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DR THOMAS'S DOMESTIC MEDICINE. This day is published, in 3 very large vols Sro, price L2,

Embellished with a fine Portrait, 8vo, 15$. DOMESTIC MEDICINE ; pointing out in a po- MEMOIRS of the LIFE

and TIMES of DANIEL pular manner, free from professional terms, the Nature, Symp

DE FOB, containing a REVIEW of his WRITINGS and toms, Causes, and Treatment of ALL DISEASES, according to the

his OPINIONS upon a variety of IMPORTANT MATTERS, CLmodern Improvements in Medieiue, with appropr nte Prescriptions in VIL and ECCLESIASTICAL. English, and a Table of the Doses suitable to different ages; inclu

By WALTER WILSON, Esq., of the Inner Temple. ding the Medical Management of Children; forming a valuable Guide for Clergymen, Aeads of families, Invalids, Travellers, &c.

London: HURST, CHANCE, and Co., St Paul's Church-Yard

Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. rt

Author of * The Modern Practice of Physic."
Printed for THOMAs and GEORGE UNDERWOOD, 32, Fleet-street,

Where may be had, just published, in 2 vols. 8vo, price als London.


WEALTH, from the Earliest Times to the Destruction of Jerusaks, Just published,

A.D. 72. Translated from the German of John JAHN, D.D. Win In three vols. post sro,

a Continuation to the Time of Adrian, By Calvix É. STOWE. THE FORTUNES of PERKIN WARBECK. By the Author of " Frankenstein," " The Last Man," &c.

This day is published, in 2 vols. 8vo, price 158. 2. TRAVELS THROUGH the CRIMEA, TOR

KEY, and EGYPT. By the late JAMES WEBSTER, Esq. of the
Inner Temple. In 2 vols. with 8vo Plates.

And in a few days,

GENTLEWOMAN OF THE OLD SCHOOL 3. The Third and fourth Volumes of COMMEN

By A LADY. TARIES on the LIFE and REIGN of CHARLES I. King of Eng

London : HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 65, St Paul's Churct-Tur land. By 1. D'ISRAELI, Author of "The Curiosities of Litera

Sold also by Constable and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinborgt. ture," &e. &c.

4. The ENGLISH AT HOME. By the Author of « The English in Italy," " The English in France," &c.

This day is published, in foolscap, price fs.

In 3 vols. post svo.

IMILDA DE' LAMBERTAZZI; HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and sold by BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Sueet, Edinburgh.



London: HukST, CHANCE, and Co., 65, St Paul's Church-orde
Recently published by

Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh

London ;
And sold by BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street,

MEMOIRS of BOLIVAR, President Liberator This day is published, in one volume, post Svo, price 10s. 64
of the Republic of Colombia, comprising an Account of his

SECOND EDITION, principal Generals, the secret History of the Revolution, &c. In 2 On the CONSTITUTION of the CHURCH and , with Portrait and Map of Colombia

STATE, according to the Idea of Each; with Aids tosard a LANDER'S WANDERINGS in AFRICA ; or, Right Judgment on the late Catholic Bill. RECORDS of CAPTAIN CLAPPERTON'S LAST EXPEDI

By S. T. COLERIDGE, Esq., T.A.R.S.L. TION to that COUNTRY. In 2 vols. post 8vo, with Illustrations, 21s.

London : HURST, Chance, and Co., 65, St Paul's Church-Farb CAPTAIN MOORSOM'S LETTERS from

Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Plaee, Edinburgh NOVA SCOTIA; containing Sketches of a Young Country. In 1 vol. small 8vo, with a Map and Plates.

This day is published, 12s.

In one thick volume, postovo, price 12s., with a beautiful NOTES on HAITI. Made during a Residence in

Frontispiece, that Republic. By CHARLES MACKENZIE, Esq., F.R.S., F.L.S.,

THE POETICAL ALBUM, late his Majesty's Consul-General in Haiti, and now his Majesty's Commissioner of Arbitration in the Havanna, &c. In 2 volse post 8vo, with Map and Plates. FOUR YEARS in SOUTH AFRICA.


SECOND SERIES. PER Rose, Royal Engineers. In 1 vol. 8vo, with Illustrations, 10s. 6d.

Edited by ALARIC A. WATTS, Esq. CAPTAIN MIGNAN'S TRAVELS in CHAL " See, I have cull'd the flowers that promised best, DEA, with a Particular Account of Babylon. In I vol. with 25

1!'. And where not sure-perplex'a, but pleased- I guessid Illustrations, 14s.

,- At such as seem'd the fairest."-BYROX. “ Captain Mignan has furnished the best account of the relics of Babylon that has ever been published. 'Monthly Magazine. ."1

London: HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 65, St Paul's Church - Varde

Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Plave, Edmaturgth POPU ČAR NOVELS

Where may be had, lately published, price 123,

The 1st Series of Lately published ! By HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY,


MODERN FUGITIVE POETRY. Edited by ALARIC A. WATTS, And Sold by BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street,

Esq. In one thick volume, post 8yo, with a beautifu Frontispiece Edinburgh.

by Williams. ADVENTURES of an IRISH GENTLEMAN, the most beautiful Fugitive Poetry that has appeared during lates

This volume will be found to contain a very large proportion d Comprising an Account of his Residence in France during the sanguinary period of the Revolution. In 5 vols. post 8vo.

ten years; including upwards of 300 poems, for the most part inelitel,

of Byron, Moore, Cainpbell, Wilson, Wordsworth, Rogers, Coke. 2. TALES of a BRIEFLESS BARRISTER. In ridge, L. E. L., Bowles, Shelley, Mrs Hemans, Miss Baillie, Barry 3 vols. post 8vo, 28s, 6d.

