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NEW YORK STATE.-Continued.

Montefiore Home Country Sanatoriumn, L. Rosenberg, Bedford Station...
Morton's Private House, Dr., D. J. Morton, Eighty-eighth Street and Fort Hamilton
Parkway, Brooklyn...

Muncie Sanitarium, E. H. Muncie, 117 Macon Street, Brooklyn.
Muncie Sanatorium Hotel, E. H. & L. H. Muncie, Muncie Island, Babylon, L. I....
Murray Hill Sanitarium, E. V. Magnet, Supt., 148 East Thirty-fifth Street, New York


New York Christian Home for Intemperate Men, Rev. G. L. Avery, Manager..
Olean Sanitarium, W. I. Hewitt, Olean..

Oppenheimer Institute, 317 West Fifty-seventh Street, New York City.
Parkside Sanitarium, S. A. Dunnam, Buffalo..

Private Sanitarium, A. J. Sherman, 126 East Sixtieth Street, New York City
Providence Retreat, J. J. Twohey, 2157 Main Street, Buffalo.....
River Crest, W. E. Dold, Astoria, L. I., New York City...
Riverview, J. R. Bolton, Fishkill-on-the-Hudson...

Ross Health Resort, W. H. Ross, Brentwood, L. I...
Sahler Sanitarium, The Dr. C. O., C. O. Sahler, Kingston...

St. Vincent's Retreat, S. J. Brooks, Harrison, Westchester County (Women only)....
Sanford Hall, W. S. Brown, Flushing, New York City....
Shepard's Sanitarium, Dr., C. H. Shepard, 81 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn
Spa Sanitarium, The, A. I. Thayer, 65 High Street, Ballston, Spa.....

Steuben Sanitarium, J. E. Walker, Hornellsville..

Stony Wold Sanitarium, H. S. Goodall, Lake Kushaqua...................... ...............
Stroug's, Dr., S. E. Strong, Saratoga Springs...

Telfair Sanitarium, W. G. Telfair, 568 West Avenue, Rochester..
Vitalist School of Physical Training, The, A. H. Terry, Blue Point, L. I..
Waldmere-on-the-Sound, E. N. Carpenter, Mamaroneck..
Whitesboro Sanitarium, F. P. Bayliss, Whitesboro..
Williamson Sanitarium, A. N. Williamson, Dobb's Ferry.................
Willis Sanitarium, H. Willis, 1453 Pacific Street, Brooklyn.



Barnhill Sanitarium, T. G. Barnhill, Findlay,
"Brown Cure, The J. S.," C. J. Turner, Main Street, Greenspring.
Brunton Sanitarium, H. O. Brunton, Conneaut..
Cincinnati Sanitarium, F. W. Langdon, College Hill, Station K, Cincinnati..
Fair Oaks Villa, W. A. Searl, Cuyahoga Falls..........


Geiger's Sanitarium, G. H. Geiger, 118 East Second Street, Dayton...

Good Samaritan Hospital, H. T. Sutton, Zanesville....
Grandview Sanitarium, Price Hill, B. T. Beebe, Cincinnati....

Hartman Sanitarium, D. R. Summy, 247 South Fourth Street, Columbus
Langcoy's Bathatorium and Electric Health Home, J. Miller Langcoy's, Lime, Allen

..... ..........



Mansfield Sanitarium, B. F. Harding, Mansfield....
McMillen Sanitarium, Bishop McMillen, Shepard

Mowry's Sanitarium and Treatment Rooms, Dr. D. Mowry, 203 Fountain Pl., Bellefontaine
Park View Sanitarium, H. A. Rodebaugh, 664 N. Park Street, Columbus...

Oxford Retreat, G. F. Cook, Oxford......

Sawyer Sanitarium, C. E. Sawyer, Marion ..

Sigler's Electrical Sanitarium, J. B. Claypool, Niles........
Shepard Sanitarium, W. E. Postle, Shepard.
University Sanitarium, C. A. Palmer, 773 Republic, Cleveland..



Eraston Sanitarium, C. S. Kinney, Easton..
Grand View Sanitarium, R. D. Wenrich, Wernersville..
Inwood Sanitarium, S. E. Winter, West Conshohocken...
Lebanon Sanitarium, A. B. Gloninger, Lebanon...
Lititz Springs Sanitarium, J. B. Brobst, Lititz......
Markleton Sanatorium, J. L. Martin, Markleton..
Mercer Sanitarium, The, M. L. McKinstry, Mercer........
Mountain Side Sanatorium, A. M. Rothrock, Mont Alto...
Pennsylvania Sanitarium, H. B. Knapp, 1929 Girard Avenue, Philadelphia.
South Mountain Camp Sanatorium, A. M. Rothrock, Mont Alto....
Sunnyrest Sanatorium, E. Stockdale, White Haven..
Walter Sanatorium, The, R. Walter, Walters Park....
White Haven Sanatorium, L. F. Flick, White Haven.





Bates' Electropathic Sanitarium, Dr., W. L. Bates, 141 Benefit Street, Providence..
Hopeworth Sanitarium, W. C. Canfield, Bristol...
Keeley Institute, The, T. J. Stringfield, Providence....

