ers in the stable at the bottom of the gar- named Mary As iford, whom the prisoner den of David Sillers, Esq.

These were

was supposed to have first violated, and part of the troops of the county cavalry, then thrown into a pool of water. The acassembled for a week's exercise.' The sta- quittal of this man having produced great ble was not injured.

dissatisfaction, the relatives have again Jail-breaking. On the morning of Sun- prosecuted him by appeal, at the suit of day, the 9th instant, four men escaped from William Ashford, the deceased's brother. the new jail, Perth, by cutting an aperture When brought into the Court of King's through the roof of the water-closet. They Bench yesterday morning, the defendant had been incarcerated for non-payment of pleaded “ Not guilty,adding, “ And I fines imposed upon them for the offence of am ready to defend the same by my body," smuggling whisky.

and throwing down, at the same time, one Only two regiments of infantry are now of a pair of new gloves he had on his quartered in all Scotland, viz. the 88th, hands, according to the ancient mode of head-quarters at Edinburgh, and the 40th challenge. The validity of this plea reat Glasgow. The whole of the Highland mains yet to be decided : but, in the mean corps not on service are in Ireland, viz. the time, it has excited an extraordinary de4:26, 78th, 92d, and 93d.

gree of interest, on account of its novelty, Canine Thief.-Lately, in Dysart, Fife- and more particularly from the disparity shire, a bitch and cat, in the same family, of strength between the appellant and debrought forth young within a few days of fendant, the former being a slender lad each other. The former being deprived of about 17, while the latter is a strong built her pups, attacked poor puss, and, after se- man of the age of 30. The counsel for veral fierce encounters, drove her from her the appellant have argued, That the right kittens, and carried them away in triumph of challenge only remains with the accused to her kennel, where she has brought them party, when there is nothing else to supup. The bitch is of the water spaniel port the charge but the assertion of the ackind, and seemed equally fond of her stolen cuser, whereas, in this case, they contend charge as of her own progeny, and they no that there are strong presumptive proofs of less happy in the bosom of their rough the defendant's guilt. Should this counterdurre than under the protection of their plea, which is to be argued next term, not natural mother.

be sustained, either the appellant must Life Boats--Lieutenant Thrackston, on give up his charge against the defendant, Monday, the 10th instant, made a trial of and be liable to him in damages, or a day his life boat in the Bristol Channel. The of battle must be appointed, in which the day was not so storny as he could have parties, armed with batons, must fight wished, but there was a very rapid tide, cach other in the presence of the Court. the wind at W. N. W. and at half ebb, off If the defendant kill the appellant, or can the Black-nose Point. Lieutenant Thrack- maintain the fight till the stars appear in ston was himself in the boat, with eleven the evening, he is acquitted ; if he give up men, who laid her in the trough of the before that time, he is to be hanged immeswell, from Portishead to Walton Bay; diately; and if he be killed in the fight, it she was then pulled up again to Portis- is considered the justice of Providence up. head, and filled with water to her gun

on him.

If the appellant give up, and wales! The Racer revenue cutter now took cry “craven," he is declared infamous. her in tow, run her into the strerigth of (See Blackstone, Vol. IV. p. 312.) There the sea and tide, (which was exceedingly has been no wager of battle in this country rapid,) and then cast her alrift. Every for several centuries. The last awarded sea rolled over her, yet she lifted to its was in the time of Charles I. and then the rise, and never, in the least degree, was commission was revoked. In the present ber stability shaken. In this situation did case, Ashford has declared, that, should her crew take to their oars, and pull for the Court award the combat, he will fight the shore. She was upwards of half an to the death in revenge for his murdered hour in this situation, every moment of sister. which gave increasing confidence. In every 22.-Funeral of the Princess Charlotte respect this important invention answered of Wales. The body of this lamented the most sanguine expectation ; and there Princess, with that of her infant son, were is little doubt, but that, if the William embalmed on the 7th, according to ancient and Mary packet had been in possession of custom ; and lay in state at Claremont till a boat on this construction, (only 17 feet the evening of the 18th, when they were long,) every life might have been preserv- removed, in a private manner, to Windsor, ed.

attended by the afflicted Prince Leopold, 18.- Appeal for Murder.--At the last and escorted by a party of the 10th regiWarwick Assizes, Abraham Thornton, a ment. small farmer in the neighbourhood of Bir. Wednesday, the 19th, was the day apmingham, was tried, and acquitted, on a pointed for the funeral, and by a spontacharge of murdering a young woman, neous feeling of deep and sincere grief fer

the dead, and sympathy and respect for the Comptroller of the Household of her late Royal living, it was observed throughout every

Highness (Norton Willis, Esq.)