Cornwall, Moir, Montgomery, Croly, Horsee Smith, Alane A. “ The author of these Tales is evidently an acnte observer of hu

Watts &c. &c. &c. man nature has witnessed some extraordinary incidents in life, and is gifted with the rare art of telling a story well."--Courier.

This day is published, price 5s.6d, bound, 3. STORIES of a BRIDE. By the Authoress of

A New Edition of " The Mummy." In 3 vols, post Svo, 283. 68. " A very original as well as amusing work, and one which we think

JOHNSON'S ENGLISH DICTIONARY, will be universally liked.”-Literary Gazette.

WITH 4. The LIFE of a MIDSHIPMAN. A Tale found WALKER'S PRONUNCIATION ed on Facts, and intended to correct an injudicious predilection in Boys for the Life of a Sailor. Post 8vo, 9s. 6d.

OF ALL THE DIFFICULT OR DOUBTECL VORDS 5. GERTRUDE. A Tale of the Reign of Ilenry churches Varu. Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterlup Place,

Printed by C. CORRAL, for Hurst, CHANCE, and Co., 65, $t Paul's IV. In 2 vols. post 8vo. “ A beautiful and romantic Tale, written in the true spirit of the

Edinburgh. age it illustrates."- Literary Gazelte. 6. The EXCLUSIVES!!! A Satirical Novel of of JOHNSON ani WALKER: the foriner in all that regards the autho

The two Standard Dictionaries of the English Language are those Fashionable Life. Third Edition. In 3 vols. past svo.

rity and spelling of words, the later as to their pronunciation. The ." This extraordinary production continues to be the leading topic object of the volume now offered to the Public is to combine, in a of couversation avlong the higher circles. The avtonishment felt at the details connected with a certain system of London society is in

portable forun, the adrantages of both; and to assist in acquiring th

ease and elegance of a correct speaker, in the current language of describable."--GI.

every day.


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By JOHN LOTHIAN, 41, St Andrew Square,

Agent for the Cheap University Library Editions of the

Just Published,
British Historians, Essayists, and Poets ; English

And sold by Messrs CONSTABLE and Co.,
Translations of the Greek and Roman
Classics, &c.


In one volume, Imperial 8vo, price L.1, 11s. 6d.

Stereotyped without abridgement from the original folio Edition of

1752, with numerous additions, emendations, GENERAL ATLAS of the Empires, Kingdoms,

and improvements, Colonies, &c. of THE WORLD, with the latest Discoveries and political alterations; and with such Maps of the older Divisiı ns

si ti, By the Rev. B. M. BEATSON, Ésq, MAT of Europe as are required in the perusal of the principal Histories.

Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge; This Alias is neither to be swelled in price or bulk by letter-press,

Revised and Corrected nor by unnecessarily subdividing countries, and multiplying maps.

By WILLIAM ELLIS, Esq., M.A.!!! --Each map is to present an entire Country ; instead of giving only

of King's College, Aberdeen. mutilated portions of territory. The whole is compiled with a view to furnish a really u:eful atlas-on the largest scale for the price-pub “ Encouraged, we trust by the deserved 'success of the edition of lished in a form easily consulted, and sufficiently portable-and sold Johnson's Dictionary in one large svo volume, we have here its on the smallest possible remunerating profit. The Proprietors look for Latin counterpart-a publication on which we do not hesitate to bea return, in the extensive sale which these advantages are calculated stow our most unqualified praise. Ainsworth's has always been, what to procure. Taking the useful selection of maps,-their accuracy, it merited, a popular Thesaurus ; and for ready referenee to the stue scale, convenient form, and price when completid, -as together the dent, none better could be constructed. There were, however, as proper standard of comparison with similar works, they have no he there must be in all works of the kind, many errors, either original, or bitation in elaiming for this a decided preference. To be comprised such as had crept in through careless reprinting; and we are glad to on Forty or FORTY-ONE COPPERPLATes, and published in fourteen see a multitude of these rectified by the industry and judgment of the Monthly Numbers, of three Maps each ; at 25. plain; 23. 6d. colour present editor. In other respects, also, great and notorious improveed :-or may be ordered complete, half bound calf, imperial 4to, inents have been effected-retrenchment of what was obsolete or price only 28s. plain ; 35. coloured !

unnecessary, and amplification where the nature of the explanations CLASSICAL ATLAS, (uniform in size with the required it." Altogether (and we have looked carefully through many above,) consisting of Maps of all the Countries inentioned by the an intricate examples to enable us to give this honest opinion)--altogether cient Authors, on a convenient and suitable scale ; preceded by an we can most unreservedly recommend this volume as one of the best accurate and comprehensive Map of the Roman Empire : and inclu- guides to early classical attainments, and also one of the completest ding Maps of the Patriarchates and Canaan. The whole executed on Latin Dictionaries that has ever courted public favour, "-Literary Nineteen Copperplates, to be published in 6 Monthly Numbers, of Gazette. 3 Maps each; at 2s. plain ; 28. 6d. coloured ; or may be ordered complete, half-bound calf, imperial 4to, price only 12s. plain, 15s. coloured !-- This will be found a most useful accompaniment to “ The

Family Classical Library," Dow in course of publication.

