Dr Bancroft has in the press, and nearly Mr Cole of Colchester has prepared for ready for publication, a Sequel to his Essay the press, an Introduction to the First Prinon Yellow Fever.

ciples of Algebra, in a series of Dialogues, Mr James Moore's History of Vaccina- designed for the use of those who have not tion will speedily be published.

the advantage of a tutor. Zapolya, a dramatic poem, from the prolific pen of Mr Coleridge, is now in the

EDINBURGH. press, and will appear in a few days.

Biographical Memoirs of Dr Matthew In October will appear a Universal His. Stewart, Dr James Hutton, and Professor tory, translated from the German of John John Robison, read before the Royal SoMüller; in 3 vols. 8vo. It contains a phi. ciety of Edinburgh, now collected into one losophical inquiry into the moral, and more volume, with some additional Notes. By especially the political causes which have John Playfair, F. R. S. L. & E. 8vo, with given rise to the most important revolu. three portraits. tions.

An Account of the Life and Writings of An octavo edition of Mr Mawe's interest- the late John Erskine of Carnock, D. D. ing Travels in the Brazils will be publish- one of the Ministers of the Greyfriars' ed shortly.

Church, Edinburgh. By Sir Henry MonA digested Index to the first 24 vols. of creiff Wellwood, Bart. is in the press, in the Evangelical Magazine is nearly ready one volume 8vo. for publication.

Letters of William First Duke of QueensA History of St Domingo, from the berry, Lord High Treasurer of Scotland ; earliest period to the present time, from with an Appendix, containing Corresponihe best authorities, is in preparation. dence of the Duke and Duchess of Lauder

Miss Lefanu, the Authoress of Strath- dale, Frances Stewart Duchess of Richallen, has in the press a new Novel, entit- mond, the Earl of Perth, and other distinled, Helen Montergle.

guished Individuals of the Scottish Nobili. On the 1st of October will appear, from ty, during the reigns of Charles the Second Ackermann's Lithographic Press, a folio and his Brother. Published from the Ori. work, in 40 pages, containing Ornaments ginal, in the Editor's possession, and illusfrom the Antique, for the use of archie trated with portraits and fac-similes, in one tects, sculptors, painters, and ornamental volume 4to. workers.

The first volume of the History of Great In a few days will be published, Cælebs Britain, from the Revolution in 1688, to Deceived; by Harriet Corp.

the French Revolution in 1789; by Sir The Theological Works of Dr Isaac James Mackintosh, M. P. LL.D. F. R. S. Barrow are printing at Oxford, in six oc is confidently expected at the commencetavo volumes.

ment of the ensuing winter. Messrs Cadell and Davies will shortly In the press, Observations on the Napublish the History of the City of Dublin, . ture and Treatment of Insanity, with an Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military, from the Account of the Numbers and Condition of earliest accounts to the present period; its Insane Persons in Great Britain and IreCharters, Grants, Privileges, Extent, Po- land; and Remarks on the Law relative to pulation, Public Buildings, Societies, Cha- the unhappy objects of that disease. By rities, &c. &c. extracted from the National Andrew Halliday, M. D. Edinburgh. Records, approved Historians, many curi The New Form of Process before the ous and valuable Manuscripts, and other Court of Session, New Jury Court, and authentic materials ; by the late John Commission of Teinds. By James Ivory, Warburton, Esq. Deputy-keeper of the Re. Esq. Advocate. Vol. II. cords in Birmingliam Tower; the late Rev. This volume, after completing the James Whitelaw; and the Rev. R. Welsh, subject of procedure before the Outer. M. R. I. A. In 2 vols. 4to, illustrated by house, is chiefly occupied with the form of numerous views of the principal Build- process in the Inner-house, and the Jury ings, ancient and modern, maps of the and Teind Courts.

The Form of Process in the Jury-Court. Dr Robertson, who has resided some By John Russell, Esq. Writer to the Sigyears in the Ionian Islands, is printing a net, one of the Clerks of Court. In 8vo. Concise Grammar of the Romaic or Mo

Rob Roy, a Novel. By the author of dern Greek Language, with Phrases and Waverley, &c. Three volumes 12mo. Dialogues on familiar subjects.