Surgeons part of the kingdom, with all the devotion

of her late

of her late of national grief and humiliation ; business Royal Highness.

Royal Highnoss.

The Curates and Rectors of the Parishes of Eshur of every kind being suspended, and almost

and Windsor. every church of every denomination being Physicians who attended her late Royal Ilighness, opened for public worship, and crowded by Chaplains to his Serene Highness (Dr Short, &c.) persons of all ranks, clad in mourning.

Equerry of her late Royal Highness. In the evening, crowds assembled from

Equerries of the Royal Family. all quarters, to the interment of the Prin

Equerries of the Prince Regent.

Quarter-master-general, sess. Vehicles of every description were


(Sir W. Gordon, K.C.B.) (Sir II. Calvert, G.C.B.) employed to convey the thousands who Officers of the Duchy of Cornwall,

Mr Chancellor Leach ; Mr Serjeant Best, attorneyissued from the metropolis to Windsor ; and

general ; the Earl of Yarmouth, lord warden. hundreds who could not afford or could Chamberlain to the Great Stewart of Scotland,

(Lord Viscount Keith). not procure conveyance, hurried thither on

Grooms of the Red-chamber to the Prince Regent. foot. At half past eight o'clock, the quick

Pursuivants of Arms. ened tolling of the bell announced the re- Comptroller


of the Prince Regent's of the Prince Regent's moval of the royal remains from the Lower


Household. Lodge at Windsor, to the vault of in- Master of the Prince Regent's Household. terment at St George's Chapel. The hearse,

Heralds of Arms.

Privy Purse and Private Secretary to the Prince drawn by eight black horses, and preceded Regent (Right Hon. Sir Benj. Bloomfield). by two troops of the blues, entered the Lords of the Prince Regent's Bed-chainber. castle gate at a quarter before nine ; 99 of

Norroy King of Arms.

The Bishop of Exeter. The Bishop of Salisbury. the Royal servants in state liveries, with

The Bishop of London. torches, and 24 mutes, accompanying the

The Ministers of Hanover and Saxony,

(Count Munster and Baron de Just.) body ; eleven coaches belonging to the

The Deputy Earl Marshal (the Right Hon. Lord Royal Family, with six horses in each,

H, Howard). followed the funeral procession.

His Majesty's Ministers.

The Archbishop of Canterbury.
Procession to the Chapel.

Choir of Windsor.
Servants and Grooms of her lato Royal Highness,

Prebendaries of Windsor. and of his Serene Highness, ou foot,

Dean of Windsor (the Hon. and Rev. Lewis Hobart). in deep Mourning

Captain of the Yeoinen of the Guard. Servants and Grooms of the Royal Family, the

(Earl of Macclesfield). Prince Regent, and their Majesties, on tuot, The Groom

The Lord Steward The King's in full State Liveries, with crape hat

Master of of the Stole,

of his Majesty's bands and black gloves, four and four,

Household, (Mar- the Horse,

(Marquis of bearing flambeaux.


quis of Cholmonde (D. of MonThe full band of the Royal Horse-Guards Blue.

ley, K. G.) trose, K.G.) THE HEARSE,

Clarenceux King of Arms.
Drawn by cight of his Royal Highness the

The Coronet of her
Prince Regent's Black Horses.
fully caparisoner!,

late Royal Highness,

Gentleman each Horse attended by a'Grooin in full

borne upon a black

State Livery.

velvet Cushion, by

Col. Addenbrook.
His Majesty's Body Carringe,
Drawn by a full set of his Majesty's Horses,

Garter Principal King
Gentleman I

} Gentleman each Horse attended by à Groom in full

at Arms Usher.

