Theosophy Magazine, November 1914 to October 1915

Helene Petrovna Blavatsky
Kessinger Publishing, 2003 - 620 頁
Theosophy is a monthly magazine devoted to the promulgation of theosophy as it was given by those who brought it. It discusses the Theosophical Movement, brotherhood of humanity, the study of occult science and philosophy and Aryan literature. A sample of articles found within include: About Killing Animals; Astral Intoxication; Black Magic in Science; Was Cagliostro a Charlatan; Comets; Dialogues on the Mysteries of the After Life; Ensouled Violin; Genesis of Evil in Human Life; Hermes as Universal Source; Hypnotism; Mount Meru; Occult Vibrations; Psychic and Noetic Action; Sin Against Life; Sunday Devotion to Pleasure; Five Great Bestowments of Charity; Tidal Wave; War in Olympus; Will and Desire; Yoga Vidya.

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Blavatsky is founder of the Theosophical Society and was an intrepid investigator of cosmic and human nature.