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Barrels. Channel been accomplished by a youth Goodwin and Co.

60,307 not yet in his twenty-second year. During Elliot and Co.

55,163 Mr Sadler's stay at Holyhead, he went to Taylor and Co.

42,920 visit the new pier which is building there ; Golden Lane Brewery, 25,756 and, seeing the diving-bell, was,

at his Hollingsworth,

7,629 pressing request, let down in it to a depth 21.-Golfing.--On Saturday, the silver of several fathoms, where he remained unclub, given by the city of Edinburgh to the der water a considerable time. Honourable Company of Golfers, was play Granı Nuval Entertainment.---This ed for on Leith Links, and gained by Wal- day Captain Forrest, of the Ister frigate, ter Cook, Esq. writer to the signet, the pre- entertained nearly 300 ladies and gentlesent holder of the gold medal.

men of the first fashion on board that Singular Discovery. A curious circum- ship in Leith Roads. The entertainment stance took place at Shadwell-Oífice on Sa- consisted of a déjeuné on the quarter deck, turday. Sarah Ann Brown, alias William where ices of every description, and the Brown, was charged with an assault, and, finest fruits, pine-apples, grapes, cakes, during the exanination, (being dressed in noyeau, and other liqueurs, orgeat, lemonsailor's clothes,) confessed she was a wo- ade, &c. were in the greatest profusion. man, and had served 14 years in the royal The gun-deck was fitted up as a diningnavy, in the Queen Charlotte, had a pen room, and the table splendidly ornamented sion, and had but lately returned from a with naval and military trophies, festoons voyage to the West Indies. She is a na of flowers, &c. At five o'clock the comtive of New York, and said nothing would pany sat down to an elegant hot dinner have induced her to discover her sex but and desert, during which the choicest wines the unpleasant situation in which she was flowed liberally. After dinner, the complaced. After making satisfaction, she was pany went to the ball-room, where country discharged.

dances and waltzes were kept up with great 23.- Fire-Damp Explosion.—On Mon- spirit, during which the company were enday night last, a partial explosion took tertained with all kinds of ices and fruits place in Sheriff-Hill colliery at Newcastle, till two o'clock, when they returned to the by which John Tempest, one of the hew- gun-deck to supper, which was served up ers, was so dreadfully burnt, that he died in the same elegant style. After which the the following day. The accident was ow- dancing recommenced, and did not leave off ing solely to the obstinacy of the deceased, till five o'clock on Friday morning, Gow's who would persist in going into a part of band and the ship’s band played alternatethe mine with a lighted candle, against the ly; and the band of the sixth dragoon express orders of the overman. He has left guards was stationed on the beach when the a widow and three children.

company came off. Diving-Bell.--On the 19th, as three men, 27.-- Inverness. The excise-officers of employed on the new works carrying on at this district, having had information that a Sheerness dock-yard, were descending in considerable quantity of smuggled salt was the diving-bell, some accident occurred, to be conveyed from the west coast, set out and the signal to be drawn up not being with a party on the 31st, with the view of understood by the person above, two out of intercepting it. At the west end of the the three were unfortunately drowned; the wood of Spittal, Ross-shire, they fell in one who was saved made his escape from with five men driving four horses laden under the bell, which the others were un with salt, which they seized without much able to effect. As soon as recovered, the opposition. In a short time thereafter, bodies were taken to the surgery, and three other parties of smugglers successively means used to restore animation, but, un came up, and the horses and salt they happily, without effect.

escorted were seized, making in all twenty 24.-Mr Sadler's Balloon.—('rossing St horses, with a bag of salt each.

