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(No. 64, January 30, 1830.)

From Mrs Maclehose, (Clarinda.)

14, Calton Hill, Edinburgh, 28th October, 1829.

« I return you the fine Portrait of Burns, taken from the life by Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.

the late Mr Peter Taylor, his early friend. In my opinion, it is the

most striking likeness of the great Poet I have ever seen; and I say ORIGINAL PORTRAIT OF ROBERT BURNS.

this with the more confidence, having a perfect rccollection of his

appearance, Preparing for publication,

UOLISO) Urn will huo


BY PERMISSION, NO TO SIR WALTER SCOTT, BART. ) vets Since the above Testimonials were obtdined, the Publishers A GENUINE AND ORIGINAL PORTRAIT have been favoured with the following communication berpindi mo

from one of whom Scotland may justly be proud The I ROBERT BURNS,

Ettrick Shepherd_which, as it is strongly corroborative, PAINTED 19 1736, BY THE LATE MER PETER


not only or the faithfulness of Taylor's likeness of Burns, AXD FINISHED IN THE FIRST STYLE OF LINE ENGRAVING,

w but of its authenticity, they subjoin :BY, MR JOHN HORSBURGH.

19 mm Mount Benger, November 27, 1829. the Print, 7) by 9 inches.

TB « Gentlemen,--Observing that I am mentioned in the EDINBURGH 41.05X14. JAV1587

LITERARY JOURNAL, as having some reminiscence about the late

Mr Taylor's picture of Burns, 1 deem incumbent on me to state all PROOFS ON

, . that I recollect about it, whieh certainty is of some avail, should PAPER,

there be any doubts about the originality of the portrait PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, BEFORE WRITING. L. 2, 28. “On the 26th of January, 1812, I was sent for to Mr Gray's house, To be delivered strictly in the order of Subscription, and will be at St. Lconard's Whele 1 found him and Mr Aidslie, Mı Gilbert ready about the middle of April, 1830. Edinburgh: Published for

the Proprietor, by CONSTABLE and Co. to get a sight of ad original Portrait of Burns, said to be then in 13, Waterloo Place; and Moon, Boys, and GRAVES, Primusellers to Edinburgh. I laughed at the conceit, believing it to be a hoax, and his Majesty, London.oli y OY' to...JIO) DO, VORI

some fair copy from Nasmyth's; 'not thinking it possible that a porTRACTS FROM TESTIMONTALS, -11 -10 10:43

trait of our great 'ytical Bard could have so long been concealed,

after every thing relating to him had been ransacked to the founda(The Originals of which lie with the Publishers.)

tion. Mr Gray, however, had learned the whole history of the Scott, Bart.1

thing, and re-assured us of the truth of it, but at the same time add“I am much gratified by the sight of the many years since ;

edo that the widow.lady to whom it belonged had, of lave years, refused even to show it to any person, and that the only possible way

of attaining our purpose, was to make interest with Miss Dudgeon, and being a bad marker of likenesses, and rerolleetor of faces, I should, a young lady, a relation who lived with Mrs Taylor. Mr Gray had in any ordinary case, have hesitated to offer an opiniont upon the re- already

been off in searen of Miss Dudgeon, but had missed her: he, sein biance, especially as I make no pretensions to judge of the Fine however, learned that she was to be at such a house, at such a time, Arts. But Burns was so reinarkable a man, that his features remain that day. ), having met Miss Dudgeon several times in company impressed on my mind as if I had seen him only yesterday; and I with Mrs Izett and the late Mrs Brunton, went along with Gray, and could not hesitate to tecognise this portrait as a striking resemblance we found the lady. At first she said it was in vain over to ask it; but of the Poet, though it had been presented to me amid a whole exhi.

when we mentioned the name of Mr Gilbert Burns, Miss Dudgeon bition. I will accept of the inscription which you tell me the Pro

said that altered the case materially: for such was Mrs Taylor's veto . neration for the memory of the Bard, that the very curiosity to see

WALTER SCOTT." his brother would ensure our reception, and she desired us to come From Mrs Burns.

at two, and she would ensure us a sight of the picture.com

"We accordingly went at the hour, and who the gentlemen were “I am requested to give my opinion regarding the Portrait of my either six of geven of Burns's personal acquaintances. "I think Mr ** Burns Street, Dumfries, 4th Nov. 1829.

beside those mentioned I cannot recollect, but I know there were late husband, painted by Peter Taylor. I was not aware that ano

John Morrison was one. ther original Portrait has been taken but the one in my possession West Register Street, there we found our ciceroni and Mrs Taylor,

And in a little neat house, up one stair in by Nasmyth ; but after seeing this one, I have no hesitation in stating my belief that it is original. The likeness to the

upper part, of in her

manner, and spoke but little. The first thing she did was to the face is very striking. 19 il


ask, who of us was the brother of Burns? Mr Gray bade her find From John Syme, Esq.

