Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science

The volume for 1886 is a report of the proceedings of the "Conference on temperance legislation, London, 1886."

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第 54 頁 - He that wandereth out of the way of understanding, shall remain in the congregation of the dead,
第 112 頁 - In pursuance of this policy, the laws of the United States do not forbid their citizens to sell to either of the belligerent powers, articles contraband of war, or to take munitions of war, or soldiers, on board their private ships for transportation ; and although, in so doing, the individual citizen exposes his property, or person, to some of the hazards of war, his acts do not involve any breach of national neutrality, nor of themselves implicate the Government.
第 114 頁 - ... take munitions of war or soldiers on board their private ships for transportation; and although in so doing the individual citizen exposes his property or person to some of the hazards of war, his acts do not involve any breach of national neutrality nor of themselves implicate the Government. Thus, during the progress of the present war in Europe, our citizens have, without national responsibility therefor, sold gunpowder and arms to all buyers, regardless of the destination of those articles....
第 132 頁 - Majesty shall judge capable of being converted into or made useful in increasing the quantity of military or naval stores, provisions, or any sort of victual which may be used as food by man ; and if any goods...
第 106 頁 - Reason and usage have established that when two nations go to war, those who choose to live in peace retain their natural right to pursue their agriculture, manufactures, and other ordinary vocations, to carry the produce of their industry for exchange to all nations, belligerent or neutral, as usual, to go and come freely without injury or molestation, and, in short, that the war among others shall be for them as if it did not exist.
第 115 頁 - ... consciousness of a good cause. She was therefore led to expect that the neutrality of Great Britain, her former ally against Napoleonic aggression, however strict in form, would at least be benevolent in spirit to Germany, for it is impossible for the human mind not to side with one or the other party in a conflict like the present one. What is the use of being right or wrong in the eyes of the world if the public remains insensible to the merits of a cause? Those who deny the necessity of such...
第 554 頁 - A husband shall not, by reason of any marriage which shall take place after this Act has come into operation, be liable for the debts of his wife contracted before marriage, but the wife shall be liable to be sued for, and any property belonging to her for her separate use shall be liable to satisfy, such debts as if she had continued unmarried.
第 288 頁 - Aryan must be yet abundant among the millions, and may be developed. But for this you want great changes in your laws. It is the first duty of a state to attend to the frame and health of the subject. The Spartans understood this. They permitted no marriage the probable consequences of which might be a feeble progeny; they even took measures to secure a vigorous one. The Romans doomed the deformed to immediate destruction. The union of the races concerns the welfare of the commonwealth...
第 241 頁 - Charta and divers other wholesome laws as prejudicial to and against the common utility ; nevertheless this publick mischief has of late greatly increased by many large and improvident alienations or dispositions made by languishing or dying persons or by other persons to uses called charitable uses to take place after their deaths to the disherison of their lawful heirs.
第 553 頁 - A married woman may maintain an action in her own name for the recovery of any wages, earnings, money, and property by this Act declared to be her separate property, or of any property belonging to her before marriage, and which her husband shall, by writing under his hand, have agreed with her shall belong to her after marriage as her separate property...