Mandeville, a Domestic Story of the SeNr Clarke Abel, Physician and Natu- venteenth Century in England. By Wilralist to the Embassy to China, has in the liam Godwin, author of Caleb Williams. press, Personal Observations made during Three volumes 12mo. the progress of the British Embassy through Travels from Vienna through Lower China, and on its Voyage to and from that Hungary, with some Account of Vienna Country in the years 1816 and 1817. The during the Congress. By Richard Bright, work will be published in one volume 4to, M. D. One volume 4to, with numerous illustrated by maps and other engravings. engravings.

City, &c.



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Paris,) M. de la Luzerne, formerly bi.

shop of Langres, and M. de Beausset, forFRANCE

merly bishop of Alais, have been created A PARTIAL change has just taken place cardinals. Several new appointments to in the ministry of Louis, which seems to archbishoprics and bishopries are also notimark the ascendancy of the Constitutional fied. ists, or moderate party, in the French Ca The Moniteur contains an ordinance for binet

. The Duke de Feltre (Marshal regulating the Peerage, of France, with reClarke) has been permitted to resign the spect to the amount of properties and the office of Minister of War, and Marshal classification of titles. No person, eccleGouvion St Cyr is appointed in his place; siastics excepted, can in future acquire a whilst Count Molle becomes Minister of seat in the Upper Chamber, unless he be Marine in the room of St Cyr. Marshal possessed of an hereditary estate, amount. Davoust also, who, since the capitulation ing, in the case of a Duke, to 30,000 of Paris, has been in disgrace at the Thuil. francs (L. 1350 Sterling); of a Marquis or leries, was lately presented to the King, Count, to 20,000 francs (L. 900); and of a and received from his hands the baton of a Baron or Viscount, to 10,000 francs Marshal; and General Debelle, condemn (L. 450). These estates thus created shall ed to death for his adherence to Bonaparte be transmissible with the title in perpetuity on his return from Elba, whose sentence in the male line, by order of primogeniture, Fas afterwards changed to ten years' impri and will, therefore, secure the respectabironment, has now been restored to liberty lity and independence which should belong by a full pardon from the King. We are to the Peerage as a constituent part of the now told also, that the Royal Family pay legislature. the most marked attention to the family of The King of Prussia, travelling under the Duke of Orleans, who, till very lately, the name of Count Ruppin, left Paris on seemed to be the object of suspicion and the 30th ult. after having spent three weeks jealousy at the French Court; and that in that capital. His Majesty has furnished there appears a studied design of impressing the first example upon historical record of upon the people of France an idea that he a reigning sovereign visiting the capital of stands well with the reigning branch of another kingdom, and mixing apparently the House of Bourbon.

so much at his ease in the society of its inThese conciliatory measures are viewed habitants as a private gentleman. The with jealousy by a certain class of politi. ramblings of Peter the Great were of a difcians, who imagine they perceive through ferent description. them a latent ambition on the part of Louis, The authenticity of the document, parthat may at no distant period prove as dan porting to be a protest of the Archduchess gerous as that of his predecessor in govern Maria Louisa, against the occupation of ment. But it is surely too much to pre the throne of France by the Bourbons, has sume, because the French King is pursuing been pointedly denied by the Austrian Oba policy calculated to engage the affections server, an official journal, published at Vic of his army, that therefore he must be contemplating schemes of ambition and Deshans and Chayoux, two soldiers of the

Royal Guard, who had been found guilty The negociations between Louis and the of a conspiracy to murder the two Princes, See of Rome have terminated in a new sons of Monsieur, were shot at Paris on the concordat to regulate the affairs of the Gal. Oth, and displayed a degree of heroic forti. lican Church. By this convention a suit- tude which would have done honour to a able provision is to be made by the French better cause. Chayoux, when informed that Government in State Annuities for the dif he was struck off from the Legion of Ho. ferent Roman Sees, &c. The intention of nour,

and des red to deliver up the insignia this measure is said to be to restore its an. of the order, to avoid such a degradation, cient splendour to religion ; but its policy immediately tore off the ribbon and cross, is certainly a little more questionable than and swallowed them; and Desbins, having that of those we have just alluded to. previously obtained permissior, gave the M. Talleyrand Perigord, grand almoner word “ fire !” to the picquet who were ap. of Prance, (now appointed archbishop of pointed their executicuers.