that out; and although the room was small and rather crowded, she Minbrae, near Dumfries, 4th Nov. 1829. soon fixed on Gilbert Burns, and layıng her hand on his arm, and " I consider the likeness very faithful. The nose, eyes, and brow, looking in his face, said. Is this no hiin? She was rather proud of are particularly well deliveated; but the lower part of the face is having made the discovery so soon; and when Mr Gray asked by fuller than the Poet's was when I knew him. JOAN SYME.1 what features she kuew him, she replied, "She would soon show him From Mrs Thomson, Dumfries-formerly Miss Jess

that;' and taking a key out of a private drawer, she opened an upper Leni na Lewars.

she took a portrait of Burns, carefully rolled up in silver paper. It « Dumfries, 5th November, 1829, was kit-kat size, half-length, with buckskin breeches, blue coat, and * I am quite satisfied that the Picture is a correct, and even stri: broad high-crowned bat. Mr Gray at first sight exclaimed, Glom king likeness of Burns. Itecognised it in al moment and I must rious! Glorious ! Burns every inch! Every feature ! Mrs Taylor, say it recalls to' my mind completely the appearance of the Poel, with that is quite a treasure." Mr Ainslie made some remarks about the whoin I was intimately acquainted during the latter years of his lite. mouth. Mr Gilbert Burns said, . It is particularly like Robert in the I prefer it greatly to Mr Nasmyth's Portrait. Indeed, there can be form and air with regard to renial faults, I care not. These were no question hat it is the better of the two. After Mr Burns got into his first words, or very near them. He looked long and fondly at it, bed bealth, he was thinner about the lower part of the face; but still and listened with earnest attention to Mrs. Taylor's relation of ils I am of opioion, thad the likeness, even in this respect must have execution. She said, Mr Burns and Peter had been in a large party been correct at the time it was taken, JANET THOMSON.".

over night, and that Burns, of his own accord, had attached himself From David Bridges, Jun. Esq.

very much to her husband, for he never wantit the good heart and

the good huviour, poor fellow 11. That on parting, Peter invited the "Bank Street, Edinburgh, 18th November, 1829.

Poet to breakfast the next day. He came, and that very day the " In reference to the Portrait of Burns, I beg to mention, that my acquaintauee with the Poet was limited to the las four years of his purtrait was begun' after breakfast; Burns having sat an hour to the life. This Picture was painted in 1786,, when Burns was in full vi- artist. He came a second day to breakfast, and sat an hour and a pour; buc, in my opinion, it exhibits a strong likeness of him in his third

day, which being the last day Burns had to spare, he had to sit quiet moments, and unquestionably is the best Portrait of Buros 1 rather long, and Mr Taylor caused her (Mrs Taylor)' to come in and

chat with the Poet She related to Mr Gilbert Burns a number of have ever seen.

, D. BRIDGES, Jun."

hris brother's sayings at these interviews, but they were about people From Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, Esqini

I did not know, and have forgot them. They were of no avail. « 93, Prince's Street, Edinburgh, 18th November, 1829.

“ All that I can say of the portrait is, that though I thought it "You desire me to give my opinion of the Portrait him and have hardly so finished a picture as Nasmych's

, I could see a family likethere can be no doubt about its authenticity.

The first time I saw

tomed to see old Mrs Burns in Closeburn church every Sabbath-day, Burns, was shortly after he wrote the letter to my father, printed

in for years, also a sister of the Bard's, who was married there, and Gil Dr Currie's edition of his works; he was then older-looking than his bert Burns was present. Taylor's picture

had a family likeness to age, and handsome. i da

It is them all. To the youngest sister it had a particular likeness. CHAS. KIRKPATRICK SHARPE.

as like one of Gilbert Burns's sons, and very like Gilbert himself in fuiy tu * From Peter Hill; E«quis ultri durant the upper part of the face. I took a long and scrutinizing look of

-2, Hope Street, Edinburgh, 31st October, 1829. Gilbert and the picture. It is curious that I could not help associa"I beg to return to you the Portrait of my old friend Robert ting Wordsworth in the family likeness with the two brothers. Gilbert Bums, and feel mueb pleasure in having seen it. In the opinion of was very like him, fully as like as to Robert; but, to use a bad both Mrs Hüll and myself, the picture bears a strong resemblance to Iricism, had the one been his father, and the other his mother, he the Poet, such as he was when he first visited Edinburgh.

would have been deemed very like them both. The impression of the

PETER HILL." whole party was, in a general sense, that Mr Taylor's picture was a From Miss Dunlop, daughter of the Poet's esteened

friend. free, bold, and striking likeness of Burns. Mrs Taylor would never “ Albany Place, Dumfries, ath November, 1829. “Miss Dunlop was in the habit of seeing the Poet frequently, from liked, and Mr Gilbert Burns testified himself particularly gratified. death, and his was not a face to be forgotten. Yet, since then, it has city to any part of this letter you choose ; and I remain, dear sirs,

“JAMES HOGG. bol been placed so brightly before her mind's eye,' as on opening yours most iruly,

To Messrs Constable & Co. Edinburgh," the box containing this Portrait."

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On the Jlst of March, 1830, will be published
And BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

RANDOM RECORDS. By GEORGE COL-Price Six Shillings, of a new, greatly improved, and cheap Edition

MAN the Younger. Dedicated, by Gracious Permission, to His Majesty. In two vols. small 8vo, with portrait.

ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, being the DARNLEY-A TALE ; or. « The Field of the Cloth SEVENTH,

including the recent Supplement to that work:

with Preliminary Dissertations on the History of the Sciences. By of Gold." By the Author of “ Richelieu." 3 vols.

the late Professors STEWART and PLAY FÁIR, and by the Right The LIFE of MAJOR-GENERAL SIR THO- Hon. Sir JAMES MACKINTOSH and Professor LESLIE. Tiles MAS MUNRO, Bart., K.C.B. late Governor of MADRAS, with ex trated with a new set of Engravings on Steel. To be published is traets from his Correspondence and Private Papers. By the Rev. Mr Monthly Parts, and completed in Twenty Volumes quarto GLEIG. 2 vols. 8vo.

Edited by Professor NÁPIER. The Reverend GEORGE CROLY'S POETICAL

MODE AND TERMS OF PUBLICATION. "WORKS. 2 vols. post 8vo, with plates.

I. By augmenting the contents of the page, but without decres RECORDS of CAPT. CLAPPERTON'S LAST sing the size of the type, the work, while much improved in appear. EXPEDITION to CENTRAL AFRICA. By RICHARD LANDER,

ance, will be comprised, notwithstanding the great extension of its his faithful Attendant, and only surviving member of that Expedi- of a superior quality, twenty volumes of the present being pearly

matter, in Twenty Quarto Volumes, handsomely printed on paper tion. 2 vols, post 8vo, with Illustrations.

equal to twenty-four of the former Editions. Each volume will con LAWRIE TODD, or the SETTLERS in the sist of 800 pages, containing a much greater quantity of matter than WOODS. By JOHN GALT, Esq. Author of “ The Ayrshire Lega- any similar publication ; and the Proprietors hold themselves das tees," " Annals of the Parish," &c. 3 vols.

tinctly pledged to the Public, that the work shall not, on any TRAVELS to TIMBUCTOO and other parts of count, execed Twenty-One Volumes; their present confident bele, CENTRAL AFRICA, during the years 1824, 5, 6, 7, and 8. By at the same time, being that it will be completed in Twenty, RENE CAILLIE, 2 vols. 8vo, with a Map of the Route, a view of

II. The publication will proceed in Monthly Parts, of which Six Timbuctoo, and other Plates representing the Buildings of that City: First Part will be published on the 31st of March 1830. As the price

will form a volume; each part thus averaging above 133 pages. The The COUNTRY CURATE. By the Author of ing of the whole will be finished long before the expiration of the « The Subaltern." 2 vols. post 8vo.

period required for issuing the successive Monthly Parts, the Sab scribers will have the option,

at the close of that operation, of course THE FIRST NUMBER

pleting at once their copies of the work, or of abiding by the publics

tion in Parts till the end of the Series. OF

III. Each Part will be sold for Six Shillings, thus making the THE NORTH BRITON NEWSPAPER price of a quarto volume, of 800 ample pages, only Thirty-Six Sh Will be Published on Wednesday, the 3d of February next,

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tain, in the convenient form of a Dictionary. A PROSPECTUS OF


London; John CUMMING, Dublin; and to be had of all the Book

sellers. May be had of all the Booksellers, Containing Extracts from the Metropolitan and Provincial Jour

This day, in small 8vo, Price 1s. 63. cloth boards, nals, indicative of the very favourable estimate of Dr BROWNE'S

DOMESTIC LIFE, Editorial talents formed by his brethren of the press, and of the con.

AND OTHER POEMS. fident expectations generally entertained of the complete success of the present undertaking; and it is gratifying to the Proprietors to be

* Is aught 80 fair

As virtuous friendship? enabled to state to the public, that the testimonies thus borne to the past efforts of a fellow-labourer in the newspaper department of pe

Or the mild majesty of private life, riodical literature, are coupled with the most flattering anticipations

Where Peace, with ever blooming olive, CIORDS of the results likely to ensue from his future exertions in the same

AKKXSIPE. field of enterprise, while both embody the spontaneous, unsought

Edinburgh: Printed for WaUGH & INNES; and WHITTAKER & opinions of the most

distinguished individuals connected with the Co., London. public press of this country.


day is published,

In one volume post &vo, price 10s. 6d. boards, 5, South St David Street, Edinburgh, 20th January, 1830.



“Whence comest thou ?"_" From going to and fro in the earth, TURE, AND ARCHITECTURE.

and from walking up and down in it."

-JOB, chap. i. . 7.

• Devils also believe, and tremble."-ST JAMES, chap. ii. E. 19. THE FOURTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the London: Printed for SAMUEL MAUNDER, Newgate Street; and

Academy for the Works of Living Artists, will open early in RICHARD GRIFFIN & Co., Glasgow. February next, at the Rooms of the Academy, 24, Waterloo Place."

of whom may be had, Intending exhibitors will please to observe that the Rooms will be open for the reception of Pictures from the 1st to the 3d of February,

MONTGOMERY'S POETICAL WORKS, after which no Pictures can be received.

