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Toints from one of the most eligible mediums for


engraved on steel. By Capt. BROWN, Author of the “ Biographical ADVERTISEMENTS,

Sketches and Authentic Anecdotes of Dogs,". In one volume i2mo.

Lately published. Connected with Literature, Șcience, and the Arts.


A MANUAL of the ECONOMY of the HUMAN Londonfor insertion in this

BODY, in Health and Disease; containing a brief view of its Structure and Functions, and the Diseases to which it is liable; with ample

directions for the regulation of Diet and Regimen, from Infancy to Literary Advertising in Scotland, are respectfully requested to be Old Age. 12mo, with Engravings, price 8s. Ed. boards. left with Mr FREDERICK SOMERS, No. 169, Fleet Street, who has The ELEMENTS of DRAWING; containing the been appointed Agent for the Advertising Department in London.

first principles of Light and Shade, Colouring, and Perspective, with Terms the same as the Edinburgh Newspapers.)

Engravings, and Coloured Examples of Tints. By G BORGMAR.
SHALL MATHER, Miniature Painter, and Teacherof Drawing. Edin-

burgh. 12mo, with twelve Engravings, price os. extra/boards
14) PART I.

WEEDS and WILDFLOWERS. By the late Mr At ouly 34. ench plate, plain; or finely coloured, 14d. additional,

ALEXANDER Balfour. With a Biographical Memoir, by a Liteof the most highly-finished, most convenient and comprehensive

rary Friend and Correspondent. Post 8vo, 9s, 6d. boards, Atlas ever published. To be completed in Twelve monthly Parts, BUCHANAN'S TABLES for Converting the from Engravings on steel by Mr T. Starling,

Weights and Measures hitherto in use into those of the Imperial THE FAMILY CABINET ATLAS,

Standards. 18mo, bound in toan and lettered, 8s, 6d. Constructed upon an original plan, and embracing many important Sir WILLIAM JARDINE, Bart. F.R.S.E., &c. and

F.R.S.E., &c. Parts I. to V. Price of each, L.1, 11s. 6d.; Large
PART II, on the 1st of June. Il

Paper, L.2, !2s. 60.
Also, just published,

This Work will be published in Quarterly Parts, royal 4to; each 1. The GAME of LIFE. A Norel. By Leitch containing from 15 to 20 Plates, on which will be figured from 20 to RITCHIE, Esq. 2 vols. 18s.

30 Species. “True and graphic pictures from actual life, exhibited with start

In progress of Publication, in Parts, appearing every Six Months, ling fidelity. Literary Gazette.l! in

containing Twelve Plates, Elephant folio, price L. 5, Bs. taxefully 2. The LOST HEIR. A Novel. In 3 vols.

coloured from Nature, or L.1, 11s 63. plain, WSOY " A powerfully written story." - Courier,

"ILLUSTRATIONS of BRITISH ORNITHO3. TALES of the FIVE SENSES; illustrative of LOGY. By P. J. Selby, Esq. F.R.S.E., F.L.S., M.W.S., &c. their Mechanism, Uses, and Government; edited by the Author oftaining upwards of 160 Figures of land Birds.

The First Series, already published, consists of Seven Parts, conthe Collegians, &c. 10s. 60.7 M 10 4. The ROMANCE of HISTORY, (New SERIES) are contained 84 Plates of Water Birds.

of the Second Series there are seven Parts published, in which SPAIN. 3 vols.I'll

BROWN'S CONCHOLOGY of GREAT BRI5. BACON'S LIFE of FRANCIS. Second Edi- TAIN and IRELAND, elephant 4to, comprising 52 coloured Plates, tion. 2 vols.

and containing upwards of 1000 Figures ; hall-bound morocco, 6. CREATION: a Poem. In Six Books. By WM.

L.6, 16s. 6d. BALL. 1 vol. 8vo.

The EDINBURGH JOURNAL of NATURAL 7] The ART of (DANCING. By C. Blasisl vol Maps, Charts, and Engravings. Vol. I. 128, 61, cloth boards. Pube

and GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE, illustrated occasionally with Printed for EDWARD BULL, London; and Messrs Bell and

lishing in Monthly Numbers, price 2s. BRADFUTB, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.


EDINBURGH, 51 Plates, half-bound morocco, royal 4to, L.1, 4.; Just published,

imperial 4to, India Paper, Proofs, L.8, 8s. A New and Cheap Edition of


rider Elisabet e sayings

: Saleedida Deale dos, titled. in and more on an In Three Volumes, Imperial Octavo, price Four Guineas in boards;

A SYSTEM of ANATOMICAL PLATES. By " It is with no ordinary feelings of satisfaction we introduce to

Sohn LIZARS, F.R.S.E., Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary, Fellow of our readers the 1st Volume of Scott's invaluable Commentary, at a

the Royal College of Surgeons, and Lecturer on Anatomy and Sur. very reasonable price, and in a form much improved, under the

gery, Edinburgh. This work consists of upwards of one hundred careful revision of the Rev. Josrau PRATT, and his son and Cu

folio Plates. The Stereotype 4to Edition has been thoroughly revised, and the Praetical Observations have been divided and arranged according

