and fired upon them. The ringleaders were instance of the truly patriotic and enlighttried on the 27th by a Council of War, and ened Alexander. All the measures were several of them executed. The damage concerted in London with his Excellency done by the fire is estimated at from 300,000 Count Lieven, the Russian ambassador; to 400,000 crowns.

and on the 20th ult. Mr Longmire, of

Whitehaven, (the director and actuary in SWEDEN.

this important concern,) proceeded from Prince Oscar, son of the Crown Prince hence to London, with an assistant drafts. Bernadotte, took his seat on the 15th July man, and four pitmen, belonging to Whiteas a member of the Swedish Council of haven, and two borers, previously engaged State, on which occasion the King addres. at Newcastle. They sailed from Gravesend sed a speech to him from the throne. The for St Petersburgh, on the first of this Crown Prince also made a solemn address month ; all their equipments for the voyto the King and to the Prince his son. age being on the most liberal scale. We Prince Oscar has been appointed Viceroy of understand they are to winter at Moscow, Norway.

except a few occasional visits to Tula, as A letter in a Hamburgh paper describes the season may allow, and to commence certain measures which have been adopted operations after that as early as the climate by the Government of Sweden for the sup- will permit. pression of foreign trade, by bringing back the manners of the people from modern refinements to the standard of their ancient simplicity. Voluntary associations are form- matto, who was conveyed to Constantinople

A famous leader of pirates, named Catraing in the different provinces, tor laying in the beginning of May from Negropont, aside the use of all foreign articles --for in a Turkish brig, has been hanged by or. wearing no clothes of foreign manufacture, der of the government of Galata, and six or - for using no liquors except such as are

seven sailors suffered at the same time, as made at home, and for retrenching all superfluous expences at weldings, christen- offences." As Catramatto was a native of the

an example to deter others from the like ings, burials, &c. This system is too arti- lonian Islands, and no English interpreter ficial to last, and we may be assured that, attended at the trial, the circumstance of however strictly it may be enforced for a time, it will soon be evaded in all points. planatory interviews between the British

his condemnation has given rise to some exRestraints of any sort on the domestic ba.

minister and the agents of the Sublime bits of a country are always felt to be ex

Porte. Three heads have been lately ex. tremely irksome; there is consequently a perpetual tendency to shake thein off, and posed at the gate of the Seraglio of some

rebellious chiefs, which have been transthis it has always been found, that any sys- mitted by the command of the Pacha of tem of sumptuary laws for restraining the

Aleppo. private expences of individuals, has invari. ably given way before the improving habits Constantinople, and executed in the follow

Eleven pirates have been conducted to and tastes of the community.

ing manner : - They began by hanging one According to a table, describing the civil state of Sweden, 344 children at the breast before the shops of the varket, and left him Kite, during the year 1814, smothered by exposed three days, after which they hanged

a second, and so on with the others. The their Diothers or nurses while asleep; and in the following year, 365 died through esecution thus lasted for 33 days. this kind of imprudence.

ASIA. RUSSIA. An attempt to raise coal, that prime article of fuc), is now about to be made, under the impediate patronage of the fimperor. The The Sydney Gazette, of the 2d of March, spot fixed upon for this purpose is in the states the execution of W. Longford, for a viinity of Tula—Tula, celebrated for its highway robbery, who, when confessing his extensive iron-works, and especially recol- former offences to the clergyman under the lected at this time, from the circumstance gallows, said, that the one which gave him of Bonaparte's defcated intention of de the greatest concern was the murder of an stroying them. Tula is the capital of the go unfortunate man who kept a toll-gate at or vernment of that name, distant from Moscow near Cheltenham ; that he regretted the one hundred and fifteen miles, and situate circumstance the more, as the man had a on the river Upha, in long. 37. 24. east, large family ; that he shot liim for an atand lat. 54. 10. north. This undertaking tempt to stop him, in September 1811; no (the success of which will forn an epocha pyson had been executed for the crime, never to be forgotten in the annals of the though many had been apprehended and Russian empire) is under the immediate examined on suspicion, as he had himself patronage, we might have added, and at the been. He said he was transported to the



colony for desertion, and had committed of them, a native of Bativa, had escaped, many offences in England upon the high- and brought the above intelligence. way.