In 3 vols. post 8vo.
By order of the Council,


WM. NICHOLSON, other POEMS. Ninth Edition. 78. 60. Edinburgh, 15th Dec. 1829.



other POEMS. Third Edition. 7s.6d.

III. SATAN. 10s. 6d.


DEITY ; in which that Poem alone is printed. Royal 18ma

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THIS inestimable Composition, with half the

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to the highest Japan Varnish, affords peculiar nourishmerz to the J. J. HOPE JOHNSTONE of ANNANDALE, Esq.

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TISH ARTISTS in PAINTING, SCULPTURE, ARCHI. throughout the Kingdom, in Bottles, Pots, and Tin Boxes, at a. TECTURE, and ENGRAVING, will be OPENED to the Public, in 1s. and Is. 60. each. the New Assembly Rooms, Dumfries, on Wednesday, the 3d of March, 1830.

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, Artists and Amateurs intending to favour the Institution with their by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE ; productions, are respectfully requested to forward them, addressed sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow : W. CUERT, to WALTER Newall, Esq. Architect, Dumfries, on or before the jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London; and by 25th February

all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughou All expenses attending the carriage of Pictures, &c. to and from the United Kingdom. Dumfries, will be paid by the Committee.

Price 60.; or Stamped and sent free by post, 104.
D. DUNBAR, Secretary.
Dumfries, January 15, 1830.

Pripted by BALLANTYNI & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.

1), s. The gate ?"



- What are they ?” “ Animal, mineral, and vegetable.”_" Name THE EXHIBITION will be opened for the pri

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O'Donoghue, Prince of Killarney, a Poem, in several cantos, with

(No. 65, February 6, 1630.) Notes, is nearly ready for the press. THE ROYAL ACADEMY.--Mr M. A. Shee has been chosen Presi.

ADVERTISEMENTS, dent of the Royal Academy by a large majority; and Mr Wilkie has been appointed principal Painter in ordinary to the King, it being

Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts. understood that the latter declined the fatigues of the Presidency. The new President is known to the public fully as much as a man of

THE EDINBURGH PROFESSIONAL SOletters as an artist. He is the author of “Rhymes on Art," of the

CIETY of MUSICIANS' SECOND SUBSCRIPTION CONtragedy of " Alasco," and of the recent novel of “Oldcourt." His

CERT will take place on TUESDAY EVENING, the 9th instant, election does not seem to be altogether approved of ; but, with the in the GEORGE STREET ASSEMBLY ROOMS.

Plans to be had at the Music and Booksellers' Shops, where Subexception of Wilkie, we are not aware that any one now living could

scriptions continue to be received. fill the place of Sir Thomas Lawrence with the desired eclat.

JAMES DEWAR, Sec. PROFESSOR LESLIE.-Our readers will be glad to learn, that this 24, Dundas Street, eminent Professor announces a Course of Popular Lectures, on va

1st February, 1830. rious branches of Natural Science. In this subject the Edinburgh

EXHIBITION OF THE WORKS OF THE ladies take a deep interest, and there is no man by whom they would sooner be initiated into its mysteries than Professor Leslie.

ANCIENT MASTERS IN PAINTING, SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION. A lady who lately visited an Infant School, was treat I to the following exhibition:-Schoolmistress (un- THE ROYAL INSTITUTION OF SCOTLAND. folding an umbrella) _“ What is this, my dear?"-Pupil. “ An umbrella, Ma'am.”—“How many kingdoms does it contain ?” “ 1 hree.”

vate view of the Life Governors of the Institution, on Saturthe animal ?" "Whalebone."_" The mineral ?" “ The brass." - day, 6th, at one o'clock, upon exhibiting their Silver Ticket to the "The vegetable ?" “ The cotton!"


It will be opened for the Public on Monday the 8th. Theatrical Gossip - Macready having adapted Byron's Tragedy of

Evening Promenades will be from time to time resumed, but the a Werner" to the stage, it has been brought out at Bristol with character of the present Exhibition requires, that the number of great success, Macready playing the hero.- The French Theatre has Tickets issued for each Promenade should be restricted to a smaller opened in London, with Potier for the principal comedian.- The number than formerly, with a view to prevent the Gallery ever be Italian Opera commences its season this evening.–Pasta is now at coming too crowded.

Open from Ten till Dusk. Verona ;-on her entrance to the town she was met by a band of mi.

