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ENTOMOLOGY.-PACKARD (Alphæus S.). A text-book of entomology, including the anatomy, physiology, embryology, and metamorphoses of insects. London, Macmillan, 1898. 8vo, pp. xv., 729.

Contains numerous bibliographical lists.

FAUNA.-AFLALO (F. G.). "Sketch of the natural history (vertebrates) of the British Islands; with a concise bibliography of popular works relating to the British fauna, and a list of field clubs and natural history societies in the United Kingdom." Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1898. Sm. 8vo, pp. 489.


FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR. PALAT (Le Commandant). 'Bibliographie générale de la Guerre de 1870-1871: répertoire alphabétique et raisonné de toute nature concernant la guerre franco-allemande parues en France et à l'étranger." Paris, Berger-Levrault et Cie., 1896. 8vo, pp. 581.

This is not by any means the first attempt to deal with the literature of this important episode. Commandant Palat, however, has produced a work which supersedes all its forerunners, having treated the subject in a most exhaustive manner. Not content, like previous workers in the same field, to limit himself to French and German works, the author has gone further afield, and has included works published in English, Italian, Russian, etc., presenting us with a most valuable contribution to the history of the Franco-Prussian war.

MEMORY.-KENNEDY (Francis). "On the experimental investigation of memory." In the Psychological Review, Sept., 1898, pp. 477-499.

Contains a bibliography of eighty-six titles.

NUMISMATICS.—MAZEROLLE (F. E. Babelon). "Biographie

et bibliographie numismatique."
Marceau, 1898. 4to, pp. 15.


Reprinted from the Gazette numismatique française.

PERIODICAL INDEX.-"Bibliographie der deutchen Zeitschriften-Litteratur." Band i, 1896. Leipzig, Fr. Andra's Nachfolger, 1897. 8vo, pp. 784, xiv.

An attempt to index German periodicals on the lines of the "Index to Periodicals" and the "Literary Index". No fewer than 275 periodicals have been indexed for the year 1896, yielding something like 8500 entries.

PHILATELY.-HARDY (W. J.) and BACON (G. D.). "The stamp collector." London, Redway, 1898. Sm. 8vo, pp. 300.

Contains a bibliography of fifty-one titles.

RHETORIC.-SCOTT (Fred. Newton). "References on the teaching of rhetoric and composition." (University of Michigan, contributions to rhetorical theory, No. 4.) [Ann Arbor, Sheehan & Co., 1898.] 8vo, pp. 22.

The advance guard of a general bibliography of rhetoric, which it is hoped will be issued in the course of a few months.

SCOTLAND. CHRISTISON (David). "Early fortifications in Scotland motes, camps and forts." (The Rhind

lectures in Archæology for 1894). Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1898.

Contains a bibliography of 132 titles.

SKATING.-FOSTER (F. W.). "A bibliography of skating." London, Warhurst, 1898. 8vo, pp. 136.


BIBLIOGRAPHIES OF PARTICULAR PERSONS OR WORKS. CABOTS.-BEAZLEY (C. Raymond). "John and Sebastian Cabot the discovery of North America." ("Builders of Great Britain" Series). London, Longmans, 1898. Sm. 8vo, pp. xx., 311.

Contains a list of fifty-three documents illustrating their English career, and a list of Cabot literature containing 113 titles.

DANTE ALIGHIERI.-The immense and valuable collection of Dante literature which was presented to the library of Cornell University (U.S.) by Mr. William Fiske, in 1893, yields its first fruit in the publication of Part I. of a complete catalogue, compiled by Theodore W. Koch, and issued by the University. This first part, extending to nearly 100 pages, double columns, is devoted to an enumeration of Dante's works in the original and in translations, and represents the nearest practicable present approach to an exhaustive bibliography of the subject. A second part, the printing of which has already been begun, will be similarly devoted to works on Dante, and a third part will contain a supplement, an index of subjects, and an appendix on Dante's Iconography. The whole work will be paged continuously; it will index all articles in the periodicals and in general literature, and the work of annotation represents resources of scholarship and measures of investigation far exceeding anything that has been attempted in Dante literature upon a like comprehensive scale.

All libraries, all students of Dante, all bibliographers are concerned with this admirable contribution, the completion of which will lay the scholar's world under an obligation that can hardly be stated in words.. (Boston Literary World.)

HOBBES (Thomas).—SNEATH (E. Hershey). "The ethics of Hobbes, as contained in selections from his works; with an introductory essay." Boston, Ginn & Co., 1898.

Sm. 8vo. pp. xvi., 377.

Contains a bibliography covering six pages, out of which at least forty-two titles belong to works expository and critical of Hobbes and his system.

MANN (Horace).-HINSDALE (B. A.). "Horace Mann and the common school revival in the United States." ("Great Educators Series). London, Heinemann, 1898. Sm. 8vo.

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Pp. 311-319, are devoted to a short bibliography of Mann's writings, addresses, reports, etc., which deal mainly with Education in the United States. It is pointed out in a short prefatory note that a much more exhaustive bibliography, extending to upwards of 700 titles, is published in the "Report of the Commissioner of Education," 1895-96, vol. i., pp. 897-927.