In the George's Channel.--Mr Sadler, junior, as resistance made by one party of the smugcended from the Cavalry Barrack, near glers, one of their number was severely, Dublin, on the 224 inst. as forty minutes wounded by the officers' swords; one of past one P. M., and landed at about a mile the horses was killed by the same means ; and a half from Holyhead, at half-past se the others were sold at Inverness, next day, ven P. M., having crossed the Irish Chan- by public auction. nel in about six hours. Mr Sadler effected Archery. On the 19th, the silver arhis descent, in perfect safety, in a corn field, row, given by the town of Musselburgh, being six hours and five minutes from was shot for on the race-course there, by the time of his ascent. He experienced the Royal Company of Archers, and gainvarious contrary currents of air, and per. ed by Sir Patrick Walker. fect calms, with the extremes of heat and 28.-Explosion at the New Customcold. Mr. Sadler returned to Dublin house, Thames Street, London.--About ten this morning Thus, for the first time, o'clock this mo. ning, the foundation of the has the perilous attempt. of crossing the stair-case at the public entrance was blown



up, by the bursting of one of the principal Waterloo Fund. The following account pipes for conducting the gas. The explo of the state of the Waterloo subscription, sion was treinendous, and the stones were on the 31st May last, has just been pubscattered with great force in every direc lished :-tion. We did not hear that any person Amount received by the Comınittee, and was hurt.

increased by dividends on stock, interest Trial of Luddites, &c.-The trials of the on Exchequer bills, and profit on stock Luddites, and those concerned in the late sold . : • L. 518,288 911 riots at Huddersfield, took place last week at de York Assizes, when the prisoners Annuities granted for life to were all acquitted ; for, although it ap the widows, wounded nonpeared in evidence, that the riots were of commissioned officers and 28 Alanning description, the guilt could privates, totally disabled, not be fixed on any of the persons indict and to dependent rela. ed. The Judge exhorted the prisoners, tives

- 11,783 00 before discharging them, to beware of en Annuities granted for limitgaging in such courses in future; to which ed periods to the children one of them immediately replied for the of officers, non-commisrest, “ We will indeed, my Lord.”

sioned officers, and pri30.-Lord Castlereagh.-On Sunday the vates, and to orphans 920900 27th, as Lord Castlereagh was walking in his grounds, at Footscray, in Kent, accom

Total amount of anpanied by a Wirtemberg dog of his lady's,

nuities L. 20,992 0 0 a large Spanish dog fell upon the animal, and his Lordship immediately pulled it off. The smaller dog flew at his antagonist, as To the wounded officers, nonthe latter was taken from him, and in do commissioned officers, and ing so fastened upon his Lordship’s fingers, privates

L. 71,126 0 0 which he grasped so strongly, that Lord To the parents and dependent Castlereagh was obliged to employ his other relatives of officers, nonhand in opening the dog's mouth. His commissioned officers and Lordship's hand was, in consequence, con privates killed, leaving no siderably lacerated, the sinews of the first widows or children 28,577 0 0 and second tingers being separated, and the To the foreign troops 62,500 00 nail of one being nearly torn off. Dr Bankhead was immediately sent for to Lon.

Total amount voted don, who ordered his Lordship to bed ;

in money

L. 162,203 0 0 and it was some time before he could again attend to his important duties.

1.--State Trials. Yesterday about 80 31.- Improvements in Edinburgh.On persons dined at the Crown and Anchor, Monday last, stances for seven houses, four London, to celebrate the acquittal of Watof the north side, and three on the south son, Thistlewood, &c. Mr Hunt was in side of the Regent's Bridge, between Prince's the chair, and spoke several times in the Street and the arch, were sold to a builder course of the evening. Messrs Watson, for L.25,000. By the contract, the build. Thistlewood, and Preston, also addressed ings must all be finished by Martinmas the meeting on their healths being given.

