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(No. 84, June 19, 1630.]

This day is published,

Price 16s.


In 2 vols, 12mo, with Eight fine Views of Scottish Scenery, of the Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.


CHAMBERS, Author of [ADVERTISEMENTS from London, intended for insertion in this

TRADITIONS of EDINBURGH, 2 vols. %. JOURNAL, which now forms one of the most eligible mediums for Literary Advertising in Scotland, are respectfully requested to be The SCOTTISH SONGS, illustrated with Notes, left with Mr FREDERICK SOMERS, No. 169, Fleet Street, who has 2 vols. royal 18mo, 12s; and been appointed Agent for the Advertising Department in London.

The SCOTTISH BALLADS, similarly illustrated, Terms the same as the Edinburgh Newspapers.]

The Picture of Scotland is declared by Campbell's New Monthly Just arrived,

Magazine to be " not only the most amusing, but the most useful

companion for the Northern Tourist."

Printed for William Tait, 78, Prince's Street.
This day was published,

Next week will be published,
Neatly printed in post 8vo, price 2s.

or, a Guide to the Scenery and Antiquities of Scotland and the A POEM.

Western Islands. With a Description of the Principal Steam-Boat By ROBERT BURNS.

Tours. Third Edition, with considerable Additions and ImproveIllustrated with Six highly-spirited and characteristic Engravings on ments. Illustrated by Maps and Views. Wood from Designs


burgh ; WHITTAKER and Co., and James Duncan, London,
Also, just published, price One Shilling each,

Just published,
By Professor PORSON.

In 3 vols. post 8vo, price 21s. boards,
With Illustrations by R. CRUIKSHANK.
Uniform with the Devil's Walk,


Consisting of a series of Tales, illustrative of the Scenery and ManWith Illustrations by R. CRUIKSHANK.

ners of Scotland. Uniform with the Devil's Walk,

or The old man travelld far, both north and south, MONSIEUR TONSON.

And mickle did he see, and mickle hear,
Illustrated with Six Engravings, and a Portrait of Tom King,

And left the fruits to them who like to read.”

A few sets of Proof Impressions of the Illustrations, price 2s. 6d. each. “ The · Dominie's Legacy' consists of a series of stories, chiefly

Scottish, and well deserves a place in every library. The story of Post Svo,

Mary Ogilvie is very affecting."-Blackwood's Magazine. A VINDICATION OF LORD BYRON,

“We would compare the feelings excited in these pages to gazing

on a series of rustic landscapes and sir ple home scenes-need ve reFROM THE

commend them farther to our readers ?"-Literary Gazette. ASPERSIONS OF THOMAS CAMPBELL, Esq. “ The author of these volumes is a man of considerable genies, Published by Marsh and MILLAR, London; and CONSTABLE and

and his writings have that within which passeth show.' Sone of Co., Edinburgh.

the stories are distinguished by touches not unworthy of Washington Irving."-Edinburgh Literary Journal.

Published by W. KIDD, London; and CONSTABLE and Co., Edin.


Preparing for immediate Publication,


BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh,

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IMPRESSED with the liveliest sense of gratitude In Monthly volumes, price 5s. each, beautifully printed in small sro,

for the distinguished patronage which has hitherto attended his exertions, is resolved to SELL OFF his WHOLE STOCK at Prime and a Vignetle Title-page, engraved in the best manner, Cost. The limits of an advertisement preclude from particularising

THE more than a few of the larger works of merit, and in this slight enumeration he may mention

LIBRARY OF GENERAL KNOWLEDGE. Scot's Bible, new edition, only L.3, 105.-Gregory's Mechanics, 3 vols. L.2, 2s. for L.1, 11s. 6d.-Byron's Works, 4 vols. only 11s. No. I. Containing the LIFE of LORD BYRON, British Essayists, 30 vols. new edition, L.9, 9s. for L.3. 158.-- By John GALT, Esq. Walker's Dictionary, for 5s. 61.-Waverley Novels, last edition, 32

This Work will be conducted by the Rev. G. R. GLEIG, M.A., vols. L.10, 10s. for L.6.- Another edition, 42 vols. L. 16, for L.9.Brown's Synopsis, 4 vols. 4to, L.10, 10s. for L.8, 85.—Bell's Com.