Lakeview Sanitarium, W. D. Berry. Burlington.......
Prime's Vermont Sanitarium. Dr. W. R. Prime, 244 Pearl Street, Burlington..
Randolph Sanatorium, The, J. P. Gifford, Randolph..
Sparhawk Sanitarium, S. Sparhawk, Burlington..

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Would a little more flesh make you more stylish and attractive?

Would 10 or 20 pounds more make you better satisfied with your personal appearance?

Would your gowns look better and please you and others more if you were a little stouter?

If so, do you believe anyone can give you the additional flesh that you desire?


If you write me I will send you promptly sufficient Dr. Whitney's Nerve and Flesh Builder to prove that it will give you a superb figure, with beautiful arms, shapely neck and shoulders, full round bust, and well developed limbs; not for the time being but permanently. There will not be a penny of charge for this; it is a purely vegetable compound and cannot possibly do you any harm, but is always of great benefit to the general health. It will positively enlarge

the bust from 2 to 6 inches and give a healthy tint to the complexion; the Free Trial proves this. If this generous offer overcrowds us it will be discontinued, so don't delay; write to-day to

The C. L. JONES CO., 50 Friend Building, ELMIRA, N. Y.


Prompt and careful attention given to the prosecution of applications for Patents and NO ATTORNEY FEE CALLED FOR UNTIL PATENT IS ALLOWED. Examinations as to Patentability and Scope and Validity of Patents.

Correspondence Invited.


Established in 1882

Attorney-at-Law and
Solicitor of Patents
Washington Loan and Trust Bldg.

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This is the guarantee that comes in each box of six pairs of "Holeproof" Hose: "If any or all of these hose come to holes in six months from the day you buy them, we will replace them free." The great success of our men's and women's hose has forced us to increase our line.

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We Now Make Children's Stockings

These have 6-ply reinforced knees as well as 6-ply heels and toes. So their cost is 50c. a pair or $3 a box of six pairs. But once you try them you would pay $1 a pair if we asked it. They save all the darning-they outwear many pairs of the best unguaranteed stockings, so the saving in dollars and cents at the end of the year makes them the cheapest by far. No other hosiery equals Holeproof" in quality.


We Pay An Average of 63c. Per Pound

for Our Yarn

We buy the best Egyptian and Sea Island cotton-the softest and finest we know-regardless of what we must pay. Our yarn is 3-ply. We could pay 30c. and get weak and coarse 2-ply yarn as others do. But you wouldn't buy such hosiery because it is uncomfortable. We are not trying to sell you wear only. Buy "Holeproof" for all of the qualities of the best unguaranteed hosiery-plus

six months' longer wear.

This Is a Fact to Note:

Please learn that the only difference between the best unguaranteed hose and Holeproof' is that Holeproof' wear longer.


Examine them. Notice how soft and light they are. Compare any brand of hose with Holeproof." Then let "" Holeproof' show how they wear.

If your dealer does not have genuine Holeproof'' Hose, bearing the " Holeproof' Trade- Mark, order direct from us. Remit in any convenient way and we will ship you the hose and prepay transportation charges.

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Holeproof Hosiery


Holeproot Hose for Men-Six pairs, $1.50 Medium, light and extra light weight. Black, light and dark tan, navy blue, pearl gray, and black with white feet. Sizes, 9% to 12. Six pairs of a size and weight in a box, All one color or assorted as desired.

Holeproof Lustre-Hose for MenFinished like silk, six pairs, $3. Extra light weight. Black, navy blue, light and dark tan and pearl gray. Sizes, 9% to 12,

Holeproof Stockings-Six pairs, $2. Medium weight. Black, tan, and black with white feet. Sizes, 8 to 11.

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Holeproof Lustre-Stockings-Finished like silk. Six pairs, $3. Extra light weight. Tan and black. Sizes 8 to 11.

Children's Stockings-Boys' sizes, 5 to 10, and Misses' sizes, 5 to 9%. Colors, black and tan. 6-ply reinforced knee, heel and toe. Six pairs, $3.

Ask for Our Free Book, "How to Make Your Feet Happy."

HOLEPROOF HOSIERY CO., 999 Fourth Street, Milwaukee, Wis.


Purest Product


Old Beechwood


LOUISVILLE, KY,USA Straight Kentucky Whiskey

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Send us a trial order and when you get the

whiskey test it for flavor, smoothness, and all

the essentials of Pure Kentucky Whiskey; com-

pare it with other whiskies, no matter what the

price; test it for medicinal purposes; let your

friends try it; use one-half of it if you wish to

satisfy yourself, and if you are then not fully con-

vinced that OLD BEECHWOOD is the best you

have ever used, return the balance to us at our

expense and we will refund your money in full.

Vogt-Applegate Co.


Louisville, Ky.

NOTE:-Orders for Arizona, Colorado, California, Idaho, Montana,
Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, for
less than five gallons by Express prepaid, please add 20 cents per
quart, or when packed in demijohns, 80 cents for one gallon demi-
john, $1.20 for two one gallon demijohns, and $2.00 for three one
gallon demijohns, on account of the very high express rate. Orders
for five gallons, twenty quarts, or more to these points will be ship.
ped by Freight, prepaid, without any additional charge.


REFERENCES-German Insurance Bank, other Banks, or any
Merchant or Express Company, Postmaster, or Mayor.

If you do not care to order now, write us for

price list and learn how to get five quarts for

the price of four.

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