Admission, ls,-Season Tickets, 5s. litary music and a number of splendid equipages.- Nothing of much

FRAS. CAMERON, Assistant-Secretary. consequence is doing at the principal Metropolitan Theatres. Nei. Edinburgh, 9th Feb, 1830. ther Covent Garden nor Drury Lane are in a flourishing condition, far Kean and Fanny Ken.ble have ceased to draw such crowded hou

This day,

A New Edition, post 8vo, 10s. 6d., ses as they once did.-An amusing farce, called “ Supper's Over,',

With numerous Wood Engravings of original Portraits and Subjects has been produced at the Adelphi.-Ducrow is still astonishing the

of Interest, people in Liverpool. At the Theatrical Fund Dinner here, on Fri

THE GOLD-HEADED CANE. day the 29th ult, the sum of L.350 was collected in aid of the fund, which upon an average was about L.1 from each person present. Sketches of the lives and Manners of our most eminent Physicians,

« The Gold-Headed Cane is a modest little volume, containing The dinner went off about as well as public dinners gencrally do. from Radcliffe to Baillie, and composed in a style lively, graceful, Brabam has been here for the last week, but takes his leave of us this often humorous; well calculated to attract the unprofessional reader. evening. He has drawn fully as good houses as when he was here three We wish it were generally circulated."- Quarterly Review.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London. months ago, notwithstanding the severity of the weather, and the greater number of private parties at this season. As he has only re

Just published, peated some of his old characters, we have nothing to add to what

BELL'S GEOGRAPHY, we said coucerning him when he was last here. Upon leaving Edinburgh he is to visit Aberdeen and other places in the North, and is

Vols. I. & II. then to make a pretty extensive tour through the English provin

Price 15s. each, eesVandenhoff, who has been performing in Dundee and Perth,

CONTAINING GENERAL GEOGRAPHY AND CONTINENTAL appears in his favourite part of Coriolanus on Monday, when Miss

EUROPE, Jarman also returns.-Alexander has for the present entire possession of Glasgow,- Seymour, the rival manager, having gone to Bel

With 12 Maps, and 4 other Engravings. fast with Miss Smithson. The Caledonian Theatre is to re-open early in March. The manager, Mr C. Bass, has engaged a corps de ballet,

A SYSTEM of GEOGRAPHY, Popular and and if there be a Vedy or two among them, it is pretty sure to pay

Scientific; or a Physical, Political, and Statistical Description sell Murray does not seem to know the difference between a Vedy of the World and its various Divisions. and a Fairbrother.—Postscript. We wonder why OLD CERBERUS

By JAMES BELL, tas not annihilated Larkin,-the worst singer ever exported out of

Author of Critical Researches in Geography, Editor of Rollin's An. Aberdeen. ,

cient History, and principal Editor of the Glasgow Geography. WEEKLY List of PerFORMANCES.

The Work will be completed in about 40 Parts, price 2s. each; or, Jan. 30-Feb. 5.

in half vols., 7s.6d. each ; forming Six handsome Octavo Volumes.

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will contain 96 pages each, with a Map in each alternate Part. Other Breakfast.

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The whole will thus forin one of the most comprehensive, correct, WED.

The Devil's Bridge, William Thomson, $ Gilderoy. and cheap Systems of Geography ever published in this or any other TECBS. The Duenna, * The Waterman.

country. Fei. The Castle of Andalusia, of The Invincibles.

Vol. I. contains a complete Copy of BALBIS celebrated POLITICAL and STATISTICAL SCALE of the GLOBE.

Vol. III. will be ready in a few months.

BLACKIE, FULLARTON, and Co., Glasgow; A. FULLARTON and NOTICES of the Earl of Glengall's Comedy, Robert Montgomery's Co., and W. Talt, Edinburgh; W. CURRY, Jun. and Co., Dublin;

SIMPKIN and MARSHALL, London; and at the Glasgow Publication * Satan," and several other new works, are unavoidably postponed. Warehouses, Aberdeen, Dundee, and Liverpool. Also some interesting miscellaneous articles. We hope to hear soon again from the Author of " The Picture

DAY AND MARTIN'S BLACKING. Gallery," of whose talents we have a high opinion. We shall be glad to hear from "


usual labour, produces a most brilliant Jet Black, fully equal rather obscure and laboured, though they frequently indicate consi. to the highest Japan Varnish, affords peculiar nourishment to the derable poetical power. The " Song for the Anniversary of Burns," leather-will not soil the finest linen-is perfectly frec from any from Dairy, is good, but is a little out of date, and we are afraid must unpleasant smell—and will retain its virtues in any climate.

Sold Wholesale at the Manufactory, 97, High Holborn, and Retail lie over. The Song composed on a Summer's Eve," from Alloa, throughout the Kingdom, in Bottles, Pots, ånd Tin Boxes, al 6d. will not suit us.

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The StanzaTo the Brier,” are not exactly to our taste, being THIS inestimable Composition, with half the


Nearly ready,

In 3 vols. post 8vo, 31s. 6a.
Beautifully printed in foolscap 8vo,


By the Author of “BRAMBLETYE HOUSE," &c.

“Mr Smith, who has so distinguished himself by the Historical In Two Books.

Romance, here comes to our own times, and draws his arousing and By CHARLES DOYNE SILLERY,

able pictures from life as it exists in the every-day world. After ha

ving sketched with a keen and vivid pencil the court wits and bean. Author of “ Vallery,” &c.

ties of the seventeenth century, he has suddenly adopted the more Edinburgh: CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Place. natural if ruder species of human nature, which are to be found in

the nineteenth; and for royal palaces, we have cottages and seaNearly ready, in one volume, duodecimo,

shores; for the smooth-shaven walks of Hampton-Court, with the

wild heaths and umbrageous hollows of the New Forest; and for DIALOGUES

the glittering denizens of high life, the smuggler, the innkeeper, the foreign adventurer, and the country squire."--Morning Chronicle.


