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Mr Johns of Crediton, author of “Dews of Castalie," reviewed Theatre.-Some interesting particulars concerning the Metropolitan in the Literary Journal some time ago, is about to publish, by sub-Theatricals will be found in a previous page.--So little taste for the seription, a poem in four cantos, entitled, “ The Pyramids." Some Drama appears to exist at present in Manchester, that the announceminor poems will be added.

ment of one of the first comic actors of the day-Dowton-in one of The Rev. John Romney is about to publish Memoirs of the Life his favourite characters, attracted a house containing no more than and Works of his Father, George Romney, the eminent painter. twenty shillings, which sum the Manager returned, and no perform

A work, entitled “Robert Einmet, or Ireland in 1803,” by the Ba. ance took place.-The French comedians pow in London have rcron Edward Henry, has been recently published in Paris.

cently gained an accession of strength in the person of a clever comic M. Lamartine has announced a new volume of poems, under the actor called Bernard Lear.-Caradori and Pasta are both engaged at title of Harmonies Poetiques et Religieuses."

Vienna.--An Italian company are at present performing in ConstanThe Foreign Review is henceforth to be incorporated with the Fotinople, and a French one in Smyrna.-We saw a Jersey raper a few reign Quarterly, which will be printed, we believe, in Edinburgh. days ago, by which it appears that theatricals are thriving in that The London University Magazine has been given up, and also the island. The star at present is a black man, who is styled the African daily newspaper, called the Morning Journal.

Roscius.-Yates and the Elephant are attracting crowds in Dublin : ILLUSTRATIONS FOR THE NEW EDITION OF THE ENCYCLOPÆDIA they are afterwards to visit Glasgow and Edinburgh.–At our Theatre BRITANNICA.-We are glad to perceive that the publishers of the Miss Isabella Paton concludes her week's engagement, and takes her nex edition of this valuable work are resolved upon making the il. benefit this evening. “ Masaniello" was revived on Wednesday lustrations worthy of the literary and scientific contents. We have evening, and Wilson re-appeared in that part. Though in very seen one or two specimens of the new engravings, particularly views different styles, this drama and “The Youthful Queen” are the two of the west fronts of the Cathedrals at York and at Pisa, and can best new pieces which have been brought out this season. The br. speak of them in the highest terms as beautifully executed specimens nefits are now commencing, and for the next fortnight we shall have of art.

little else. The Caledonian does not appear to be doing much gocd, NEW PORTRAIT OF Sir WALTER Scott.-We had the pleasure which was naturally to be expected as long as the Theatre Royal conof seeing, a few days ago, a Portrait of Sir Walter Scott, painted by tinues open. We believe Old CERBERUS will have something to say Mi Watson Gordon, and now nearly finished. We consider it the concerning theatrical matters next Saturday. best likeness which has yet been taken of the Author of Waverley. He is represented sitting in the dress he usually wears in the country

WEEKLY List of PERFORMANCES. a short green coat, and light yellow waistcoat; his hands rest upon his walking stick in an attitude at once easy, natural, and graceful. Mr

May 15—21. Gordon has, in this picture, entirely avoided the fault which painters SAT. The Country Girl, No! & The Weathercock. of celebrated persons are too apt to fall into--that of attempting to Mon. The Belle's Stratagem, The Day after the Wedding, and attach to the countenance some vague, ideal, and indescribable ex

Mary Stewart. pression of genius, much more calculated ad captandum vulgus, than

TUES. A Bold Stroke for a Husband, 'Twas I, and the Wood to satisfy those who look for truth to nature. It is always the excep

Demon. tion to find a great man carrying in his features the visible stamp of

The Honey Moon, f Masanicllo. that greatness. None but the unthinking would ever expect to see the Lady of the Lake, or Guy Mannering, written on Sir Walter

THURS. The Will, f Do. Scott's face, any mor than they would hope to catch Lalla Rookh

FRI. The Suspicious Husband, f Do. peeping from under Mr Moore's eyebrow, or the Pleasures of Hope lurking in some dimple of Mr Campbell's chin. The truth is, there is little that is rery peculiar in the predominant expression of Sir

TO OUR READERS. Walter Scott's face. His hair is now of a silver grey, he has a narrow In order to make room for the favours of our advertising friends, but a very lofty forehead, his eye is of a light bluish grey, his nose we have of late been more than once obliged to encroach upon the is a very shapeless and unclassical combination of bone, skin, and

space allotted to our literary matter. To atone for this we shall premuscle, his mouth is large, (as the mouths of most clever people are,) sent our readers next Saturday with a double Number, containing and has a sweet and mild expression ; his cheeks and chin are deeply an additional half-sheet of letter-press, and enriched with many are marked with the lines of thought. The mental states most common ticles by writers of celebrity, among which will be an interesting ly represented by his countenance, are either a complete abstraction

paper on the General Assembly. from the external world, and consequently an absence of all play of We also take this opportunity of mentioning that there is now in feature, or a pleasant and humorous expression, somewhat sly and preparation as a frontispiece to the third volume of the LITERARY arch, or what the Scotch call pawky, betraying itself by the twinkling Journal, an engraving, from the most striking portrait of the Et. of the eye, and a certain puckering up of the corners of the mouth.