Complete in one Volume, price L.2, 2s. in cloth.
The above General and Classical Atlasses inay be ordered in One
Volume, forming a Complete ATLAS of ANCIENT and MODERN

A DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, GEOGRAFAY, executed on Fifty-nine or Sixty Copperplates, sub

in which the Words are deduced from their originals, and illustrae stantially half-bound, imperial 4to, for only £1, 15s. plain ; £2, 5s. coloured!

ted in their different significations by Examples from the best

Writers; to which are prefixed, a History of the Language, and an CLASSICAL ATLAS for the Use of SCHOOLS, English Grammar. containing EIGHTEEN Maps, beautifully and distinctly engraved ;

By SAMUEL JOHNSON, LL.D. to be completed in Three Numbers, royal 8vo, each Number containing Six Maps, 2s. 6d. plain ; õs. 6d. coloured; or complete, half Stereotyped verbatim from the Last Edition corrected by bound, only 7s. Cd. plain; 10s. 6d. coloured!

the Doctor These Atlasses are already far advanced, and will be completed

“ This Edition of Johnson's Dictionary, 'stereotyped verbatim long before the period fixed for their publication in Numbers has

from the last folio Edition corrected by the Doctor,' is eminently expired; and may, if preferred, be ordered in that state at the prices deserving of notice for its accuracy, the beauty of its typography, annexed to each, which on no account will exceed what is here and the character of its arrangements.-Literary Gazetie: stated. Specimens of the Works may now be seen, and the first

“As a specimen of Typographical Art, the Work before us is a Numbers will appear in the course of this month,

splendid contribution to our Libraries. It unites elegance, durabi

Jity, exquisite accuracy, and convenience of form, in a manner altoThis day are published,

gether unprecedented," Monthly Review, PLAN of EDINBURGH. By J. LOTHIAN; with 18 of the finest VIEWS in and near the city. 148. case, coloured


The 33 COUNTIES of SCOTLAND, complete in in three handsome volumes, Imperial 8vo, price L.3, 15s. in Cloth, Three Pocket Volumes, morocco: the Maps backed with linen. £2, es plain-£3, 3s. coloured. Single Cases, containing any selection

AN EXPOSITION of Counties, at prices in proportion.

PLANS ot' 47 TOWNS in SCOTLAND; 4s., 5s, and THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT ; 6s, each, sheets.

TRAVELLING MAPS of England, Scotland, and Ireland; neatly done up on cloth for the Focket_25. 64. each (cheap

MATTHEW HENRY, V.D. M. est published.)

GLOBES; 5, 7, 9, and 12 inches ; at the London prices, To which is prefixed, the Memoirs of the Like, CHARACTER, and being 25 per cent less than the usual prices in Edinburgh.

WRITINGS of the Author, ATLAS of the Counties and Islands of Scotland ; with

By J. B, WILLIAMS, Esq. F.S.A. an Appendix of Historical Maps of Scotland in former times. By

“ It may almost seem presumptuous to venture upon any recomJ. LOTHIAN. 4to, half bound. £2, 8s. plain-£3, 35. coloured.

mendation of the greatesi English commentator on the Holy ScripThe Appendix separately, 18s. coloured.

tures; and having recently expressei a decided opinion as to the POCKET- BIBLE ATLAS; containing 8 Maps, merits of Matthew Henry's Bible, it is quite unnecessary to repeat with Index. By J. LOTHIAN. Second Edition. 1s. half-bound, former commendations. This we will say, that every man ought 74mo.-Pocket Bibles with three Maps, so low as Is and 10s. to possess this great man's Commentary who can afford it. With ihis

Two Fire ENGRAVINGS of EDINBURGH By feeling strongly fixed in our minds, we are truly glad to introduce EwBAYK. 19 inches by 12. Each View, 12s.

CHECK-BOOKS for every Bank in Edinburgh and pactness and economy, far surpasses every former attempt; and Leith, 58. caeh.

which demonstrates the ingenuity and taste of the enterprising printPOLLOK'S MINOR WORKS; containing Three lic are greatly indebted to the man who thus places a valuable and

er who has supplied a desideratuin so worthy of the age. The pubNarratives, 6s. 60.-Each Narrative sold separately.

expensive work within the reach of persons of ordinary means. The LIVES of CELEBRATED PERSONS. By the Life prefixed to this edition is the one lately furnished by Mr WilRev. J. P. LAWSON, A.M., F.A.S.--viz. Buchanan, 3s. 60. —-'Wish. liams, a descendant of Matthew Henry's family, and a sincere lover art, 3s. 60.-Regent Moray, 1s.-Hamilton, 3s. 6d.-Wallace and of all nonconformist memorials. The printer and the publisher have Mill, 38. 60.-" Such works as these we would recommend in an

our warınest thanks."-Evan. Mag. especial manner to the young. There are few books the perusal of

This Edition is also published in Parts, at 3s. each, and may be which will yield them more pleasure and advantage.”—Theological taken periodically, at the convenience of Purchasers; and for the Magacine.

further accommodation of the publie, this work may be had in A detailed list of the above Geographical Works, &c., with weekly Numbers, at 1s. each. Sold by all Booksellers in the United extracts from the reviews, is just published, and may be had gralis. | Kingdom.