In 2 vols. 8vo, and ILLUSTRATIONS.

With Portrait and Map of Colombia, 21s. By the Rev. ROBERT MOREHEAD, D.D., F.R.S.E.,

MEMOIRS OF BOLIVAR. formerly of Baliol College, Oxford, one of the Ministers of St Paul's Chapel, York Place, Edinburgh, and

By GEN. HOLSTEIN, Ex-chief of his Staff.
Domestic Chaplain to their Royal Highnesses the late Princess
Charlotte and Prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg.

* This work is remarkable for containing far more of personal

incident and of individual traits of character than has been yet exPrinted for OLIVER and Boyd, Edinburgh; and SIMPKIN and

hibited in any Narrative, treating of the active and chequered strug. MARSHALL, London.

gles in South America. All the chieftains and prominent med, whom those struggles called forth, are sketched from the life, and

shown under the most effective contrasts. On the patriot side are New Works, published by MARSH & MILLER, London ; and CONSTABLE & CO. Edinburgh.

displayed the Liberator himself, with his very peculiar habits of

mind and disposition-Marinno, his associate Dictator-Paez. the 1. THE LITERARY BLUE-BOOK, or KALEN- swarthy and savage commander of the Llaneros, or men of the plain DAR of LITERATURE and the ARTS for 1830. Con

Piar, the victim of a cruel fate-Bermudes, Sedenno, Monagas, taining, with their Names and Addresses

Diego, &c., besides several of our own countrymen, distinguished as Eminent Living Authors-Painters-Sculptors Architects-Engravers Musical Composers- Musical Performers-Teachers of Lan.

well for their enterprising courage as their endurance of hardships: guages, and other subjects connected with Polite Education. Price 58. daring and impetuous Boves, with his band of black desperadoes,

On the side of the Spaniards, Murillo, the cruel and inflexible, the 2. THE NEW CHESTERFIELD: containing cerde the stern barbarian Morales ; and various other persons who Principles of Politeness to complete the Gentleman, and give him a

have attainert bad eminence' among the champions of oppression." knowledge of the World; also Precepts particularly addressed to

-Morning Paper. Young Ladies. Price 7s., or neatly bound, 1s.

HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London ; and sold by 3. TALES in VERSE, Illustrative of the several

BELL & BRADFUTE, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.
Petitions of the Lord's Prayer. By the Rev. H. F. Lyte. Second
Edition. 12mo, price 5s. 6d.

PAROCHIAL PSALMODY. 4. THE COFFEE-DRINKERS' MANUAL, with the French Method of making Coffee, &c. With an Engraving. A NEW COLLECTION of the most approved

PSALM TUNES, from the most eminent Composers, incluPrice 29.

ding several original Tunes composed expressly for this work. The 5. THE ATHENAID, OR MODERN GRE- whole of the harmony has been carefully revised, and in part new CIANS. A Poem. By HENRY

J. BRADFIELD. 8vo, price

78. 61. y arranged for FOUR VOICES, with an Accompaniment for the Or

gan or Piano-Forte. To which is prefixed, a Series of Lessons in the boards.

ÅRT of SINGING, by J. P. CLARK, Leader of the Music, St 6. MARSH'S IMPROVED FAMILY JOUR- George's Church, Glasgow, and Professor of the Piano-Forle and NAL and MEMORANDA for 1830. Price 2s.

Singing. Finely engraved on copperplates, in a neat pocket size,

price 3s. 6d. in cloth boards. 7. MONSIEUR TONSON. Illustrated by Six

This collection of Psalm Tunes was made for the use of St George's Engravings from R. CRUIKshank, by Branston, WRIGHT, Bon Church, Glasgow, but it is hoped that, from the select variety of the

Tunes, and the correct harmony of the whole, it will be found worNER, and SLADER. Price Is.

thy of being introduced into other Churches and Chapels. 8. A POLITICAL and HISTORICAL AC Published by JOHN CUNNINGHAME, 12, Queen Street, Glasgov; COUNT of LOWER CANADA, with Remarks on the Present State

sold also by Messrs OLIVER & BOYD, WM. WHYTE & Co., and Jx. of the People, as regards their Manners, Character, Religion, &c. &c.

LOTHIAN, Edinburgh; T. Moore, Greenock; R. Nelson, Kil

marnock ; DICK, Ayr; and CUTHBERTSON, Paisley. By A CANADIAN. 8vo, 7s. 6d.

*. A Liberal Allowance to Teachers. 9. THE ZOOLOGICAL KEEPSAKE; or Z00LOGY, and the GARDEN and MUSEUM of the ZOOLOGICAL

This day is published, price 2s. 6d. SOCIETY for 1830. Embellished with upwards of Forty Engra

The First Number of vings, from Drawings by Cruikshank, Landseer, Baynes, &c. &c. Price 6s. 6d. bound in silk.



