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This day is published,


By the Author of

The Morning and Evening Sacrifice, The Last Supper,


Also, lately published,

Sixth Edition of The MORNING and EVENING Printed for STIRLING and KENNEY, Edinburgh; and White SACRIFICE, 58. 61. bds. TAKER, TREACHER, and ARNOT, London; and sold by all Book

Third Edition of The LAST SUPPER, 73. 64. beds, sellers.

The present Key is adapted to the Introductory Exercises 'THIRD Epition of FAREWELL to TIME, s. 61. bis Jately published, and also to the larger Book. The Author has be

Printed for OLIVER and BOYD, Edinburgh; and SIMPKIN and stowed every pains to render it as correct as possible--and, for the

MARSHALL, London. sake of those Teachers who have not made the Prosody of the language a particular study, the quantity of each syllable, and the dif

In three vols. post 8vo,
ferent feet in all the kinds of verse that occur in the Exercises, have
been marked.

Where also may be had,

OR, 1. EXERCISES on the SYNTAX, and OBSER- MEMOIRS OF A MAN OF THE WORLD. VATIONS on most of the IDIOMS, of the GREEK LANGUAGE, with an attempt to trace the Prepositions, several Conjunctions and Adverbs, to their Radical Significations. By GEORGE DUNBAR,

Among the varied contents of this interesting work will be found A.M., F.R.S.E., Professor of Greek in the University of Edin

-Sketch of a celebrated Lawyer-Education of a Statesmart per burgh. Third Edition, greatly enlarged and improved. 8vo, 88.

fect Beau contrasted with a perfect Gentleman-leaders of Fashion bound.

- The Manæuvring Mother and Daughter-Education of Ladie

Suppers of the Gods, Fashion at Watering Places- The Romantic 2. PROSODIA GRÆCA, by Professor DUN- Lady – The Member of Parliament-Beau Brummell-Toad-Estens, BAR. Fourth Edition, considerably enlarged, 8vo, price 5s. 6d.

&c. &c. boards.

HENKY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and sold 3. ANAAEKTA 'EMAHNIKA MEIONA; sive COLLEC by Bell and BRADPUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh TANEA GRÆCA MINORA, ad usum Tironum accommodata, cum Notis Philologicis, quas partim collegit partim scripsit Georgius Dun

INTERESTING WORKS, bar, A M. Socius Regiæ Societatis Edinensis, et in Academia Jacobi

JUST PUBLISHED BY VI. Scotorum Regis Litt. Gr. Prof. Accedit Parvum Lexicon. Editio altera, 8vo, price 9s. bound.


London ; 4. COLLECTANEA GRÆCA MAJORA, Vol. And sold by BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, III. being a continuation of Dalzel's Majora, by Professor DUNBAR,

Edinburgh. Svo, 11s. boards.


of JAMES II. JORA, Vol. I. edited by Professor DUN BAR, with very considerable By the Author of " Brambletye House," "The New Forest, additions and correetions, 8vo, price lis. boards.

&c. &c. In 3 vols. post 8vo. 6. DALZEL'S COLLECTANEA GRÆCA MA.

2. The ENGLISH ARMY in FRANCE, or PERJORA, Vol. II. edited by Professor DUNBAR. The text of Homer, SONAL NARRATIVE of an OFFICER. In 2 vols mall 850. Hesiod, and Apollonius Rhodius, is corrected according to the 3. The KING'S OWN. A Tale of the Sea. By principles stated in the Essay upon the Versification of Homer, in

the Author of the “ Naval Officer." In 3 vols. 8vo. the 2d part of the Professor's Prosodia Græca. The whole of the Text has undergone the most careful revision, and is augmented by 4. NOTES on HAITI (St Domingo): Made duone of the Nemean Odes of Pindar; and a very considerable number ring a Residence in that Republic. By CHARLES MACKENZIE, Esq. of additional Notes, explanatory of difficult passages, &c. 8vo, price F.R.S., &c. &c., late his Majesty's Consul-General at Haiti. In 12s. boards.

vols, post 8vo, with Plates. 7. POTTER'S ANTIQUITIES of GREECE; a 5. TALES of the COLONIES. By Jous Hori. new edition; with a Life of the Author, by ROBERT ANDERSON,

SON, Esq., Author of " Sketches in Canada," &c. In 2 vols post M.D.; and an Appendix, containing a concise History of the Grecian 8vo. States, and an Account of the Lives and Writings of the most celebrated Greek Authors. By George DUNBAR, F.R.S.E., Professor 6. The. REV. G. CROLY'S POETICAL of Greek in the University of Edinburgh. 2 vols. 8vo, price 26s. WORKS. In 2 yols., with Illustrations, 21s. boards.

" Full of lofty imaginings and poetie thought, we will recture 8. CLAVIS HOMERICA, carefully revised and cor

to say that there is hardly a theme which Mr Croly has not ayoke

with a masterly hand, and hardly a sympathy which he has not badrected, with the Rules, &c. of Homer's Versification. By Professor tifully touched."-Literary Gazette. DUNBAR. 1 vol. 8vo, price 9s. bound.