His Majesty's ship Alceste was lost on a rock off the north end of Middle Island, in

the Straits of Gasper, on or about the 17th An overland dispatch has been received of February ; she was last from Manilla; from India, from the governor of Bombay, struck about seven o'clock in the morning. dated 22d March, and communicating the They landed on Middle Island ; no lives important intelligence of the taking of the lost. Lord Amherst went to Batavia with fortress of Hattrass by the British army. three of the ship's boats, and about forty This fortress belonged to achief of the name men. The Ternate, one of the Honourable of Diaram, who, having given cause of of- Company's cruizers, immediately sailed for fence to the British government, refused all the wreck, and found them (Captain Max. explanation of his conduct. War having well and about 225 people, who were on been in consequence resolved upon, the Bri- Middle Island) surrounded by seven or eight tish troops immediately took the field, and hundred Malays, expecting an attack from being arrived before the place, summoned them every moment. They all left the it to surrender. The enemy refusing to ca- wreck, and went to Batavia in the Ternate. pitulate, it was determined to carry the place The letters from the Mauritius by the by storm. With this view a heavy bom- Pallas, which sailed the 8th of April last, bardment was commenced, and Congreve convey very gloomy intelligence of the state rockets were used with the most destructive of that colony. In consequence of the effect. A bomb falling on the magazine, dreadful fire, houses of the highest comoccasioned a tremendous explosion, which mercial character have required ten and six destroyed numbers in the garrison, and years to meet their engagements. All mefinally enabled the assailants to gain posses- tallic money has disappeared ; and the local sion of the fortress. The loss of the British Treasury has been compelled to issue notes by the fire of the enemy was inconsiderable. for sums so low as a rupee. These are de

The Madras Gazette, of the 15th March, preciated in the Bazaar ; and, even in excontains the following distressing account : change for brass money, the holder is com“ We are concerned to state a melancholy pelled to allow a premium. The second account which occurred in Columbo harbour expedition to Madagascar has experienced on the 27th of January, by the upsetting as disastous a result as the first experiment. of one of the boats belonging to his Majes- Before the Pallas sailed, the Musquito sloop ty's ship Iphigenia. From the accounts re of war was dispatched from Port Louis to ceived, it appears that a party of officers bring back the survivors; but it was feared, belonging to his Majesty's 73d regiment, from the dreadful mortality, that all the had proceeded on board the Iphigenia on new settlers had perished, amongst whom that day to join with the officers of the was Governor Farquhar's aide-de-camp, ship, and that on their return in the evening, Lieutenant Governor Le Sage. the boat unfortunately upset, by which distressing occurrence no less than seven lives were lost

Ensigns Campbell, Coane, and The failure of the late embassy to China Hanwell, of his Majesty's 73d regiment, has been ascribed to certain impositions and Lieutenant Sanders of his Majesty's practised by the Chinese officers of state on shọp Iphigenia, two seamen, and one boy, the Emperor; and the fact is now placed wire drowned; the remaining seven got beyond doubt by an imperial edict, a copy safe on shore."

of which we now subjoin, extracted from Advices from Bombay to the 16th March the Pekin Gazette of the 4th September state, that the trade to the Persian Gulf 1816. It is a singular production, conveyhas been most dreadfully annoyed for a

ing, amidst a pompous simplicity, some length of time by the Jooffmel pirates, who very sensible admonition. had no less than forty cruizers at sea. On “On the present occasion of the English thie 6th January, three of them attacked and nation sending envoys with the tribute of captured, after a smart action, the Deriah, valuable offerings, as they could not, when Doulut, belonging to the East India Com at Tiensing, return thanks for the feast pany. Seventeen of the crew weremurder. agreeably to the regulated form, the conéd, eight detained as prisoners, and the re. ducting them again to their boats, for the mainder, who were wounded, were landed purpose of proceeding farther rorth, was to the westward of Bombay. The pirates the fault of Su-ling.gue and Quanghoy. were armed with six nine pourders, and