: OBSERVATIONS on EXTRACTION of DISto the portion of the text to which they belong ; so that, instcai of

EASED OVARI 1, illustrated by Five Engravings, coloured after appearing, as in former Editions of the Work, at the foot of the Nature. By John LIZARs, Author of the System of Anatomical pages, they are now attached to the very Section of the Divine Plates, &c. Folio, price 18. boards. Word they are intended to illus rate. Some part of the notes, also, SMITH'S ELEMENTS of ARCHITECTURE, on account of their appropriateness, have been transferred from their

with Ten Engravings on Copper and Wood. 12mo, boards, 2s. 6d. former position into the Practical Observations. And although the marginal references have been omitted in this Edition, yet the more HAY on the LAWS of HARMONIOUS COdirect and essential portion of them have been interwoven with the

LOURING, adapted to House Painting. Second edition, post Svo, notes, by which their value has been greatly enhanced."-Evangeliis. 6d. boards. cal Magazine.

The EDINBURGH GEOGRAPHICAL and HISThe Quarto Edition will continue on sale as heretofore ; price, TORICAL ATLAS. 64 Numbers published, to be completed in with Maps, and Marginal References, Eight Guineas in boards.

71. Folio, coloured, 2s. 6d. each. The Maps may also be had separately, neatly done up in extra

LIZARS'S SCHOOL ATLAS, of 36 Modern and boards. Price TVs. 6d.

Ancient Maps. Royal 1to, half bound, 21s. full coloured ; 183. coLondon : Printed for L. B. SEELEY and Sons; J. HATCHARD loured Outlines, and Sox ; BALDWIN and CRADOCK; and R. B. SEELEY, and w.

10) Guanto Agost BURNSIDE.


with all the New Discoveries, Royal 4to, coloured, 15s. half bound. SPLENDID WORKS IN ART, SCIENCE, &c. RHYMES on GEOGRAPHY and HISTORY, by Recently published, or preparing for publication,

W. S. SANKEY, A.M., with coloured Måps. 12mo, half bound,


AINSLIE'S NINE-SHEET MAP of SCOTAnd to be had of all Booksellers.

LAND, full coloured, L.2, 23. Mounted on roller, L.3, 5s.-Pa

tent spring roller, L.1, 45.—În morocco case, imperial 8vo, L.3, 108. Preparing for publication.

-If varnished, 17s. additional. THE MONASTIC ANNALS of TEVIOTDALE ; 18 Views, one sheet, price 5so---In boards, 5s, 6d. - In a case, 7s. Ed.

Or, the History and Antiquities of the Abbeys of

-On roller, 8s.
By the Rev. JAMES MORTON, B.D.

CHANNING'S DISCOURSE on the INSTALTo be Illustrated with Views, Elevations, Ground Plans, &c.,LATION of the Rev. M. J. MOTTE. Post 8vo, ls. from Drawings taken on the spot by

W. H. Lizars, Engraver, and EDINBURGH PENMAN; a New Set of Copy G. SMITH, Architect. To be published in 1to Parts.

Eight Numbers, 6d.
TIC ANECDOTES of HORSES. Illustrated by Figures of the dif-

LOCWS WORK on the HIGHLANDS, Second edition, post 8vo, ferent Breeds, and Portraits of celebrated and remarkable HORSES, 8s. 6d,







Are respectfully informed that Part IX. is now ready for delivery.
Published this day,
In one volume 18mo, price 5s. half-bound,

VIEWS in ENGLAND and WALES, from Draw. THE POCKET FRENCH GRAMMATICAL ings by J. M. W. TURNER, Esq., R.A. With Descriptive and

Historical Illustrations, by H. E. LLOYD, Esq. and CRITICAL DICTIONARY, containing the Laws of

Parts 1 to 9, Royal 4to, 14s. each-Imperial 4to, Proofs, L1, 1 Grammar and Pronunciation - the Popular Errors committed in French, both in France and Great Britain-the Peculiarities, Nice

Imperial 4to, Proofs on India paper, L.), lls. 6d.-Colombier

Folio, limited to 30 copies, L.2, 12s. 6d. ties, and Difficulties, attending French Composition the customary

Part 10 will appear on the 15th of June, forming Volume I. of the Forms of Epistolary Correspondence-and preceded by an Analytical

Series. Introduction, intended as a guide to the Student for the understand

London : ROBERT JENNINGS and WILLIAM CHAPLIN, 62, Cheap ing of the nature of the Dictionary.

side. By G. SURRENNE, F.S.S.A. Teacher of French, Edinburgh; French Master in the Scottish Mili. tary and Naval Academy : Corresponding Member of the Gramma

Just published, corrected to the Present Time, tical Society of Paris; Lecturer on French and English Compara

LEIGH'S NEW PICTURE OF LONDON, tive Philology; Author of a Grammar of French Rhetoric; of With Plan of London and Map of the Environs, fs, boudd. the French Grammatology; the New French Manual ; Le Nou Ditto and 108 Views,

9s. bound. veau Manuel Anglais, published at Paris, &c.