7. The THIRD VOLUME of the CORRE9. HOMERI ILIAS, GRÆCE et LATINE. Ex SPONDENCE and DIARY of PHILIP DODDRIDGE, D.D. Recensione et cum Notis Samuelis Clarke, S.T.P. 2 vols. 8vo, price Edited from the Originals, by his Great-Grandson, Joux Dose 18s. boards.

Edidit, Annotationesque ex Notis nonnullis Manuscriptis a Samuele
Clarke, S.T.P. 2 vols. 8vo, 18s. boards.

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning,

by CONSTABLE & CO, 19, WATERLOO PLACE; 11. HOMERI ILIAS, pure Greek ; 12mo, 6s. bound.

Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow ; w. CCBRT, 12. HOMERI ILIAS, Greek and Latin ; 2 vols. jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London; and ty 12mo, 10s. bound.

all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughoat These editions of Homer are all printed from the Text of the

the United Kingdom. Grenville Homer, and stereotyped, and have undergone a thorough

Price 6d.; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d. revisal since the plates were cast, and a few errors that had escaped the first editor, corrected,

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Parl's Work, Canongate

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George the Fourth, received by the Nobles and people of Scotland,

upon his entrance to the Palace of Holyrood House, on the 15th of WRITTEN BY THE SIDE OF THE TWEED.

August 1822." Besides the King, this painting contains full-length

portraits of the Dukes of Hamilton, Montrose, and Argyle, the late By Laurence Macdonald.

Earl of Hopetoun, Sir Alexander Keith, Sir Walter Scott, and others.

There are also, of course, a great multitude of persons of all ranks TWEED's bright blue waters—dancing in the sun

and ages, executed in Wilkie's peculiarly racy style. The critics, To their own music and soft zephyr's song

however, differ much in their estimate of the merits of the work. When o'er their pebbly bed they laughing run, “ The whole picture," says a writer in one of the weekly journals, Or smoothly glide, like happiness, along,

" has the air of the reception of a buckram commander of the old Seem fraught with life like thee !-when feelings strong

military school, by the lairds of a petty town, all look so staid, me

lancholy, and demi-officially ceremonious. It is a sad affair, and the Stir in thy soul and sparkle in thine eye

streaky handling of the painting makes its dim and murky tone more When new-born joys into thy bosom throng,

uninviting." Etty, Turner, Briggs, and Newton, exhibit, upon the And brighten o'er thy face, as if the sky

whole, the finest pictures.-A Geographical Society is about to be Were mirror'd there, and heaven itself to earth drew nigh formed in London on a plan similar to that of the Geographical So

ciety of Paris. An institution of this kind has hitherto been a desi2 The earth's green surface, and the glassy stream

deratum in this country, and, if properly conducted, is likely to be

of very essential service to the cause of science.-At a recent meetThe soft and wavy line of hills around,

ing of the Oriental Translation Committee, a resolution of considerGilt by the radiance of the sun's last beam !

able interest to Oriental scholars was agreed to, that a sum varying Fair nature's beauty, that doth here abound,

from 20 to 100 sovereigns should be given to any person who can In deep and fairy vale, in flowery mound

point out a translation in the Arabic or any other Oriental language, All that attracts the gaze, in form or hue,

of a lost Greek or Latin work. And all that meets the ear of heavenly sound,

Theatrical Gossip.-" Hofer, the Tell of the Tyrol," written by But conjures up thy image to my view

Planche, and the music taken from Rossini's “Guillaume Tell," has

been prodigiously successful at Drury-Lane. It is supported by the So much thy pure young spirit seems all things t'imbue.

combined talents of Miss Stephens, Vestris, Sinclair, H. Phillips, May 7th, 1830.

and Bland.--Two new farces have been produced, one at Drury-Lane and the other at Covent Garden, called, “A Joke's a Joke, or, too much for Friendship,” and “ The Colonel;" both were deservedly

and unequivocally damned.-Miss Paton took her benefit on ThursLITERARY CHIT-CHAT AND VARIETIES.

day last at Covent-Garden. She played Jessica, with songs, in the “ Merchant of Venice," to Miss Kemble's Portia, and her father's Shylock.-Ducrow has commenced his season at Astley's Amphi

theatre, and is drawing crowds.-A ludicrous scene occurred the We understand that the first volume of the History of German

other evening at the King's Theatre. Malibran and Castelli had Literature, by Mr Thomas Carlyle, translator of “ Wilhelm Meis

performed the parts of Romeo and Juliet, but having died too near ter," and author of the “ Life of Schiller," is now ready for the

the front of the stage, they were left at the fall of the curtain still press. The work is to be published in London. The Book of Scotland, by Mr William Chambers, is, we under

lying before the audience. It would scarcely have done for them to

have risen and walked off, so two gentlemen in yellow livery came stand, now in the press, and is expected to appear about the end of this month. The contents appear to be of a varied and instructive

forward, and each taking a lady in his arms, bore her away, amidst

the shouts and laughter of the audience. Sontag has been getting nature. They are designed to exhibit a popular view of our different national institutions, whether political, civil, or religious,-pro.