" When they were at Tongchew, and carried from 100 to 200 men. The Union, had not yet practised the ceremony- the Captain Barker, is stated to have been framing a confused and indistinct report, wrecked aliout fifteen months previous to and then conducting them at once to court, the above date, near the island of Engano. was the fault of Ho-she-tay and New-keThe captain, three officers, and forty-seven tong-gue. Finally, on the 7th day, I, the men, had reached the island, where they Emperor, having issued my orders, and were stripped and detained prisoners ; one ascended into the imperial hall, called the



envoys to an audience; but the envoys and letter to the Prince Regent, requiring that suite had travelled from Tongchew all night, no more embassies be sent to the Celestial and bad come direct to the palace gate, Empire.” The Anti-English party at the without stopping by the way at their ap- Chinese court is reported in the same letters pointed residence; and their dresses of ce to have been restored to the Emperor's farenony not having arrived, they could not your, notwithstanding his severe edict of present themselves before me. If at that censure against them. time Ho-she-tay had addressed to me a true The latest accounts from Canton state, report, I, the Emperor, would certainly that much discontent prevails among the hare issued my commands, and have people of Cochin-China, occasioned by the changed the time of the audience, in order king nominating for his successor a son of to correspond with their intentions in coming one of his concubines. The Emperor of ten thousand miles to my court. n the China, who pretends to have a right to incontrary, he addressed to me repeated re- terfere in the appointment of the kings of ports, expressed in disrepectful language, that country, has expressed his displeasure in consequence of which the envoys were at the nomination. sent back, and the ceremonies could not be completed. The error and mismanagement

AFRICA. of Ho-she-tay in this affair are wholly inexcusable.

“ The arrangements for the business of the day had already been made. Excepting The plague broke out in Algiers on the the minister Totsia, who was absent from 15th July, to which place it was introduced illness, and Toukao and Leu-vin-po, whose by a caravan of Moors returning from attendance had not been required, all the Mecco, who afterwards proceeded over land assisting princes, grandees, and great officers to Morocco ; and the disease now rages all of state, as well as all the great officers of along the coast. The religion of the natives the palace, were in waiting in the anti- not allowing them to take any precautions chambers. Many of them must have been against infection, it is to be feared that the eye-witnesses of the whole affair, and must mortality will spread its ravages without have known in their hearts that it was their control. duty to have made a true report of it to me, and to have solicited me to alter the period of the audience ; yet they sat unmoved while the affair was thus going wrong, Prince Regent of Great Britain with such

The Dey of Tripoli has presented the Though Ho-she-tay was visibly alarmed remains of antiquity as are moveable at and in error, no one stood forward to set Lebyda, which is famous for being the him right. “ After the imperial audience took place, ship is now on her voyage thither, for the

site of Carthage. The Weymouth storesome persons who knew the truth, disclosed Ho-she-tay's error and irresolution ; but purpose of receiving and carrying to Eng

land those ancient monuments, which are why did they not address me at the time in represented as highly curious, and illustrahis stead ? or if they dared not go that tive of that once splendid capital. It is length, why did they not at least awaken stated that the Dey has offered protection Ho-she-tay, and cause him to report the truth? Thus it is, that when public busi- ropean who is willing to attempt the journey

as far as his authority extends, to any Euness occurs, their countenances are always from Tripoli to Tombuctoo. This, howplacid and composed--they sit unmoved, ever, will prove but tritling, as the greatest and see its failure with indifference. Such conduct, whenever it occurs in

danger exists after quitting his territories, any situation

as the road lies then directly across the of hazard or difficulty, one cannot behold

Great Desart. without sighing deeply.

" The affair in which Ho.she-tay has erred is in itself a very small one; yet even in this the officers of the court have been The Lucy and Mary, recently arrived at found destitute of any expedient for the Portsmouth, left St Helena on the 17th of service of their country. For the future June. The Lady Campbell, from Bengal keat them eradicate all selfish principles: and Madras, was to sail on the 20th. Bonawhenever there is any defect of tidelity or parte was well. He had lately received a public spirit, let no one plead that it is an bust of Iris son, which afforded him much affair which does not individually concern evident satisfaction. It was given in charge him-let al look up, and diligently regu. to a sailor, of the ship Baring, (it was belate their conduct according to the true spi- lieved,) who, upon his arrival at the island, rit of the admonitions I have repeatedly was to concert the most prudent means of given them.-Respect this.".

