look to Thee should turn. I drink out of an humbler urn A lowlier pleasure; The homely sympathy that heeds The common life our nature breeds; A wisdom fitted to the needs Of hearts at leisure.
第187页 - ... direct how his horse is to be made use of; but, beyond the fact of whether speed or stoutness be the animal's forte, the rider is by far the most competent judge, being guided by circumstances which cannot be preconceived before the race begins. That there are very few men who excel in this calling is not to be wondered at, when it is taken into consideration how many attributes are essential. To begin with, a man's stature must be small, and yet muscular ; he must be good-tempered and patient...
第208页 - Solomon seemed perplexed ; yet to be vanquished, though in a trifle, by a trifling woman, irritated his pride. The son of David, he who had written treatises on the vegetable productions "from the cedar to the hyssop...
第2页 - THERE is a flower, a little flower, With silver crest and golden eye, That welcomes every changing hour, And weathers every sky. The prouder beauties of the field In gay but quick succession shine, Race after race their honours yield, They flourish and decline. But this small flower, to Nature dear, While moons and stars their courses run, Wreathes the whole circle of the year, Companion of the Sun.
第226页 - ... of dryness are kept up in the interior, or a degree of saturation not exceeding 528. To this in a clear night we may add at least 6° for the effects of radiation, to which the glass is particularly exposed, which would reduce the saturation to 434°, and this is a degree of drought which must be nearly destructive. It will be allowed that the case which I have selected is by no means extreme, and it is one which is liable to occur even in the summer months. Now by an external covering of mats,...
第29页 - Druidical which they lived, had made no contemptible ™ a s ic ? ni1 proficiency in feveral parts of real and ufeful learning; it cannot be denied that they were alfo great pretenders to fuperior knowledge in certain vain fallacious fciences, by which they excited the admiration, and took advantage of the ignorance and credulity of mankind. Thefe were the fciences (if they may be fo called) of magic and divination; by which they pretended to work a...