Hooper was absent from indisposition. Railway.-A subscription has been com British Navy. An important official menced for a railway to convey the county document has just appeared, in the shape coal to Edinburgh and Leith. The car- of proposals and regulations relative to the riage of coals to Edinburgh is reckoned to navy, made by the Board of Admiralty, cost about L. 60,000 Sterling yearly, fall- and sanctioned by an order of Council. ing, of course, in a great degree, upon the After elucidating the accidental causes poorer and more numerous class of the in- which have introduced the existing anomahabitants. By the railway, it is expected, ly of rating ships at a certain number of after paying 10 per cent to the subscribers, guns, while their real complement exceed. that the carriage will be performed at one ed that nominal amount, the Board, with half of the present cost, and a saving arise a just and patriotic feeling, make the folto the public of about L. 30,000 per un- lowing observations :--" We trust we shall

be excused for observing to your Royal A remarkably fine fat buck was killed, Highness, that is wholly unworthy the some time ago, in Bradley Park, York- character of the royal navy of this kingshire. On opening the animal it was dis- dom, to maintain this system, which, covered, that at some distant time, it had though introduced without any design of been shot in the heart, for a ball was con- deception, yet may give occasion to foreign tained in a cyst in the substance of that nations to accuse us of misrepresentation, viscus, about two inches from the apex, when we state that a British frigate of 38 which was beaten quite flat.

guns has taken a foreign frigate of 44,



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when, in fact, the British frigate was of passing him. As but few are allowed to equal, if not superior force.' It is then see him, he generally amuses himself as stated, that the American ship President they pass, by calling to them by name. had 55 guns mounted on the day of her His Majesty's habits have not, in consecapture, though she was rated at only 44. quence of infirmity or old age, undergone In the British navy this practice will no material change. His Majesty, as usual, longer continue, for it is now ordered, rises early-breakfasts at eight o'clock, or that the rule which prevailed prior to soon after-dines at one-continues partial 1793 shall be revived, and in future all to mutton and beef, and when in a tranhis Majesty's ships will be rated at the quil state, he orders what his dinner table number of guns and carronades which they shall be furnished with. actually carry on their decks, quarter Launch of u Frigate.-The Arethusa, a decks, and forecastles.

very fine frigate of 46 guns, was launched Swindling. On the 29th ult. a swindler on the 29th ult. from the new dock-yard, contrived to carry off a considerable sum Pembroke. Her dimensions and tonnage from the Glasgow Bank, by using the

are as under: name of Adamson and Logan, manufac

Feet. In. turers; whose proceeds of bills discounted Length of keel for tonnage 126 1 he audaciously called for and received from Breadth

40 ] one of the tellers. The amount Tonnage

1,934 69-94ths. L. 1314; but this being a larger sum This vessel is a sister ship to the Thetis than the swindler wanted, or was able to frigate, launched from the same yard in utter, he next day returned L. 900, in- February last. closed in a letter, in which he promised Water Spout.- On the 1st inst. between to repay the remainder on his arrival in two and three in the afternoon, Cupar, Fife, America.

was visited by a thunder-storm of about an 2.-University of Edinburgh.--Yester- hour's continuance. It was attended by day the Senatus Academicus of the Uni- the singular phenomenon of a water-spout, versity of Edinburgh conferred the degree which discharged itself on Tarvit Hill, of Doctor in Medicine on 92 gentlenien, over the north side of which it descended in after the usual public and private trials- a torrent on the adjacent fields; and these, namely, 37 of Scotland, 18 from Engl nd, to a considerable extent, were entirely 32 from Ireland, three from Jamaica, one flooded. The violence of the torrent was from Hamburgh, and one from Barba- such, that large stones were rolled along ; does.

deep trenches were formed; and from the An old Egg:-About a fortnight ago, ground over which it passeil, every trace of when pulling down the wall of an old vegetation has fled. house in Annan, a hen's egg was disco. Thunder Storms.-On Tuesday the 22d vered in the middle of the wall, which was ult. about two o'clock, while Mr D. Smith, composed of stone and clay, and was built farmer at Denside, in the parish of Monikie, in the year 1648 ; consequently, the egg was sitting in his parlour at dinner, along must have continued there for the long with Mrs Smith, he suddenly heard an exspace of 169 years. When found, the shell plosion and a shriek from the kitchen, in was completely whole. This relique of an which were Miss Smith, two servant girls, tiquity is now in the possession of Mr and a servant man. On hurrying to the Bryce Downic, mathematician in Annan. kitchen, he found it filled with smoke,

