The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms, Second Edition: Revised and Expanded

Westminster John Knox Press, 2014年1月1日 - 380 頁
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This second edition of the Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms provides a comprehensive guide to nearly 7,000 theological terms—1,000 more terms than the first edition. McKim’s succinct definitions cover a broad range of theological studies and related disciplines: contemporary theologies, biblical studies, church history, ethics, feminist theology, global theologies, hermeneutics, liberation theology, liturgy, ministry, philosophy, philosophy of religion, postcolonial theology, social sciences, spiritually, worship, and Protestant, Reformed, and Roman Catholic theologies.

This new edition also includes cross-references that link readers to other related terms, commonly used scholarly abbreviations and abbreviations for canonical and deuterocanonical texts, an annotated bibliography, and a new introductory section that groups together terms and concepts, showing where they fit within particular theological categories. No other single volume provides the busy student, and the theologically experienced reader, with such easy access to so many theological definitions.


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用戶評語  - Joann Clark -

I would recommend this book as a study tool for all pastors and those who are studiers of the Bible. I would prefer to have a hard as the soft back is a little tattered already. 閱讀評論全文

用戶評語  - Andrea Allmon -

The definitions are easy to understand and very concise. It is set up just like a regular dictionary and we have already used it for teaching our high school youth group. 閱讀評論全文

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關於作者 (2014)

Donald K. McKim is former Academic Dean and Professor of Theology at Memphis Theological Seminary. He is author or editor of numerous books, including Theological Turning Points: Major Issues in Christian Thought; Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters; The Westminster Handbook to Reformed Theology; and the Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith.