Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1937
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.


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With this being an election year, I'm drawn more than usual to history and events that shaped our nation. Having read this, I'm interested to read other farewell addresses. 閱讀評論全文

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I'm reviewing the short story of 'The Valley of the Worm' and not a collection by that name. Howard presents another of his reincarnation tales, this time his main character recalls a previous life ... 閱讀評論全文

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第 48 頁 - I thank God, there are no free schools nor printing, and I hope we shall not have these hundred years. For learning has brought disobedience and heresy, and sects into the world, and printing has divulged them, and libels against the best government. God keep us from both"!
第 41 頁 - ... and strong. The means of stopping these heavy carriages without a great shock, and of preventing them from running upon each other (for there would be many on the road at once) would be very difficult.
第 46 頁 - Yesterday week my iron boat was launched. It answers all my expectations, and has convinced the unbelievers who were 999 in a thousand. It will be only a nine days...
第 186 頁 - L = the distance between the first and last axles of a vehicle or combination of vehicles, in feet. "A value of 700 is recommended for 'c' as the lowest which should be imposed, but this should not be construed as inhibiting greater values.
第 117 頁 - ... pencil ; so that the observer, by the traces of the pencil on the paper, might certainly conclude, what winds had blown in his absence for twelve hours
第 46 頁 - As I had occasion to pass daily to and from the buildingyard, while my boat was in progress, I have often loitered unknown near the idle groups of strangers, gathering in little circles, and heard various inquiries as to the object of this new vehicle. The language was uniformly that of scorn, or sneer, or ridicule.
第 46 頁 - The language was uniformly that of scorn, or sneer, or ridicule. The loud laugh often rose at my expense; the dry jest; the wise calculation of losses and expenditures ; the dull but endless repetition of the Fulton Folly.
第 42 頁 - Twenty miles an hour, sir — why you will not be able to keep an apprentice boy at his work! Every Saturday evening he must have a trip to Ohio to spend a Sunday with his sweetheart. Grave plodding citizens will be flying about like comets.
第 50 頁 - System has at all times suppressed competition in wire telephony or telegraphy through patents. It has always withheld licenses to competitors in wire telephony and telegraphy under its telephone and telephonic appliance patents, and this exclusion is extended to patents covering any type of construction. Moreover the Bell System has added to its ... patents any patent that might be of value to its competitors. This policy resulted in the acquisition of a large number of patents covering alternative...
第 47 頁 - The demonstration that no possible combination of known substances, known forms of machinery, and known forms of force can be united in a practicable machine by which men shall fly long distances through the air, seems to the writer as complete as it is possible for the demonstration of any physical fact to be.