PUSEY (Edward Bouverie).-LIDDON (H. P.). "Life of E. B. Pusey." . . . London, 1893-97. 4 vols., 8vo.

Vol. iv., pp. 396-453. A bibliographical list of the printed works of Dr. Pusey, followed by a list of Dr. Pusey's Sermons arranged in order of the texts; compiled by Falconer Madan.

Vol. iii., pp. 473-480. A list of the authors of the "Tracts of the Times" which was published anonymously. A most valuable contribution to the history of the Oxford Movement.

STENDHAL [pseud. of MARIE HENRI BEYLE].-LUMBROSO, (Alberto). "Saggio di una bibliografia Stendhaliana." (In "Rivista delle Biblioteche," Aug.-Sept., 1898, pp. 124-129.)

It is arranged chronologically, covering the years 1805-1898, and lists nearly fifty works.

WHITMAN (Walt).-" Selections from the prose and poetry of Walt Whitman," edited with an introduction by Oscar Lovell Triggs.

Contains 7 pp. of select bibliography.

DE IMITATIONE CHRISTI.-PUYOL (Mgr. P. E.). Descriptions bibliographiques des manuscrits et des principales éditions du livre "De imitatione Christi". Paris, V. Retavia, 1898. 8vo, pp. vi., 492.


REMOVAL OF LARGE LIBRARIES.-In the "Centralblatt für Bibliothekswesen " for June, 1898, Dr. Albert Maire, the author of Manuel de Bibliothéconomie, has an excellent paper. "Comment procéder pour déménager une bibliothèque de plus de 100,000 volumes,' in which the various problems of library removal receive attention. M. Maire has chosen for an example a library of about 150,000 volumes roughly divided into 10,000 folios, 37,000 quartos, 70,000 octavos and

36,000 duedecimos, and he asserts as a prime necessity the provision for future growth of twice the shelf room immediately necessary. Varying conditions of removal are considered-to a new stack, to a building adjoining the old one, and to a new building located at some distance, transportation of books by porters in baskets or boxes and in carts are considered, with suggestions for supervision of the work; there is an elaborate outline of the disposal of the books on the new shelves; and the cost of removal is summarised in its various details. The article deserves careful reading on account of the many useful suggestions that are offered.


The Committee of the Athenæum, Liverpool, celebrated their centenary on Monday, 19th December, with a round of festivities, including an address by the Bishop of London, a reception by the President, Mr. Alfred Booth, and a banquet by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. A centenary fund for the purchase of books has been established, and there has been distributed by the Committee an interesting account of the institution: History of the Athenæum, Liverpool, 1798-1898, compiled by George T. Shaw, Master and Librarian. Revised by W. Forshaw Wilson, Hon. Secretary, Liverpool, printed for the Committee of the Athenæum, 1898; la. 8vo, illustrated with photographs and plans. The members of the Athenæum have reason to congratulate themselves upon the brilliant success of the celebration. It is an interesting fact that while the Athenæum claims to meet all modern requirements it is virtually the same as it was when first founded. Before 1797 there was only one good newsroom in Liverpool, and that attached to an hotel. The want of a reference library was keenly felt, and Dr. Rutter and Mr. Thomas Taylor took steps to interest Mr. William Roscoe and other public-spirited citizens to found a library and newsroom. A committee was formed who submitted a report for the consideration of the intending subscribers at a general meeting summoned for the 18th December, 1797. In February of the following year a tender was accepted for the new building, and on the next New Year's Day the newsroom was opened. A sum of £2013 was spent upon books in the first year, and £3211 more in the five succeeding years. The books were judiciously chosen by committees of experts who took special classes of literature. Various structural alterations in the building have been made as necessity required, and successive annual reports show how much thought was bestowed from time to time in improving the lighting, first by candles, then to oil lamps, and then from gas to electricity. In the early days no accommodation for writing seems to have been called for. On 11th January, 1808, the modest quantity of ten quires of notepaper was allowed, and in 1810 the sum of one pound was granted for writing paper "delivered occasionally to the proprietors ". The demand made by certain subscribers in 1848 for a receiving-box for letters, and for stamps to be sold at the bar was not received with favour at the annual meeting. Writing materials were first provided in the library, and a box for letters placed in the newsroom in 1853, but it was not until 1865 that the subscribers obtained the right of purchasing stamps in the newsroom. At the present time the Athenæum supplies all the letter-writing facilities usual in a good club. The newsroom is well furnished with an ample supply of London and provincial papers,

reviews and magazines, and the library contains, in addition to its fine reference collection, many literary relics of immense value. The proprietors have added many works by bequest and donation, among them may be mentioned the Roscoe collection, and the Blanco White library of Spanish literature. The local collection is very complete and consists of a fine series of maps, plans, drawings, portraits, directories and other books illustrating the development of Liverpool. The administration of the Athenæum shows every sign of vigour and prosperity under the able management of our genial member, Mr. George T. Shaw, and the Hon. Secretary, Mr. W. Forshaw Wilson. Mr. E. Stewart-Brown is the chairman of the book committee.

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