to disappoint those expectations of an ame The King of Spain has issued a code of liorated form of Government, which were instructions for the trial of the insurgents held out to their subjects in the hour of in South America who may fall into the peril. power of the Royal troops. Eight classes A circular letter has been addressed by of criminals, as they are called, are desig. the Prussian Minister of the Interior to the nated to be punished with death, and re- evangelical clergy of both confessions in the peated injunctions are given to execute the Prussian dominions, intimating the King's punishment with promptness, “ to retain desire, that the words Protestant, Lutheran, the inhabitants within the bounds of obe or any o:her denominations which designate dience.” It is painful to contemplate the particular sects of the Reformed religion, consequences of this sanguinary measure, should cease to be used, and that they inconsistent alike with humanity and good should be superseded by the word Evangepolicy. The Patriots, on whom this se lical. The object of this communication is verity is to be exercised, will doubtless, in to correct all feelings of asperity in the dif. their own defence, resort to acts of retalia. ferent sects, and, by removing all nominal tion, and it follows of course, that this un- distinctions, to cultivate a spirit of general happy contest will assume all the horrors harmony and mutual indulgence. of a war of extermination.

A new scheme of finance has been preThe Pope has issued a bull, authorizing pared for the kingdom of Hanover, which the King of Spain to levy an extraordinary is distinguished by the establishment of an subsidy of 30 millions of reals on the pro- income tax. The rate is very low, not perty of the national church.

ng more than one per cent. from the reThe Archduchess Leopoldine has at venue of personal gain, and one and a half length sailed for the Brazils, manifesting from the revenue of real property. the

confidence entertained by the Courts of In consequence of an official note of the Vienna and Rio Janeiro in the security and allied powers, addressed to the Swiss Charge tranquillity of the Portuguese possessions d'Affaires at Paris, the Federal Directory in South America.

of Switzerland have called upon the Cantons to send away the French exiles resid.

ing there, who are allowed only to reside The King of the Netherlands has ap- in the states of Austria, Russia, or Pruspointed Commissioners to negociate a com sia. mercial treaty with the United States of The accounts from different parts of Gere America. The conferences on the subject many and the north of Europe concur in have been opened at the Hague.

stating that

prospect of abundance, An accion brought by the Duke of Wel. held out by the harvest, is altogether un. lington against the Editor of the Flanders exampled. Corn, wine, oil, and every arJournal, came on for trial before the Tri- ticle of subsistence, fall rapidly in price. bunal of Ghent on the 1st instant; and after But in some districts the general joy has the Court had taken a week to consider of been damped by storms of rain and hail, its judgment, his Grace's complaint was which have done considerable damage to declared to be unfounded, and he was or. the corn fields. dained to pay the 'expences of the suit. The In one of the counties of Hungary, a sentence expresses the grounds on which it case has been produced by nature, which has been pronounced, which are, that the furnishes the Hungarian lawyers with an libel was not calculated to expose the Duke opportunity to exercise their ingenuity. to the consequences of a criminal or correc. On a steep declivity upon the river Hernath tional action, or to the contempt and ha- lay two vineyards, one above the other; tred of the public. The allegation con the higher one detached itself from the tained in the article of which his Grace rock, and glided down the declivity upon complained was, that, in consequence of his the lower vineyard, which it now entirely powerful recommendations, a person had covers. The question is, who is the owner been continued in the Government of a of this vineyard, and who is to be considercerti in colony, because of his having ad- ed the loser ? ministered the Government for the interests of Great Britain. The Duke has appealed SWEDEN, NORWAY, AND DENMARK. against the sentence.

