The Journal of the Indian archipelago and eastern Asia (ed. by J.R. Logan)., 第 1 卷

James Richardson Logan

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第 398 頁 - If I have not seen, and yet shall say that I have seen ; if I shall say that I know that which I do not know, then may I be thus punished. Should innumerable descents of the Deity happen for the regeneration and salvation of mankind, may my erring and migrating soul be found beyond the pale of their mercy ! Wherever I go, may I be encompassed with dangers, and not escape from them, whether arising from murderers, robbers, spirits of the earth...
第 24 頁 - The mode in which the natives obtain the gutta is by cutting down the trees of full growth, and ringing the bark at distances of about 12 to 18 inches apart, and placing a cocoanut shell, spathe of a palm, or such like receptacle, under the fallen trunk to receive the milky sap that immediately exudes upon every fresh incision. This sap is collected in bamboos, taken to their houses and boiled, in order to drive off the, •watery particles...
第 8 頁 - Monkeys, of all sizes and colours, spring from branch to branch, or, in long trains, rapidly steal up the trunks. Deer, and amongst them the graceful palandoh, no bigger than a hare and celebrated in Malayan poetry, on our approach fly startled from the pools which they and the wild hog most frequent. Lively squirrels, of different species, are everywhere met with.
第 26 頁 - ... combustion it very much resembles. But the great peculiarity of this substance, and that which makes it so eminently useful for many purposes, is the effect of boiling water upon it. When immersed for a few minutes in water above 150 degrees of Faht.
第 322 頁 - ... eradicated, in the extensive provinces through which it was once universally received ; and, in many particulars, it continued long to mingle with, and influence, the original superstitions of the Gothic nations. Hence, we find the elves occasionally arrayed in the costume of Greece and Rome, and the Fairy Queen and her attendants transformed into Diana and her nymphs, and invested with their attributes and appropriate insignia.
第 24 頁 - I have little doubt is to be found in most of the islands adjacent. The localities it particularly likes are the alluvial tracts along the foot of hills, where it flourishes luxuriantly, forming, in many spots, the principal portion of the jungle. But notwithstanding the indigenous character of the tree, its apparent abundance and wide-spread diffusion, the Gutta will soon become a very scarce article, if.
第 399 頁 - I be afflicted by the intolerable oppressions of my superiors ; or may a plague cause my death ; after which, may I be precipitated into hell, there to go through innumerable stages of torture, amongst -which, may I be condemned to carry water over the flaming regions, in open...
第 399 頁 - Wetsu wan, when he enters the infernal hall of justice, and thereafter may I fall into the lowest pit of hell ; or if these miseries should not ensue, may I after death migrate into the body of a slave, and suffer all the hardships and...
第 26 頁 - ... the least conjectural. Its easy plasticity and power of retaining any shape given to it when cool, at once pointed it out as suitable for the manufacture of Bougies, and accordingly my Predecessor, Dr. W.
第 15 頁 - ... all the principal nations. No European has ever entered into free and kindly intercourse with them, without being much more impressed by their virtues than their faults. They contrast most favourably with the Chinese and the Klings in their moral characters ; and although they do not, like those pliant races, readily adapt themselves to the requirements of foreigners, in their proper sphere they are intelligent, shrewd, active, and, when need is, laborious. Comparing them even with the general...