Whitworth embarked at Dublin for Eng. being an increase of 92 ships in the last land. They sailed from the Pigeon-House quarter ; a most gratifying proof of the rein the evening, but the wind being con- vival of trade. trary, they were obliged to put back, and The proprietors of the Newcastle gas landed next morning. His Lordship find works have already made such progress, ing the weather not likely to becoine fa- that the main pipes are now actually laying vouralle, took the road to Donaghadee, down through the principal streets, so that from whence he embarked for Portpa a great part of the town will be lighted this trick.

winter. Translations of the Bible. Several co Another whale.On Thursday moming pies of the different parts of the Scriptures, last, an immense whale was found at sea, in the Hindostanee, Sanscrit, Bengalee, by the fishermen of North Sunderland, Mahratta, Orissa, and Chinese languages, which, after great exertion, they succeeded a copy of Colloquies in Bengalee, and a few in towing on shore at the pier of that place. of the circular letters which are printed Crowds of people have been viewing this and circulated in India, have been present stranger on the coast of Northumberland. ed by the Rev. Dr Ryland of Bristol, Se 24.The Army-Half-pay Officers.-cretary to the Baptist Missionary Society, By a circular from the war-office of this to the library belonging to the students in date, officers drawing half-pay are required divinity, under the Rev. Dr Lawson, Sel to make affidavit in the following form, by kirk. A very elegant copy of the Arabic which the officers who have embarked in Bible has also been presented to the same the cause of the South Americans will be library by the Rev. Thomas Brown, Dalrendered unable to draw their half-pay: keith.

appeared personally The members of the coal trade of the ri- before me, and made oath that he had not, vers Tyne and Wear have presented a su- during any part of the period from 25th of perb service of plate, as a tribute of grati

181 , to 24th of tude, to Sir Humphrey Davy, for his inva- 181 , both days inclusive, any other place, luable discovery of the safety lamp. or employment of profit, civil or military,

18.-Herring Fishery. The herring under his Britannic Majesty, or in the ser. fishing, this season, upon the west coast, vice of any other Government, besides the is not so favourable

as has been represent- allowance granted to him by his Britannic ed. Letters from Rothesay mention, that Majesty, as a reduced

of the the busses upon an average fall short of regiment of half a cargo, after being now above three Sworn before me

this months on the fishing ground. Herrings, day of upon the coast, bring, in a fresh state, Shocking death of a poor Swcep Boy.. from 16s. to 21s. per crane.

Last night an inquisition was held at the Singular and sudden rise to Affluence. Lord Somers' Arms, Grenville Street, SoA young gentleman, son of a respectable mers' Town, before Thomas Stirling, Esq. farmer, near Newmarket, has just become Coroner, on the body of Thomas Dowland, possessed of an immense fortune, in the a poor little orphan sweep, aged eleven following extraordinary manner : An el. years, apprentice to Hall, a nightman and derly gentleman, at Shrewsbury, where chimney sweep residing at St Pancras, the young man had been some years at whose death was caused by suffocation school, had taken a fancy to him, and be in the flue of the chimney. It appeared ing without heirs, determined to leave him from the evidence that he was sent up the his property. The gentleman being taken flue of an oven ; and that he was upwards extremely ill within these few weeks, sent of an hour in the flue, which was opened, for the youth, and caused a free gift of his and the deceased taken out thickly covered immense wealth to be legally made out with soot. He was then carried into the only stipulating, that in case 'he survived, garden for air, and a surgeon was sent for, the youth should handsomely provide for who came and rubbed him over with some him during the continuance of his life. sort of spirits, but the deceased never spoke He, however, died a short time after he nor moved after. When the deceased was had signed the deed, in which it has been first brought down the funnel, his master discovered that he possessed more than said he ought to have a good thrashing L. 500,000 sterling. Since the event, the for stopping so long. The jury returned youth's filial and fraternal affection has the following verdict : “Died from suffocabeen most honourably evinced, by his hav- tion, through the culpable neglect of his ing voluntarily given L. 50,000 each to master." The foreman of the jury rehis father and elder brother.

quested that the coroner would certify to 20.- Newcastle.- In the quarter ending the parish officers, that it was the opinion 10th October 1816, 97 ships with cargoes of the jury that they ought to prosecute from foreign countries were reported in Hall, the master. The coroner observed, wards at Newcastle ; and in the corre- that their request would be attended to. sponding quarter of the present year, 189; Northern Meeting. The Northem