CONTENTS:-“ Our Confession of Faith," by the Author of THE COURT JOURNAL

" Whitehall"-American Poetry-The Philosophy of Catholicism

The Deluge, a Paraphrase from the German of Gesner, by John A. Of SATURDAY, JANUARY 23d, Contains : Heraud, Esq.-Jean Paul Friedrich Richter's Review of Madame de The King and the Duke of Wellington-The Coming Season : Pro

Stael's " Allemagne"- The Standard-Bearer, A Ballad from the Spe. jected gaieties at the Houses of the Duke of Devonshire, Duchess of nish-Lines from the Arabic-Capt. Basil Hall on Mechanics Insti. St Albans, Lady Hertford, Lady Salisbury, Mrs Hope, &c. Glances

tutes-Posthumous Renown-A Legend of MacAlister More-The at the Interior of each-Epistles of Ton-Defence of Prince Leopold

Fallen Chief, from the Arabic-On Poetical Genius-Architectural -An Ambassador in Love !-Gambling Anecdote of the Emperor –The Hurons, a Can-dian Tale, by the Author of “Sir Andrew Wy

Design and Decoration-Horæ Gallicæ, No. I., Elizabeth of England Alexander-A Father's Remonstrance to his Spendthrift Son-The Mazurka versus the Galopade !-Count Wackerbarth and the Court

lie"-West Indian Sketches, No. 1., Adventure with a Pirate-Nir Journal-An English State Dinner Abroad-King Rothschild !

Robert Montgomery's “ Satan "-Annals of the Peninsular CamGeorge 11., George III., and Garrick-News from Paris and Naples baigns - Remarkable Vision of Charles XI. of Sweden-On Dramatic -The Duchess and the President-Remarks on the Life of Lord Byron-Politics, Literature, Theatres, Fine Arts, and Foreign and

Published by JAMES FRASER, 215, Regent Street, London; and Domestic News of the Week, &c. &c.

John BOYD, Edinburgh. Among other interesting papers, the Court Journal of January 16th comprises a most amusing Poem, of considerable extent, exhibiting a complete moving picture of Cheltenham Life at this busy Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, season.

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; This New Journal of Fashion, the Companion, not merely of the Drawing-Room and the Boudoir, but of the Breakfast Table and the

Sold also by Robertson & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY, Study, is Published every Saturday Morning, on a handsome stamp

jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London; and by ed Sheet, of Sixteen Pages, and sent by the Newsmen, free of Post

all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout age, to all parts of the kingdom, for HENRY COLBURN, by W.

the United Kingdom. Thomas, at the Office, No. 19, Catherine Street, Strand ; and those

Price 6d. ; or Stamped and sent free by post, 104. who desire to commence taking it from the beginning of the present year, are requested to send their orders to their respective Booksellers or Newe-venders.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.

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ELEMENTS of the LATIN LANGUAGE, sim- pendence in the hand-writing of Jefferson.

(No. 66, February 13, 1830.)

This day,

A New Edition, post 8vo, 10s. 6d.,

With numerous Wood Engravings of original Portraits and Subjects

of Interest, Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.


" The Gold-Headed Cane is a modest little volume, containing Sketches of the Lives and Manners of our most eminent Physicians, .

from Radcliffe to Baillie, and composed in a style lively, graceful, PROMENADES.

often humorous; well calculated to attract the unprofessional reader

We wish it were generally circulated."- Quarterly Review.
FROM the hitherto crowded state of the EVEN-

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London.
Directors have found it necessary to adopt the following Resolutions,
which in no case can be deviated from :-

1st, That there shall be Promenades every fortnight while the Ex-
ibition is open, on Tuesdays, commencing with Tuesday the 16th

Just Published, f February.

By HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, 2d, That each Life Governor shall be entitled to Two Tickets,

London ; ne for himself (which if he does not use, he may transfer), and an

And sold by BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, ther.

Edinburgh, 3d, No Tickets can be issued without the Life Governor'sameton THE LIFE of DR EDMUND CALAMY.hose intended to be introduced, which will be put upon the Tickets

WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. refore they are given out.

Now first printed from the original MS, including interesting 4th. The Assistant Secretary will attend at the Rooms on the Sa

particulars relative to Lord Shaftesbury-Duke of Buckinghamurdays preceding the Promenades, from twelve to three o'clock,

Prince of Orange-Lord Clarendon-Lord Lauderdale-Lord W. ind all tickets not applied for before the latter hour will be at the

Russell - Dr Tillotson-Dr Oates-Sir W. Temple-Hampdenlisposal of the Directors.

Baxter-Dr Burnet-Dr Sherlock-Hobbes, &c. &c. In 2 large 5th., All applications for Tickets by persons not Life Governors

vols. 8vo, with fine portrait. o be made in writing, containing the address of the applicant, and

" We know of no work of rarer value than the present, and ino be sent to the Assistant Secretary on Saturdays preceding the Pro

deed it will not henceforth be safe for the historical student to posnenades.

sess himself of the Chronicles of Burnet and of Clarendon, unacTickets, 2s. 6d., payable at the door.

companied by the corrector of their errors, Calamy."-Literary Ga.