The accounts from Sweden, received through the German papers, sufficiently

prove the folly and inefficacy of the anti. The formation of a free representative commercial system adopted by the Swedish constitution for the Duchy of Holstein has Government. The Swedes, notwithstandbeen again postponed. It is more than ing their late patriotic speeches on the evils probable, that, as in Prussia, the project resulting from the use of foreign luxuries, will be finally adjourned sine die. There seem just as reluctant as the inhabitants of seems to be an almost general inclination, other countries to part with their accustom. on the part of the continental Sovereigns, ed enjoyments. Several vessels introducing


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prohibited foreign goods have been seized At Constantinople a plot has been discoin different parts of the kingdom, but in vered, of which the aga of the Janissarias every city the articles continue to be sold, is supposed to have been the author. He and at 50 per cent. above the prices obtain was removed to a strong castle, and there ed previous to the prohibition. Coffee, one he died-how, need not be told to those who of the principal articles, is to be had, as understand the expeditious treatment of usual, at every inn. It seems that drink. rebels in Turkey. The Grand Seignor, it ing coffee only is prohibited, and this is in. is said, has expressed a determination to geniously avoided by calling it soup, and destroy the formidable power of the Janiscating it with a spoon.

saries ; a project, the execution of which The stagnation of trade has been so great will certainly be attended with some diffiin Norway, as to occasion the failure of se- culty and danger. veral eminent houses at Drontheim and The famous partizan, Czerney Georges, Christiana, while the extinction of the an- formerly chief of the Servian insurrection cient and customary relations of commerce against the Ottoman Porte, has been seized has given rise to smuggling, which, it is by the Pacha of Belgrade and beheadede Rot concealed, is carried on by the rich co A dispatch from the Austrian Commandpitalists, to the detriment and ruin of the ant of Semlin, giving an account of this middling and inferior classes of traders. event, states, that Georges had gone to Sem

The Norwegian army consists of 1288 mendria under a false name, and concealed artillery, 1070 cavalry, and 9612 infantry. himself there in the house of a friend ; and By the addition of the militia, a total can that the object of this hazardous step was be formed of 26,515 men.

to recover a treasure of 50,000 ducats, The Danish government is making ex. which he had hid before quitting Servia, traordinary exertions for the re-establish- and with which he now designed to retire ment of its navy. A new ship of the line into Russia. The friend, however, in whom has been launched, two new frigates are he trusted, was either weak or wicked finished, and two brigs recently constructed enough to denounce him to the Pacha of are stationed in the Categat.

Belgrade, who immediately came to Semen

dria with an escort of Janissaries, arrested RUSSIA AND TURKEY.

Georges, and also a Greek who accompaThe accounts from Russia represent that nied 'him, made them be beheaded, and country as cultivating the relations of sent their heads to Constantinople. peace with all its neighbours. On the Per The plague has been raging in a very sian frontier the army of observation has alarming degree at Constantinople. The been considerably diminished; the force hospitals are said to be filled; and the instill kept up being merely sufficient to re- terpreter of the

Grand Seignor has been inpress the incursions of the wandering tribes fected by one of his domestics. The inof Caucasus.

The differences with the telligence from Smyrna and Candia, with Turks are likely also to be soon composed, respect to the progress of the contagion in and an important negociation is spoken of these quarters, is said to be not less disas being on foot at Constantinople, for en tressing. saging the Porte to allow the free naviga The Turkish capital has also been the tion of the Dardanelles to ships paying a scene of two alarming conflagrations. A

fire broke out in the city on the 7th July, The Emperor Alexander is on the eve which, notwithstanding the presence of the of quitting Petersburgh for the long period Grand Seignor, and the greatest exertions of eighteen months. His Imperial Majesty made to arrest its progress, destroyed the will pass the winter between the two capi- greater part of that quarter of the city intals of Moscow and Warsaw ; after which habited by the Armenians.-And, on the he proposes to inspect or traverse the south- 25th of August, one of the powder-mills em provinces of his immense dominions. behind the Seven Towers blew up with a Much good may result from this journey, tremendous explosion : eight lives were if his Imperial Majesty carries with him the lost. Fortunately the fire did not commu. disposition to rectify abuses, and introduce nicate to the magazines of powder, and by judicious systems of administration through- prompt exertions its farther ravages were out those distant regions.