Meeting commenced at Inverness on Wed from the shore. The master, who remainnesday the 15th. It was numerously and ed by the vessel, went down with her. A respectably attended by all the beauty, rank, Mr Shortis, a passenger, saved himself by and fashion of the country, and was kept superior swimming, and was picked up afup with that harmony and spirit which has ter being two hours and a half in the water, always distinguished it.

during which he beheld the heart-rending Forest Timber.-A stronger inducement scene of his fellow passengers dropping infor planting cannot be offered to the atten- to eternity around him. tion of any

individual, who is in possession 28.-Robert Reid, chimney sweeper, who of a large tract of waste land, and who was convicted of being concerned with looks forward with anxiety to increase his Joseph Rae in maltreating Rae's apprenpaternal estate, than the following fact : tice, so as to occasion his death, and was A fir tree, of the larch species, was lately sentenced to be transported for seven years, cut down at Blair, which measured 247 so has received a commutation of his sentence lid feet, which, at the present reduced price to one year's imprisonment in the tolbooth, of timber, 2s. 6d. per foot, is worth L. 30, from the 8th of September. 178. 6d.

30.-Roman Catholics.-A society has Effects of Drought.-In Badenoch, se- been formed in Glasgow for the instruction veral considerable streams, tributary to the of Roman Catholics, particularly children, Spey and Dulnan, became so shallow du- in the arts of reading and writing. A ring the dry weather in September, as to meeting was lately held in the large hall of allow taking from them many baskets of the Black Bull Inn, at which there was a fish, caught by the hand. Some of these very respectable attendance of both Cathofish were of a large size, and the oldest per- lics and Protestants. Kirkman Finlay, son in the country has no recollection of a Esq. M. P. having been called to the chair, similar occurrence.

the rules and regulations of the society 27.-Revenue.-Sinking Fund. - The were presented by Lieutenant Gordon of Gazette of Saturday night contains a certi- the royal navy, and unanimously adopted. fication from the commissioners of the sinking The society is to be under the managefund, that up to the 4th of last July they had ment of a committee, of which one half to redeemed of the consolidated debt of Great be Catholics and the other Protestants. Britain L. 348,185,141, Is. ld. yielding a Small-Por.-In Glasgow and suburbs yearly interest of the sum of L. 10,526,428, the small-pox have made their appearance, bs. 1 d. being an excess of L. 25,527,845, and at Pollokshaws reinoculation with 4s. 4.d. over the total of the funded debt of vaccine matter has been, in some instances, Great Britain, created by sundry acts prior deemed necessary. to and including 36th Geo. III. c. 74. The Singular Elopement.-Complaint was amount of Irish debt redeemed is certified made to the Lord Mayor, last week, ato be L.9,249,840, 19s. being an excess of gainst a gentleman of large fortune, (Mr L.2,278,684, 5s. 3d. over the total of the Holyoake, banker, of Wolverhampton,) Irish debt prior to and created by the two aged 50, for having seduced from her acts of Geo. III. C. 4. and 50.

friend (a Mr Brown, of Fleet Market) a From the accounts that have been print- young lady, aged 18, daughter of Mr Jacked by order of the House of Commons, it son, of Wolverhampton. It appeared that appears that the gross produce of the re- the mother of the girl was heart-broken, venue of Great Britain for twenty years, and the father almost frantic at the loss of (from the 5th of January 1797, to the 5th their daughter ; and the Lord Mayor reof January 1817,) amounted to the enor. commended that a habeas should be served mous sum of twelve hundred and ninety-two on the seducer. On Wednesday, Mr Jackmilkons, one hundred and eighty thousand, son waited upon the Lord Mayor at the five hundred and ninety-two pounds, five Mansion House, to return him thanks for shillings and three halfpence sterling.

his humane and effectual exertions in the An old Goose-Mr Meeds, of Maris unhappy case of his daughter. She had, Enderby, in Lincolnshire, had a goose he said, returned to her parents within died a few days ago, which had been the the last few days spontaneously, and was property of the family for fifty-four years. now comfortable in the society of her mo

