Cairo of To-day: A Practical Guide to Cairo and the Nile

A. and C. Black, 1907 - 264 頁


讀者評論 - 撰寫評論




第 187 頁 - is what it professes to be, a collection of some of Our Lord's sayings. "These, judging from their archaic tone and framework, were put together not later than the end of the first, or the beginning of the second century,
第 169 頁 - of proper means for the maintenance of the Khedive's authority will admit of it. In the meantime, the position in which Her Majesty's Government are placed towards His Highness imposes upon them the duty of giving advice with the object of securing that the order of things to be established shall be of a satisfactory character, and possess the elements of stability and progress.
第 85 頁 - The Beys came, mounted on their finest horses, in magnificent uniforms, forming the most superb cavalry in the world. After a very flattering reception from the Pasha, they were requested to parade in the court of the Citadel. " They entered the fortification unsuspectingly— the portcullis fell behind the last of the proud procession, a
第 85 頁 - glance revealed to them their doom. They dashed forwards — in vain ! before, behind, around them nothing was visible but blank pitiless walls and barred windows; the only opening was towards the bright blue sky, even that was soon darkened by their funeral pile of smoke, as volley after volley flashed from a thousand muskets behind the ramparts upon
第 197 頁 - twin-screw vessels, at very moderate rates. Passengers taking Return Tickets from Liverpool have the option of returning by any of the Bibby Line Steamers, or overland through Paris to London, first class, similarly, passengers may proceed to Marseilles from London by rail, and return by sea.
第 161 頁 - sun's rim dips, the stars rush out; at one stride comes the dark,
第 197 頁 - As the bulk of the Eastern Passengers by this line embark and disembark at Marseilles, those desirous of the short trip (6£ days) between England and Marseilles are afforded very ample accommodation on
第 86 頁 - Bey. He spurred his charger over a heap of his slaughtered comrades, and sprang upon the battlements. It was a dizzy height, but the next moment he was in the air— another, and he was disengaging himself from his crushed and dying horse amid a shower of bullets. He escaped, and found safety in the sanctuary of a mosque, and ultimately in the deserts of the Thebaid.
第 92 頁 - and some other styles ; but as a perfect model of the elegance we generally associate with the architecture of this people, it is, perhaps, unrivalled by anything in Egypt, and far surpasses the Alhambra, or the western buildings of its age.
第 115 頁 - And near the Pyramids, more wondrous and more awful than all else in the land of Egypt, there