Ditto ditto and 24 coloured Costumes,

12. bound. To be had of Messrs OLIVER and Boy, and all other Booksellers. Ditto do, and Rowlandson's 54 coloured Costumes, 15s. bound.

Printed for SAMUEL LEIGH, 18, Strand, and BALDWIN and Just published,

CRADOCK, Paternoster-Row, London.

This day is published, in 1 vol. post Sro,

Neatly done up in extra cloth boards, price 9s.


Six Subjects, price 5s. 6d.

(Adapted to the New Edition of the Works.
A very limited number, in quarto, India Proofs, without the Let.

LORD OF PADUA, ters, L.1, 5s. ; India Proofs, with Letters, 18s.; Proofs, 12sRoyal

An Historical Tale of the Fourteenth Century. 8vo, 7s, 6d.

From the Italian of GATARO, Mr Charles Heath has the honour of announcing to the Subscri

By DAVID SYME, Esquire, advocate. bers to the New Edition of Sir Walter Scott's Novels, that he is pre Edinburgh: Printed for Constable and Co., 19, Waterloo Place; paring a set of Plates, to be executed in the same style of excellence and HURST, CHANCE, and Co., London. as his popular Annual, “ The Keepsake," from the first Artists, and

NOTICES OF DA CARRARA. at a Price that will add very little to each volume, which will make

(London Literary Gacette.) the Edition most beautiful and complete.

We most cordially recommend this voluine to our readers; it is a Published by ROBERT JENNINGS and W. CHAPLIN, 62, Cheap most vivid historical picture, with all the interest of a romance. We side, London.

give Mr Syme great credit for the research and industry with which

he has collected his materials, and still more for the auimation and Just published, price 7s. in Cloth,

picturesque language in which he has painted his hero's adventures,

(Edinburgh Literary Journal.) LEIGH'S GUIDE to the LAKES and MOUN. The work altogether indicates the hand of a scholar, and will be TAINS of Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire, Il

read by scholars with much satisfaction. lustrated with a large and accurate Map of the Country, and Maps

(Atlas.) of Windermere, Derwent Water, Borrowdale, Ulls Water, Grass The narrative is skilfully related, and possesses attractions that mere, Rydal Water, and Langdale.

were we not assured of their authenticity, we might alorost consider Printed for Samuel LEIGH, 18, Strand, London; of whom may

romantic. be obtained,

(The Scots Times.) LEIGH'S NEW POCKET ROAD-BOOK of tion, et cetera, sufficient to chain down to its pages the most insete

Though possessing charms as to incident, effect, narratire, situs. ENGLAND and WALES, 18mo, 8s. bound, with 55 rate student of circulating library lore, “The Fortunes of Carrara"

is highly important in a historical point of view. County Maps, 12s.

(Dublin Literary Gacette.) SCOTLAND, with a Map and Plan, 8s.

This interesting volume is a skilful and unpretending attempt to

make the singularly interesting and dramatic life of Francesco, with IRELAND, with Maps, &c. 9s.

whose history that of Padua is identified during the fourteenth ces. LEIGH'S ROAD-MAP of ENGLAND, WALES,

tury, familiar to the English reader.

(Glasgow Free Press.) and SCOTLAND, 16s. tuck.

In a note to his excellent History of Italy, Mr Perceral sare of

back Signor Francesco and his lady, “the story of their harassing suffer. SIR W. GELL'S POMPEII,

ings and hair-breadth escapes, and of the subsequent adventures of

Francesco, is told by a contemporary chronieler' of Padua. Andrea Second SERIES.

Gataro, and may be found in ihe seventeenth volume of the Scrip. This day is published, Part II., price 10s. 6d.

Rer. Ital. The tale is more interesting than any romance, from the

simple air of truth which pervades it."--The praise of so judicious POMPEIANA: the Topography, Edifices, and

a writer as Perceval we are well inclined to second, after a perusal of Ornaments of Pompeii.

this beautiful book, which throws more light on the character of the By Sir WILLIAM GÉLL, M.A.F.R.S. F.S.A.

internal wars of Italy than all the pompous writings of a Sismondi The work will be completed in about twelve Parts, forming Two and other eloquent generalisers. Volumes. A Part to be published every Two Months, containing Six Engra

GRIEVE & OLIVER, vings, and occasionally two or three Vignettes, with Two Sheets of Letter-press, handsomely printed, in royal 8vo, price 10s. 60, Impe

(LATE GRIEVE AND SCOTTS,) 26, NORTH BRIDGE, rial 8vo, 12s. 6d. Proofs, demy Ato, 18s. India paper, with the RESPECTFULLY solicit the attention of their Etchings, limited to 25 copies, (only ten left for sale,) L.1, 11s. 6d.

Friends and the Public to their present Stock of Goons, Part III. will be published on the 1st of August. which they can with confidence recommend. It consists of ROBERT Jennings and WILLIAM CHAPLIN, 62, Cheapside, Gentlemen's Superfine Hats of the newest fashion, London.


Do, Brown and Drab do.