&c., assisted by a large proportion of the soundest and ablest writers

of the day. mentaries, 2 vols. 4to, 1th edition, L.6, 6s. for L.2, 25.-Hansard's Parliamentary History and Debates, State Trials, &c. 130 vols. half

Lately published, bound Russia, L.360, for L.150.—Peterdorff's Common Law Report,

Price 13. Ed.
13 vols. L. 20, 3s. 6d. for L.15, 158.- Tegg's London Encyclopælia,
45 vols. L.18, 10s. for L.12, 10s.-Newton's Works, 2 s. for 7s.

Newton on the Prophecies, 125. for 6s.-Paley's Works, 15s. for 5s.
-Josephus, 183. for Es.-Hume and Smollett, 14 vols. to the Death

of George III. L.5, 2s. 6d, for L. 2, 10s. -Bacon's Works, 10 vols. EVERY MAN HIS OWN ROAD-MAKER.
L.6, Gs. for L.2, 10s.-Flavel's Works, L.3, 3s. for 35s.—Buffon's
Works, 20 vols. By Wood, L.12, 123. for L.9, 98.-Robertson's

By THOMAS FALL, Surveyor of Roads. Works, 6 vols. L.3, 15s. for 36s.--Another edition, 2 vols. L.1, 10s. Sold by LONGMAN and Co., London, and all other Booksellers for 10s.-Gibbon's Rome, 8 vols. L.1, 4s. for 35s.--Chalmers' Shak

“ Much remains to be done in the way of putting established roads speare, 8 vols. plates, calf, extra, L.11, for L. 6. Do. in boards, L.3, 3s. -Fielding's Works, 10 vols. L.6, 6s. for L.2, 10s.-Another edition,

into a better form, and introducing a more economical method

of applying the materials. 12 vols. L.3, 3s. for 25s.-Johnson's Works, 6 vols. L.3, 12s. for 35s.

For these purposes, we consider the

little work before us may be consulted with advantage."- Farad') Another edition, 12 vols. L.3, 15s. for 24s.-Annals of Sporting, 13 vols. plates, L.13, 13s. for L.4, 10s.-Glen on Bills, 11s. for 7s.

Magazine for August, 1828.

** This book is such a one as ought to be put into the hands of Peerage of Scotland, 2 vols. 21s. for 5s.--Burkett on the New Tes. tament, L.2, Fos. for 16s.-Evans' Sketches of all Religions, 5s, for

all parochial surveyors."-Notts Review. 38.-Atlas, with 27 Maps, 21s. for 5s.-Rambler, 16s. for 7s.-Tatler, 21s. for 88.--Family Library-Lardner's Cyclopædia-Waverley Novels, cheap.- Elegant Extracts, 18 vols. (Sharpe's) L.4, 105. for Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, L.2, 25.– Thomson's Atlas, L.11, lls, for L.6, 66.-Thomson's by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; County Atlas, L.15, 15s. for L.8, 8s. Just arrived,

Sold also by THOMAS ATKINSON & Co., 84, Trongate, Glasgow: W.

CURRY, jun. and Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, and Co., Ld. NEW GLOBES, from 18 inches to 12 inches in

don; and by all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerka of the Road, in diameter, with all the Modern Discoveries, cheap. By J. SMITH, throughout the United Kingdom. Globe-Maker to his Majesty. PLANISPHERES, also cheap,

Price 6d.; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d.

JAMES KAY. Blenheim Place, June 12, 1830.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.



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The JUVENILE LIBRARY. This work will appear under the DRURY LANE. Nights.

