The History of Matthew Wald

W. Blackwood, 1824 - 382 頁




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第 374 頁 - The blackbird amid leafy trees, The lark above the hill, Let loose their carols when they please, Are quiet when they will. ' With Nature never do they wage A foolish strife ; they see A happy youth, and their old age Is beautiful and free : ' But we are press'd by heavy laws ; And often, glad no more, We wear a face of joy, because We have been glad of yore.
第 374 頁 - The blackbird in the summer trees, The lark upon the hill, Let loose their carols when they please, Are quiet when they will. With nature never do they wage A foolish strife ; they see A happy youth, and their old age Is beautiful and free...
第 211 頁 - The man was lying all his length on the floor ; his throat absolutely severed to the spine. The whole blood of the body had run out. The table, with a pewter pot or two, and a bottle upon it, stood close beside him, and two chairs, one half-tumbled down and supported against the other. I rushed instantly out of the house, and cried out, in a tone that brought the whole neighbourhood about me. They entered the house — Jean had disappeared — there was nothing in it but the corpse and the blood,...
第 216 頁 - He added, plucking a pocket-book from his bosom, ' there, friends, is Andrew Bell's siller — ye'll find the haill o't there, an be not three half-crowns and a sixpence. Seven-and-thirty pounds was the sum for which I yielded up my soul to the temptation of the Prince of the Power of the Air — Seven-and-thirty pounds ! Ah ! my brethren ! call me not an olive, until thou see me gathered. I thought that I stood fast, and behold ye all how I am fallen !' " I saw this singular fanatic tried.
第 218 頁 - Indeed he always continued to speak quite gravely of his ' trespass,' his ' backsliding,' his ' sore temptation !' I was present also with him during the final scene. His irons had been knocked off ere I entered the cell; and clothed as he was in a most respectable suit of black, and with that fixed and imperturbable solemnity of air and aspect, upon my conscience, I think it would have been a difficult matter for any stranger to pick out the murderer among the group of clergymen that surrounded...
第 24 頁 - No," the old woman replied, hastily and peremptorily. "It ain't anything." When Lois went into the house, her mother gave her a curious look of stern defiance and anxiety. She saw that her eyes were red, as if she had been crying, but she said nothing, and went about getting tea. After tea the minister and his wife called. Green River was a conservative little New England village; it had always been the custom there when the minister called to invite him to offer a prayer. Mrs. Field felt it incumbent...
第 218 頁 - Never was such a specimen of that insane pride. The very agony of this man's humiliation had a spice of holy exultation in it ; there was in the most penitent of his lugubrious glances still something that said, or seemed to say — " Abuse me — spurn me as you will — I loathe myself also ; but this deed is Satan's.
第 210 頁 - M'Ewan condescended, on rare occasions, to set forth as the representative of laughter. The old woman told me that the goodman had a friend from the country with him — a farmer, who had come from a distance to sell ewes at the market. Jean, indeed, seemed to take some pride in the acquaintance, enlarging upon the great substance and respectability of the stranger. I was chatting away with her, when we heard some noise from the spence, as if a table or chair had fallen — but we thought nothing...
第 217 頁 - Judge, in addressing him, enlarged upon the horror of his guilt, he, standing right before the bench, kept his eye fixed with calm earnestness on his Lordship's face, assenting now and then to the propriety of what he said, by exactly that sort of see-saw gesture which you may have seen escape now and then from the devout listener to a pathetic sermon or sacramental service. John, in a short speech of his own, expressed his sense of his guilt ; but even then he borrowed the language of Scripture,...
第 208 頁 - I should say, croon'd together, before they went to bed. Tune there was almost none ; but the low, articulate, quiet chaunt, had something so impressive and solemnizing about it, that I missed not melody. John himself was a hard-working man, and, like most of his trade, had acquired a stooping attitude, and a dark saffron hue of complexion. His close-cut greasy hair suited admirably a set of strong, massive, iron features.