4.-The King.--Yesterday the follow- which soon cleared away, and disclosed his ing bulletin was exhibited at St James's daughter and three servants in a state of Palace :-"* Windsor Castle, August 2. stupor-several pieces of the pavement of His Majesty has been generally in good the Hoor torn up and shattered that on health and tranquil spirits during this last which stood the chair, where two of the ser. month, though, perhaps, less uniformly vants were sitting, together with the chair, than for some months preceding. His Ma- shivered to atonis, all the panes dashed out jesty's disorder has suffered no alteration." of the kitchen window--and the ceiling per-It has been reported, and partially be- forated to the extent of six feet by three. lieved, that his Majesty had lost his hear. Two large holes were also made in the inner ing as well as his eye-siglit; but we are wall of the chimney, and the chimney-stalk happy to state that there is no truth in the was rent in pieces. The rustics, (two of report. Indeed, as if Providence kindly wliom were sitting on one chair,) though intended to compensate for the loss of vi- struck to the ground, escaped with very sion, his Majesty's sense of hearing is not little injury from that tremendous power by merely quick, but it has become, if we which the solid earth under them was rent, may be allowed to use the term, discri- and their seat literally annihilated. minative. When his Majesty is in a com During a very heavy thunder-storm on posed state of mind, he can readily dis- Wednesday 23d ult. a shepherd got into tinguish, and tell, by their footsteps, the a sinall shed on Seven Oaks common, acname of any one who is approaching or companied by his dog, for shelter, where


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they were joined by another person, and in hanged for the robbery in question. Owens the course of the storm the shepherd began stated in his cross-examination, that propoto relate the circumstance of his brother sals had been made to him for saving his having been killed by lightning about thirty life, if he gave information against Mr years ago, when the narrator received a O'Connor; and a Dublin paper states, that shock which instantly deprived him of his the conspiracy has been traced to a Magislife. His dog was also killed by his side ; trate in the county of Cork, against whom -his companion received a shock, but was Mr O'Connor has instituted an action. Sir merely stunned. The watch of the deceased F. Burdett was summoned as a witness for Fäs melted in his fob, the steel chain shi- the defence, and gave a high character of Mr vered to pieces, and the glass shattered into O'Connor for honour and integrity. The a sort of sand.

verdict of aequittal was hailed with loud On Thursday the 31st ult. soon after ten acclamations by those within and without o'clock, Manchester and its neighbourhood the Court, and the people were with diffwere visited by a very serious and violent culty prevented from carrying Sir Francis thunder-storm, accompanied with a descent and Mr O'Connor in triumph through the of hailstones of an amazing size. The elec- town, which was illuminated with bonfires trie fluid has left awful impressions of its in the evening. destructive power: At Pendleton, two men, Canai between Edinburgh and Glasgow. of the names of John Armitage and John -The first general meeting of proprietors Royle, were struck dead whilst making hay, of the Union Canal, which is to extend and several others were much stunned, and from Edinburgh to the forth and Clyde narrowly escaped; Mr Gorton, bleacher, Canal at Falkirk, took place in the Royal was knocked down in the same direction. Exchange Coffee-house, Edinburgh, on

7.-Chain Bridge.-- A chain bridge is Tuesday the 5th, when the following gentlejust finished at Dryburgh, which has been men were unanimously chosen members of erected at the expence of the Earl of Bu the Committee of Management, viz. chan, for the convenience of foot passengers, Right Hon. William Arbuthnot, Lord across the river Tweed. The appearance of Provost of Edinburgh--Sir John Marthis bridge is uncommonly light and ele- joribanks, Bart. of Lees, M. P.--Colonel gant, and, connected with the fine scenery Robert Anstruther--Mr John Wigham, of Dryburgh, it is beautiful and interesting. jun.-Mr Robert Morton-Watkin WilIt consists of a platform of wood, supported liam Massie, Esq.—John Kid, Esq. Glasby chains suspended from pillars on each gow-James M. M‘Culloch, Esq. of Ardside of the river, at the height of eighteen well-Robert Graham, Esq. of Whitehill feet above low water, and has no support

-General William Maxwell Alexander under it.