Nights. highest auspices, her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent having Witchfinder

withdrawn. Black-eyed Susan

. 18 granted her express permission that it should be dedicated to the Jack in the Box

• 50 Harlequin and Cock Robin 34 young Princess Victoria ; and the first number, comprising “ The National Guard

Husband's Mistake . 18 Lives of Remarkable Youth of both Sexes," which is to appear on Past and Present .

Phrenologists withdrawn. the 1st of July, will accordingly be embellished with a highly-finish- Popping the Question . . 12 Robert the Devil od portrait of the Princess, besides those of King Edward VI., Lady Perfection

. 17 Ninetta Tane Grey, and Sir Thomas Lawrence.

Dragon's Gift

Teddy the Tiler Manzoni, the Italian novelist, prompted by an excess of sensitive Hofer


. 21 upprehension, has thrown the MS. of his new romance into the fire. A Joke's a Joke, withdrawn. Cinderella

20 Authors are seldom troubled with such fits of humility, and we could Spanish Husband

6 The Colonel withdrawn. nention some in whom we could easily forgive this species of self - It is said, that on the next occasion of applying for a renewal of evenge.

the licenses for the minor metropolitan theatres, the proprietors of A Translation of the Life of Agricola, by Tacitus has appeared, Covent Garden and Drury Lane Theatres have determined upon nito, at Florence, from the pen of Louis Bonaparte. The notes entering a strong opposition against the claimants, on the ground ire critical and erudite.

that the minor theatres have departed from the terms upon which New PORTRAIT OF BURNS.-Mr Horsburgh has now finished his they were licensed, by acting the regular drama, instead of confining engraving from Taylor's portrait of Burns, of which we gave so full their entertainments to spectacles, dancing, and music. It is even in account some time ago. As a work of art, this engraving reflects said that proceedings have already been commenced against the he highest credit on Mr Horsburgh. The execution is at once clear, Tottenham-street Theatre.- The Haymarket Theatre has opened soft, and distinct. Of the merits of the portrait, as a true and cha for the season ; Kean is engaged as a star for a limited period, and acteristic likeness, it is quite unnecessary now to speak. The testi among the regular company are Horn, W. Farren, Cooper, the new monials in its favour obtained by the publishers from the very high. actor Webster, Vining, Mrs Humby, Mrs Glover, Miss Mordaunt, *st authorities are decisive on the point. We have no doubt that this and Miss T. H. Kelly.- Warde, Meadows, and Miss Ellen Tree, are print will find its way over the whole country, and be hung up alike taking a provincial tour.—The English Opera-House performers n the nobleman's drawing-room and the peasant's parlour.

commence their campaign at the Adelphi on the first of July.-Miss Chit-CHAT FROM PARIS.—A valuable collection of autographs of Paton and Mr Wood have gone together to Dublin. There is somecelebrated characters has been publishing at Paris for a consider. thing very disgusting in these two persons thus publicly playing toable time past in numbers, and is now complete in three quarto vo gether. We do not believe it would be tolerated in Edinburgh.lumes.-Champollion has returned from Egypt, and is about to Adams, an American tragedian, is at present performing the first publish a work upon the discoveries he has made, in which their line of tragedy in Liverpool along with Vandenhoff. Yates and the entire agreement with the facts recorded by Moses, Herodotus, Ma. Elephant are also there. Another elephant has made its appearance netho, Tacitus, and others, will be clearly illustrated.-A French in Glasgow; but it is not the real Simon Pure.—Miss Fanny Kemble ecclesiastical Biography is announced for publication, in eighty-one performs the Grecian Daughter for her benefit this evening, after volumes 8vo. Each volume is to include one diocese, and the one which the theatre will close for the season. There is no truth what. devoted to that of Paris is to appear immediately.-M. D'Arlincourt, ever in the report that Mr John Kemble, son of Mr Charles Kemble, after a long silence, is about to publish another romance, in four vo is to come upon the stage. Mr John Kemble is, in point of fact, inlumes, entitled The Rebels under Charles V.-A new Journal, de tended for the church-a very different sort of profession, voted entirely to geology, is about to be commenced, edited by

