Supplement, Being a Digest of Pickering's and Metcalf's Reports, Vol. Xv, Pickering, Iii Metcalf

Otis, Broaders & Company, 1843

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第 455 頁 - ... but the repeal of existing laws or modifications thereof embraced in this act shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued, or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil cause before...
第 152 頁 - ... such surviving child shall die, under age, and not having been married, all the estate that came to the deceased child by inheritance from such deceased parent, shall descend in equal shares to the other children of the same parent, and to the issue of any such other children who shall have died, by right of representation.
第 269 頁 - Court are of opinion that manure made on a farm occupied by a tenant at will or for years in the ordinary course of husbandry, consisting of the collections from the stable and barn-yard, or of composts formed by an admixture of these with soil or other substances, is by usage, practice, and...
第 368 頁 - At the time and place specified in the notice, such person must be taken before such judge, who must examine him under oath concerning his estate and property and effects, and the disposal thereof, and his ability to pay the judgment for which he is committed; and such judge may also hear any other legal and pertinent evidence that may be produced by the debtor or the creditor.
第 226 頁 - So in case of a conveyance by a husband, in his own name, of his wife's land, she merely signing and sealing the deed, " in token of her relinquishment of all her right in the bargained premises...
第 156 頁 - ... and the improvement of one third part of my real estate, during her natural life...
第 246 頁 - in case of loss, such loss shall be paid in sixty days after proof and adjustment thereof ; the amount of the premium note, if unpaid, and all sums due to the company from the insured, when such loss becomes due, being first deducted...
第 85 頁 - A., aforesaid ; and I hereby request my said trustees to give to said institution an appropriate name, relying on the integrity and faithfulness of said trustees and their successors, to make, from time to time, such rules and regulations as they may believe the best adapted to insure success, always having a regard to virtuous and pious youth of genius in indigent circumstances.
第 47 頁 - ... and any such director, officer, agent, or other person, who shall refuse, without justifiable cause, to appear and testify when thereto required as aforesaid, or who shall...
第 138 頁 - The foster parents or parent and the foster child shall sustain toward each other the legal relation of parent and child and shall have all the rights and be subject to all the duties of that relation including the rights of inheritance from each other.