Melancholy Shipwreck. A most distres. ther and sisters. sing occurrence took place on the coast near 31.-Leith Wct-Docks. The second Cardiff , on Thursday night the 23d. The new wet-dock at Leith has just

been finishpacket William and Mary, with 60 pas- ed; and being of equal capacity to the first, sengers, from Bristol to Waterford, struck will add much to the accommodation of the upon the Wolves Rock, about two leagues shipping of the port, A very elegant from Cardiff, and 36 of those on board, swivel bridge is placed over the entrance among whom were all the women, 22 in from the first to the second dock, and in number, perished. The mate and a few place of flood-gates, a vessel constructed to Others escaped in the boat; and some of fit the gate-way is sunk or raised at pleathe passengers were picked up by boats sure. The new dock was opened for pub




lic business yesterday afternoon, and was ness, for the benefit of this benighted class entered by the Tug steam-boat towing in of society; and certainly so laudable an the London smack Eagle; on board which undertaking cannot fail to interest the vessel were the Right Hon. the Lord Pro- public at large, and to receive that patrovost and Magistrates of Edinburgh, the nage and support it so fully merits, and is Magistrates of Leith, accompanied by the in every point of view calculated to atRight Hon. William Dundas, M. P. Colonel Crichton, and several other gentle Wellington Monument.-Monday, the

The vessels entered in grand style, 27th ult. the ceremony took place of laying amidst the plaudits of a numerous assem

the foundation of the monument to be eblage. It is gratifying to think that the rected on Blackdown Hill, Somerset, in improving state of the trade of Leith affords honour of the Duke of Wellington. the prospect of this dock being immediately Royal visit to Bath. Some time since in full employment. It is stated that more the Queen was advised by her physicians substantial trade has passed through the to drink the Bath waters, not on account books of the Custom-house during the last of any decline of her Majesty's general quarter than for many years past in an equal health, but because the doctors thought the period.

general tonic quality of the waters might be

useful to her. Accordingly this day, her 1.--Edinburgh.—The Gas Light Com- Majesty, accompanied by the Princess pany have had men busily employed for Elizabeth, left Windsor, and arrived safe. some days in laying pipes for lighting the ly at five in the evening, at the spacious principal streets of the city. The pipes are and elegant apartments in Sidney Place, of different calibre, from 3 to 6 inches in which had been previously prepared for diameter inside.

their reception. The town was illuminated The remaining areas for building the brilliantly for the occasion, all the bells east end of the Regent's Bridge have been were set a ringing, and these illustrious disposed of by private bargain for L.10,000, personages were greeted with one enthusiwhich, with L. 25,000 received for those astic acclamation from the numerous performerly sold, make the immense sum of sons assembled to welcome their arrival. L. 35,000 for the whole areas.

4.-Scottish Burgh Reform.--At page Erecations in Scotland. It is a remark- 280 of our last number, we noticed the able circumstance, and certainly matter of successful application of the inhabitants deep regret, that in the month of October of Montrose to the royal authority, 1817, it should have been found necessary for a more liberal system of burgh to execute eleven persons in Scotland. On government than they had hitherto enthe 10th, Bernard and Hugh Macilvogue, joyed ; and at page 282, the movements and Patrick Macristal, were executed at which had taken place in Paisley, Dundee, Greenock for the crimes of stouthrief, rape, and Perth, on the same subject. From and robbery. On the 17th, William Ro- the intelligence we have subsequently rebertson and Joseph Cairns, for robbery and ceived, both through private communicatheft, aggravated by assault and housebreak- tions and notices in the public papers, it ing, and Margaret Crossan, for wilfuland ma- appears that this question is likely to belicious fire-raising, suffered the same sentence come one of general interest throughout at Ayr. On the 29th, William Mackechnie, Scotland. According to the present sysand John Macormick, for shopbreaking, tem of burgh government in Scotland, the and Freebairn Whitehill, for robbing a great body of the inhabitants appear to carrier, were hanged in Glasgow. And on have no voice in the management of burgh the 31st, G. Wylie and M. Clark, for affairs. The old councils generally elect housebreaking and theft, suffered death at the new, and these two bodies thereafter Perth. Most of these wretched convicts chuse the office-bearers or magistrates. were under 30 years of age, and all of them These self-elected governors are responsibehaved with becoming penitence for their ble to no higher authority whatever for crimes, and resignation to their punish- their intromissions with or management of

the burgh funds; and the evil consequence 3.- Deaf and Dumb, fc.-We feel of this want of control, on the part of the great pleasure in observing, that those un. inhabitants at large, has recently been exfortunate people, the deaf, dumb, and emplified in the avowed bankruptcy of the blind, are now no longer to be left in that burghs of Aberdeen and Dumfries. The helpless and melancholy state, in which reformation desired, therefore, is of a spethey have too long been allowed to remain, cific and acknowledged evil ; and if, as has nor to be deprived of that most important been asserted, the properties of individual and essential object to rational creatures, a burgesses are liable for the public debts of knowledge of religion, and instruction in the burgh, the voice which they desire to various branches of education. Benevolent exercise in the election of their magistrates institutions are now to be attempted at cannot surely be conceived unreasonable. Glasgow, Paisley, Aberdeen, and Inver. The remedy required is quite partial in its


operation,-it does not touch the main ing on the list, the incorporation then parts of the constitution, and even to the chuses its deacon. And as the deacon most timid, therefore, it cannot occasion is ex officio preses of the incorporation, any alarm.

the surgeons particularly complain of this Having premised thus much, we shall control ; as, however, they may find one of now revert shortly to the Montrose pollo their number qualified by his learning to election, and then proceed to notice what preside at their meetings, they cannot call has come to our knowledge respecting the such a person to office, unless he is perproceedings in other places.

fectly agreeable in every respect to the maMontrose.--Agreeably to the royal war- gistrates of the city. rant, the inhabitants met in the parish Musselburgh. On the 29th ult, a meet. church, on the 13th of October, in pre. ing of the feuars and burgesses of Musselsence of the Sheriffs of Forfar, Kincardine, burgh was held, pursuant to advertiseand Perth shires, as commissioners under ment, for the purpose of taking into conthe Royal authority. The election then sideration the propriety of applying to the commenced, and did not finish till Thurs- Prince Regent for a new set for that burgh. day the 16th, when Charles Barclay, Esq. Bailie Young having been called to the was declared provost; James Clark, George chair, a committee from the council, inShepherd, and William Caird, Esquires, corporations, and principal inhabitants, bailies ; Alexander Smart, Esq. hospital was chosen to draw up a new set for the master ; William Anderson, Esq. treasurer, burgh, and to lay the same before another and James Burnes, Esq. dean of guiltl. general meeting of the burgesses for their The sheriffs then congratulated the magi- approbation. The thanks of the meeting strates and citizens on the order and de

were unanimously voted to the magistrates corum which had been preserved during for calling the burgesses together, and for the election, and on their having now got the liberal and handsome manner with a constitution of a most liberal and popular which they entered into the measure. The kind; the sheriff of Perthshire remarking, meeting, we understand, was numerous that although three centuries ago it had and respectable. been found necessary to repress popular Glasgow.--The liberality displayed by elections by a restrictive enactment, he the Lord Advocate, on the subject of burgh hoped that in the long space which had in- reform, is likely to make it popular in tervened, this country had advanced so far, every part of Scotland. We understand as to make it now quite safe to trust it with that in this city some efforts will shortly a more extended franchise. The event was be made for a change in the set of the next day celebrated by a public dinner in burgh ; and it is espected that the prothe town hall, where the greatest order and ceedings will commence with the Trades' harmony prevailed.

House, a respectable body, (composed of Edinburgh. At a meeting of the Mer- the heads of the fourteen incorporations) chant Company of this city, on the 20th who have not even the choice of their own ult. the important subject of burgh rcform convener. Glasgow Chronicle. was brought under its consideration ; and Ayr.-On the evening of the 4th instant, several resolutions were proposed, prepara a numerous meeting of the burgesses of tory to a general discussion of the subject this town met in the King's Arms, and on that day month, which were passed chose a committee of fifteen, including the without opposition. Since that period a present convener and a number of the deanumber of the incorporations have met, cons of the corporations, to consider of the and passed resolutions expressive of their most proper method of bringing about a determination to adopt every legal measure free representation of the burgh, and to to accomplish the wished for object, and frame resolutions for that purpose, to be appointing committees to correspond with laid before a subsequent meeting. other public bodies on the subject. In "Dumfries.-(Extract of a Letter.)— The one of the incorporations, however, that of town-council met this day (27th October) the cordiners, the general motion was met to deliberate what measures should be purby an amendment to defer the considera- sued in the present embarrassed state of tion of the question for one month, which the burgh's finances, seeing that the trustwas carried by a division of 15 against 10, deed executed by the council had been rethe deacon voting in the minority. Be- jected by several considerable creditors, sides the general objection to the self-elec: particularly two friendly societies. In the tion of the Edinburgh municipal gover course of the discussion, Bailie Rankine nors, the trades complain of a degrading observed, that it was vain for the council control exercised by the magistrates over to expect the confidence of their creditors them in the election of their deacons, Pre. under the present system of burgh governa paratory to the election, a list containing ment; that nothing less than a reformed six names is sent to the magistrates, who set of the burgh would satisfy the credi. elaim the right of striking off three from tors, that prudence and economy would the number, and from the names remaina be introduced into the management of VOL. I.


