The Dramatic Works of William Shakspeare: With a Glossary

C. Whittingham, 1823 - 666 頁

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第 247 頁 - moon ; Or dire into the bottom of the deep, Where fathom-line could never touch the ground, And pluck up drowned honour by the locks ; So he, that doth redeem her thence, might wear, Without corrival, all her dignities : But out upon this
第 235 頁 - breath of worldly men cannot depose The deputy elected by the Lord : For every man that Bolingbroke hath press'd, To lift shrewd sleel against our golden crown, God for his Richard hath in heavenly pay A
第 207 頁 - from her bed, throw her nightgown upon her, unlock her closet, take forth paper, fold it, write upon it, read it, afterwards seal it, and again, return to bed; yet all this while in a most fast
第 307 頁 - Question, my lords, no further of the case, How, or which way ; 'tis sure, they found some place But weakly guarded, where the breach was made. And now there rests no other shift but this,— To gather our soldiers, scatter'«! and dispers'd. And lay new platforms to
第 357 頁 - up the year. When this is known, then to divide the time» : So many hours must I tend my flock ; So many hours must 1 take my rest ; So many hours must I contemplate
第 374 頁 - Ciar. Methought I had ; and often did I strive To yield the ghost : but still the envious flood Kept in my soul, and would not let it forth To leek the empty, vast, and
第 202 頁 - I will advise you where to plant yourselves. Acquaint you with the perfect spy o'the time, The moment on't : for't must be done to-night. And something from the palace ; always thought That I require
第 107 頁 - the judge's clerk : A prating boy, that begg'd it as a fee ; I could not for my heart deny it him. For. You were to blame, I must be plain with you, To part
第 207 頁 - power a-foot : Now is the time of help ; your eye in Scotland Would create soldiers, make our women fight, To doff their dire distresses. Macd. Be not a niggard of your speech ; How
第 118 頁 - a living humour of madness ; which was, to forswear the full stream of the world, and to live in a nook merely monastic : And thus 1 cured him ; and this way will I