herself hissed at Berlin, and this treatment affected her so much that minent and peculiar laws and usages,—duties of public functionaries,

she fainted twice in the course of the evening.--Nothing new has and other matters hitherto unpublished, or scattered over a number

been doing at our Theatre this week. Miss Isabella Paton is to of works not easily accessible. The book is intended chiefly for the

commence a week's engagement this evening, in the “ Country use of strangers, and will form a companion to the Picture of Scot

Girl," and the “Weathercock."-We observe that Mrs Eyre is to land.

take her benefit on Tuesday, on which occasion Miss Eyre is to apThe Reverend John Parker Lawson, M.A., author of the “ Life

pear.-Mr Murray has returned from London, and, as we hinted in and Times of Archbishop Laud," is preparing for the press a vo

our last, he has not come alone. lume entitled, the Doctrine of the Absolution of Sin, as maintained

WEEKLY List of PERFORMANCES. by the Holy Catholic Church in all ages, stated and explained in seven discourses, with notes and illustrations. In these discourses

May 11-14. several popular doctrines, such as Universal Pardon, Assurance of Faith, Lay-preaching, Predestination, &c., will be examined.

TOES. Guy Mannering, The Scape Goat, f Cramond Brig. A work, under the title of Satanic Records, or the Autobiography WED. Wild Oats, No! & Free and Easy. of a Nobleman, is announced.

THURS. George Heriot, William Thompson, $c. The Rev. Dr Wiseman, Rector of the English College at Rome, is

FBI. Rob Roy, & Gilderoy. at present engaged in translating some Oriental works in the Vatican.

The Drama of Nature, a poem, by Joseph Mitchell Burton, is announced.

MEDICAL PROVIDENT INSTITUTION OF SCOTLAND.-The annual public meeting of this society is to take place, we understand, early

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. in June. The objects of the institution are generally-to protect the

Notices of several new works of interest are unavoidably post. members throughout their lives from the casualties to which profes. sional men are exposed, and to make provision for their widows, poned. children, or other dependants, after their death. We believe it is

The dramatic production of Clarens” is not without merit, but

it contains many symptoms of immature judgment, and we are afraid to the highly praiseworthy exertions of Dr Edward D. Alison, that the success which has hitherto attended this excellent institution is

is not in its present form calculated for representation. It lies

at our Publishers'.-The communication from “R. W.” of Dun. mainly to be attributed.

THE STONBHAVEN LUMINARY. A small literary periodical, bear.bar, on the subject of the Psalms, will be forwarded to Mr Tennant. ing this name, has been established in Stonehaven. It contains some

-We cannot comply with the request of “Proteus," in reference to rery creditable writing, both in prose and verse, and indicates a good

his volume of manuscript poetry, unless he ceases to write to us anospirit on the part of its conductors.

nymously.-The “Sketches in Sutherland and Caithness" will not NẾw Music.-We have received a copy of a new song, entitled,

suit us. We are obliged by the communication of “ T. A." of Glas “Where are the Flowers of the Wildwood ?” the music by the au gow. We are afraid that the MS. to which he alludes has gone amiss. thoress of “ Aloyse," the words by Charles Doyne Sillery. The air

ing.-We received with pleasure the communications of our Aberdeen is original, plaintive, and expressive. The song was sung by Miss Correspondent “ W. S.;" the “ Ascent of Elijah" shall have a Jarman in the part of Aloyse, in Glasgow, with much applause.

place. Its author will hear from us in a day or two.—" Remarks on CHIT CHAT FROM LONDON.-The Exhibition of the Royal Aca

Philology" are unavoidably postponed till next Saturday. demy is now open at Somerset-House. It contains eleven hundred The poetry of “T. B. J.” and of “W. W.," if possible, in our pictures, one half of which are portraits. There are six portraits by next.-The Sonnet by “N. C." of Glasgow is more laboured than the late Sir Thomas Lawrence, all of which are very interesting, usual, and does not please us quite so well as we could wish.-" The particularly those of the Earl of Aberdeen, and Mr Thomas Moore, Song of Love,” by “G." of Glasgow, contains some good verses, but though the last is not quite finished. The subject of Wilkie's prin it is unequal. We shall be glad, however, to hear again from its cipal picture, as explained in the catalogue, is " His Majesty, King author.-A packet lies for " J. S.' of Inverness at our Publishers',

1. WALTER COLYTON, a Tale of the Reign 12mo, price 105. Gd. boards.

(No. 79, May 15, 1850.)


Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Complete in 2 vols. 8vo,

(Successors to J. BUTTERWORTH AND Sox,) With a Portrait of the Author, and numerous other Plates,


And Sold by


THE LAW MAGAZINE; or, QUARTERLY During the years 1824, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

REVIEW of JURISPRUDENCE, of which eight Numbers By M. CAILLIE.

have already appeared. Amongst the Contents are,-Constitution " The details of one of the most interesting expeditions into the and Practice of the Common Law Courts -Principles and Practice of Interior of Africa, and one so successful as to lead the adventurer to Pleading-Study of the Civil Law-Chancery Reform—Judicial Sys. the long-sought Timbuctoo, must excite great public curiosity in tem and Procedure of France-Codification-State Trials-Course every quarter of the globe."--Literary Gazette.

of Study for Attorneys-Lives of Fearne and Selden-Broughan's HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and sold by Durham Speech-Specimens of Scotch Eloquence-Series of Articles Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

on Mercantile Law, Conveyancing, and Medical Jurisprudence ito

be continued)—Common Law and Real Property Reports A great POPULAR NOVELS,

variety of practical Articles on Doubtful Questions Digests contain. Just published by

ing all the Cases in all the Common Law, Equity, Ecclesiastical, 10HENRY COLBURN and RICHÁRD BENTLEY,

solvent, and Bankruptcy Reports Abstracts of all New StatutesLondon ;

Legal News-New Publications, &c. &c. And sold by BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street,

** No. 1. to VI., price 5s. each; and No. VII. and VIII., price Edinburgh.

6s. (This Work will be regularly continued.)

The LIFE of a LAWYER, written by Himself. In of JAMES II. By the Author of “ Brambletye House," “ The New Forest,"

COLONIAL LAW. &c. &c. In 3 vols. post 8vo. 2. WOMEN AS THEY ARE, OR THE MAN


WEST INDIES, and other parts of AMERICA, concerning Real NERS OF THE DAY. Second Edition. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

and Personal Property, and Manumission of Slaves; with a view of 3. The KING'S OWN. A Tale of the Sea. By the Constitution of each Colony. By John HENRY HOWARD, Solithe Author of the “ Naval Officer." In 3 vols. post 8vo.

citor. In two vols. royal 8vo, price L.3, Is. boards. 4. THE COUNTRY CURATE. By the Author The DUTIES of SOLICITORSin SALES by ALC. of “The Subaltern," “ The Chelsea Pensioners,” &c. In 2 vols. TION or PRIVATE CONTRACT, or under Extents or Decrees of post 8vo.

Courts of Equity; also in Mortgages of Real Property in England, CONTENTS.-The Pastor- The Poacher-The Schoolmistress Ireland, and the British West Indies ; including the Praeuce of The Shipwreck – The Fatalist- The Smugglers - The Suicide-The Fines and Recoveries, and the corresponding Colonial Proceeding Miser-The Rose of East Kent, and the Parish Apprentice.

By John HENRY HOWARD, Solicitor. Price 10s. 6d. “ We have risen from the perusal of these volumes with feelings of unmixed satisfaction."-Literary Gazette.


COMMISSIONER of INQUIRY into the ADMINISTRATION OF 5. TALES of the COLONIES. By John Howi. CIVIL and CRIMINAL JUSTICE in the WEST INDIES. Er son, Esq., Author of “Sketches of Canada," &c. In 2 vols, post tracted from the Parliamentary Papers, with the General Conclu. 8vo.

sions, and the Cominissioner's Scheme of Improvement, full and “ The plan of this work is excellent;-the manners, scenery, and complete. In 8vo, price 11s. boards. customs of various colonies, Indian, American, and Australian, form the groundwork of a series of interesting Tales, worthy of the clever

STOKES'S (ANTHONY, late Chief Justice of Geor. author."'-Literary Gazette.


NIES of NORTH AMERICA and the WEST INDIES, at the time 6. THE EXCLUSIVES!!! A Satirical Novel of the War broke out on the Continent of America; in which notice is Fashionable Life. Third Edition. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

taken of such alterations as have happened since that time doen to

the present period ; with a variety of Colony Precedents. Price the IMPORTANT WORKS,

boards. Just published,

By Messrs COLBURN and BENTLEY, London ;

And sold by BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6,
Bank Street, Edinburgh.

Appeals, Writs of Error, and Claims of Peerage; with a Compenti

ous Account of Dignities. To which is prefixed, an Introductory SONAL NARRATIVE OF AN OFFICER. In 2 vols. small of Gray's Inn, Gent. Price 14s. boards. 8vo, 218, NOTES on HAITI (St Domingo): Made during

A TREATISE on the LAW of the PREROGAa Residence in that Republic. By CHARLES MACKENZIE, Esa: Subject. By Joseph Cutty, Jun. of the Middle Temple, Esq.

TIVE of the CROWN, and the relative Duties and Rights of the F.R.S., &c. &c., late] his Majesty's Consul-General at Haiti. In 2

Price L.1, Is. boards. vols. post 8vo, with Plates, 21s.