TRICK SHEPHERD which has yet been painted, and which is to be Sir Walter Scott's most intimate friends, who have seen him in the

executed expressly for this work. We shall state some further par. aet of composing his most popular works, will allow that they have culars concerning it ere long. seldom or never been able to trace upon his countenance the operations of his intellect to any extent beyond what we have now indicated. Mr Watson Gordon, aware of this fact, has contented himself

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. with giving us the man as he is, and the result is a strong, character The account of the rise and progress of the French Institution, istie, and highly pleasing likeness. We are glad to understand that as also communications from the Ettrick Shepherd, and others are this portrait is to be engraved by Horsburgh for the new edition of unavoidably postponed till next Saturday. The name mentioned by the Novels.-We may take this opportunity of mentioning, that “ Proteus" is not in our list of subscribers, and we have some doubts Mr Gordon has likewise painted lately, an exceedingly striking and whether he gives it seriously or not. However, he will find his voable portrait of Alexander Alexander, a man of very remarkable for lume of poetry marked as he desires at our publishers on Monday. tunes, whose Memoirs are about to be published by Blackwood. Our sins of omission and commission, to which he alludes, must

LOTHIAN'S NEW MAP OF EDINBURGH AND ITS ENVIRONS.-We remain, we suspect, in statu quo. The poetry of “ R. S.'_"R. L." have been favoured with an early copy of this new plan of the city

and of our Forfar correspondent, shall if possible have a place." The of Edinburgh and map of its environs, contained on one large sheet,

Morning Star," by “ R. H." of Glasgow, contains some poetical calculated either for a roller, boards, or case. From the examination thoughts and diction, but is unequal.-We think it our duty to pubwe have given it, we think we may pronounce it the best and com.

lish the following lines as probably the worst we have ever received: pletest plan of Edinburgh we have yet seen. It is executed by Mr

ON DEATH. Claud Shaw, civil engineer and surveyor, and is adapted to illustrate

Oh Death ! thou grimmest of the grim, not only the present state and intended improvements of the city,

Thou who dost all subdue; but also the antiquities, traditionary and historical-an interesting

On whom thou look'st his life's but slim, and hitherto almost neglected department. For this purpose, a

All bend the knee to you. number of printed references are given, which will be found exceedingly useful. The sheet is also embellished with nineteen marginal

To some thou’rt welcome,-to others not ; 'views in Edinburgh, very beautifully engraved from spirited draw

To some thou art a load ; ings by Thomas H. Shepherd. Altogether, it is as creditable and at

By the wicked thou art ne'er forgot, 'tractive a production of the kind as could be desired.

But long'd for by the sons of God. Theatrical Gossip.-Lablache, the new singer at the Italian Opera, appears likely to become a great favourite. “ He has a giant person,',

The guilty tremble, as well they may, says the Spectator, " and a giant bass to suit it. His voice is of great

For see Heaven they'll never; depth, but flexible, and managed with accomplished skill. His acting

There is at hand a judgment day, is of the best quality of busto performance--full of the part, but

When they'll sink down, alas! for ever. dever running into extravagance.” Lalande is not making much The author of this lucubration promises that if it is inserted we progress in public estimation. The boy Burke (by the by he has shall hear from him again; we willingly, however, release him from been a boy a good while now) is playing with great eclat at the Surrey this promise.



(No. 80, May 22, 1830.]



By JOHN LOTHIAN, 41, St Andrew Square, Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.


Agent for the Cheap University Library Editions of the

British Historians, Essayists, and Poets ; English
Translations of the Greek and Roman

Classics, &c.



LIVING ARTISTS of the United Kingdom, will be opened GENERAL ATLAS of the Empires, Kingdoms, at the Rooms of the Institution, on Saturday the 15th instant.