A convention has, it is said, been con.
gluded, through the intervention of Eng.

land, between the Porte and the See of
Rome, which secures more liberty to the
Christians established in Turkey. In con-

Letters have been received from Bengal sequence of this convention, printing. to the 21st May, which communicate the presses have been established at Constan. interesting intelligence, that, since the fall tinople, under the direction of an Italian. of fort Hatrass, the British troops had Several works in Italian, French, and La. taken eleven other forts from the enemy, lin, bare already been printed.

which, according to advices received at

moderate toll



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Bengal, from the army,

had left hi- coun his questions were put with his usual ratry entirely at the mercy of the British. pidity--indeed, they followed each other in

such quick succession, that answers could

only be given to those which appeared most Letters, dated the 8th March, are said marked and important. With his geneto have been received from Canton, which ral precision, Bonaparte inquired of the state that the Emperor of China has sent a officers what stations they filled on board letter to the Prince Regent, requesting that of ship. Learning Mr Lynn was the surno more embassies may be sent to the geon, he inquired what system of pharmacy “ celestial empire."

It is reported in the he pursued ? " That depends upon cirsame letters, that the Anti-English party, cumstances," replied the surgeon. at the Court of Pekin, have been restored hope," rejoined Napoleon, “ it is any to the Emperor's favour, notwithstanding other than that practised on this island, his late severe edict of censure against for here we have the same thing over and them.

over again—bleeding and calomel for ever.”

The conversation taking a turn on the misAFRICA.

sion of Lord Amkerst to China, his Lord

ship related the cause of its failure, which EXPEDITION TO THE NIGER. he ascribed to the necessity imposed upon It is with extreme regret we have to him by the Emperor, of smiting the ground state the death of Captain Campbell, the nine times with his forehead, an indignity able and zealous commander of this unfor- which his Lordship intimated could not be tunate but well-meant endeavour to ex submitted to. Bonaparte answered, " Inplore the interior of Africa. A letter from deed !--now, had it suited my policy to Sierra Leone, of June 30, states, that in- send an ambassador all the way to the Emtelligence of the loss had arrived at that peror of China, I should have instructed place a few days before. Captain Campbell him to kiss his great toe ; and if that would was reported to have died of a broken heart, not do, he might, if required, have kissed and the expedition was expected to return. a more offensive part, provided my object The second naval officer in command, who was attained !” had been left at Sierra Leone on account of He protested vehemently against his ill health, but was recovered, and on his confinement, and said, he knew of no law way to join the expedition, returned to in existence which gave the powers of EuSierra Leone, on hearing of Captain Camp- rope the right of detaining him a prisoner bell's death, to consult the Governor upon on the island of St Helena or elsewhere, the future conduct of the expedition." A and strongly urged the propriety of his predispatch was immediately sent home to sent situation being taken into consideraLord Bathurst.

tion by the crowned heads of Europe. Bonaparte, notwithstanding his disappoint

ment from that quarter, affects great reLord Amherst, who has lately returned liance on the justice and impartiality of the from his unsuccessful mission to China, on Prince Regent of England, when unconhis voyage home touched at St Helena, nected with national policy and the influ. where he had an interview with Bonaparte, ence of Ministers; and, with this imprese of which the following interesting particu- sion on his mind, he expressed an anxious lars have been published :--Lord Am- wish that Lord Amherst would be the herst expressed an earnest desire to be bearer of a letter from him to his Royal introduced to Bonaparte, and although Highness, which had been prepared for some obstacles presented themselves in some time, with the intention of forwarding the attainment of his object, on account it to England. His Lordship undertook of the schism which still subsists between the trust required, which he has faithfully Sir Hudson Love and Bonaparte, they executed ; but it is supposed no answer were in due time all removed, and Lord will be returned to the letter. Amherst, together with Captain Maxwell, On inquiry, the officers of the late Al. and Mr Lyun, surgeon of the Alceste, ceste found that Bonaparte can have the were allowed to wait upon the Great Man, range of the whole island in his exercise of (the title generally conferred on Bonaparte riding, driving, or walking, provided he at St Helena.) and on the 3d July, Lord will allow a British officer to attend him in Amherst was ushered into his presence at his excursions; but this he objects to. As Logwood, whilst Captain Maxwell and it is, he may extend his walks or rides the surgeon waited in an antichamber. It about twelve miles; but then he is liable was not long before those officers were de to meet, in his perambulations, British sired to join. There was nothing in the centinels at various points, who never fail appearance of Bonaparte which in the least to present arms to him. Madame Berindicated ill hсalth ; on the contrary, he trand was seen by the British officers; and looked well, and less bloated than ordi- the impression made upon them was, that nary. In his conversation with the party, she was a very handsome and clever woman.


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