& Aug. You've nothing, my Lord Abberville, to apprehend from me: I should be loth to give an interruption to your happiness in the height of my own. - 3. Aub. Give me thy hand, Augusta—In the hope that I was labouring for thy sake, and in thy person that I should restore the prostrate fortunes of an ancient house, I have toiled on through eighteen years of wearisome adventure: crown'd with success, I now at length return, and find my daughter all my fondest hope could represent; but past experience makes me provident: I would secure my treasure; I would bestow it now in faithful hands— What say you, sir, will you accept the charge P. . . . . . . . [To Tyr. - Tyr. Yes, and will bear it ever in my sight, watch. over it with unremitting love, and guard it with my life. Aub. What says my child, 'my dear Augusta ? But I read her looks—Blest be you both 4: Mort. 2Amen," say I. Live an example to the age; and when I read the list of marriages, as I do that of burials, with a sigh, let me have this to say, that there was one example of felicity. : Lord Abb. O, Frank, 'tis hard to speak the word, but you deserve her; yours is the road to happiness: I have been lost in error, but I shall trace your steps, and press to overtake you. Mort. Why, that’s well said; there spoke your faI

ther from within you: now begone; fly to the altars of your country lares; visit that nurse of contemplation, solitude ; and while you range your groves, that shook at every rattle of the dice, ask of your reason why you was a gamester. Lord Abb. I’ve been a madman; I have lost an humble faithful friend, whose services would be invaluable. Mort. Why ay, your Highlander, your poor Macleod; our plan must stop without his help ; I’m but a projector, he must execute—but there likewise I can serve you. Lord Abb. O Mortimer, how much have I mistaken thee! Mort. Come, come, I have my faults; I'm an untoward fellow, and stand as much in need of a reform as any of you all.

Enter Dr. DRUID hastily, followed by Colin.

Dr. Druid. Tutor me truly—talk to me! Pray, gentlemens, bear witness: is Master Colins here a proper teacher of the dialects, d'ye see, and pronunciations of the English tongue *

Colin. Why not Is there not Duncan Ross of Aberdeen, that lačtures twice a week in oratory at the Seven Dials and does not Sawney Ferguson, a cousin of mine awn, administer the English language in its utmost elegance at Amsterdam :

Dr. Druid. Bear witness; that is all I say, bear witness. Mort. We do: there is not one amongst us, Dočtor, but can witness to some noble act of Colin's; and we would not wound his harmless vanity, for any bribe that you can offer. Iord Abb. Colin, I’ve done you wrong : but I was not myself; be you no worse a servant than you have been, and you shall find henceforward I will be a better master. Colin. I’m satisfied; an you'll neglećt yoursall na more than I shall do, things will gang well enow. Tyr. I must apologize to Colin too; like my Lord Abberville, I was not myself when I rebuff'd you on the business of Miss Aubrey's letter. Colin. Say no more, Maister Tyrrel; 'tis not for a mon to resent the pertness of a cheeld, or the petulance of a lover. Aug. But what shall I say to him Where shall I find words to thank him as I ought Aub. I father all your obligations; ’twas not you but me his bounty sav’d. - Lord Abb. Hold, sir; in point of obligation, I stand first. By how much there is more disgrace in doing than in suffering a violence, by so much I am more his debtor than you all. Colin. Ecod, and that is true enew ; Heaven sends misfortunes, but the de'il sends mischief. Dr. Druid. Well, Master Colin, all is past and over; you have got your place again, and all is well. Coot now, let me admonish you for the future to be quiet and hear reason; moderate your choler and your passions and your partialities: it is not for a clown like you to prattle and dispute with me; in fait you should know better. Mort. Come, come, ’tis you that should know better; in this poor Highlander, the force of prejudice has some plea, because he is a clown; but you, a citizen that should be of the world, whose heart, philosophy and travel might have open'd, should know better than to join the cry with those, whose charity, like the limitation of a brief, stops short at Berwick, and never circulates beyond the Tweed : by Heaven, I'd rather weed out one such unmanly prejudice from the hearts of my countrymen, than add another Indies to their empire.

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LADIES, your country's ornament and pride,
22, whom the nuptial deity has tied
In silken fetters, will ye not impart
For pity's sake, some portion of your art
To a mere novice, and prescribe some plan
How you would have me live with my good mant

Tell me, if I should give each passing hour
To love of pleasure or to love of power;
If with the fatal thirst of desperate play
I should turn day to night and night to day:
Had I the faculty to make a prize
Of each pert animal that meets my eyes,
Say are these obječas worth my serious aim ;
Do they give happiness, or health, or fame *
Are hecatombs of lovers hearts of force
To deprecate the demons of divorce #

Speak, my advisers, shall I gain the plan
Of that bold club, which gives the law to man,
At their own weapon that proud sex deftes
And sets up a new female paradise P


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