Colonies, &c. of THE WORLD, with the latest Discoveries Open from 10 till dusk.

and political alterations; and with such Maps of the older Divisione Admittance, 1s.--Season Tickets, 5s.

of Europe as are required in the perusal of the principal Histories. FRAS. CAMERON, Asst.-Sec. This Atias is neither to be swelled in price or bulk by letter-press, Edinburgh, May 12, 1830.

nor by unnecessarily subdividing countries, and multiplying maps -Each map is to present an entire Country; instead of giving only

mutilated portions of territory.-The whole is compiled with a viet NOTICE.

to furnish a really u.eful atlas-on the largest scale for the price-pub

lished in a form easily consulted, and sufficiently portable and sold THE FOURTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the onthe smallest possible remunerating profit. The Proprietors look for

SCOTTISH ACADEMY of PAINTING, SCULPTURE, and ARCHITECTURE, will close on Saturday the 22d May.

to procure. Taking the usrful selection of maps, their accuracy, 21, Waterloo Place.

scale, convenient form, and price when completed, -as together the Edinburgh, 15th May 1830.

proper standard of comparison with similar works, they have no hesitation in claiming for this a decided preference. To be comprised

on Forty or FORTY-ONE COPPERPLATES, and published in fourteen EDINBURGH REVIEW,

Monthly Numbers, of three Maps each ; at 2s. plain; 2. 64. colour.

ed :-or may be ordered complete, half bound calf, imperial sto, NUMBER CI.

price only 285. plain ; 556. coloured ! Was published on Saturday the 15th.

CLASSICAL ATLAS, (uniform in size with the

above,) consisting of Maps of all the Countries mentioned by the anCONTENTS.

cient Authors, on a convenient and suitable scale : preceded by an 1. Naval Tactics-Breaking of the Enemy's Line-Sir Howard accurate and comprehensive Map of the Roman Empire : and incluDouglas and the Quarterly Review,

ding Maps of the Patriarchaies and Canaan. The whole executed on 2. Sir James Turner's Memoirs of his Life and Times-Scottish Nineteen Copperplates, to be published in 6 Monthly Numbers, of Covenante's.

3 Maps each; at 2s. plain ; 2s. 64. coloured; or may be ordered cor. 3. Public Schools of England-Eton.

plete, half-bound call, imperial 4to, price only 12. plain, 15s. 0. 4. Transactions of the Astronomical Society of London.

loured !-- This will be found a most useful accompaniment to "The 5. Scottish Judicial Reforms, and Law of Scotland and England. Family Classical Library," now in course of publication. 6. Mr Godwin-Cloudesley, &c.

The above General and Classical Atlasses inay be ordered in One 7. Mr Bellenden Ker's Question of Registry, or no Registry, in Volume, forming a Complete ATLAS of ANCIENT ard MODERY England.

GEOGRAPHY, executed on Fifty-nine or Sixty Copperplates, sub 8. Duty on Coal and the Coal Trade.

stantially half-bound, imperial ató, for only £1, 15s. plain ; £., ása 9. Mr Robert Montgomery's Poems, and the Modern Practice of coloured ! Puffing.

CLASSICAL ATLAS for the Use of SCHOOLS, 10. Finance-The Budget. 11. Delavigne's Marino Faliero, and the Anglo-French Drama.

containing EIGHTEEN Maps, beautifully and distinctly engraved ; 12 Gleig's Life and Correspondence of Sir Thomas Munro.

to be completed in Three Numbers, royal 8vo, eacb Number con Printed for LONGMAN, REES, ORME, BROWN, and GREEN, Lon.

taining Six Maps, 2s. 6d. plain; 3s. 6d. coloured; or complete, haif. don ; and ADAM BLACK, Edinburgh.

bound, only 7s. Ed. plain; 10's. 6d. coloured !

*** These Atlasses are already far advanced, and will be comple'ed

long before the period fixed for their publication in Numbers has Lately published,

expired; and may, if prelerred, be ordered in that state at the prices In one volume, 8vo, price 25s. toards,

annexed to each, which on no account will exceed what is here Illustrated by upwards of Fifty Explanatory Plates,

stated. Specimens of the Works may now be seen, and the find

Numbers will appear in the course of this month.
cal and Historical, in Four Parts.

This day are published,
By JOHN CLERK, Esq. of Eldin.

PLAN of EDINBURGH By J. Lothian; with Third Edition, with Notes by Lord Rodney, and an Introduction 18 of the finest VIEWS in and near the City. 11s. case, colouredby a Naval Officer.

£1, Is, framed. Printed for ADAM BLACK, Edinburgh; and LONGMAN and Co. The 33 COUNTIES of SCOTLAND, complete in London.

Three Pocket Volumes, morocco ; the Maps backed sith linen. £2,

85. plain-£3, 3s. coloured. Single Cases, containing any selection Just Pubiished,

of Counties, at prices in proportion. In one volume, ito, price L.1, 15s. boards, 1

PLAN Sot 17 TOWNS in SCOTLAND; 48., 5s., and MEMOIRS of HIS OWN LIFE and TIMES. By 6s. each, sheets

. SIR JAMES TURNER, 1632-1670. From the Original Manu TRAVELLING MAPS of England, Scotland, and script, containing a full narration of the Insurrection in Scotland in

Ireland ; neatly done up on cloth for the Pocket-2s.6d. each (cheap1666. " The Publishers of the Work now before us are entitled to our

est published.) thanks; we do not welcome it the le-s cordially that the sentiments being 25 per cent less than the usual prices in Eainburgh.