Usher. State Livery conveying his

bearing his Sceptre. Serene Highness the Prince Leopoli,

The Chief Mourner,

Secretary to

The Lord Chamberthe Lord

Vice-chamand their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of York

lain of his Majesty's

berlain and Clarence,

lain, (J. Cal

Household, ( Marques
Supporters to the Chief Mourner.

of Hertford, K.G.

(Lord Joce

lyn), The Carriages of the Prince Regent, the

vert, Esq.)
Royal Family, and the Prince Leopold, Supporters of the

Supporters of the each drawn by six llorses, closed


Pall, the Procession.

Lady Grenville.

Lady Boston. The whole Procession, from the Lower Lodge to

St George's Chapel, was flanked by the
military, every fourth man bearing a flambeau.
Upon arrival at St George's Chapel, the Ser-

Lady Ellenborough.

Lady Arden. vants, Grooms, and Band, filed off without the

Covered by a black Velvet Pall, adorned with South Door.

eight escutcheons of her late Royal Highness's At the entrance, the Dean and Prebendaries, at

Arms, the Coffin carried by eight Yeomen of tended by the Choir, received the Body; and the

the Guard under a Canopy of black velvet, borne procession (having previously been formed by Sir

by eight Gentlemen t'shers, G. Naylor, assisted by the other officers of arms, His Royal

His Royal and being tanked by the military, every fourth Highness man bearing a flambeau), moved down the South the Duke


the Duke Aisle, and up the Nave, into the Choir, in the fol, of Cla


of York in lowing order :

rence in a Chief Mourner, Poor Knights of Windsor.

long black his Serene Highness

a long black Pages of the Prince Leopold.


Cloak, his

Pages of the Royal Fanily.

in a long

borne by Pages of the Prince Regent.

borne by

black Cloak, his Pages of their Majesties.

two Gentwo Gen- 'Train borne by Baron

tlemen of (Theme, with the exception of the Princes of tlemen of de Hardenbrock,

his Royal Prince Leopold, proceeded up the Nave, and filed his Royal

and off on each side, -the Officers of the Chapel not High

HighSir Robert Gardiner.

nesa's allowing them to enter,)


HouseSolicitor to her late Royal Highness,


hald, (J. Smallpiece, Es4.)


Guard of the Royal Horse-Guards Blue.

Guard of the Royal Horse-Guards Blue.


in long black Cloaks, the Train of each borne by and honour, and all worldly happiness."

bless and preserve with long life, health, two Gentlemen of the respective Households of their Royal Highnesses.

The funeral service had closed about Ladies of the Bed-chamber of her late Royal eleven, and before twelve the chapel was

Highness. Women of the Bed-chamber to her late Royal cleared. The Prince Leopold returned to Highness.

Claremont, almost immediately after the His Majesty's Establishment at Windsor, viz.

mournful ceremonial. During the illness Groom of the Stole. Master of the Robes, Vice-Chamberlain. of the Princess, his Serene Highness was Lords of the Bed-chamber.

unremitting in his personal attentions, and Grooms of the Bed-chamber. Clerk Marshal.

has continued inconsolable since her death Equerries.

He is now about to leave this country on Master of the Household. Her Majesty's Establishment at Windsor, viz.

a short visit to his paternal residence in Master of the Hosse.

Germany ; after which, he has declared it Vice-chamberlain.

to be his determination to return to ClareSecretary and Comptroller Treasurer of the Household. of the Household.

mont, and reside there till death again Equerries and Gentlemen Ushers, joins him to his lamented consort. The Ladies of her Majesty's Bed-chamber. accoucheur of the Princess was Sir Richard

Women of her Majesty's Bed-chamber. Ladies Attendants on their Royal Highnesses the Croft, who was attended by Dr Baillie, Princesses.

and the protracted labour of her Royal Attendants on her late Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte.