WEEKLY List of PERFORMANCES. Messrs Boué, Jobert, sen., and Rozet. The editors announce, that they will receive communications in foreign languages, and have

June 19_25. them translated for the Journal into French.-A new voyage round

SAT. The Provok'd Husband, f Cramond Brig. the world, it is said, will be undertaken after the termination of the

Mon. Isabella, f Charles Edward. expedition to Algiers, under the command of Captain Mathieu, the

TUES. Merchant of Venice, f No Song, No Supper, principal object of which will be the islands of the Pacific. - The

WED. The Gamester, & Guy Mannering. weather of late at Paris has been exceedingly bad. At the com

Thuas. Romeo and Juliet, f Warlock of the Glen. mencement of the present month, the Fete Dieu was celebrated with


The Gamester, f Rob Roy. great magnificence.

CHIT-CHAT FROM LONDON.--Thom's Statues are again exhibiting in London, with the addition of the Landlord and Landlady. Our

TO OUR READERS. Scotch friend evidently knows how to do the Cockneys, as he thus

The present Number concludes the Third Volume of the Literary makes two exhibitions out of one group.-A silly paragraph having Journal.

We shall commence the Fourth next Saturday, with a appeared in an Irish paper-the Sligo Observer-stating, in the most

double Number, along with which will be given a Title-page and positive terms, that the song called “ The Exile of Erin," was not

Index to Vol. III. It was also our wish to have had the portrait of the production of Mr Campbell, that gentleman has taken the trouble

the Ettrick Shepherd ready at the same time; but this we have found to publish a letter in the Times, in which he proves his authorsluip impossible. It will be published, however, with the July monthly beyond a doubt.

Part, and will then be delivered gratis to our subscribers. —Next Chit-CHAT FROM GLASGOW.-Active preparations are making for Number, besides other articles of interest, will contain The EDITOR the approaching Exhibition of Paintings. Already several works of IN HIS SLIPPERS, No. VIII. great merit have come forward, especially from Graham, as also from the very rising artist Macnee. Advertisements have appeared in the metropolitan journals, and several of the leading artists there

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. have promised efficient aid. The Institution, which has successfully

We are obliged to postpone till next week reviews of Mrs Norton's established these annual exhibitions, is an admirable one in design,

"Undying One," and several other new works. and is now altogether unexceptionable in management, for from its We are afraid that the additional communication “On the Origin Fresident-Mr Smith of Jordanhill-to its unwearied Secretary,

and Progress of the Royal Institute of France'' would be interesting every one seems zealous in the cause. In addition to what it has al to only a very limited portion of our readers. We regret that we shall ready done, it is about to establish an Academy for studying from not be able to find room for the story entitled " Italian Friendthe antique.—The long-disputed question as to which of our rival ship.”-The communication of " Proteus” will probably have a managers should get the patent, is at last about to be decided in fa place in our next.-We shall endeavour to attend to the hint of vour of Alexander.-Gig-rowing and cricket are the favourite amuse “An Amateur" next week.-A Correspondent is correct in his surments at present, relieved by cold punch, cigars, and the Edinburgh mises as to the source from which the “ Memoir of Schiller," in our Literary Journal. There is to be a regatta ou the Clyde in a few last, was compiled." A Tale of Witchcraft,” and “ Letter from weeks. There are whispers of a Magazine being about to be started Oban," are unavoidably postponed till next week. here on a liberal and business-like plan, next publishing season.