conveying it to its destination. The man Letters are said to be received from Can- became dangerously ill, before the opportuto, dated on the 8th of March, which nity of executing his secret commission prestate that the Emperor of China has sent a sented itself ; and sending for his com




manding officer, he revealed the circum- had been landed, and immense numbers stance to hiin. The bust was thereupon sent were on their way to Canada. The brig to Sir Hudson Lowe, who, though Bona Traveller, from Leith, with 60 emigrants, parte had long refused to be on terms of foundered at sea in the month of May, but even courteous civility with hiin, instantly the passengers and crew were saved by the caused it to be conveyed to him. There slip Valiant, and landed at Prince Edward's appears no relaxation whatever in the beliet Island in the Gulf at St Lawrence. of the Commanders, that Bonaparte's darling object and constant hope are, to get

PORTUGUESE AMERICA. away from the island. Ilis health had im The account, in our last number, of the proved of late : he spends most of his time restoration of the royal authority at Pernamat his billiard-table.

buco has been confirmed. The troops from Bahia were attacked by the insurgents on

the 15th May, when an action took place AMERICA.

which lasted all night, after which the insurgent force appears to have dispersed.

On the 16th, Martinez, the leader of the The Slare Trade.--The following resolu- insurrection, at the head of a small column, tions were passed by the Congress of the was attacked by a corps of 300 men, by United States of America, on the 13th of whom he was defeated, and afterwards taken February 1817:

prisoner, and carried to Bahia, where he “ Resolved by the Senate and House of was executed on the 11th June. About Representatives of the United States of Ame -70 other prisoners were about to be tried, rica in Congress assembler!, That the Presi. and it was expected would share the same dent be, and he is hereby authorized to con fate. Letters from Pernambuco of the 26th sult and negociate with all the Governments June state, that every thing was tranquil where Ministers of the United States are, there, but that trade was still in a deranged or shall be accredited, on the means of ef state. The property of those who had enfecting an entire and immediate abolition of gaged in the insurrection was confiscated. the traffic in slaves : and also, to enter into a convention with the Government of Great

SPANISH AMERICA. Britain for receiving into the colony of Sierra The accounts from this interesting porLeone such of the free people of colour of tion of South America are more uniformthe United States as, with their own consent, ly favourable to the patriot cause than shall be carried thither, stipulating such during an early stage of their importterms as shall be most beneficial to the co ant and protracted struggle. Their prilonists while it promotes the peaceful inter- vateering has of late proved a lucrative ests of Great Britain and the United States; trade, and with the spoils of their land enand should this proposition not be accepted, gagements, increased their means of sup. then to obtain from Great Britain and the porting the contest. On the 8th May, the other maritime powers, a stipulation or a independent government of Venezuela were formal declaration to the same effect, gua

enabled to revive their former constitution. ranteeing a permanent neutrality for any General Bolivar and Don Fernando Toro colony of free people of colour, which, at were placed at the head of the executive the expence, and under the auspices of the power. Judges and other functionaries were United States, shall be established on the also chosen, and Generals Bolivar and MaAfrican coast.

rino were reinstated in the command of the “ Resolved, That adequate provision shall armics.--A decree was at the same time ishereafter be made to defray any necessary sued, confirming Brion as admiral in chief expences which may be incurred in carry- of the Venezuelian squadron. Among ing the preceding resolution into effect." other things, it was determined that the city

The new President, Mr Monro, is con of Assumption, in the island of Margarita, tinuing his tour, and is every where enter- should be the future residence of the federal tained with great magisicence.

government, and that its name should henceJoseph Bonaparte has purchased of S. forth be changed to that of New Sparta, in Sayer, Esq. formerly Sheriff'of London, his consequence of the heroic conduct of its elegant seat at Bordentown, on the Jersey inhabitants. side of the Delaware, which he is rebuild. This Government has issued a deeree per. ing in the Italian style. His income is about mitting English and American goods to be £0000 per annnm; and be passes his time imported for a duty of 8 per cent., instead chiefly in his library, and in retirement. of die 17de exacted from other nations; but

