Romantic Border Crossings

Routledge, 2016年4月8日 - 240 頁
Romantic Border Crossings participates in the important movement towards 'otherness' in Romanticism, by uncovering the intellectual and disciplinary anxieties that surround comparative studies of British, American, and European literature and culture. As this diverse group of essays demonstrates, we can now speak of a global Romanticism that encompasses emerging critical categories such as Romantic pedagogy, transatlantic studies, and transnationalism, with the result that 'new' works by writers marginalized by class, gender, race, or geography are invited into the canon at the same time that fresh readings of traditional texts emerge. Exemplifying these developments, the authors and topics examined include Elizabeth Inchbald, Lord Byron, Gérard de Nerval, English Jacobinism, Goethe, the Gothic, Orientalism, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Anglo-American conflicts, manifest destiny, and teaching romanticism. The collection constitutes a powerful rethinking of the divisions that continue to haunt Romantic studies.


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General Editors Preface
Elsewhere on Stage
The Bounded Body and Embodied
Byron Under the Black Flag
Transgressions of Gender and Generation in the Families
Loss and Mourning in Gottfried August
The Poetry of Early Psychiatrists 17901830
Crossing the Borders of Genre in Romantics Scholarship and
Crossing Race and Ethnicity
Dickinsons Dying in Drama

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關於作者 (2016)

Jeffrey Cass, Larry Peer