Narrative of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842, and to Oregon and North California in the Years 1843-'44

Taylor, Wilde, & Company, 1840 - 278 頁

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第 70 頁 - It was a strange place, the icy rock and the highest peak of the Rocky mountains, for a lover of warm sunshine and flowers; and we pleased ourselves with the idea that he was the first of his species to cross the mountain barrier — a solitary pioneer to foretell the advance of civilization.
第 20 頁 - At a little distance, Kit was on the ground, engaged in tying his horse to the horns of a cow which he was preparing to cut up. Among the scattered bands...
第 247 頁 - Indians, into the defile of an unknown mountain — attack them on sight, without counting numbers — and defeat them in an instant — and for what? To punish the robbers of the desert, and to avenge the wrongs of Mexicans whom they did not know. I repeat : it was Carson and Godey who did this — the former an American, born in the Boonslick county of Missouri ; the latter a Frenchman, born in St. Louis, — and both trained to western enterprise from early life.
第 69 頁 - E. As soon as I had gratified the first feelings of curiosity, I descended, and each man ascended in his turn; for I would only allow one at a time to mount the unstable and precarious slab, which it seemed a breath would hurl into the abyss below. We mounted the barometer in the snow...
第 216 頁 - is the little mountain — it is fifteen years ago since I saw it; but I am just as sure as if I had seen it yesterday." Between us, then, and this low coast range, was the valley of the Sacramento; and no one who had not accompanied us through the incidents of our life for the last few months could realize the delight with which at last we looked down upon it At the distance of apparently...
第 219 頁 - On the 1 9th, the people were occupied in making a road and bringing up the baggage; and, on the afternoon of the next day, February 20, 1844, we encamped, with the animals and all the materiel of the camp, on the summit of the PASS in the dividing ridge, 1,000 miles by our traveled road from the Dalles to the Columbia. The people, who had not yet been to this point, climbed the neighboring peak to enjoy a look at the valley.
第 101 頁 - The morning of the 18th was beautiful and clear ; and, all the people being anxious to drink of these famous waters, we encamped immediately at the springs, and spent there a very pleasant day. On the opposite side of the river is another locality of springs, which are entirely of the same nature. The water has a very agreeable taste, which Mr. Preuss found very much to resemble that of the famous Selter springs in the grand duchy of Nassau...
第 70 頁 - ... overlooked innumerable lakes and streams, the spring of the Colorado of the Gulf of California ; and on the other was the Wind river valley, where were the heads of the Yellowstone branch of the Missouri ; far to the north, we...
第 224 頁 - Derosier's absence, fearing that he might have been bewildered in the woods. Charles Towns, who had not yet recovered his mind, went to swim in the river, as if it were summer, and the stream placid, when it was a cold mountain torrent foaming among rocks.
第 129 頁 - ... inhabited by the Camanches and other kindred tribes, no robes whatever are furnished for trade. During only four months of the year, ( from November until March, ) the skins are good for dressing ; those obtained in the remaining eight months...