GLOBES; 5, 7, 9, and 12 inches; at the London prices, which the author expresses on the leading questions which he has occasion to touch, differ widely from our own."-Edinburgh Review,

ATLAS of the Counties and Islands of Scotland ; with No. 101.

an Appendix of Historical Maps of Scotland in former times. By

J. LOTHIAX. 4to, half bound. Printed for Adam BLACK, Edinburgh ; and LoNGMAN and Co.,

£2, 8s, plain-£3, 3s. coloured.

The Appendix separately, Ins, coloured. London.

POCKET-BIBLE ATLAS; containing s Maps

with Index. By J. LOTHIAN. Second Edition. 1s. half-bound, Published this day,

Amo.--Pocket-Bibles with three Maps, so low as 9s. and los.
In one volume, 8vo, price 8s. boards,

THE TRUTHS of RELIGION. By JAMES EwBANK: 19 inches by 12. Each View, 12s.
Douglas, Esq. of Cavers,

CHECK-BOOKS for every Bank in Edinburgh and

Leith, 5s. each.
Also, by the same Author,

POLLOK'S MINOR WORKS; containing Three
THOUGHTS on PRAYER at the PRESENT Narratives, 6s. 6d.-Each Narrative sold separately.
TIME. Price 6d.

In the Press,
Rev. J. P. LAWSON, A.M., F.A.S.-viz. Buchanan, 3s. 6d.-Wish-

3s. 6. Wallace and ERRORS regarding RELIGION, in one volume, Mill, 3s. Ed." Such works as these we would recommend in an 8vo.

especial manner to the young. There are few books the perusal of And a Third Edition of

which will yield them more pleasure and advantage." -Theological

Magazine. The ADVANCEMENT of SOCIETY in KNOW. A detailed list of the above Geographical Works, &c., with LEDGE and RELIGION.

extracts from the reviews, is just published, and may be had gratis. Avam Black, Edinburgh ; and Longman and Co. London.

John LOTHIAN, Edinburgh; OGLE, Glasgow; HAMILTON, ADAMA, and Co., London.


THE PRACTICAL GARDENER and MODERN bly binom mjte for the Propagation of the Gospel in ladia.

fruits and Flowers Lish Directions for Mixing the colours, &c. by WODROW'S HISTORY of the SUFFERINGS

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This day is published,

Price 6. MR SHERIDAN KNOWLES begs to announce EXTRACT OF A LETTER to the inhabitants of Edinburgh, that circumstances will pre

RESPECTING THE rent him from opening his ELOCUTION CLASSES in that City till the beginning of next winter.

WRECK OF THE LADY HOLLAND EAST INDIAMAN, From the Rev. ALEXANDER DUFF, one of the Passengers in that

Ship, addressed to Dr INGLIS, as Convener of the General Assem,

Printed by JOAN WAUGH, Printer to the Church of Scotland ; and are laid down for the Management of the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower sold by Waugh and INNES, booksellers to his Majesty, 2, Hunter Garden, the Green-house, Hot-house, Conservatory, &c. for every Square, and 31, South Hanover Street, Edinburgh. Month in the Year, including the new Method of Heating Forcinghouses with Hot Water only; forming a complete System of Modern

This day is published, Practice in the various Branches of Horticultural Science.

In one vol. 12mo, price 3s. boards, This popular and highly-useful Work is just completed in 16 Parts, price %s. 6d. each, or in 2 vols. bds. L.2, illustrated by numerous

THE PRACTICE coloured Plates of specimens of the most esteemed Fruits and FLOWERS, and the latest approved Designs for the Erection of Hot



OF SCOTLAND. Head Gardener to his Royal Highness Prince Leopold at Claremont.

By ALEXANDER HILL, D.D., Minister of Dailly. Also, now publishing, in Monthly Parts, By the same Author, and forming a suitable Companion to the above, “ This is a practical and useful work; brief, clear, and satisfac. A new and elegant Work, entitled,

tory. As an institutional work, it would not be easy to improve it."

-Edinburgh Literary Journal, May 15.

Printed by JOHN WAUGH, Printer to the Church of Scotland;

and sold by WAUGH and INNES, booksellers to his Majesty, 2, Hunter OR,

Square, and 31, South Hanover Street, Edinburgh.
Containing Descriptions of the most valuable and interesting Flowers

Just published, and Fruits cultivated in the Gardens of Great Britain, the Period of

By BLACKIE, FULLARTON, and Co., Glasgow. their Introduction, Botanical Character, Mole of Culture, Time of Flowering, &c. with a Definition of all the Botanical and Classical

I. Terms which may occur in the Description of the respective subjects. SCOTTISH ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORIANS. To which will be aided, Instructions for Drawing and Colouring Mr E. D. SMITH, F.L.S.

of the CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, from the Restoration to In Octavo, Plates Coloured from Nature, 2s. 6d.; and in Quarto, the Revolution, with a Memoir of the Author, Extracts from his Plain and Coloured, the former at 2s, and the latter at 3s. each Parts Correspondence, a Preliminary Dissertation, Notes, and a copious The Author and Proprietor pledge themselves that no Draw.