Highness occasioned Dr Sims to be sent Attendants on her Majesty and the Princesses.

for, but it is: understood that he did not The procession was conducted with the conceive it necessary to interfere in the utmost solemnity. The choristers, as soon

treatment the other gentlemen had adopted. as it made its appearance in the chapel, be- The Regent and Prince Leopold have both gan to chaunt the solemn service of " I testified their sense of the merits of Dr know that my redeemer liveth.” The ca

Croft ; it is supposed, however, that anxiety nopy, which was of an immense length, for a living child caused a delay in the followed the choristers, moving at a very

means frequently used to accelerate births, slow pace; and, being borne high in the till the strength of the mother was so much air, had a most imposing effect. Prince exhausted, ihat no human means could Leopold followed the coffin, as chief mourn

have availed to save her. er, and his appearance created deep inte

On the 7th, the Deputy Earl Marshal Though he made evident efforts to

issued an order for a general mourning, preserve calmness, yet he every now and

as mentioned in our last number, to comthen burst into a flood of tears. He walk- mence on Sunday the 9th. ed along with unsteady steps, and took the

Never, we are sure, was mourning more seat provided for him at the head of the general or sincere than that evinced on this coffin, between the Dukes of York and Cla

most distressing occasion. There was someDuring the service, his Serene thing, indeed, in the tragical event itself, Highness preserved a fixed but downcast

whether considered as a public or as a dolook towards the coffin of his beloved wife, mestic affliction, so extremely affecting, that never once raising his eyes to the assem

it required not the aid of adventitious cir. blage. His distress, however, was toler.

cumstances to strike the imagination, or to ably subdued, till the awful moment when touch the heart. The mother and the child the coffin was gradually lowered into the .-the heirs of England's crown_lie buried vault, when he was alarmingly moved, but in one grave, and the expected root of a by a strong effort seemed also to conquer glorious succession is blasted and cut off for this emotion. The usual anthems were

ever. The general sorrow, also, which these then chaunted with due solemnity; and, considerations excite, is greatly heightened the office of burial being concluded, Sir by the personal character of the Princess, Isaac Heard, Garter Principal King at Arms,

who appears to have given up her mind after a short pause, proclaimed, as follows, entirely to the virtues of domestic life,

prethe style of her late Royal Highness :

ferring the retirement of her own happy “ Thus it hath pleased Almighty God abode to all the senseless dissipation of fato take out of this transitory life, unto his shion.--Domestic virtue is the true spring Divine Mercy, the late Most Mustrious of public honour ; and, in this view, the Princess Charlotte Augusta, daughter of character of the Princess was a sort of pledge his Royal Highness George Prince of for the tranquil and happy administration Wales, Regent of this United Kingdom, of these rcalnis. Consort of his Serene Highness Leopold Herring-Fishing. There were cured last George Frederick, Duke of Saxe, Margrave season, at Helmsdale, in the county of Suof Misnia, Landgrave of Thuringia, Prince therland, 7300 barrels of herrings, all of of Cobourg of Saalfeld, and grand-daughter which were entitled to the bounty. This of his Most Excellent Majesty George the is only the fourth season of fishing at this Third, by the Grace of God, of the United port, which possesses superior advantages : Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland these will be still further increased in conKing, Defender of the Faith, whom God sequence of the Honourable the Board of





Customs having appointed an officer with a party who were upon the look-out for powers to grant clearances direct from this smugglers, were unhappily buried under port, and in consequence of the Marquis of the falling mass; three others narrowly Stafford having determined to construct a escaped. pier, and otherwise improve the harbour. Fire.-On Tuesday morning, the 25th, a