Jorn LOTHIAN, Ediuburgh; OOLE, Glasgow; HAMILTON, Adams, and Co., London.

London : Joseph OG LE ROBINSON, 12, Poultry.

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This day is published,

THE LISTENER. By Caroline Fry, Author

of The Assistant of Education," & in 2 vols. 12m,

cloth bris, ex ura, 12 SAUNDERS AND BENNING,

«« This is an exeellent title, not merely to catch the reader's eye, (Successors to J. BUTTERWORTH AND Son,

but also to communieate the writer's design, and briefly to give an

aceurate idea of the volumes. They contain a series of papars, about is 500, 12:43, FLEET-STREET, LONDON;

fitty in number, written in a pleasing and animated strain, on subjæls

diversified in their nature, and miscellaneous in their bearing, but BELL & BRADFUTE, AND

in their general outline all participating in one common character. THE LAW MAGAZINE ; or, QUARTERLY pamper its vicious crarings, but to detect its errors, and reform ita

REVIEW of JURISPRUDENCE, of which eight Numbers conviction of its intrinsic worth, and shall be glad to hail works of a have already appeared. Amongst the Contents are,+Constitution similar description from the same observant eye, reflective mind, and and Practice of the Common Law Courts --Principles and Practice of Pleading-Study

of the Civil Law-Chancery Reform Judicial Sys ** The acuteness of observation and strength of mind displayed in tem and Procedure of France-Codification-State Trials-Course this work, are altogether remarkable. The application of every of Study for Attorneys-Lives of Fearne and Selden-Brougham's description or story is religious; but the descriptions and stories Durham Speech-Specimens of Scotch Eloquence-Series of Articles themselves are so vividly natural and worldly, that we cannot but on Mercantile Law, Conveyancing, and Medical Jurisprudence (to wonder to see such fruits gathered from such trees; something like be continued)--Common Law and Real Property Reports-A great the writer's anecdotes of trying to get gooseberries from a thom, by variety of practical Articles on Doubtful QuestionsDigests contain- cutring it into the shape of a bush. --Literaty Gazettes See alse the ing all the Cases in all the Common Law, Equity, Ecclesiastical, In- Evungelical Magazine, the World Newspaper, $c. solvent, and Bankruptey Reports--Abstracts of all New Statutes

Also, by the same Author, Legal News-New Públications, &c. &c. * No. I. to VI., price 5s. each; and No. VIL. and VIII., price DEVOTIONAL USE

of the HOLY SCRIPTURES Second Edi

THE SCRIPTURE READER'S GUIDE to the 6s. (This Work will be regularly continued.), ir liel

tion. Ifmo, 28. 6d. half bound. The LIFE of a LAWYER, written by Himself. In " This little volume is distinguished alike by piety and good sense. 12mo, price 10s. 64. boards.

It treats of a very important Subject, and its amiable Author has

brou ht to her task such qualifications as have enabled her is proCOLONIAL LAW.

duce what must be useful to every one who sincerely peruses her The LAWS of the BRITISH COLONIES in the

work. The style is simple, but leqergetic withal, and very perspicu. WEST INDIES, and other parts of AMERICA, concerning Real

ous. Wecheerfully recommend the performance, especially to young and Personal Property, and Manumission of Slaves, with a view of

persons, as calculated to do them much good, in a very interesting the Constitution of each Colony, By John HENRY HOWARD, Soli

and essential branch of practical Christianity. Edinburgh Christian

Instructor. citor. In two yols, royal 8vo, price L.3, 35. boards. I!! " The Scripture Reader's Guide, by Miss C. Fry, contains many

The DUTIES of SOLICITORS in SALES by AUC serious and intelligent remarks, written in an impressive style, and TION or PRIVATE CONTRACT, or under Extents or Deerees of

well worthy of the attention of the Devotional Student of the Bible." Courts of Equity; also in Mortgages of Real Property in England, Congregational Magazine. See also: Imperial Magazine, Hose Ireland, and the British West Indies ; including the Pracuce of

Missionury, je. Fines and Recoveries, and the corresponding Colonial Proceedings. BRIEF MEMORIALS of JEAN FREDERIC By JOHN HENRY HOWARD, Solicitor. Priee 105, 6d.

OBERLIN, Pastor of Waldbach, in Alsace; and of AUGUSTE SUBSTANCE of the THREE REPORTS of the

BARON DE STAEL-HOLSTEIN; two distinguished Ornaments of

the French Protestant Church; with an Introductory Sketch of the COMMISSIONER of INQUIRY into the ADMINISTRATION of History of Christianity in France, from the primitive ages to the CIVIL and CRIMINAL JUSTICE in the WEST INDIES. Extracted from the Parliamentary Papers, with the General Conclu.

present day. By the Rev. Thomas SIMS, M.Å. 12mo, cloth bass sions, and the Cominissioner's Scheme of Improvement, full and ** Oberlin was a village pastor; and the history of his life presents complete. In 8vo, price lis. boards. STOKESS (ANTHONY, late Chief

one of the most edifying, examples of clerical piety and usefulness Justice of Geor-only worshipped God iu spirit and

in truth, but was also connected gia) View of the CONSTITUTIONS of the BRITISH COLO. NIES of NORTH AMERICA and the WEST INDIES, at the time churches in France.

