Report of the Proceedings ... [of The] Triennial Reunion ..., 第 1-3 卷

G.W. Carleton & Company, 1869


讀者評論 - 撰寫評論





第 86 頁 - I'll speak a little. [He holds VOLUMNIA by the hand, silent. Cor. O mother, mother ! What have you done ? Behold ! the heavens do ope, The gods look down, and this unnatural scene They laugh at. O my mother ! mother ! O ! You have won a happy victory to Rome ; But, for your son, — believe it, O ! believe it, — Most dangerously you have with him prevail'd, If not most mortal to him.
第 34 頁 - Their van will be upon us Before the bridge goes down; And if they once may win the bridge, What hope to save the town ! " Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the Gate : "To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late; And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds For the ashes of his fathers And the temples of his Gods...
第 45 頁 - States, and that a similar copy be sent to the President of the United States Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Approved Eeby 21st. 1901. HOUSE JOINT MEMORIAL NO. 3. To the Honorable the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States...
第 41 頁 - tis bound, While for his altar and his hearth, While for the land that gave him birth, The war-drums roll, the trumpets sound, How sacred is it then ! Whenever for the truth and right It flashes in the van of fight ; Whether in some wild mountain pass, As that where fell Leonidas ; Or on some sterile plain and stern, A Marston...
第 34 頁 - It has been my fortune to see the armies of both the West and the East fight battles, and from what I have seen I know there is no difference in their fighting qualities. All that it was possible for men to do in battle they have done.
第 29 頁 - Their spirits wrap the dusky mountain, Their memory sparkles o'er the fountain ; The meanest rill, the mightiest river, Rolls mingling with their fame forever.
第 36 頁 - ... consists, not in generous hearts — " Fire in each breast, and freedom on each brow" — in national virtues, and primitive simplicity, and heroic endurance, and preference of duty to life ; — not in MEN, but in silk, and cotton, and something that they call " capital." Peace is blessed. Peace, arising out of charity. But peace, springing out of the calculations of selfishness, is not blessed. If the price to be paid for peace is this, that wealth accumulate and men decay, better far that...
第 35 頁 - ... victories, removed all sectional jealousies (of which we have unfortunately experienced too much), and the cause of crimination and recrimination that might have followed had either section failed in its duty. All have a proud record, and all sections can well congratulate themselves and each other for having done their full share in restoring the supremacy of law over every foot of territory belonging to the United States. Let them hope for perpetual peace and harmony with that enemy, whose...
第 43 頁 - The scheme of the heavenly powers; And high brave thoughts float down to us, The echoes of that far fight, Like the flash of a distant picket's gun Through the shades of the severing night. No fear for them! In our lower field Let us keep our arms unstained, That at last we be worthy to stand with them On the shining heights they've gained. We shall meet and greet in closing ranks In Time's- declining sun, When the bugles of God shall sound recall And the battle of life be won.
第 36 頁 - And it is worse than death, aye, worse than a hundred thousand deaths, when a people has gravitated down into the creed that the