By order of the Directors,

Edinburgh, Feb. 8, 1830.

MAS JEFFERSON, late President of the United States. Edited

by THOMAS JEFFERSON RANDOLPH. Complete in 1 vols. In the Press,

8vo, with portrait, and fac-simile of original Declaration of Inde

A work of extraordinary interest, and full of the materials of plified and connectedly arranged, in three parts : Part 1st, political knowledge."-Standard. Rudiments, or Introductory Grammar, with Exercises and a Voca


Lieutenant HARDY'S TRAVELS in the INTEPrinting for STIRLING & KENNEY, 46, George Street, Edinburgh; and WHITTAKER and Co. London.

RIOR of MEXICO,"in 1826, 1827, and 1828. In 1 vol. 8vo, with numerous Illustrations, 16s.

“ Lieutenant Hardy went out in the capacity of a Commissioner

for the General Pearl and Coral Fishery Association of London. All NEW WORKS.

that he narrates is drawn from his personal experience ; he is not indebted to other books, or other men, for what he states, and con

sequently the volumne has attractions of no mean kind."-Morning NEARLY READY FOR PUBLICATION,

By Messrs COLBURN and BENTLEY, London:

IV. and BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. MEMOIRS of SIMON BOLIVAR. President 1.

Liberator of the Republic of Colombia. By General HOLSTEIN, NARRATIVE of the LATE WAR in GERMANY EX-Chief of his Staff. vols. with Portrait, 21s. and FRANCE.

" This work is remarkable for containing far more of individual By Lieutenant-General CHARLES WILLIAM VANE, Marquis of

traits of character, than has been yet exhibited in any warrative Londonderry, G.C.B. G.C.H. &c. &c.

treating of the active and chequered struggles in South America."

In one vol, with Map and Plan.


DR DODDRIDGE'S PRIVATE CORRESThe MANNERS of the DAY. A NOVEL. In 3 PONDENCE. Including many particulars in his Life hitherto unvols, post 8vo.

known, with Notices of many of his Contemporaries, and a Sketch “ Passant la moitie de leur temps a ne rien faire, et l'autre moietie of the Ecclesiastical History of the Times in which he lived. In 2 a faire des riens."- Marmontel.

vols. Xvo, with fine Portrait.

“ We know not when, if ever, we have perused two volumes ot III. !

the description of these now before us with more intense curiosity, TRAVELS in various Parts of PERU, including a amusement, and instruction.”—Literary Gazette. Year's residence at Potosi. By EDMUND TEMPLE, Knight of

VI. the Royal and distinguished Order of Charles III. of Spain. In 2 vols. 8vo, with Map and numerous Plates.

TRAVELS IN CHALDÆ, including a Journey IV.

from Bussorah to Bagdad, Hillah, and Babylon. By Capt MIGNAN, of the Honourable East India Company's Service.

In 8vo, SYDENHAM; or, MEMOIRS of a MAN of the with 25 illustrations, 16s. WORLD. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

“ Captain Mignan has furnished the best account of the relics of V.

Babyion that has ever been published." - Monthly gazine.

RALPH THORESBY, Author of " The History of Leeds." Edited

LIEUT. ROSE'S TRAVELS in SOUTHERN by the Rev. JOSEPH HUNTER, F.S.A. 2 vols. post 8vo, with fine AFRICA. 1 vol. 8vo, 10s. 6d. Portrait.

VI. CLOUDESLEY, a NOVEL. By the Author of THE UNITED SERVICE JOURNAL, and NA• Caleb Williams." 3 vols.

VAL and MILITARY MAGAZINE, for February, price 2s. 6d.

contains, among other original and interesting papers :- The Maroon VII.

War-A Visit to the Island of Johanva-Suggestions in Naval EcoThe PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE of Dr nomy. By Sir Samuel Bentham-Account of the Annual French Ca. DODDRIDGE. The Third Volume.

valry Camp of Exercise at Luneville, in 1829-Priority of Services VIII.

in the European Armies -Notes from the Unpublished Journal of a

late Naval Officer-Death of a Corsican Chief, by Starvation--SerCARWELL: or, CRIME and SORROW. In 1

vices afloat during the late War-My first affair; The Storming of a VOL post 8vo.

Redoubt-The late Rear Admiral Chambers-African TravellersIX.

A Perpetual Log-Sketch of the Services of the late Lieutenant-GeTRAVELS in KAMTCHATKA, SIBERIA, and

neral Sir Miles Nightingale, K.C.B. and M.P.-Life of Sir Thomas

Munro-Foreign Miscellany-Royal Naval College at PortsmouthCHINA. By P. DOBELL, Esq. Counsellor of the Court of his Im

Notes on Military Pensions-Correspondence: Col. Napier in reply serial Majesty the Emperor of Russia. 2 vols. post 8vo.,

to General Brennier-Col. Evans and India, &c. &c.-Editor's PortX.

folio, General Orders, Circulars, &c. &c. The REMINISCENCES of HENRY ANGELO. HENRY COLBURN and RichaRD BENTLEY, London; and sold by The Second and Concluding Volume. In 8vo.

Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

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