with all the religious and charitable institutions of the Protestant the War broke out on the Continent of America; in which notice is philanthropist. A valuable service is rendered to the cause of car

He was an exemplary Christian, and a zealous taken of such alterations as have happened since that time down to

cominon Christianity, by the publication of their Lives m a cheap the present period; with a variety of Colony Precedents. Price 9s. and authentic form. The volume, we trust, will be extensively elle

culated. It is well adapted to promote piety to God, and benevo. PRACTICE OF PARLIAMENT, ELECTIONS, &c.

lence to man; and may be read with equal profit by ministers and The PRACTICE in the HOUSE OF LORDS on

private Christians. To men of property and influence, it will sugo

gest several ineans of benefiting mankind."-Wesleyan Methodist Appeals. Writs of Ertor, and Claims of Peerage ; with a Compendi- | Magazine. See also Imperial Magazine, fc. ous Account of Dignities. To which is prefixed, an Introductory Published by JAMES NISBET, Berner's Street, London and sold Historical Essay on the Appellate Jurisdiction. By John PALMER, by Waugh and Innes, and William OLIPHANT, Edinburgh. of Gray's Inn, Gent. Price 14s, boards, A TREATISE on the LAW of the PREROGA

This day is published, TIVE of the CROWN, and the relative Duties and Rights of the Subject. By JOSEPH 'Chitty, Jun. of the Middle Temple, Esq. The History of an ENTHUSIAST – The History of a NON

THE THREE HISTORIES. Price L.1, Is. boards.



One volume, crown 8vo. Price 9s boards. Peerage; together with the Mode of Proceeding in Claims of this kind. By WILLIAM CRUISE, Esq. Barrister at Law. The Second


By Mrs S. C. HALL.

One volutné, post 8vo. Price 6s. boards.
CEEDINGS in PARLIAMENT; the Passing of Public and Private!). ? By the same Author, !!
Bills; the Construction of Statutes, and the Law of Election. By
ANTHONY HAMMOND, of the Inner Temple, Esq. In ôvo, price 53


Two volumes, foolscap. Price 125. boards. The PARLIAMENTARY SOLICITOR'S AS NOTICES OF BRAZIL, IN 1828-9, SISTANT, containing a Selection of Bills of Costs, on Appeals and With Original Maps and Views, never before published, and many Writs of Error in the House of Lords, and the Standing orders of Illustrations, in two volumes 8vo, bound in cloth and lettered, price the House of Lords, and the Fees of both Houses on passing Private L.1, 14s. Bills. By J. PALMER, Genta In quarto, price 78. d. boards.

By the Rev. R. WALSH, LL.D., M.RI.A. &c. &c. A DIGEST of the LAW of ELECTIONS; contain- Author of " Narrative of a Journey from Constantinople to England." ing the Proceedings at Elections for all places in England, Ireland, Dr Walsh accompanied the katel Extraordinary Embassy to Rio de and Scotland, with the qualifications of Voters for the respective Janeiro, as Chaplain, and visited several parts of the interior of the Countries; and an Appendix of Penalties, to which Returning and country during his residence in Brazil, particulariy the mining disother Officers are liable. By Daniel Listes, Solicitor. In 8vo, tractand here we close our extracts from these instruétive and enter: price 7s. boards. A TREATISE on the LAW and PRACTICE of Literary Gazettest i brou.

taining volumes; again heartily recommending them to the public." ELECTIONS. BY ARTHUR MALE, M.A., Barrister at Law. Second Edition, with Corrections and Additions. In 8vo, price L.1, 15. boards.lt

The ROSCOMMON CLAIM of PEERAGE, As illustrating the Progress of Christianity in the Early Ages. taining the Speeches lelivered before the Lords' Committee of Privileges, with the Decisions of the House of Lords thereon. By J.

Third Edition. Price 6s. boards.

London - Printed for FREDERICK WESTLEY and A. H. DAFIS SYDNEY TAYLOR, A.M. In 8vo, price 75, 6d. boards

Stationers' Hall Court.

price 1s.

Edition Price to be resort the PRACTICE and PRO


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In progress of Publication, in Parts, appearing every Six Months, containing Twelve Plates, Elephant folio, price L.5, 5s. carefully

coloured from Nature, or L.2, 11s. 6d. plain, ALL Persons having Claims against The North

ILLUSTRATIONS of BRITISH ORNITHO. BRITON NEWSPAPER, and the Firm of Browne, Lizars, and Co.,

LOGY. By P. J.Selen, Esql P.R.S.E., F.LS., M.W.S«, &c. the Proprietors thereof, are requested to lodge the same ; and all those indebted to the said Company, are hereby certiorated to make

The First Series, already published, consists of Seven Parts, conpayment to the Subscriber, who alone is authorized to wind up the taining upwards of 160 Figures of LAND BIRDS.

of the Second Series there are Seven Parts published, in which Concern.


are contained 81 Plates of WATER BIRDS. 5, South St David Street, Edinburgh,

BROWN'S CONCHOLOGY of GREAT BRI. 24th lay, 1830.

