The Juvenile Mentor

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009 - 128 頁
Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: 'of the farm, he recommended mercy to 'the haron towards a poor honest tenant, who had not itfu!l transgressed, or done him any material injury. But Nairac being inexorable, the judge was obliged to pronounce a sentence of expulsion from the farm, and to order payment of the dam igcs. In delivering this sentence, Bomat wiped his ryes, from which tears of compassion flowed plentifully. When.the order of seizure, both of her person and effects, the poor woman exclaimed: ' O just and righteous God ! be thou a father to the widow and her helpless orphans!' and immediately she fainted away. The compassionate judge assisted in raising the distressed 'woman; and after inquiring into her character, the number of her children, and other circumstances, generously present. tier with ahuudred louki d'or, the amount of her damages and costs, which he prevailed with the haron to accept as a.Full recommence, and the widow was restored to her farm. Deeply affected with the generosity of her benefactor, she said to aim, ' O my lord ! when will you demand payment, that I m;, y lay up for this purpose T ' I will ask it, replied Domat, when ny conscience shall tell me I have done an improper act.' The Generous Negro. 1; Joseph Rachel, a respectable negro, resided in the island of Barhadoes. He was a trader, and dealt chiefly in ho retail way. In his business, he conducted himself so fairly and complaisantly, that, in a town filled with little peddling shops, his doors were tbronged with customers. I have often dealt with him, and always found him remarkably honest and obliging. If any one knew not where to obtain an article, Joseph would endeavour to procure it, without making any advantage for himself. In .short, his 'Character was so fair, Iiis manners so generous that the best people show...

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