Do. Silk Hats of various kinds.
Just published,

Servants' Livery Hats, manufactured on purpose, and warranted

to resist rain. THE LIFE of a LAWYER. Written by Himself.

Young Gentlemen's Fine Light Hats. Price 10s. 64. boards.


Brown and Drab. “We have not seen, among the numerous works of fiction which Do.

!* Cloth Caps. are daily produced, one of greater merit in its way than this. There Ladies' Fashionable Riding Hats. is only one other writer in our language who has succeeded in a si Gentlemen's Travelling Caps. milar style; and it is no small praise to the author of this work to Gold and Silver Laces, Livery Cockades, Oiled Silk Covers, &c. say that he resembles De Foe.

We have no doubt that there is a great number of readers who cannot fail to be delighted A Large Assortment of Hats for Tradesmen and others, of with the simplicity and originality of this piece of fictitious biogra.

durable qualities, and moderate in price. phy, and who may be instructed by the lessons of practical prudence which it conveys."- Times.

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, " This work carries us back to the times of De Foe. The whole

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE: story is told so simply and so naturally, that if we could contrive

Sold also by TuOMAS ATKINSON & Co., 81, Trongate, Glasgow; W. to forget the politics and the politicians of the last twenty years,

CURRY, jun. and Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, and Co., Lone we should be tempted to take the Novel for a History."-Spectator.

don; and by all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, “ This is a very curious and interesting volume, and seems in throughout the United Kingdom. fact the romance of real life."-Globe.

Price 6d. ; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d. London : Printed for SAUNDERS and BennING, 13, Fleet Street; and Sold by BelL and BRADFUTE, and J. CLARKE, Elinburghie Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.

(No. 83, June 12, 1830.]


Has the honour to acquaint the Public, that he has received ADVERTISEMENTS,

Lieutenant-General Ainslie's book on the
Conneoted with Literature, Science, and the Arts.

One Volume 4to, royal drawing paper, with 7 plates of the Coins, by

E. FINDEN, in his best manner, and a vignette of an unpublished (ADVERTISEMENTS' from London, intended for insertion in this

Seal of the celebrated Black Prince. Price L.2, 12s. 60. JOURNAL, which now forms one of the most eligible mediums for

London: Published by John HEARNE, Strand ; and WILLIAM Literary Advertising in Scotland, are respectfully requested to be

BLACKWOOD, 15, George Street, Edinburgh. left with Mr FREDERICK Somers, No. 169, Fleet Street, who has been appointed Agent for the Advertising Department in London. Terms the same as the Edinburgh Newspapers.)



This day is published, price 5s.
By EFFINGHAM WILSON, Royal Exchange, London, and

WAUGH and INNES, Edinburgh,

FRENCH CLASSES took place at his Residence, No. 85, rious Frontispiece, Hieroglyphical Signs, &c. &c. George Street, on Saturday the 5th, and Monday the 7th instant,

Mortal ! wouldst thou scan aright when the Prizes were adjudged as follows:

Dreams and Visions of the night ;

Wouldst thou future secrets learn, First, or Highest Class, for Composition, on Grecian,

And the fate of Dreams discern ? Roman, ENGLISH, and Scotch HistorY, ANCIENT and

Ope the mystic page, and read

What the Vision has decreed !!! MODERN LITERATURE.

Prize. -Miss Margaret Denniston. Second Highest Class, for French LITERATURE and Con- HONE'S EVERY DAY BOOK AND TABLE

BOOK.--The Times Newspaper of May 7, in Reviewing Dr VERSATion, as Introductory to the Composition Class.

Southey's Life of Bunyan, adds:- But that for which we chiefly Ist Prize.--*Miss Isabella Maclaurin,

notice this work of Mr Southey's is, the very last sentence in it, 2d Prizes.-Miss Margaret Watson. - Miss Elizabeth Greig. wherein is contained his frank and honourable recommendation 3d Prizes.-Miss Anne Spalding.-Miss Margaret Napier. (though not more than they deserve) of the works of one whom the

iron rod of oppression would have levelled with the dust. |Third Highest Class.

"In one of the volumes collected from various quarters, which 1st Prize.-Miss Jane Young.

were sent me for this purpose, I observed the name of W. HONE, 2d Prizes.- Miss Jane Turnbull.—Miss Jane Greig.

and notice it, that I may take the opportunity of recommending his Miss Catharine Hainilton.-*Miss Margaret Bowie.

EVERY DAY BOOK AND TABLE BOOK to those who are inte. 3d Prizes. Miss Mary Anne Smith.--Miss Jane Horsburgh.

rested in the preservation of our national and local customs. By Miss Clarissa Greig.-Miss Catharine Scott.

these very curious publications their compiler has rendered good

service in an important department of literature, and he may render For Assiduity and various Merits.

yet more, if he obtain the encouragement he well deserves. Mesilemoiselles Elizabeth M. Brown, Jane Boyd, Margaret Sin

Not only we, and the person mentioned in this paragraph, but clair, Mary Johnston, Forbes Ford, Jane Smith, Jessie Maclaren,

all the friends of pure English literature-all the curious in old Eng Catharine M.Kenzie, Helen Young, Anne Balfour.

lish customs-in short, all intelligent men, with the hearts of Eng

lishmen in them, owe Mr Southey their gratitude for his recommen. Fourth, or Highest Elementary Class.

dation. It springs from a just taste and right feelings united." 1st Prizes.-* Miss S. Muir.--* Miss Jane Renton.