A Ballad by the Ettrick Shepherd in our nextPoetical commu. “ The Shamrock," a collection of excellent Irish songs, will appear pications received this week from Glasgow and Pecbles, as well as as soon as the nights grow longer.--A pleasure trip to St Kilda is an those from many of our other Correspondents, will be attended to nounced by some spirited steam-boat proprietors.

next Saturday.-We do not think so highly of the specimens of the Theatrical Gossip.-During the season which has now closed, " Journeyman Mason's ” poetry, as our correspondent seems to do fifteen new pieces were produced at both Drury Lane and Covent who has favoured us with them. We regret that we shall not be Garden. The following is a list of them, with a statement of the able to find room for the following verses :-" The Feelings of number of nights each was performed :

Home," by “M. J." of Glasgow,-"A Mother's Song," and “ Look Nights. COVENT GARDEN. Nights. not on the Wine,” by "G." of Glasgow," The Snowdrop," by Epicharis

First of May

11 "J. S. L."--and “ To M. A." withdrawn. Robber's Wife

. 15 We shall be glad to receive from our correspondents in differen Snakes in the Grass

Shakspearc's Early Days . 11 parts of the country, occasional communications similar to the pa.

Night before the Wedding ragraphs in today's Journal, entitled " Chit-Chat from Paris, LonFollies of Fashion

Royal Fugitive

6 don, and Glasgow,”


Greek Family



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been appointed Agent for the Advertising Department in London. THE SAILOR BOY, or the Admiral and his


(No. 85, June 26, 1830.]

Published this day, 12mo, Es. boards,


of the Laws of Scotland, reducing all the most important

Branches of those Laws to short and familiar Propositions, sup. Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts. ported by References to approved Authorities; with an Appendix of

Forms of Writings, Law Expenses, &c.

By A MEMBER OF THE FACULTY OF ADVOCATRS. [ADVERTISEMENTS from London, intended for insertion in this

Printed for OLIVER and Boyd, Edinburgh.
JOURNAL, which now forms one of the most eligible mediums for
Literary Advertising in Scotland, are respectfully requested to be

This day is published, left with Mr FREDERICK SOMERS, No. 169, Fleet Street, who has

In 4 vols. 12mo, price L.1, 43. Terms the same as the Edinburgh Newspapers.]

Protegée, by Rosalia Șt Clair, Author of Ulrica of Saxeny,

Banker's Daughters of Bristol, Fashionables and Unfashionatles, This day was published,

Son of O'Donnel, First and Last Years of Wedded Life, Eleanor In 2 vols. 18ino, price 75. extra cloth boards,

Ogilvie, &c.

London: Printed for A. K. Newman and Co.

The following will appear this Summer.

The SUTTEE, or Hindoo Convert, by Mrs General

Manwaring, Author of Moscow, &c. 3 vols.

ST JAMES'S, or A Peop at Delusion, by Eliza Best.
Author of the Rebellions in Scotland, &c.

2 vols. 8vo. Two Volumes.


CURTIS. 2d edition. 3 vols. Edinburgh: Printed for CONSTABLE and Co.; and HURST, BRIDE AND NO WIFE, by Mrs MossF. 2d edi. CHANCE, and Co., London.

tion. 4 vols. BOURRIENNE'S MEMOIRS of NAPO. LEON BONAPARTE, translated by Dr Memes, are on the eve of PORTER ON THE SUGAR CANE. publication in the Miscellany.

Just published,

In demy 8vo, with Illustrative Plates, price 15s.
Now ready for delivery,


SUGAR CANE; with Practical Directions for its (ulture, and DEDICATED, BY PERMISSION,

the Manufacture of its various products; detailing the new and TO SIR WALTER SCOTT, BART.

much-improved methods of Extracling, Boiling, Refining, and Da.

tilling; also, Descriptions of the best Machinery, and useful Diret A GENUINE AND ORIGINAL PORTRAIT

tions for the general management of Estates, &c. &c.


• This Volume contains a valuable mass of scientific and practROBERT BURNS,

cal information, and is, indeel, a compendium of every thing inle

resting relative to colonial Agriculture and Manufacture.”-luk PAINTED IN 1786, BY THE LATE MR PETER TAYLOR, ligence. AND FINISHED IN TIIE FIRST STYLE OF LINE ENOHAVINO,

*** This Work may be considered one of the most valuable cats

that has yet issued from the press, connected with Colonial jbiele ts; BY MR JOIN HORSBURGH.

indeed, we know not any greater service we could sender Wet 19-1

Proprietors, than in recomending the study of Mr Porter's volume.“ Şize of the Print, 9 by 12 inches.