Index. By the Rev. ROBERT Burss, D.D., F.A.S.E., Paisley. ing shall appear in this work which is not taken from the subject

Embellished by Portraits of the principal Characters of the period. itself, in its highest perfection, and to which reference cannot be In 4 vols. 8vo. L.2, 8s. cloth. given of the place of its growth, &C.

Also, Part I. price 2s. London: Published by T. KELLY, 17, Paternoster Row. Sold KNOX'S HISTORY of the REFORMATION by T. IRELAND, South Bridge Street, Edinburgh; and all other Booksellers

of RELIGION in SCOTLAND, with an Historical Introduction and Notes. By Wm. M'GAVIX, Esq., Author of " The Protestant,"

&c. To be completed in 7 Parts. KNOX will be followed by CAL. Just published,

DERWOOD, with a Continuation till the time that WODROW'S In one volume imperial quarto, price L.1, 15s. boards,

HISTORY commences, thus coinpleting the Ecclesiastical History or L.2, half bound, morocco,

of Scotland, from the Reformation to the Revolution.

LYRA SACRA; or, Select Extracts from the
Cathedral Music of the Church of England, adapted for one,

1 TWO ESSAYS, two, three, or sour voices, with an Accompaniment for the Organ or

On the ASSURANCE of FAITH ; and on the Piano-Forte. Selected from the Compositions of Arnold, Batushall, Blake, Bond, Boyce, Clark, Croft, Farrant, Greene, Kent, King. EXTENT of the ATONEMENT and UNIVERSAL PARDON. Mason, Narez, Purcel, Reynolds, Rogers, Weldon, Wisely, and By RALPH WARDLAW, D.D.' I vol. 12mo. 5s. boirds. Wise.

"A desire to have Scripture on our side, is one thing: and a sinBy the Rev. JOSEPH JOWETT, M.A.,

cere desire to be on the side of Scripture, is another."-Whatiey. Rector of Silk Willoughby:

III. 2.

CHURCH ESTABLISHMENTS CONSIDERED, 'in two vols. Ato, price 12s. eách,

In a Series of Letters to a Covenanter, By William M.GAVIN, MUSÆ SOLITARIÆ. A Collection of Original Esq., Author of “ The Protestant, &c. Price 25. boards. Melodies, adapteri to various measures of Psalms and Hymns, with words at length, and a full Accompaniinent for the Piano-Forte or Org20.


Being a complete Index and Concise Dictionary of the Bible. By tho Rector of Silk Willoughby.

Rev. John BARR, Author of Catechetical Instructions on Baptism

and the Lord's Supper, Second Edition. 12mo. Price 3s. 6d. cloth. “They are evidently the production of no common hand. Scienti

The same Work printed in 160, to bind with Family Bibles, price 3$. file without affectation, they discorer in every page that acquaintance

sewed. with musical literature, which in other things would be terined scho. larship. They are, indeed, full of classical allusions, but these are ** We are persuaded it will be found eminently calculated to adperfectly distinguished from palpable imitations; and frequently the rance the intelligent and profitable perusal of the Divine Word." eharacter of the composition is as original as it is always exquisitely Congreg. Nag. tasteful. But their palmary merit is, that w th an exception or two,

"No student of the Scriptures should be without this most excel. they breathe that genuine language of devotion, which music was, lent book. We earnestly recommend it all, especially to siudents by Him who made us, intended to express."--Eclectic Review, vole and Ministers."-Home Miss. Mag. xxii. page 20L.

** The work serves the purpose, happily, of a Concordance and

Common Place Book, as well as a Dictionary; and in these varied 3.

characters we give it our most hearty recommendation."-Christian DEVOTIONAL HARMONY; consisting of Psalm 1ustryclotou vo and Hymn Tunes, by Handel, Luther, Ravenscroft, Croft, Boyce, Clarke, Howard, &c. i adapted to words from various Authors; ar SIX SERMONS ON INTEMPERANCE. ranged for four voices, with the Organ part in full.- Part I. containing 10 Short Metres, 19 Common, and 10 Long Metres.- Part II. Delineating its Nature, Occasions, Signs, Evils, and Remedy. By

LYMAN BEECHER, D.D. Boston, United States, With an Introduccontaining 100 pages of Double and Peculiar Metres.- The Third Part will contain Chants and reludes, chiefly from Knecht, Haes tory Essay, by John EDGAR, Professor of Divinity, Belfast College.