The passage is easy and level, Munro, Esq. and Robert Downie, Esq., of and has very little vibration.-- The span Appin. The meeting afterwards appointbetween the points of suspension is two hun ed Mr G. Moncreift to be clerk to the dred and sixty-one feet, being the greatest Company, and Mr Hugh Baird to be their span of any bridge in the kingdom. engineer. It appeared, on examining the

8.-Roger OConnor, Esq.--This gen- subscription papers, that there was a detleman, so well known in the political his- ficiency of nearly L. 27,000, which required tory of Ireland, was apprehended in the end to be filled up before the work can comof April last, on a charge of having been

Since the meeting, however, that concerned in the robbery of the Galway sum is reduced by new subscriptions to a trail-coach, in 1812, at Cuppagh Hill

, little more than L. 15,000, which there is county of Kildare, where it was attacked every reason to believe will be made up in and robbed of a considerable sum in bank a few days. bills, &c. This not being a bailable of 9.-Edinburgh High School. The anfence, Mr O'Connor was kept in prison in nual examination of this school took place Dublin till removed to Trim, county of yesterday ; when the gold medal, the gift Meath, where his trial came on on the oth in- of the late Colonel P. Murray, was adjudgstant, and ended in a most triumphant ac- ed to Master William Glover, son of Mr quittal. The prosecution was carried on at W. Glover, merchant, Leith. --Another the instance of the Post-office, Dublin; but beautiful gold medal was presented to their principal witnesses, Michael Owens Master George Napier, son of G. Napier, and Daniel Waring, seemingly two of the Esq. of Dales, the same young gentleman most infamous characters that ever dis- who won the Greek medal last year. An graced society, prevaricated so in their tes- elegant gold medal, given by Mr Pillans, timony, that no doubt remained on the minds the Rector, to the best scholar in his geoof the Court and Jury, that they ha con- graphy class, was gained by Master Henry spired against the life of the gentleman at Dundas Drummond.- The writing class, the bar. Owens was recently under sen- taught by Mr M^Kcan, was examined on tence of death for robbery, and obtained his Thursday. Two elegant medals, the gifts pardon by swearing informations against of Walter Brown, Esq. College Bailie, and Mr O'Connor, and Waring's brother was Mr M“Kean, were adjudged by the exami


nators, and presented, the one to Master the gallery of the Court, in terms of apGavin Milroy, son of Andrew Milroy, Esq. parent approbation. jeweller, Edinburgh, and the other to Mas. 15.-Riot in the Isle of Man.--A new ter David Scott, son of William Scott, Esq. code of criminal laws for the Isle of Man, Leith Links.

including an act for regulating the sale of 12.Shocking Barbarity. - The assizes herrings, and an act for abolishing all paper at Trim, Ireland, terminated on Saturday money for the payment of sums under last. One of the convicts, named Martin, twenty shillings, both passed in the last has been executed for a barbarous murder, session of Parliament, were lately proclaimcommitted on the persons of a young wo ed, according to ancient usage, before the man and her infant child, of which child inhabitants of the island, in presence of the he was the father. He had promised the constituted authorities.--During the recital young creature marriage, and prevailed on of the latter act, there appeared a manifest her to cross the country with him, in or- disposition to tumult, amongst a part of the der to go to a priest, by whom to be mar. assembled crowd, which increased in such a sied ; in a field upon the way the diaboli. degree as to require the assistance of the cal villain murdered his unsuspecting vic- military. Only one of the mob was tim and her infant, and put the bodies into slightly wounded in the arm by a sabre. a hole. Providence sleepeth not: a heavy It appears that this tumult was occasioned rain washing away the earth, the hand of by a false report, industriously propagated, the murdered woman was observed by a that the new laws had for their object the passenger, and this led to the discovery of levying a heavy tribute upon herrings, to this horrible transaction—one at which husupport the bishop and clergy. man nature shudders. The circumstances New Steam Vesscl.--A fine new steamwere so strong, the Jury had no hesitation boat, called the Tug, arrived at Leith yes. in finding the wretch guilty. After his terday morning from Glasgow. From the conviction le acknowledged the crime. large dimensions of this vessel, she could