TAIN and IRELAND, elephant 4to, comprising 52 coloured Plates,

and containing upwards of 1000 Figures ; ball-bound morocco, THE

L.6, 16s. 6d.


and GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE, illustrated occasionally with THE FIRST NUMBER of the NEW NORTH Maps, Charts, and Engravings, Vol. l. 128. 64. cloth wards. Pub BRITON NEWSPAPER appeared on WEDNESDAY, 26th

. Mav, 18.30.

EWBANK and LIZARS'S (W. H.) VIEWS of To be published every Wednesday and Saturday Morning, by DA EDINBURGH, 51 Plates, half-bound morocco, royal tto, L.1, 15. ; NIEL LIZARS, 5, St David Street ; and to be had of Stillies, Bro imperial Ilo, India Paper, Proofs, L.8, 8s. thers, High Street; R. Grant and Sons, 8, Nicolson Street, A. Todd, St Patrick Square : A Stewart, Howe Street; J. Sutherland, Calton ORIGINAL INSTITUTIONS of the PRINCELY Street, Edinburgh; W. Reid and Son, Leith; R. Bell, postmaster, ORDERS of COLLARS. By Sir WILLIAM SEGAR, Knight. 4to, Dundee ;; C. G. Sidey, Perth; A. Brown and Co. Aberdeen; K. Dou with Eight Engravings, splendidly coloured and inlaid with gold and glas, Inverness; J. Douglas, Tain; A. Melrose, Berwick; G. Sin silver. Price Lal, lls. od. extra boards, titled. clair, 'Dumfries.

A SYSTEM of ANATOMICAL PLATES. By Orders and Advertisements received by A. K. Johnstone and Co., Dublin : Newton and Co., Warwick Square; W. Baker, Fleet Street; the Royal College of Surgeons, and Lecturer on Anatomy and Sur

John LIZARS, F.R.S.E., Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary, Fellow of and by White and Co., Fleet Street, London.

gery, Edinburgh. This work consists of upwards of one hundred



EASED OVARI , illustrated by Five Engravings, coloured after In the press, and in a few days will be published, in 8vo, Nature. By JOHN LIZÁRS, Author of the System of Anatomical By DANIEL LIZARS,

Piates, &c. Folio, price 188. boards. 5, South St David Street, Edinburgh, and may be had of all the SMITH'S ELEMENTS of ARCHITECTURE, Booksellers in the North of Scotland,

with Ten Engravings on Copper and Wood. 12mo, boards, Is. 6d. A FULL and ACCURATE REPORT of the in HAY on the 'LAWS of HARMONIOUS CO

teresting and Extraordinary TRIAL, THOMAS MACKENZIE, LOURING, adapted to House Painting, Second edition, post 8vo, Esq. of v. ROBERT ROY, Esq. W.S. &c. before the Jury 4s. 6d. boards. Court at Edinburgh, on Tuesday, 11th May, 1830, and following The EDINBURGH GEOGRAPHICAL and HISlays. Taken in short-hand

TORICAL ATLAS. 64 Numbers published, to be completed in By Mr SIMON M'GREGOR,

71. Folio, coloured, 2s. 6d. each.
Late Reporter for The North Briton,

LIZARS'S SCHOOL ATLAS, of 36 Modern and
Formerly Reporter in the House of Commons, and London
Courts of Law.

Ancient Maps. Royal 1to, half bound, 215. full coloured; 189. co

loured Outlines. SPLENDID WORKS IN ART, SCIENCE, &c.

NATIONAL GENERAL ÁTLAS, of 30 Maps, Recently published, or preparing for publication,

with all the New Discoveries. Royal 4to, coloured, 15s. half bound. By DANIEL LIZARS,


W. S. SANKEY, A.M., with coloured Maps. 12mo, half bound, And to be had of all Booksellers.

2s. 60.

AINSLIE'S NINE-SHEET MAP of 'SCOTPreparing for publication.

LAND, full coloured, L.2, 29.-- Mounted on roller, L.3, 5s.-PaTHE MONASTIC ANNALS of TEVIOTDALE; -1 varnished, 178. additionale

tent spring roller, L4, 4s.-In morocco case, imperial 8vo, L.3, 10s.

!! 1 Or, the History and Antiquities of the Abbeys of JEDBURGH, KELSO, MELROSE, aud DRYBURGH.


18 Views, one sheet, price 5s.--In boards, 5s. 6.In a case, 7s. Ed.

-On roller, 8s. To be illustrated with Views, Elevations, Ground Plans, &c., from Drawings taken on the spot by W. H. LIZARS, Engraver, and CHANNING’S DISCOURSE on the INSTALG. SMITH, Architect. To be published in Parts.

LATION of the Rev. M. J. MOT TE. Post Švo, 1s.

EDINBURGH PENMAN; a New Set of Copy TIC ANECDOTES of HORSES. Illustrated by Figures of the dif- Lines, in Eight Numbers, 6d. each. ferent Breeds, and Portraits of celebrated and remarkable HORSES, engraved on steel. By Capt. BROWN, Author of the “ Biographical

CRITICAL EXAMINATLON of DR MACCULSketches and Authentie Anecdotes of Dogs." In one volume 12mo.