prontising to these other nations the same

mitigation of impost whenever they shall Letters from Halifax, of the 16th July, shew to the patriots the same conciliatory state, that numerous vessels continued to ar disposition. rive there with emigrants from Great Britain. Io Chili, at the opposite extremity of the Within the three weeks immediately pre- Spanish empire, and in some respects the eeding that date, about 1000 individuals most interesting region of the western world,



the arms of the patriots were triumphant company with rebels, they must expect On the 15th March they had taken posses. to meet with rebel fate. To this observasion of Valparaiso; and accounts from tion Lord Castlereagh had nothing to reBuenos Ayres, of the 10th May, state, that ply, except that British officers so circumafter driving the royalists from all the strong stanced must abide by the consequences. places in the country, the insurgent armies were pressing forward into Peru. Many of the Chilian patriots, who had been banish. The Jamaica papers contain details reed to Juan Fernandes, had been brought lative to the predatory vessels with which back to St Jago in triumph.

the West Indies is infested. At Jamaica The patriot army in Mexico, under Ge- they give the appellation of pirates to their neral Mina, had, by the last accounts, left crews, and denounce vengeance against Sotala Marina for New St Ander, the ca them. The trade of that island seems pital of a district of the same name. His to have suffered most severely from their army was receiving constant reinforcements depredations. Nor is the evil likely to of young men as he passed through the be lessened speedily, for Commodore country ; and every thing promised the Taylor, as he styled, a bold and admost favourable result for the cause of venturous leader, has collected no less than Mexican liberty.

13 armed vessels in these seas. His imIn the beginning of August, a vessel sail. mecliate object was represented to be an ated from Portsmouth for St Thomas's, with tack on Porto Rico, the richest of the Spa10,000 stand of arms, 10,000 muskets, and nish West India Islands, and close to St 10,000 cutlasses on board ; and also about Domingo. Much of course depends upon 100 British ctficers, volunteers, to join the the dispositions of the troops and inhabiindependent cause in South America. The tants. The Jamaica Courant, of the 16th Spanish minister in London complained oi of May, says, - Information from home this to Lord Castlereagh, who told him, tha: states, that Lord Melville had forwarded to Rolaw existed from preventing British officers this island positive instructions to check in a half-pay from leaving the kingdom, or every instance the piratical depredations of throwing up their commissions. The ambas- any flag woich may be found annoying sados replied, that if they were taken in the conimerce of this colony."




Board of Admiralty, Comptroller, and 5.-Destruction, by Fire, of a Steam- Commissioners of the Navy, were present, Boat.-The Regent steam-packet sailed from as also a large assemblage of persons who London on Wednesday morning last for filled the several booths erected for witnessMargate, with about fity persons on board; ing the ceremony.

This vessel is one of and about four in the afternoon, she was the most elegant ever

The cabin discovered to be on fire, which was occa doors are of mahogany, with gilt mould. sioned by the flue of the chimney being ings, and the windows of plate glass. Or, blown away, and the flame having caught namental devices, in abundance, are placed hold of the wood work erected upon deck in various parts all highly gilt, and profor keeping the people near the chimney duced a superb appearance. from burning themselves. The captain im By a Parliamentary paper, it appears mediately determined to make to land, that there are about twenty individuals who Whitstable being then eight miles distant, have dividends due to them upon the Orwhich he reached in the course of an hour, phan Fund for various periods, from the the fire raging in the interior of the vessel year 1694 downwards. In one casc the induring the time, and causing a scene of terest due is nearly five times greater than terror upon deck altogether indescribable. the principal. Three boats from Whitstable took the pas Statement of the quantity of porter brewsengers and crew on shore, after the vessel ed by the twelve principal' houses in Longrounded, and, in less than three minutes don, from 5th July 1816 to July 1817:--afterwards, the deck (il in, and every part

Barrels. of the vessel was ultimately consumed, ex Barclay, Perkins, and Co. 281,484 cept the keel and engine, which, on the Hanbury and Co.

168,757 ebbing of the tide, were found buried in the Reid and Co.

157,131 sand.

Whitbread and Co.

151,888 18.-Launch.-Yesterday was launched Henry Meux and Co. - 124,823 from the King's dock-yard at Deptford, a Combe, De afield, and Co. 110,776 new yacht, named the Royal George. The Calvert and Co.




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