-Spectator. PRINTS,

LO, 159,

• We can, altogether, recommend this rolame as a most valuable PROOFS ON FRENCH PAPER,

1, Is.

addition to the library of the home West India merchant, as will a PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER,

1, 5s.

that of the resident planter."-Literary Gazette. PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, BEFORE WRITING,

2, 2s, Published by SMITH, ELDER, and Co., Cornhill, London. To be delivered strictly in the order of Subscription. Testimonials in favour of the strong likeness of this Portrait to

TO DYSPEPTICS, the original have been received from-Mrs Burns, Mrs Maclehose,

THE STUDIOUS AND SEDENTARY. (Clarinda), Miss Dunlop of Dunlop, Sir Walter Scott, Bart., John Syme, Peter Hill, Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, and David Bridges; BUTLER’S COOLING APERIENT POWjun. Esquiros, and from many other persons who were immediately DERS,-produce an extremely refreshing Efurreseing Drink, connected with the Poet.

preferable to Soda, Scidlitz, or Magnesia Water, and at the same Copies of the Testimonials mentioned above may be hail by apply. healthy action of the stomach and 'Bowels, and thereby prevent the

time a Mild and Cooling Aperient, peculiarly adapted to promote the ing to the Publishers.

recurrence of Constipation and Indigestion, with all their train of Edinburgh: published for the Proprietor, by Constable and Co., consequences, as Depression, Flatulence, Acidity or Heartburo, 19, Waterloo-Place; and Moon, Boys, and Graves, Printsellers to Headach, Febrile Symptoms, Eruptions on the Skin, &c. &e; and his Majesty, London,

by frequent use will obviate the necessity of having recourse to Calomel, Epsom Salts, and other violent medicines, which tend to de

bilitate the system. When taken after too free an indulgence in the PLEASURE TRIP TO ST KILDA. luxuries of the table, particularly after too much wine, the usual dis

agreeable effects are altogether avoided. In warm climates, they

will be found extremely beneficial, as they prevent accumulation vi THE Proprietors of the Bennevis Steam-Packet Bile, and do not debilitate. propose to send that Vessel a PLEASURE TRIP to ST

Prepared, and sold in s. 9d. Boxes,—and 10s. ed. and 20s. 'ases, KILDA about the beginning of July. The beauty of the Scenery by BUTLER, Chemist to his Majesty, No. 73, Prince's Street, F.id. of this sequestered Island, as well as of what will come under obser- burgh; and (authenticated by the Preparer's name and address, in vation during the Trip, has been already so fully described by inany the Label affixed to each box and case) may be obtained of BUTLER eminent tourists, that to attempt giving even an outline of it in the and Co., 4, Cheapside, Corner of St Paul's, London; and of all the narrow limits of an advertisement were superfluous. Suffice it to principal Druggists and Booksellers throughout the United Kingdan say, that an opportunity of visiting this, the most retired part of the British Isles, rarely offers itself, and can only be accomplished in the event of an adequate number of Gentlemen coming forward to sup. Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Maning, port this proposal. Returning from St Kilda, the Bennevis will call at Staffa, if wished for by the Passengers. This vessel has now been

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; plying for three seasons betwixt Glasgow and the Western Islands, Sold also by THOMAS ATKINSON & Co., 84, Trongate, Glasgor: ". is found to be an excellent sea-boat, and is in every other respect fit CURRY, jun. and Co., Dublin; Hurst, CHANCE, and Co., LOE for the route. Final notice will be given by advertisement as to the don; and by all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road day of sailing.

throughout the United Kingdom.
Farther particulars will be given on application to Messrs Con-
STABLR and Co., Edinburgh; or to the Subscriber,

Price 6d.; or Stamped and sent free by post, 1cd.
JOHN MÅLEOD, 13, Turner's Court.
Glasgow, 224 June, 1830,

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate

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