HONE'S EVERY DAY BOOK AND TABLE 2d Prizes.-Miss Elizabeth A. Veitch.-*Miss Helen Young.

BOOK may be had of all the Booksellers, in three very large vols. Miss M. A. Hamilton.

8vo, with nearly 500 Engravings, price L.2, 25. in boards. A new 3d Prizes. Miss Grace Stead.-Miss Jane Cornwall.

edition is also publishing in parts, price ls. each, and will be comMiss Cath. Scott.-Miss Isabella Alexander.

pleted in 4? parts. Fifth, or Second Elementary Class- Senior Division. The Trade supplied by RICHARD GRIFFIN and Co., 61, Hutcheson 1st Prizes.--*Miss Isabella Maclarty.-Miss Jessie Shaw.

Street, Glasgow. 21 Prizes. { Miss Marjory Law.-- Niss Jessy Grierson,

Irvine. 3d Prize.-Miss Macrae Gairdner.

SPLENDID PORTRAIT OF GEORGE IV. Junior Division, 1st Prize.-*Miss Eliza Ballingal.

A Beautiful STEEL ENGRAVING, from the last 2d Prize. -Miss Patricia Mowbray.

Likeness taken of His Majesty, will be presented, GRATIS, to 3d Prizes.

Miss Charlotte Scott.-Miss Elizabeth Wardlaw. every Purchaser of THE WEEKLY DISPATCH of Sunday, the
| Miss Elizabeth Donaldson.-Miss Sarah Bladworth. 27th of June inst.
Sirth, or Beginners' Class.

A single glance at this exquisite Engraving, which may be seen at

Mr Walker's, Register Street, and Mr Sutherland's, Edinburgh ; 1st Prize.--.Miss Magd, Goodsir.

and M.Phun's Glasgow, will convince every person that such a Por20 Prize. -*Miss Agnes Collymore.

trait cannot be purchased elsewhere, for less than half-a-guinea. It Miss E. More.# Miss Catherine Macauley..*Miss will now be given, together with the best Sunday Paper in England,

Margaret Dassauville. 3d Prizes. *Miss Jessie Henderson.-Miss Jessie Campbell.Miss J. More..-Miss J. Fullerton.

To secure early impressions of the Portrait, immediate orders Miss E. Clapperton.

should be given. Such orders will be received by all Postmasters and FOR RECITATION.-Miss Charlotte Monro, and Miss Charlotte

News agents, who must forward the same immediately to their Lon.

don Agents. Dalyel.

“ Dispatch" ofice, 139, Fleet-street, London. PRIZES FOR ASSIDUITY AND VARIOUS MERITS. Mesdemoiselles Wilhelmina Turnbull, Christian Crawford, Jessie

TO DYSPEPTICS, Lyon, Sarah Hutchison, Elizabeth Dumbreck, Charlotte Monro, Anne Thomas, Jane Cornwall, Margaret Moflat, Amelia Maclaroth, THE STUDIOUS AND SEDENTARY. Jessie Milne, Wilhelmina Milne Johnston, Rachel Veitch, C. Lyon, Agnes Macarthur, Charlotte Dalyel, Anue Pringle.


DERS,-produce an extremely refreshing Effervescing Drink,

preferable to Soda, Seidlitz, or Magnesia Water, and at the same GENTLEMEN'S CLASSES.

time a Mild and Cooling Aperient, peculiarly adapted to promote the For Composition.

healthy action of the Stomach and Bowels, and thereby prevent the

recurrence of Constipation and Indigestion, with all their train of Prize.-Mr John Innes.

consequences, as Depression, Flatulence, Acidity or Heartburn,

Headach, Febrile Symptoms, Eruptions on the skin, &c. &c.; and Second, or Highest Elementary Class.

by frequent use will obviate the necessity of having recourse to Ca. 1st Prize.- Mr James L. Ewing.

lomel, Epsom Salts, and other violent medicines, which tend to de2d Prize.-Mr W. Hutchison.

bilitate the system. When taken after too free an indulgence in the 3d Prizes.--- Mr Thomas R. Scott. - Mr Philips Maclagan. luxuries of the table, particularly after too much wine, the usual dis

agreeable effects are altogether avoided. In warm climates, they Third, or Beginners' Class.

will be found extremely beneficial, as they prevent accumulation of 1st Prize.-Mr Sprott Boyd."