Ninth Edition. Price 6d. Husei sler, Zeigler, Stanley, and Keeble. Price 8s. each Part.

Blackie, FULLRTON, and Co. Glasgow: A, FULLARTON and

Co. Edinburgh; W.F. WAKEMAN, and w. CURRY, jun, and Co. Printed for L. B. SEELEY and Sons, Fleet-street, London; Dublin; and JAMES DUNCAN, and SINPKIN and MARSHALL, LonAnd sold by all Book and Music Sellers.


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1. IV.



OR, This day is published, in one volume, post 8vo, price 10s. 6d. Man CONSIDERED IN HIS Proper RELATION TO THE SECOND EDITION,


By the Author of STATE, according to the Idea of Each; with Aids toward a

The Morning and Evening Sacrifice, – The Last Supper, Right Judgment on the late Catholic Bill.

and Farewell to Time. By S. T. COLERIDGE, Esq., T.A.R.S.L.

Also, lately published, London: HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 65. St Paul's Church-Yard. Sixth EDITION of The MORNING and EVENING Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. SACRIFICE, 58. 6d. bds.

Tuind Edition of The LAST SUPPER, 73. 6d. bds. This day is published, in foolscap, price 6s.


1/ Printed for Oliyer and Boyd, Edinburgh; and SIMPKIN and AND OTHER POEMS.


This day is published,
London: HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 65. St Paul's Church-Yard.

Price 25. Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.


This day is published, in 2 vols. 8vo, price 15s.

OF A :

And their various English and Latin Versions, particularly on the

Version now used in our Scottish Church, with a View GENTLEWOMAN OF THE OLD SCHOOL.

to its emendation. By A LADY.

By WILLIAM TENNANT, JAMES HOGG, se. London: Hurst. CHANCE, and Co., 65, St Paul's Church-Yard.

As first published in Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Literary Journal, jau

?!! *** With Alterations and Additions. 12 This day is published. in 3 very large vols 8vo, price L.2, 2s.

Edinburgh; CONSTABLE and Co. 19, Waterloo Place. Embellished with a fine Portrait,

On Wednesday 26th May will appear saya nak MEMOIRS of the LIFE and TIMES of DANIEL

>10 THE LIFE DE FOE, containing a REVIEW of his WRITINOS and his OPINIONS upon a variety of IMPORTANT MATTERS, CI


pits KING JAMES THE FIRST. By WALTER WILSON, Esq., of the Inner Temple,

1241 VE 4 By ROBERT CHAMBERS, London: Hurst, CHANCR. and Co., St Paul's Church-Yard.com Author of the Rebellions in Scotland, &c. Sold also by CONSTABLE and Cov, 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

Vol. I.

1891 to be completed in two volumeses 4.8 Where may be had, just published, in 2 yols. 8vo, priee 21s. The HISTORY of the HEBREW COMMON-HO

FORMING VOLUMES FIFTY-FIVE AND FIFTY-SIX OF WEALTH, from the Earliest Times to the Destruction of Jerusalem,

CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY. A.D. 72. Translated from the German of JOHN JAHN, D.D. With a Continuation to the Time of Adrian. By Calvin E. Stowe.

Edinburgh: Printed for CONSTABLE and Co.; and Huast,

CHANCE, and Co., London,
This day is published,

In one thiek volume, post Bro, price 12s., with a beautiful

LEON BONAPARTE, translated by Dr Menes, are on the eve of

publication in the Miscellany.

REGISTER of MODERN FUGITIVE POETRY, 1920 Will be ready for delivery on the 7th of June,

Edited by ALARIC A. WATTS, Esq.
“ See, I have enli'd the flowers that promised' best,
And where not sure-perplex'd, but pleased-1 guess’d

At such as seem'd the faircst." - Bykon.
London : Hurst, Chance, and Co., 65, St Paul's Church-Yard.
Sold also by Constable and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

Where may be had, lately published, price 125,

The 1st Series of


Esq. In one thick volume, post 8vo, with a beautiful Frontispiece 4 PRINTS,

Size of the Print, 9 by 12 inches.

£0, 155, by Williams. | 00:1 Y!!!!!


1, Is. This volume will be found to contain a very large proportion of PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER,

1, 58. the most beautiful Fugitive Poetry that has appeared during the last ten years ; including upwards of 301 poems, for the most part ineditel,

PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, BEFORE WRITING, 2, 2s. of Byron, Moore, Campbell, Wilson, Wordsworth, Rogers, Cole

To be delivered strictly in the order of Subscription. ridge, L. E. L., Bowles, Shelley, Mrs Hemans, Miss Baillie, Barry Cornwall, Moir, Montgomery, Croly, Horace Sinith, Alaric A.

the original have been receivede strong likeness of this Portrait to

from Mrs Burns, Mrs Merishase, Watts, &c. &c. &e.