the funds; that a change of the set Geddes's hotel, on Saturday, the 25th Ocwas the unanimous wish of the inha- tober, when a committee was appointed to bitants ; it was called for by the lessons present to the Provost a petition formerly of dear-bought experience, by the necessi- agreed on for recovery of their rights. The ties of the burgh, and by the dictates of petition was afterwards delivered by them obvious reason, to which every feature of to the Provost, who received the deputathe existing system was repugnant. It tion with great politeness, and stated that was his intention to propose to the council, he would lay the petition before the Town at their next meeting, such a change in the Council. set as would destroy the principle of self Forres. The burgesses and guildry of election, and subject the council to pro. Forres resolved to enter a protest against per responsibility. He did not mean to the legality of the late election of Magitake the members of council by surprise ; strates of that burgh, at the last Michael on the contrary, he entreated them to give mas Head Court; but the Magistrates rethe subject their most serious considera- fused to admit them into court. They tion; and when the motion was made, to have, therefore, protested against this exvote for or against it as their conscience clusion, and have appointed a committee should direct. What will be the fate of of burgesses to take proper measures for Bailie Rankine's motion I know not, but obtaining redress. it augurs well for the success of it, that Singular Attachment. A watchman, several of the leading gentlemen of the whose duty lies in the New Town of Edincouncil have declared it to be in their con- burgh, about a week after his appointment templation to propose an alteration in the to his present district, was visited by two set. If, however, the motion should fail, tabby cats, which very soon became famithe inhabitants can be at no loss how to liarized with him to a surprising degree act and decide. At this crisis they have a Since their first appearance, about two years commanding strength, which before they ago, they have never, even for a single never possessed ; they have before them evening, absented themselves. As regularthe memorable examples of Montrose, ly as he goes to his post, whatever may be Aberdeen, and Dundee, and they have the state of the weather, he finds his two more impregnable grounds to proceed upon friends anxiously expecting him. During than the inhabitants of any of these burghs. the remainder of the night they never leave

Dundee.-The Town Council met on the him for a moment. They follow him in 13th October, when Provost Riddoch, af- his round, and whenever he makes a halt, ter making a long address in vindication of they lie quietly down at his feet. As a his conduct, concluded with the following remarkable proof of their sagacity, which motion :-“ That the Council shall call a is not generally considered a predominant meeting of the burgesses of Dundee, resi. quality in these animals, the following dent within the royalty, or actually carry- circumstance may be mentioned : For a ing on trade there, though resident in the month past, the watchman had been off suburbs, to be held in the Steeple Church, duty in consequence of bad health. Duron Wednesday, the 29th current, at eleven ing his absence, they formed a slight aco'clock forenoon, for appointing a commit- quaintance with his temporary successor, tee of their number to meet with a com- but this bad no appearance of ripening inmittee of the Council, for the purpose of to cordiality. On their old friend's return framing a New Set, or Constitution for to his post on Friday se'ennight, they im. Dundee, similar to the one lately given to mediately recognized him, manifested their Montrose; to be afterwards submitted to joy in every possible manner, and comthe Council and Burgesses for their ap- menced their usual nightly routine of busi. probation ; and when approved of, that a ness with him. petition by the Council, and all parties 5. Grand Triumphal Arch. The comconcerned, shall be forth with presented to missioners, it is said, have come to a de. the King in Council, praying his Majesty termination to erect a grand monument to to sanction and confirm the alterations so commemorate our victories by land and agreed upon.” This motion was carried sea. The spot selected is at the bottom of unanimously, and the whole of the Coun St James's Street, London, where the cil signed the minutes. Deacon Ivory Court-yard now stands. The arch is to be moved a vote of thanks to Provost Riddoch, of the most magnificent proportions, and which was seconded by Deacon Mudie, the model to be taken from that of Cod. and carried unanimously. The meeting stantine. accordingly took place on the 29th, and Roger O'Connor, Esq. On Friday, the the business proceeded in an amicable man ad instant, Daniel Waring was brought to

The petition is, therefore, in pro- trial at the Commission Court, Dublin, gress, in the hope of a favourable result. charged with perjury in his evidence on the

Inverness. Pursuant to advertisement, late trial of Roger O'Connor, Esq. at Trim. a numerous and respectable meeting of The prisoner, after a long trial, was proGuild-brethren this burgh took place in nounced by the jury Not Guilty ; but was


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