Inundation. In the end of last week, bout nine o'clock, a fire broke out in the top the heavy rains increased the North and storey of the north-west corner of the new South Esk rivers, in the neighbourhood of College buildings, Edinburgh, which was Montrose, to an extent not equalled for six occasioned, it is supposed, by the negligence years past. On Saturday the 15th, the of the workmen, and had at first a very a. North Esk rose upwards of twelve feet, over. Jarming appearance ; but, by the prompt flowing all the low lands on its banks, and attendance of the fire-engines, and the exer. sweeping every thing before it-corn, pota- tions of the firemen, the flames were got toes, &c. In one instance, a field of wheat under in the course of two hours ; not, entirely disappeared, and now exhibits the however, till considerable damage was done appearance of a rough shingly beach, the in the quarter where it originated. vegetable mould being completely swept off. Royal Bank of Scotland.-On Tuesday, The mound that forms the approach to Ma- at a general meeting of the proprietors of rykirk Bridge was at one time overflowed, the Royal Bank stock, it was agreed to add and rendered impassable ; and the torrent £500,000, part of the undivided profits of was so powerful, that even the fish were the Bank, to their capital. This they are compelled to yield to it, and hurried to the enabled to do without any new subscription.

Although a good deal of grain was By this resolution, £100 stock will, after observed floating in the estuary of the South Christmas, be augmented to £150. Esk, we have heard of no particular damage on that river.

1.-A soldier, named Barber, of the 28th 24.-Edinburgh Police Court.--Amessen- regiment, now at Gosport, under orders for ger at arms was sentenced to a fine of £10, or the Mediterranean, is said to have become imprisonment in Bridewell, for insulting a possessed of £130,000 by the decease of a gentleman in the New Town, by following gentleman in the West Indies, who had him from street to street, insisting to know realised property amounting to £400,000, his name, and alleging that he was a person which is directed to be divided among three against whom he had a caption; to whom, persons, who are thus unexpectedly advanupon investigation, it appeared, the gentle. ced from a state of indigence to the means man bore no other resemblance than that of passing the remainder of their days in he wore his arm in a sling. The messen- affluence and splendour. Barber has been ger chose to go to Bridewell rather than pay about five years in the 28th regiment, where the fine, and he has since brought an ap- he has conducted himself much to the satispeal before the Court of Session, which their faction of those officers who have had opLordships dismissed without hearing more portunities of observing his general conduct. than the appellant's counsel ; and on this - The other two fortunate individuals are occasion their Lordships expressed the great- Barber's brother and his grandfather, who est indignation at the conduct of the law are natives of Frome, in Somersetshire. officer.

4.--Post-Horse Duty.Yesterday, at 26.-Curious Seizure... The walls of the the Crown and Anchor tavern, London, new gaol building at Bristol, have, it is the letting of the post-horse districts, for said, (owing, doubtless, to some mistake,) the ensuing three years, took place before been seized by the custom-house officers of the Honourable Commissioners of his Mathat port, for the duty on the stones, which jesty's Stamps, when the several districts were conveyed by water from the Black were let as under :Rock hotwells.

1. North Britain, ...............£14,100 Monopoly of Whale Oil. In the Court 2. Northumberland, Cumberland, of King's Bench this morning, Mr Scarlett Westmoreland, and Durham, 9,520 moved a writ of criminal information against 3. Yorkshire,

15,790 Herman Gerard Hilbers and Stephen Cleas- 4. Lancashire, Cheshire, Derby, by, for an attempt to raise, by illegal means, and Stafford,

17,900 the price of whale oil. By the affidavits it 5. Lincoln, Leicester, and Notappeared, that in the course of three months tingham,

8,980 they had engrossed about nine-tenths of all 6. Northampton, Rutland, Warthe whale oil in the kingdom.-A rule was wick, and Oxford, 15,000 granted, to shew cause for criminal prose- 7. Wilts, Worcester, and Gloucution.


16,060 27.--Ramsgate. A most calamitous 8. Norfolk, Essex, Cambridge, event took place this morning, about six and Suffolk,

16,740 o'clock, by the falling of an immense quan. 9. Bedford, and Bucks,

6,540 tity of the cliff, between this place and 10. Hertford, and Hants,... 9,700 Broadstairs. Four marines, belonging to ll. Surrey,


12. Middlesex,

26,800 appear proper to prevent the erection of 13. Kent, and Sussex,

23,200 any buildings upon the Mound that would 14. Hants, and Berks,

15,900 be injurious to the beauty of the city.” 15. Dorset, Devon, Somerset,

Following up this resolution, the comand Cornwall,

21,520 mittee have applied for an interdict to the 16. North Wales,.