(Clarinda), Miss Dunlop of Dunlop, Sir Walter Scott. Barta Jans

Syme, Peter Hill, Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, and David Bridges, This day is published, price 5s. 6d. bound,

jun. Esquires, and from many other persons who were immediately A New Edition of

wonnected with the Puet. biuroIn a JOHNSON'S ENGLISH DICTIONARY,

Copies of the Testimonials mentioned above may be had by apply. ing to the Publishers.. Lire 9,30028.) lu

An Impression of the Print may be seen at the Publishers WALKER'S PRONUNCIATION Edinburgh: published for the Proprietor, by CONSTABLR and Co., OF ALL THE DIFFICULT OR DOUBTFUL WORDS.

19, Waterloo-Place; and Moon, Boys, and GRAVES, Printsellers to

his Majesty, London. Printed by C. CORRAL, for Hurst, CHANCE, and Co, f5, St Paul's Church-Yard. Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, Edinburgh

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; The two Standard Dictionaries of the English Language are those

Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURBT, of Johnson and WALKER: the former in all that regards the autho

jun. & Co., Dublin; Hurst, CHANCE, & Co., London; and by rity and spelling of words, the latter as to their pronunciation. The

all Newsmen, Postinasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughal object of the volume now offered to the Public is to combine, in a

the United Kingdom. portable form, the advantages of both; and to assist in aequiring the

Price 6d. ; or Stamped and sent free by post, 104. ease and elegance of a correct speaker, in the current language of every day.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.


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The super

The first volume of the Juvenile Library, to be published by

[No. 81, May 29, 1830.] Messrs Colburn and Bentley, will appear on the 1st of July. This work will embrace, among its leading features, an Historical Series

ADVERTISEMENTS, (sacred and profane)-a Biographical Series—a Scientific Series-a Series on the Fine Arts-a Series of Guides to Professional Pursuits

Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts. -a Miscellaneous Series—and an Entertaining Series. intendence of the work has been intrusted to Mr William Jerdan, [AdvertISEMENTS from London, intended for insertion in this editor of the Literary Gazette.

JOURNAL, which now forms one of the most eligible mediums for The OFFICIAL KALENDAR.--Mr Burke, the author of the well

Literary Advertising in Scotland, are respectfully requested to be chi known work upon the Peerage and Baronetage, has announced for

left with Mr FREDERICK SOMKRS, No. 169, Fleet Street, who has immediate publication a new production under the above title. In

been appointed Agent for the Advertising Department in London. dependently of comprising the public men and public institutions of

Terms the same as the Edinburgh Newspapers.] the British Empire, including our colonial and foreign dependencies, the work, in the form of a Dictionary, will contain, we understand, ample information regarding public persons abroad, upon a

Theatre-Royal. scale hitherto unattempted in this country. Of the Reigning Houses MR PRITCHARD begs to announce that his of Europe—the Court of Rome-the Ottoman Court-the Marshals

BENEFIT is appointed for MONDAY EVENING next, May of France, &c. &c. full details will be given. Among the curious 31, and feels proud in having the honour to state, that, by the kind domestic information will be found a brief account of each of the permission of Colonel Ross and the Officers of the 4th Dragoon boroughs, the number of voters, prevailing influence, &c.

Guards, he is enabled to gratisy his Friends and the Public with the Theatrical Gossip.-Nothing but benefits are now going on in

valuable services of their very celebrated London.- At Drury-Lane, Farren, Harley, and Wallack, have had

MILITARY BAND. excellent houses.-At Covent-Garden, Fawcett has made his fare

Miss I. PATON and Mr WILSON will also appear. well erit with the utmost eclat; and on Tuesday last, Mrs Daven

The Entertainments will commence with port, one of the best performers of old women that ever appeared on

IVANHOE. the stage, took her first and last benefit. She chose the part of the

Isaac, the Jew of York, by Mr Pritchard, being Nurse in “ Romeo and Juliet,”—a part she has played for 30 years

his first appearance in that character. to all the Juliets who have come out during that period.-On Tues.

Kebe.ca, by Mrs Stanley. day next Miss Stephens takes her benefit at Drury-Lane, and on

To which will be added, Thursday Miss Foote at Covent-Garden, on which occasion she is to

OF AGE TO-MORROW. skappear as Donna Violante in “ The Wonder,” and “ Moggy M'Gil

Maria, by Miss Isabella Paton. pin" in " The Highland Reel."-Last night Miss Kemble was to

The whole to conclude with the Drama of make her first appearance in comedy, as Lady Townly, in “ The

THE BRIGAND. Provok'd Husband.”—Lablache, the new buffo singer at the Opera, Alessandro Massaroni, the Brigand Chief, by Mr Pritchard. is a native of Naples, and, in allusion to his enormous size, he has