LOCH'S WORK on the HIGHLANDS, Second edition, post 8vo,

8s. 6d.
Lately published.


in tu re and Functions, and the Diseases to which it is liable; with ample T. CAITHNESS respectfully intimates, that he directions for the regulation of Diet and Regimen, from Infancy to

has opened a CIRCULATING LIBRARY at No. 1, ALBANY Old Ager 12mo, with Engravings, priee 8s. Ed. boards.

STREET ; and as it is his intention to add several copies of every

popular new publication as soon as published, those who may favour The ELEMENTS of DRAWING; containing the him by becoming subscribers, or night readers, may depend upon first principles of Light and Shade, Colouring, and Perspective, with being regularly supplied with the newest publications Engravings, and Coloured Examples of Tints. By George Mar The following Periodicals will be regularly added :SHALL MATHER, Miniature Painter, and Teacher of Drawing, Edin The Edinburgh, Quarterly, Westminster, and Foreign Quarterly burgh. 12m0), with twelve Engravings, price is extra boards, Reviews.


i's, The Monthly, New Monthly, and Fraser's MagaWEEDS and WILDFLOWERS. By the late Mr

zines. ALEXANDER BALFOUR. With a Biographical Memoir, by a Lite United Service Journal, La Belle Assemblee, Edinburgh Literary rary Friend and Correspondent. Post 8vo, 9s. 64. boards.

Journal, and Edinburgh Literary Gazette.
BUCHANAN'S TABLES for Converting the

As several copies of each of the above will be added according to Weights and Measures hitherto in use into those of the Imperial the demand, a new number will be given to a subscriber at any time Standards. 18mo, bound in roan and lettered, 8s. 6d.

when required.

Catalogues, with terms of subscription, to be had at the Library. ILLUSTRATIONS of ORNITHOLOGY. By Stationery of every description; Bibles, Psalm Books, and Prayer Sir WILLIAM JARDINE, Bart. F.R.S.E., &c. and P. J. Selby, Esq. Books, in plain and elegant Bindings; Music Paper, Bristol Boards, F.R.S.E., &c. Parts I. to V. Price of each, L.1, 118. 6d.; Large Visiting Cards, Playing Cards, Children's Books, &c. Paper, L.2, 125. éd.

Books bound to any pattern, and Cards Engraved.' This Work will be published in Quarterly Parts, royal 4to; each N.B - The above articles are offered at little more than cost prices containing from 15 to 20 Plates, on which will be figured from 20 to for ready money. 30 Species.

Edinburgh, May, 1830.




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This day is published,

This day is published, Vol. II. price 5s. Beautifully printed, and neatly done up in Fancy boards,

CONTAINING one vol. small 8vo, price Gs.


ing the History, Manufacture, and Management of Spanish,
French, Rhenish, Italian, Madeira, Cape, and British Wines, and
Miscellaneous Information, peculiarly acceptable to the Bon Vivant.

Also, just published,

BRITISH POETS, to appear in monthly Volumes, ranging In 1 vol. 18mo, price 3s.

with the Waverley Novels, Family Library, and similar publica

tions. The NEW CHESTERFIELD; containing Prin It is the characteristic of the present age to place science and literaciples of Politeness to complete the Gentleman, and give him a Know ture within the reach of every class of society, by the publieation of lexige of the World; also Precepts particularly addressed to Young standard and popular works in a form to combine the advantazes of Ladies.

cheapness, convenience, and beauty. To meet this taste, with reLondon: Printed for MARSH and MILLER ; and CONSTABLE spect to the Poets of our country, the Aline Edition of the British and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

Poets is undertaken. The text will be carefully formed from the
best Editions ; and to the works of each Poet, an original Memoir

and a Portrait will be prefixed.
Just published,
By M. OGLE, 17 and 19, Wilson Street, Glasgow;

William PICKERING, Publisher, London; D. A. TALBOTB, and WAUGH ard INNES, Edinburgh,

Oxford; J. J. and J. DEIGHTON, Cambridge; W.F. WAKENAS,

Dublin; and OLIVER and BOYD, Edinburgh. LETTERS to a WIFE, by the late Rev. J.

NEWTON, London ; with a Preface by W. Hamilton, THE PRACTICAL GARDENER and MODERN D.D., Strathblane. 12mo, price 5s.

HORTICULTURIST, in which the most approved Methods 2. REVIEW of the late DISCUSSIONS in Nile are laid down for the Management of the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower Street Meeting House, relative to the RULE of FAITH, &c. By

Garden, the Green-house, Hot house, Conservatory, &c. for every the Author of « The Protestant." Nos. 1 and 2, price 6d. each.

Month in the Year, including the new Method of Heating Forcing

houses with Hot Water only; forming a complete Syslem of Modern 3. REMARKS on Certain OPINIONS recently pro Practice in the various Branches of Horticultural Science. pagated respecting UNIVERSAL REDEMPTION, and other To This popular and highly-useful Work is just completed in 16 Parts, pics connected with that subject. By W. HAMILTON, D.D., Strath-price 25. 6d. each, or in 2 vols. bds. L.2, illustrated by numerous blane. 12mo, 25.

coloured Plates of specimens of the most esteemed Fruits and

FLOWERS, and the latest approved Designs for the Erection of HotBy the same Author,



Head Gardener to his Royal Highness Prince Leopold at Claremont. 5. An APOLOGY for MILLENNIAL DOC

Also, now publishing, in Monthly Parts, TRINE, in the form it was entertained by the Primitive Church. By the same Author, and forming a suitable Companion to the above, By the Rev. W. ANDERSON, Glasgow. 8vo, os.

