The Papal Conclaves, as They Were and as They are

Chapman and Hall, 1876 - 434 頁


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第 19 頁 - College ") of cardinals forming the Council of the Pope, and electing the Pope from their own number. This did not become a stabilized regulation till after the third Lateran Council (1173), since when the College of Cardinals has consisted of six cardinal bishops, fifty cardinal priests, and fourteen cardinal deacons. The cardinals' " Red hat " was made part of the official vestments by Innocent IV (1245) " in token of their being ready to lay down their life for the gospel.
第 326 頁 - Olympia established herself in the Vatican as its mistress ! No step of domestic government or foreign policy decided on, no grace, favour, or promotion accorded, no punishment inflicted, was the pontiff's own work. His invaluable sister-in-law did all. He was absolutely a puppet in her hands. The keys of S. Peter were strung to her girdle; and the only function in which she probably never interfered, was blessing the people.
第 421 頁 - Christum Dominum qui me judicaturus est me eligere quern secundum Deum judico eligi deberé et quod idem in accessu prœstabo...
第 50 頁 - ... our stories are usually separated from their divine ancestors by two or three generations'. Whatever may be the explanation of this phenomenon it is doubtless to be connected with the stories of conjugal relations between human and divine beings which we find both in Greece and in northern Europe. This is a subject to which we shall have to return in a later chapter. Above all, however, we have to take account of the influence of folk-tales...
第 34 頁 - God, of the holy apostles, Peter and Paul, and by our own, we...
第 179 頁 - The inclusion of this epistle without any comment is not creditable to the perspicacity of the editor, and on the principle of setting a thief to catch a thief...
第 421 頁 - I call to witness Christ our Lord, who shall be my judge, that I am electing him who before God I think ought to bo elected.
第 15 頁 - Bingham notices the opinion of Bellarmine, that the word was first applied to certain principal churches, and remarks, that others have supposed that those among the priests in populous cities, who were chosen from among the rest to be a council for the bishop, were first called cardinals. And he cites Stillingfleet, who writes, in his "Irenicon
第 15 頁 - ... of Christians as there was then. In the life of Marcellus, about forty years after Dionysius, we read of twenty-five titles in the church of Rome; of which number, what use is made for interpreting the number 666! may be seen in Mr. Potter's ingenious tract on that subject. But when afterwards these titles were much increased, those presbyters that were placed in the ancient titles which were the chief among them, were called cardinales presbyteri,1 which were then looked on as chief of the clergy,...
第 222 頁 - As soon as he had come in measures of precaution were, however, taken for everything, and no one entered more but a few prelates, who came to kiss the feet of his Holiness. All that night long one slept but badly from the sound and noise made by those who were removing their goods out of the Conclave. Next morning, Wednesday, the 10th, the Pope and cardinals entered the chapel an hour before day, according to the regulations ; and mass having been read by the...