PRIVATE MEMOIRS of NAPOLEON. By M. A TREATISE on the ORIGIN and NATURE of de BourrieNNE, Private Secretary to the Emperor. Complete in 4 DIGNITIES, or TITLES of HONOUR, containing all the Cases of vols. 8vo.

Pecrage; together with the Mode of Proceeding in Claims of this The THIRD VOLUME of the CORRESPOND. kind. By William CRUISE, Esq. Barrister at Law. The Second ENCE and DIARY of PHILIP DODDRIDGE, D.D. Edited

Edition. Price 11s. boards. from the Originals, by his Great-Grandson, JOHN DODDRIDGE A TREATISE on the PRACTICE and PRO. HUMPHREYS, Esq. 8vo, 153.

CEEDINGS in PARLIAMENT; the Passing of Public and Privat The REV. G. CROLY'S POETICAL WORKS. Bills; the Construction of Statutes; and the Law of Election.

B In 2 vols., with Illustrations. 21s.

ANTHONY HAMMOND, of the Inner Temple, Esq. lo bro, price 53

boards. " Full of lofty imaginings and poetic thought, we will venture to say that there is hardly a theme which Mr Croly has not awok e The PARLIAMENTARY SOLICITOR'S ASwith a masterly hand, and hardly a sympathy which he has not beau. SISTANT, containing a Selection of Bills of Costs, on Appeals and tifully touched."-Literary Gazette.

Writs of Error in the House of Lords, and the Standing Orders of FIELD SPORTS of the NORTH of EUROPE, the House of Lords, and the Fees of both Houses on passing Private including the Narrative of a Residence in NORWAY and swe

Bills. By J. PALMER, Gent. In quarto, price 78 6d. boards. DEN. By L. LLOYD, Esq. In 2 vols. 8vo, with numerous plates, A DIGEST of the LAW of ELECTIONS; contain32s. bound.

ing the Proceedings at Elections for all places in England, Ireland, TEMPLE'S TRAVELS in PERU, including a and Scotland, with the qualifications of Voters for the respective YEAR'S RESIDENCE at POTOSI. In 2 vols. 8vo, with map and

Countries; and an Appendix of Penalties, to which Returning and 25 plates, price 32s. bound.

other Officers are liable. By DANIEL LISTER, Solicitor.

In sro, " A very lively and agreeable book, upon a subject of very great price 7s. boards. interest." - Monthly Magazine.


ELECTIONS. By ARTHUR MALE, M.A., Barrister at Law. Se CHATKA. By Peter Dobell, Esq., Counsellor to his Imperial cond Edition, with Corrections and Additions. In 8vo, price Li, Majesty the Emperor of Russia. In 2 vols. small 8vo, with plates, boards. 21s. LETTERS FROM NOVA SCOTIA; containing


taining the Speeches delivered before the Lords' Committee of PriMOORSOM, 52d Light Infantry. In t yol, small 8vo, with a map and

vileges, with the Decisions of the House of Lords thereon. By de plates.

SYDNEY TAYLOR, A.M. In 8vo, price 7s. 60. boards.

THE ENGLISH ARMY in FRANCE; or, PER Historical Essay on the Appellate Jurisdiction. By Joux PALABR,

In I vol. post 8vo,


CRIME AND SORROW. " This new tale of domestic life is, we understand, from the pen of he widow of the late Mr Thomas Sheridan. The plan of the story sa complete departure from the beaten track of fiction, and involves che rarest eloquence and pathos."—Globe.

HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and sold by Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS OF THE


Price only 4s. 6d, neatly bound,

No. v.


The object of the proprietors of this undertaking is to produce a vork, which, from its cheapness and elegance, may recommend it. selt to all clas: es. The expensive existing editions have hitherto precluded the community at large from an acquaintance with the writings of the greatest Poets, Historians, and Orators, the world has produced.

The four numbers lately published comprise Demosthenes, Sallust, and Xenophon.

HENKY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and sold by Bell and BAADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

Just published,


Speedily will be published,

Price 5s. in cloth boards,
Uniformly printed with the New Edition of the Waverley Novels,



This Series (which has been in preparation for nearly two years) will consist of HISTORICAL ACCOUNTS of VOYAGES and TRAVELS in ALL QUARTERS of the GLOBE, from the Earliest Ages to the Present time; with STATISTICAL and DESCRIPTIVE SURVEYS of the MOST REMARKABLE COUNTRIES. It will also be interspersed with BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS of INDIVIDUALS who have distinguished themselves in the Progress of Discovery. Each volume, or at most two volumes, coinprehending all that relates to one subject or one region, may form either part of the Series, or a distinct Work by itself; and each will contain numerous and appropriate Engravings, executed in the first style of the art.

A DETAILED PROSPECTUS will shortly be issued, including the names of eminent Literary Characters who are engaged in the Work. The celebrity which these have earned by former labours in their respective departments, will be the surest guarantee to the public for the satisfactory manner in which the subjects are to be treated.