13.-Horrid Depravit. At the late Mul not pass through the Forth and Clyde Calingar assizes, in Ireland, Thomas Clarke nal, but came north about through the and Henry Burke were found guilty of the Pentland Frith, and although she encoun. murder of Patrick Mahon, by bcating out tered most boisterous weather off ('ape his brains with an iron crow. The villains, Wrath, and in the Murray Frith, has ar. after their conviction, evinced a hardened rived in perfect safety. In the hard gale depravity, which deeply shocked Lord Nor- of yesterday, she came up the Frith against bury, and a crowded Court; they declared wind and tide, with a degree of velocity aloud, that on the night of the day they that astonished the numerous spe: tatoss. would be executed, their associates would The Tug is the property of the Edinburgh, have the lives of all concerned in their pro. Glasgow, and Leith Shipping Company, secution ; and the brother of the prisoner, and is intended for towing their vessels Clarke, had the audacity to call to him from from Leith to Grangemouth.


JOHN RAFFIELD, of Edward Street, Portman Square, architect, for certain improvements on, and additions to his former patent, for an apparatus to be attached to fire-stores of all descriptions for rooms, for the removal of cinders and ashes, and for the better prevention of dust arising therefrom which said additions may be used jointly or separately. January 10, 1817.

TO JOSEPH de CAVILLON, Sambrook Court, London, gentleman, for improvements in the preparing, clarifying, and refining of sugar, and other vegetable, animal, and mineral suh-iances, and in the machinery and utensils useri therein. Jan. 23.

ROBERT DICKINSON, Great Queen Street, Esq. for a method or methoxis of preparing or paving streets and roads for horses and carriages, so as to render the parts or ravements, when so done, more durable, and itinately less expensive, than those in common use, and presenting other important advantages. Jan. 23.

DANIEL WILSON, Dublin, gentleman, for improvements in the process of boiling and efin ing sugar. January 23.

GEORGE MONTAGUE HIGGINSON, of Bovey, Tracy, Devon, lieutenant in the navy, for improvements in Jocks. February 1.

WILLIAM WALL, Wandsworth, watchmaker, for a horizontal escapement for watches. Feb. I.

ISAAC ROBERTMOTT, Brighton, composer and teacher of music, for a method of producing,

from vibrating substances, a tone or musicalsound, the peculiar powers in the management whereof are entirely new, and which musical instruinent he denominates The Sostinente Piano Forte.' February 1,

WILLIAM BUNDY, Pratt Place, Camden Town, mathematical instrument-maker, for machinery for breaking and preparing flax and hemp. February 1.

JAMES ATKINSON WEST, Crane Court, Fleet Street, brass-workerand lamp.manufacturer, for improvements in or on lustres, chandeliers, and lamps, of various descriptions, and in the manner of conveying as to the same. February 6.

WILLIAM (LARK, Bath, Esq. for a contrivance called a safeguard to locks, applicable to locks in general, by which they may be so secured as to defy the attempts of plunderers using pick-locks or false keys. February 8.

ROBERT HARDY, Worcester, iron-founder, for improvements in the manufacturing of cast iron bushes or pipe boxes for chaise, coach, waggon, and all other sorts of carriage-wheels. February 0.

RICHARD LITHERLAND, Liverpool, watchmaker, for improvements in or on the escapement of watches. February 20.

RICHARD HOLDEN, Stafford Street, St Mary-le-bonne, gentleman, for machines for produc ing rotatory and pendulous motion in a new marr ner. February 20.

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