Bile, and do not debilitate. 2d Prize.--Mr Alexander C. Robertson,

Prepared, and sold in 25. 98. Boxes,-and 10s. 6d. and 20s. Cases, 3d Prizes.- Mr Theodosius Ewart.- Mr Hector Gavin.

by BUTLER, Chemist to his Majesty, No. 73, Prince's Street, Edin. For Recitation.- Mr Robert Dalyell.

burgh; and (authenticated by the Preparer's name and address, in

the Label affixed to each box and case) may be obtained of BUTLER N. B.-Pupils whose names are marked with an asterisk are entilled and Co., 1, Cheapside, Corner of St Paul's, London; and of all the to an extra prize for assiduity.

principal Druggists and Booksellers throughout the United Kingdom.

for 85.

This day is published,

This day is published,
In one volume, post &vo, price 10s. 6d.,

Handsomely printed in 4to, with a Portrait, price L.3, 3s. in bdi

Master of Trinity College, and Regius Professor of Divinity to and STATE, according to the Idea of Each ; with Aids towards

the University of Cambridge ; with an Account of his Writings, ind a Right Judgment on the late Catholic Bill.

Anecdotes of many distinguished Characters during the perioda By S. T. COLERIDGE, Esq. R.A. R.S.L.

which he flourished. London : HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 65, St Paul's Church-yard ; By the Very Reverend JAMES HENRY MONK, D.D. and sold by CONSTABLE, and Co. Edinburgh.

Dean of Peterborough.

London: Printed for C. J. G. and T. RiviNGTON, St Paul's This day is published, in one volume, post 8vo, price 8s. Church-yard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall ; and J. and J. J. THE LAY OF THE DESERT;

DEIGHTON, Cambridge; and sold by BELL and BRADFCTE, Edis

A Poem, in Two Cantos.

London : Printed for HURST, CHANCE, and Co., St Paul's Church-

Neatly bound, price 10s. 6d. yard; and CONSTABLE and Co., Edinburgh.


An ALPHABETICAL REGISTER of the Public Institutions, and This day is published,

Public Functionaries, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military, of the BriIn one volume, post 8vo, price 95. 6d., illustrated with tish Empire, including its Colonial and Foreign Dependencies; with Plates by G. Cruickshank,

Circumstantial Details of the Sovereign Houses of Europe, particu.

larizing the Present Members of each Family, &c. &c. By JOHN THE NEW BATH GUIDE;

BURKE, Esq., Author of a General and Heraldic Dictionary of the

Peerage and Baronetage, &c. &c.


by Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.
A new edition, with Notes, and a Life of the Author,

ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS OF THE London: HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 65, St Paul's Church-yard ;

CLASSICS. and also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

Neatly bound, price only 46. 6d.
This day is published, in 2 vols. 8vo, price 156.


The object of the proprietors of this undertaking is to produce a “ This work, we understand, is a real autobiography, and from work, which from its cheapness and elegance may recommend itself the pen of Mrs M‘Taggart, a lady who has been long distinguished to all classes. The expensive existing editions have hitherto prein private life for her intelligence and accomplishments.

cluded the community at large from an acquaintance with the wsi. "It is written in a playful, easy, fireside kind of style. The first tings of the greatest Poets, Historians, and Orators, the world has prosentence is enough to recommend the book without another extract.” duced. -Courier. London: Hurst, Chance, and Co., 65, St Paul's Church-yard; SALLUST, and XENOPHON.

The Five numbers already published comprise DE VOSTA ENES, and Sold by CONSTABLE and Co., Edinburgh.

HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London, and sold by
This day is published,

BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.
In one vol. post 8vo,
Neatly done up in extra cloth boards, price 98.


This day is published,

Illustrated with eight Engravings, 5s.

No XIII. of the

An Historical Tale of the Fourteenth Century.

the most Eminent BRITISH PAINTERS, SCULPTORS, and From the Italian of GATARO,

By DAVID SYME, Esquire, advocate.

John MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London.
Edinburgh: Printed for CONSTABLE & Co., 19, Waterloo Place;
and HURST, CHANCE, and Co., London,


No. I. (which has been long in preparation) will be published on

the 1st of July. (London Literary Gazette.) We most cordially recommend this volume to our readers ; it is a 3. FAMILY DRAMATISTS. No II. containing trost vivid historical picture, with all the interest of a romance. We give Mr Syme great credit for the research and industry with which

the plays of Ford, Vol. 1, will be published, in a few days. he has collected his materials, and still more for the animation and picturesque language in which he has painted his hero's adventures.

This day is published, (Edinburgh Literary Journal.)

Part II. royal 8vo, price 4s. of The work altogether indicates the hand of a scholar, and will be read by scholars with much satisfaction,


WAVERLEY NOVELS, from drawings by Messrs Barrett. The narrative is skilfully related, and possesses attractions that

Brockedon, W. Daniell, R.A., Dewint, C. Fielding, J. D. Harding, were we not assured of their authenticity, we might almost consider S. Proutt, R. R. Reinagle, R.A., Robson, T. Stothard, R.A., Sianromantic.

field, and W. Westall, A.R.A.; engraved in the most finished style (The Scots Times.)

by W. and E. Finden, Though possessing charms as to incident, effect, narratire, situa London : CHARLES Tilt, Fleet Street, and JOHN ANDRES, tion, et cetera, sufficient to chain down to its pages the most invete New Bond Street. rate student of circulating library lore, “ The Fortunes of Carrara" is highly important in a historical point of view.