Edinburgh: OLIVER and Boyd. London: SIMPRIN and MARSHALL

Just published, in One Volume, 12mo, price 7s. 6d. boards, a New Edition, (being the Tenth,) revised, corrected,

and enlarged, of


on Facts. Extracted, with permission of the Editor, from No.

bellished with a Portrait of Mr Martyn, from the picture in the XIV. (for April 18.30) of the Christian Review and Clerical Maga possession of the Rev. Charles Simeon, and with a view of Tocat. zine. Price Is. 6d.

Also, an Edition in Octavo, price 10s. 6d. in boards.

Printed for R. B. SEELEY and W. BURNSIDE; and sold by L. B.

SEELEY and Sons, Fleet-street, London. ECCLESIÆ DECUS ET TUTAMEN: the This day is published, a Sixth Edition, in One Volume, 8vo, EXTENSION, SECURITY, and MORAL INFLUENCE of the

price 14s, boards, of

; A MEMOIR of the late Rev. LEGH RICHED, by a Revision of its Economy, Discipline, and Ritual, and by its Alliance with other Branches of the British Reformation on the

MOND, M.A., Rector of Turvey, Bedfordshire, &c. Basis of Mutual Aid and Concession. With an Introductory Address

By the Rev. T. S. GRIMSHAWE, M.A., Rector of Burton Latito the Lord Bishop of London. By the Rev. JOHN RILAND, M.A.,

mer, and Vicar of Biddenham, Beds. Curate of Yoxall, Staffordshire. Price 6s. in cloth.

Printed for R. B. SEELEY and W. BURNSIDE; and sold by L. B.

SEELEY and Sons, Fleet-street, London.
ANTICHRIST: Papal, Protestant, and INFIDEL.

Lately published,

BY THE REV. E. BICKERSTETH. An ESTIMATE of the RELIGION of the Times: comprising a

I. View of the Origin and Genius of the Roman Catholic System, and of its Identity with every Form of Nominal Christianity. With a THE CHRISTIAN STUDENT; designed to asFac-simile of the Blessing of St Francis of Assisa. By the same sist Christians in general in acquiring Religious Knowledge. Author. 12mo. 58. extra boards.

Second Edition, 12mo, 9s, 6d. boards. "Mr Riland strongly points out the injurious effects of Protestant

II. irreligion upon Infidels and Papists. ---One great object of his work A TREATISE on the LORD'S SUPPER; designis to show that Protestantism may be Antichristian as well as Popery; that exploded errors may be revived under new names; and

ed as a Guide and Companion to the Holy Communion. Eighth Edithat we may be declaiming against Antichrist while practically obey.

tion, in 12mo, price 5s. boards.

III. ing him. — We cordially thank our uncompromising adviser for his honest statements : such discrimination of character is at all times

A COMPANION to the HOLY COMMUNION; of great moment, and certainly not least so in the present age."

being those parts of a Treatise on the Lord's Supper which are suited Christian Observer.

to assist the Devotions of the Communicant. Fifth Edition. Price “We should greatly lament our long, though not intentional, ne 2s. neatly bound in sheep.-A Miniature Edition (the 6th,) 3s. bound glect of this admirable volume, did we not perceive its extraordinary

in black calf, or 5s. in morocco. adaptation to the present juncture of our national affairs. The

IV. volume is powerful and pointed, and we trust it is destined to do An INVITATION to the LORD'S SUPPER; begood to many. We recommend it cordially. We entreat both ing an Abridgement of the First Part of the Treatise on the Lord's Dissenters and Churchmen to read it.”-Lvang. Mag.

Supper. Price 6d.; or 25 for 11s.

MEMOIRS of a WEST-INDIA PLANTER. A SCRIPTURE HELP; designed to assist in read-
Published from an ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT: with a Preface and Ad ing the Bible profitably. Fourteenth Edition, with Maps, &c. 12mo,
ditional Details. By the same Author. 12mo. 58. extra boar is.

price 5s. boards. " The author has exhibited powers of conception and description An Abridged Edition (the Fifteenth,) price 6d.; or 25 for 11s. which show, that, had the production of a merely interesting tale

VI. been his object, he could have succeeded, to no slight extent, in A TREATISE on PRAYER; designed to promote impressing the imagination and the heart of his readers."-Christian

the Spirit of Devotion. Eleventh Edition, 12mo, price 58. boards. Observer.

An Abridged Edition (the Sixth,) price 6d.; or 25 for 11s. " This is a very remarkable document, both as to the talent it dis

VII. plays, and the extraordinary series of facts which it reveals." The CHRISTIAN HEARER; a Treatise designed Evang. Mag. "We know few books morc deserving a serious perusal by parents,

to show the importance of hearing the Word, and to assist Christians or more important to put into the hands of young persons during

to hear with profit. Fourth Edition, 12mo, price 5s. boards. their sojourn at home for the vacations, than Mr Riland's interesting

An Abridged Edition, price 6d. ; or 25 for 1ls.