5,360 Lord Ordinary in the Court of Session ; 17. South Wales,

4,520 and his Lordship has ordered printed an

swers, in order that the question may be

£240,360 submitted to the decision of the Second DiThe Fever in Ireland has not, we regret vision of the Court. There has already to find by the last accounts, abated in that been subscribed for the purpose of carrying degree which was lately anticipated from the object of the meeting into execution, the stirring change in the weather. From the sum of nearly L. 500. Derry, Limerick, and other parts, the ac- 8.-Adventurers to South America.counts are still very distressing.-- The Irish The Gazette of the 29th ult. contains a Board of Excise have issued an order to the proclamation of the Prince Regent, forbidinspecting officers, directing them to allow ding British officers from engaging in the the re-opening of such hearths and wine contest in South America, either on the dows, closed on account of the taxes, as side of the Patriots, or that of the King of may be nécessary for the recovery of pa- Spain. tients afflicted with the fever.

Scottish Burgh Réforal. -Our last num. British Linen Company. At a meeting ber contained a summary of the proceedof a Court of Proprietors of this bank in ings which had taken place in various parts Edinburgh, on Tuesday, the Court con- of Scotland on this subject, which seeras to firmed a resolution of last meeting, to give become every day more generally interesting. a bonus of 25 per cent in the Company's On Monday the 17th November, the motion stock, 'and farther to increase the annual which had lain over for a month on the dividend from nine to ten per cent. The table of the Merchant Company, was taken Court also voted the sum of one thousand into consideration in a very numerous guineas, and a piece of plate of five hun. meeting of that body; when Mr Adam dred guineas value, to Mr Gilchrist, the Black, after a very temperate and ahle manager--one thousand guineas to Mr speech, proposed the following resolutions: Henderson, the secretary--and five hun. 1. That this Company views, with great dred guincas to Mr Fleming, the senior satisfaction, the exertions now making to teller, and eldest officer in the Company's introduce into the Scottish burghs a more employment, who has been 44 years in its rational and liberal system of town polity: service.

and considers the sound and enightened Buildings on the North Bridge of principles displayed in the set of MonEdinburgh.-On Tuesday, a general meet. trose, so congenial to the spirit of the Briing of the inhabitants of Edinburgh was tish constitution, es reflecting the highest beld in Freemasons' Hall, convened by honour on the Lord Advocate of Scotland, public advertisement, to consider what mca. and his Majesty's Privy Council, and emisures it would be proper to take in regard nently conducive to the welfare of the comto the buildings now erecting, and pro- munity, and the respectability of the maposed to be erected, on the North Bridge, gistracy. in violation of the original plan of the 2. That this Company, being deeply inte, New Town; Professor Playfair in the rested in every thing connected with the chair. Mr James Stuart opened the busi- good of the city, and being the only charness of the meeting by a very long speech. iered body of Merchant Burgesses, consider After referring to the ulterior proceedings of themselves particularly called upon to use the Council, he moved a string of resolu- every exertion to procure for the burgesses tions, on which the meeting came to the that influence in the administration of their following decision : " That they having own attairs to which they are entitled, and obtained the opinion of eruinent counsel to promote such improvements in the set of that the magistrates had no legal powers, in the city as will be conducive to its prospevirtue of the foresaid act, or otherwise, to rity. authorize the erection of such buildings, as These resolutions were met by a counare now in progress on the west side of the ter-set, proposed by Mr Pattison, the MasNorth Bridge; resolved to take immediate ter of the Company, which gave rise to legal steps to prevent their being farther some discussion ; and, upon a division, proceeded with, it being the understanding there voted for Mr Black's motion, 176 of this meeting, that no buildings higher for Mr Pattison's, 87.-Majority, 89. than what may be necessary for a row of Several other public bodies have since shops can be permitted to be erected on the held meetings, and passed resolutions in faNorth Bridge, without serious injury to vour of a change in the town polity; and the city; and that the committee appoint- the committees appointed by these bodies, ed be authorized to take such steps as may anticipating no, favourable result from a

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