* A few Proofs, royal ito, on India Paper, 75. per Part. (Dublin Literary Garette.) This interesting volume is a skilful and unpretending attempt to

They are such prints as have adorned the most finished of the

Annuals, and we rejoice to see them addressed to the Works of our make the singularly interesting and dramatic life of Francesco, with great Novelist."-Lit. Gazette, April 10. whose history that of Padua is identified during the fourteenth cen. tury, familiar to the English reader.

Part III. will appear on the first of July.
(Glasgow Free Press.)
In a note to his excellent History of Italy, Mr Perceval says of
Signor Francesco and his lady, “ the story of their harassing suffer-

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, ings and hair-breadth escapes, and of the subsequent adventures of

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; Francesco, is told by a contemporary chronicler of Padua, Andrea Sold also by THOMAS ATKINSON & Co., 84, Trongate, Glasgow: W. Gataro, and may be found in the seventeenth volume of the Scrip. CURRY, jun. and Co., Dublin; HURST, CRANCE, and co., Lon Rer. Ital. The tale is more interesting than any romance, from the don; and by all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, simple air of truth which pervades it." -The praise of so judicious throughout the United Kingdom. a writer as Perceval we are well inclined to second, after a perusal on this beautiful book, which throws more light on the character of the

Price 6d. ; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d. internal wars of Italy than all the pompous writings of a Sismondi and other eloquent generalisers.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.



ship in the London University. His reasons are understood to be the impossibility of realizing the prospects originally held out to the mcdical pupils. - It is said that a question is likely to arise whether the

Pavilion at Brighton is a royal palace, and as such, the property of PORTRAIT OF THE ETTRICK SHEPHERD.-Our readers will learn the Crown; or whether it is the private property of his present Ma. with pleasure that Mr Watson Gordon—whose admirable portrait of jesty.-An excellent Panorama of the city of Amsterdam has been Sir Walter Scott we described ten days ago-has now nearly finished recently opened by the indefatigable Mr Burford.—Lord Grosvenor a painting of a similar size, and of equal excellence, of the Ettrick has opened his splendid gallery of pictures to public view for a short Shepherd. It is by far the most striking and characteristic likeness time.-Dr Paris has sold his History of the Life and Times of Sir existing of the author of the “ Queen's Wake." It has been painted, Humphrey Davy for a thousand guineas.—There has been a great and is to be engraved, expressly for the Literary Journal. It gives falling off lately in many of the periodical publications; and it is difis much pleasure thus to have it in our power to present our readers ficult to discover the cause, unless it be in the want of means, of which with so excellent a likeness of one whose extraordinary genius is every body complains. The Sunday Newspapers have severely felt universally acknowledged, as well in England as in his own country; the depression--some of the oldest have fallen 250 to 500 per week and who, from the commencement of the Literary Journal, has been during the last two or three months. It would seem from this that one of our most valued and constant correspondents. The engra there is really a diminution of means in the lower and middling ving will be ready in a few weeks, and we shall give our readers due classes to purchase newspapers, for it cannot be said to arise from notice of its appearance.

want of news, since there are as many subjects of excitement now as Among other novelties announced for immediate publication, are there have been during the last twelve months. the following :-The Separation : a novel. By the authoress of

THE CONTRAST.-Ist. The Giant Angling. Flirtation. The story of which is reported to be founded upon a

His rod was fashion'd of a sturdy oak, recent extraordinary affair in high life. T'he Personal Memoirs of

His line a cable, which in storms ne'er broke, Pryce Gordon, Esq. who, it is understood, has seen much of men and manners, both at home and abroad, during the last half century.

His hook he baited with a dragon's tail,

And on a rock he sat and bobb'd for whale. -Wedded Life in the Upper Ranks: a novel.—The Oxonians. By Lill! IL the author of the Roué .-Frescatis; or Scenes in Paris.-And, Fo

2d. The Dandy Angling. reign Exclusives in London.

His angle was a peacock's feather, The first number of the Library of General Knowledge, which has

His casting line a midge's tether; been for some time announced by Messrs Colburn and Bentley, on

His hook he baited with mites of cheese, the popular plan of cheap monthly publication, will make its appear.

And he lay'in his bed and bobb'd for fleas. ance, we understand, on the first day of next month. The subject Theatrical Gossip. The most recent növelty is Taglioni, a new adopted for the commencement of the undertaking is one of univer.opera-dancer from Paris. Her dancing seems to be considered sal interest to Great Britain the Life of Loril Byron. The execu above all praise,-superior even to that of Brocard, Varennes, Vestion of the task, it appears, has been confided to Mr Galt, who was tris, or Noblet. She is only to be a short time in London.-Drury the companion of his lordship during one period of his foreign tra Lane closed for the season on the 14th, and Covent Garden on the vels, and who is reported to be the possessor of such materials as will

15th of this month. It is understood that Miss Paton is now living be found to add considerable novelty to the other attractions which a avowedly with Mr Wood, in which case we should like to know work of this nature, published on the plan in question, must possess. whether the Londoners, by way of example to their wives and daugh