VIII. publication." -Christ. Guard. V.


the Susoo Country, in West Africa. Fifth Edition, with a Portrait.

Price 1s. sewed. CATE of the British and Foreign Bible, Church Missionary, and

IX. Hibernian Societies; on the intimate Connexion of those, and si.

PRACTICAL REMARKS on the PROPHECIES, milar Institutions, with the Abolition of COLONIAL SLAVERY. By the Same. Price 6d,

with reference to efforts to spread the Gospel, and to personal edifi. VI.

cation. Second edition, price 6d.


A DISCOURSE on JUSTIFICATION by FAITH. TRAL AMERICA in 1827–28; being Sketches and Memoranda made during a Twelvemonth's Residence. By HENRY Dunx.

Preached in the Course of Sermons on the Points in Controversy be With an Excellent Map. 8vo, 9s, extra boards.

tween the Romish and the Protestant Churches, at Tavistock Cha. His work abounds with information of both an entertaining pel, Drury-lane, on Tuesday, Dec, 11, 1827. Price 1s. 6d.

XI. and a useful description. To persons already in possession of the very scanty information before the public, respecting this central

TWO LETTERS concerning JUSTIFICATION by portion of the New World, the additional particulars contained in

FAITH ONLY. By the Right Rev. Dr THOMAS BARLow, late the present volume will be peculiarly acceptable. —Guatemala is a Bishop of Lincoln. With an Introductory Preface, by the Rev. E. country deserving of being better known."-Eclectic Review,

BICKERST ETH. Third Edition, in One Volume 18mo, price 3s. cloth; London: SEELEYS, HAMILTON and Co. and J. NISBET.

London : Printed for L. B. SEELEY and Sons, Fleet-street.

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Just Published
In 30 vols. 18mo, with numerous Maps and Engravings, price
L.8, 5s. boards,

By MOON, BOYS, and GRAVES, Publishers to the King, THE MODERN TRAVELLER;

6, Pall-Mall, London. . Containing a Description, Geographical, Historical, and Topogra 1. PORTRAIT of Miss BLOXAM, (Niece to the phical, of the various countries of the Globe, compiled from the late Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A.) Engraved by F. C.

1 Lewis, in imitation of the original Drawing, by Sir Thomas. Siz, Edited by JOSIAH CONDER.

Il inches by 14 high. Prints, 5s. ; Tinted, 10s. 6d. The Various Countries may be had separate, price 5s. 6d per vol. boards,

2. CHILDREN of his Grace the Duke of HAMIL. “ No work can be found in our language, or any other, equal to

TON (companion to the Daughters of C. B. Calmady, Esq., M.P.), supply the place of the Modern Traveller."-Literary Gazette. beautifully Engraved by F. Č. Lewis, in imitation of the original "It deserves a place in the library of every enquiring person, who

Drawing by the late President. Size, 12 inches by 15 high. Priots, desires to becoine acquainted with the latest state of nations, with

10s. 6d. ; Proofs, before letters, £1, 1s. out the trouble of turning over a multitude of voyages and statisti. cal works, naturally imperfect anıl partial, and, of course, sometimes 3. PORTRAIT of JOHN WARDE, Esq., on his contradictory and untrue."-Blackwood's Magazine.

celebrated Horse, BLUE RUIN. Painted by William Barraud : En. London : Printed for JAMES DUNCAN, 37, Paternoster row.

graved by T. Lupton. Size, 19 inches by 15 high. Prints, 12.;

Proofs, £1, ls.; India ditto, £1, 5s. ; before letters, £1, 1ls. 64.
Published this day,
In 3 vols. 12mo, price L.1, 2s.6d.

4. The PROPOSAL, and CONGRATULATION, Uniformly printed with the Author's former Works,

(a pair of Prints.) Newly Engraved by Mr James Thompson, after THE TRUE PLAN OF A LIVING TEMPLE; byens highee Prints, ss. C.; Proofs, 153.; before letters, 21s. ezeł.


5. The GENTLE SHEPHERD, (Plate 2.) The


graved by James Stewart. Size, 10 inches square. Prints, 15s. ; By the Author of

Proofs, 258., India Proofs, 303 ; before letters, 35 The Morning and Evening Sacrifice,

The Last Supper, and Farewell to Time.

6. THALIA.' Engraved by T. Lupton, after a beauAlso, lately published,

tiful fancy Picture by George Clint, A R.A., in the possession of the

Publishers. Size, 11 inches by 15 high. Prints, 10s. El.; Prools, Sixth Edition of The MORNING and EVENING before letters, 158. SACRIFICE, 59. 60. bds. Third Edition of The LAST SUPPER, 7s. 6d. bds. Engraved by William Daniel, Esq. R.A. Size, 22 inehes by 15 high.