A new and elegant Work, entitled, INSTITUTES of THEOLOGY; or, a Concise Sys

FLORA AND POMONA; tem of Divinity. By the late Alex. RANKEN, D.D., Glasgow, 11s.

OR, for 6s. An excellent work, well fitted for Family reading.

THE BRITISH FRUIT and FLOWER GARDEN, MISCELLANEA SCOTICA: a Collection of Tracts Containing Descriptions of the most valuable and interesting Flowers relating to the History, Antiquities, Topography, and Literature of and Fruits cultivated in the Gardens of Great Britain, the Period of Scotland. 4 vols. 12mo, scarce and valuable, 21s. for 12s.

their Introduction, Botanical Character, Mode of Culture, Time of Flowering, &c. with a Definition of all the Botanical and Classical

Terms which may occur in the Description of the respective subjects. Lately published,

To which will be a ded, Instructions for Drawing and Colouring In one vol. 4to, price One Guinea in boards,

Fruits and Flowers, wiih Directions for Mixing the Colours, &e. by THE NEW TESTAMENT of our Lord and Sa- Mr E. D. SMITH, F.L.S.

In Octavo, Plates Coloured from Nature, 2s. 6d.; and in Quarto, viour JESUS CHRIST. With a Plain Ex POSITION, for the

Plain and Coloured, the former at 23. and the latter at 3s. each Part Use of Families.

* The Author and Proprietor pledge themselves that no DrarBy the Rev. THOMAS BOYS, M.A. of Trinity College, ing shall appear in this Work which is not taken from the subject Cambridge.

itsell, in its highest perfection, and to which reference cannot be EXTRACTS FROM REVIEWS.

given of the place of its growth, &c. “ This is an excellent work for reading at family devotions. Or London: Published by T. KELLY, 17, Paternoster Rox. Sold dinary commentaries usually embrace too many topics for this pur- by T. IRELAND, South Bridge Street, Edinburgh; and all other pose: even the practical observations in them are a sort of running Booksellers. commentary, woven ingeniously together; but not illustrating or enforcing some one point. The reader is, therefore, usually obliged,

TO DYSPEPTICS, for domestic worship, to make a selection, and probably to abridge a portion, which, after all his care, is often still too desultory for this

THE STUDIOUS AND SEDENTARY. particular object.

DERS,-produce an extremely refreshing Efferveseing Drink, nent topic of the section or chapter which has been read, and grounds preferable to Soda, Seidlitz, or Magnesia Water, and at the same on it a brief lecture, meditation, or address; and this with so much

time a Mild and Cooling Aperient, peculiarly adapted to promote the judgment and ability, and, above all, with so much earnest piety, healthy action of the Stomach and Bowels, and thereby prevent the and so anxious a desire to instruct the hearer in the doctrines, and

recurrence of Constipation and Indigestion, with all their train of promises, and commands of Scripture, that we most cordially and

consequences, as Depression, Flatulence, Acidity or Heartburn, warmly recommend his work to our readers, both for family and pri- Headach, Febrile Symptoms, Eruptions on the skin, &c. &c.; and vate perusal."--Christian Observer,

by frequent use will obviate the necessity of having recourse to Ca“ There is a happy combination of sound judgment and glowing Jomel, Epsom Salts, and other violent medicines, which tend to de piety in this very valuable commentary: We greatly approve the bilitate the system. When taken after too free an indulgence in tbe plan; and the execution is most creditable. The comments are luxuries of the table, particularly after too much wine, the usual disstrictly Evangelical, and the style is simple, animated, and remark agreeable effects are altogether a voided. In warm climates, they ably devout. We have no hesitation in saying, that this work must will be found extremely beneficial, as they prevent ae cumulation of succeed wherever its merits are known ; and, considering the price of Bile, and do not debilitate. books, and the superior way in which it is got up, is very cheap." Prepared, and sold in 2s. 98. Boxes, -and 10s. 6d. and 90s. Cases, Evangelical Magazine,

by BITLER, Chemist to his Majesty, No. 73, Prince's Street, FdinAlso, by the same Author,

burgh; and (authenticated by the Preparer's name and address, in In large 4to, price 10s. 6d. sewed,

the Label affixed to each box and case) may be obtained of BUTLER

and Co., 4, Cheapside, Corner of St Paul's, London ; and of all the TACTICA SACRA.

principal Druggists and Booksellers throughout the United Kingdom. An attempt to develope and to exhibit to the eye, by Tabular ar. rangements, a general rule of composition prevailing in the Holy Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, Scriptures.

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; Part I. Contains the necessary Explanation, and an Appendix.

Sold also by Thomas ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY, jud. PART II. Contains four of the Epistles, arranged at length, in Greek and Co., Dublin; Hurst, CHANCE, and Co., London ; and by all and English, as specimens.

Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout the And, in 8vo, price 8s. 6d. boards,

United Kingdom.

Price 6d.; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d.
Printed for R. B. SEELEY and W. BURNSIDE ; and sold by L. B.
SEELEY and Sons, Fleet Street, London.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.

nie Pr Boys attempts to suprly this defect. He seizes some promi- BUTLER’S COOLING APERIENT POW

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