Carlotti, by Mr Wilson. Er been called, " le veritable gros de Naples."-It is said that Mr Lee, Tickets and Places for the Boxes to be had of Mr KENNEDY, at the new lessee of Drury-Lane, has selected Mr Cooper as the stage

the Box-Office, from 11 unul 4 o'clock; and of Mr PRITCHARD, No. inanager.-Kean is engaged to appear next season at the Haymarket 27, Clyde Street.

for six nights.- Miss Smithson has made her debut at the Opera reading Comique in Paris, and has been received with as much empressement

MR DENHAM'S BENEFIT. as ever. We can only say to the Parisians, as some old women are

MR DENHAM most respectfully announces to the reported to have said to a certain gentleman when they saw him car his Friends and the Public, thai his BENEFIT takes place on

rying off an exciseman—" We wish you luck of your prize.”—Mr THURSDAY, the 3d of June, on which occasion he solicits a con-
Goldsmidt, son of the celebrated banker, made a successful debut a tinuance of their favour.
few evenings ago at Drury-Lane, in the character of Monsieur Ton-

On THURSDAY, June 3, 1430,
At the falling of the curtain he was again called for to receive

Will be performed the celebrated Opera called the congratulations of his friends.-Yates has been playing Silvester

THE SLAVE, Dagyerwood, and giving imitations of all the popular performers, to

In which the whole strength of the Company, assisted by the great delight of the good people of Dublin.--Miss Jarman, who

MR WILSON, was for some time prevented from performing by a severe domestic

will be brought forward. affliction, has been playing this week in Belfast, and is to return to Gambia, the Slave, by Mr Denhain, being his first app arance in

that character. Glasgow on Monday for seven nights.-\liss Phillips takes her benefit here this evening, and Mrs Nicol on Tuesday.

Captain Malcolm by Mr Wilson.- Zelinda by Miss Phillips.


After which,

for the First time this season, the Laughable Farce of May 22–28.


The whole to conclude with, for the First Time these Two Years, SAT. The Wonder, a Concert, &c.

the highly popular Romantic Drama, called Mon. Speed the Plough, The Lancers, f Cramond Brig.

TUES. The Recruiting Officer, & Tekeli.

Guy Mannering, $ Rob Roy Macgregor.

Tickets and Places for the Boxes to be had of Mr KENNEDY, at THURS. Paul Pry, 8; Masaniello.

the Box-Ofhce, from Eleven until Four o'clock, and of Mr DENNAM, FRA.

A Tale of Mystery, Paris, Hooly and Fairly, f The Fall No. 7, Leith Street.
of Algiets.


BOOK.-The Times Newspaper of May 7, in Reviewing Dr Southey's Life of Bunyan, adds :-". But that for which we chiefly notice this work of Mr Southey's is, the very last sentence in it,

wherein is contained his frank and honourable recommendation TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS.

(though not more than they deserve) of the works of one whom the “The Prodigal” and “ The Faithless' are in types.-The “ Se

iron rou of oppression would have levelled with the dust.

**• In one of the volumes collected from various quarters, which renade Song" shall have a place." I weep for thee, "-" The were sent me for this purpose, I observed the nime of W. HONE, voice of Spring,” by our Correspondent on the banks of Spey, and notice it, that I may take the opportunity of recommending his “ David's Lament," by “ W. T." of Auchterarder,--and the " Son

EVERY DAY BOOK AND TABLE BOOh to those who are intenet" by "N. C." of Glasgow, lie over for probable insertion in

rested in the preservation of our national and local customs. By

these very curious publications their compiler has rendered good our next SLIPPERS.-The communications from West-houses are not

service in an important department of literature, and he may render overlooked.—The author of " Lines to the Memory of a Sister" yet more, if he obtain the encouragement he well deserves.' is imoving, but his diction is as yet too diffusive.---The verses “Not only we, and the person mentioned in this paragraph, but To Eliza” are inadmissible.—"Proteus” will positively find a packet all the friends of pure English literature all the curious in old Engat our publishers' on Monday.

Jish customs-in short, all intelligent men, with the hearts of Engliehmen in them, owe Mr Southey their gratitude for his recommendation. It springs from a just taste and right feelings uniei."

HONE'S EVERY DAY BOOK AND TABLE The extensive circulation and popularity of the Literary Journal BOOK may be had of all the Booksellers, in three very large vols. having rendered it so excellent a medium for Advertisements, they 8vo, with nearly 500 Engravings, price 1.2, 25. in boards. A news are increasing weekly on our hands; but this will only induce us to edition is also publishing in puris, price Is. Cach, and will be conipresent our readers more frequently with a doub!c Number like the pleted in 47 parts.

The Trade supplied by RICHARD GRIFFIN and Co., 61, Ilutcheson present.

Street, Glasgow.


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