The realm of the ice king. By the author of 'Saved from the wreck'.


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第32页 - He giveth snow like wool : he scattereth the hoar-frost like ashes. He casteth forth his ice like morsels : who can stand before his cold ? He sendeth out his word, and melteth them : he causeth his wind to blow, and the waters flow.
第14页 - countless herds of reindeer, elks, black bears, foxes, sables, and gray squirrels, fill the upland forests ; stone foxes and wolves roam over the low grounds. Enormous flights of swans, geese, and ducks arrive in spring, and seek deserts where they may moult and build their nests in safety. Eagles, owls, and gulls pursue their prey along the seacoast; ptarmigan run in troops among the bushes ; little snipes are busy along the brooks and in the morasses ; the social crows seek the neighbourhood of...
第20页 - Henry the 7. who then raigned, insomuch that all men with great admiration affirmed it to be a thing more divine than humane, to saile by the West into the East where spices growe, by a way that was never knowen before, by this fame and report there increased in my heart a great flame of desire to attempt some notable thing.
第133页 - When all is ice, and all one dazzling mass of white — when the surface of the sea itself is tossed up and fixed into rocks, w^hile the land is, on the contrary, very often flat, it is not always so easy a problem as it might seem on a superficial view, to determine a fact which appears in words to be extremely simple.
第34页 - And never more, on sea or shore, Should Sir Humphrey see the light. He sat upon the deck, The Book was in his hand ; " Do not fear ! Heaven is as near...
第135页 - I thanked every one for their excellent conduct, and cautioned them, as we should, in all probability, soon appear before our Maker, to enter his presence as men resigned to their fate.
第134页 - As soon as I had satisfied my own mind, I made known to the party the gratifying result of all our joint labor ; and it was then that, amidst mutual congratulations, we fixed the British flag on the spot and took possession of the North Magnetic Pole and its adjoining territory in the name of Great Britain and King William the Fourth.
第114页 - ... it was evident that the portion of ice which still divided the channel from the open ocean, would soon be completely destroyed. Had we attempted to...
第20页 - I began therefore to sail toward the north-west, not thinking to find any other land than that of Cathay, and from thence to turn toward India...
第128页 - As we traveled by far the greater part of our distance on the ice three and not infrequently five times over, we may safely multiply the length of the road by two and a half, so that our whole distance, on a very moderate calculation, amounted to 580 geographical or 668 statute miles, being nearly sufficient to have reached the pole in a direct line.