We understand that " The Denounced," by the author of "The ters, will continue to heap their plaudits upon both the lady and genO'Hara Tales,” will be published in a few days. The work consists,

tleman. Kean was treated more severely; but " kissing goes by fawe are told, of two tales, which describe the severity of those laws your.”—The affairs of Covent Garden being now reinstated, the prowhich were enacted and enforced during the reign of William and

prietors have intimated their willingness to pay back the loans advanMary against the Catholics. The contentions that were continually ced at the beginning of the scason.—Madame Vestris is now in Dubtaking place between the proscribed papists and the emissaries of the lin, where she has been playing the appropriate part of Apollo in the government have doubtless afforded good scope for the author's farce of " Midas.”-The proprietors of the Theatre Royal, Liverpowers. The work is to be dedicated to the Duke of Wellington.

pool, have obtained a conviction against the proprietors of the minor CHEAP LITERATURE Among the many proofs of the increasing theatre there, for an infringement of the patent. The penalty for one demand for literary information may be mentioned the sale of the night's performances was L.30. Mr Bass of the Caledonian Theatre cheap editions of the English Translations of the ancient classic wri: derstand, to London, and from thence is to proceed to Switzerland,

here should read the case attentively.—Mr Murray has gone, we unters. We are informed from good authority that nearly twenty thousand volumes have already been sold of Valpy's beautiful pocket (prospectively speaking) in a very unsettled state-There is no truth

on account of his health. He has left the affairs of the theatre here edition of the Classical Library, now in the course of publication,

whatever in the report that Miss Noel (now Mrs Dr Bushe) is to and in which have already been given English Translations of De

return to the stage.--Mr Horncastle of the Caledonian Theatre takes mosthenes, Sallust, Xenophon, and Herodotus.

his benefit on Monday, and as he is much the cleverest and most reThe first volume of the History of England, by Sir James Mack spectable performer in that establishment, we hope bis merits will intosh, will appear on the first of next month. THE JUVENILE LIBRARY.-(From a Correspondent.)--Besides about to obtain a five-years' lease of the patent of the Theatre Royal

not go without recompense. —We understand that Mr Alexander is one or two other collections of a totally distinct nature, Messrs Col

Glasgow. burn and Bentley are about to publish that great desideratum, a Juvenile Library, in cheap monthly volumes, with suitable illustra

Weekly List or PERFORMANCES. tions. The truism, that when the young are removed from their

June 12-18. schools, or studies, with the character of having completed their

The Slave, of Life in London. education, they are in general deplorably ignorant of almost every

Mon. Romeo and Juliet, 4 Rosina. thing which their immediate intercourse with the world requires they TUES. Venice Preserved, Brother and Sister, should know, is too notorious to need argument. To simplify infor. Wed. Isabella, A; Raising the Wind. in mation—to afford facilities to parents' and teachers to prepare juve

Thuks. The Gamester, g Gilderoy.

FRI. nile minds for more complicated and extended relations than mere

Romeo and Juliet, $ Teddy the Tiler. education (even with all its modern improvements) has ever con- waren er du? templated ;-such are the objects of this Library, which is formed to

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. supply a regular succession of volumes that shall be eligible to place.1964 in the hands of the young, to guide their steps, to strengthen their

We are glad that F, acknowledges the unfairness of " pressing us moral character, and, by the great force of example, to smooth their

to death with wit,” without affording us the means of answering, way to knowledge, and its concomitant, happiness. The conduct of

which we deem partieularly eruel. The packet is perfectly safe, and the work is to be confided to the able Editor of the Literary Gasette,

will remain so. Our friend at Woolwich will hear from us soon.

We have already reviewed the volume he has sent us. The novel assisted by a large cirele of talented friends.

called " The Writer's Clerk" is the production, we believe, of a perCHIT-CHAT FROM LONDON.-There appears every probability that

son of the name of Kelly. Not having read the work, we can give a Metropolitan cemetery, on the model of Père la Chaise, will speed

no opinion upon its merits.- A Letter from Oban” in our next. ily be commenced. A public meeting on the subject was held a few days ago, which was attended by many noblemen and gentlemen of

"A Poet's Feelings,” by" W.M.” of Glasgow, and " The Pride

o' the Glen," by “ M." of Arbroath, shall have a place." The influence.—The fuss that has been made about the death of M'Kay Harp of Griel," the Lines by “ T. C.," and the Verses from Glase the pugilist is quite ridiculous. Every body knows that boxing is a sport countenanced by the first authorities in England, and a prize- sow in praise of Ale, are inadmissible. fighter takes the chances of death just as a soldier does who receives the king's pay. The one uses a musket, and the other his own fists, ERRATUM IN OUR LAST.-In the notice of the Illustrations of the and both kill or are killed equally lawfully. It would be the grossest Waverley Novels-speaking of Lucy Ashton and her father rescued injustice to punish Byrne by what would be nothing less than an ex. from the bull by Ravenswood, the artist's name should be Landseer, post-facto enactment.-Mr Charles Bell has resigned his professor- instead of Leslie,


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