7. SCENE from the RED ROVER. Painted and Third Editionof FAREWELL to TIME, 7s.6d. bds. Prints, £1, 18.; Tinted, £1, 1s. Printed for Oliver and Bord, Edinburgh; and SIMPKIN and 8. SCENERY of the RIVERS YARE and W.1MARSUALI, London.

VENEY, in NORFOLK, Part 2. From Pictures, Painted by James Just published,

Stark, Esq., Engraved by E. Goodall, J. Burnett, Geo. Cooke, te.

Demy 4to, 17s. 64. ; Imperial 4to, £1, 2s. 60.; ditto India Proofs, By BLACKIE, FULLÁRTON, and Co., Glasgow.

£1, 10s. ; Colombier, before letters, £1, 173. 60. 1. SCOTTISH ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORIANS.

Lately published, price 33. WODROW'S HISTORY of the SUFFERINGS

No. XIV. of the CHURCH of SCOTLAND, from the Restoration to the Revolution, with a Memoir of the Author, Extracts from his Correspondence, a Preliminary Dissertation, Notes, and a copious THE CHRISTIAN REVIEW AND CLERICAL Index. By the Rev. ROBERT BURNS, D.D., F.A.S.E., Paisley. Embellished by Portraits of the principal Characters of the period.

MAGAZINE In 4 vols. 8vo. L.2, 8s. cloth.

CONTENTS:- The Dying Franciscan; a Tale founded on FactsAlso, Part I. price 2s.

The Catholic Question not settled-The Street Preacher, No. IIKNOX'S HISTORY of the REFORMATION Sentiinents of British Divines present at the Synod of Dort-Letter of RELIGION in SCOTLAND, with an Historical Introduction

on the State of Religion in Holland— Thoughts by a Clergymanand Notes. By Wm. M GAVIN, Esq., Author of “ The Protestant,'

Scriptural Coincidences-Catholic, Jewish, and Clerical Einancira&c. To be completed in 7 Parts. KNOX will be followed by CAL

tion--Critical Notices of the following Works: Bishop of London's DERWOOD, with a Continuation till the time that WODROW'S

Sermons—Two Lectures by the Bishop of Peterborough-Evanson's HISTORY commences, thus completing the Eccles

tical History

Translation of knittel, with the Strictures of Clemens Evangelical of Scotland, from the Reformation to the Revolution.

Idolatry - History of the Jews, Vol. III., and Dale's Introductory
Lecture on the Study of Theology, (Universities of Oxford and Lon-

don-Recent Numbers of the Gentleman's Magazine-Revue Bria TWO ESSAYS,

tannique Religieuse-Essay on Superstition, &c On the ASSURANCE of FAITH; and on the

London: Published by L. B. SEELEY and Sons, Fieet Street EXTENT of the ATONEMENT and UNIVERSAL PARDON. By RALPH WARDLAW, D.D. 1 vol. 12mo. 5s. boards.

TO DYSPEPTICS, '« A desire to have Scripture on our side, is one thing: and a sin THE STUDIOUS AND SEDENTARY. cere desire to be on the side of Scripture, is another."-Whatiey. IIT.

BUTLER’S COOLING APERIENT POWCHURCH ESTABLISHMENTS CONSIDERED, DERS,-produce an extremely refreshing Effervescing Drink, In a Series of Letters to a Covenanter. By WILLIAM M GAVIN, preferable to Soda, Seidlitz, or Magnesia Water, and at the same Esq., Author of “ The Protestant," &c. Price 25. boards.

time a Mild and Cooling Aperient, peculiarly adapted to promote the

healthy action of the Stomach and Bowels, and thereby prevent the IV.

recurrence of Constipation and Indigestion, with all their train of THE SCRIPTURE STUDENT'S ASSISTANT; consequences, as Depression, Flatulence, Acidity or Heartburn, Being a complete Index and Concise Dictionary of the Bible. By the

Headach, Febrile Symptoms, Eruptions on the Skin, &c. &c; and Rev. JOHN BARR, Author of Catechetical Instructions on Baptism

by frequent use will obviate the necessity of having recourse to Caand the Lord's Supper. Second Edition. 12mo. Price 3s. 6d. cloth.

Jomel, Epsom Salts, and other violent medicines, which tend to deThe same Work printed in 110, to bind with Family Bibles, price 3s.

bilitate the system. When taken after too free an indulgence in the sewed.

luxuries of the table, particularly after too much wine, the usual dis. “We are persuaded it will be found eminently calculated to ad-agreeable effects are altogether avoided. In warm climates, they rance the intelligent and profitable perusal of the Divine Word."

will be found extremely beneficial, as they prevent accumulation of Congreg. dag.

Bile, and do not debilitate. “ No student of the Scriptures should be without this most excel.

Prepared, and sold in 2s. 98. Boxes, and 10s. 6d. and 205. Cases, lent book. We earnestly recommend it to all, especially to students

by Butler, Chemist to his Majesty, No. 73, Prince's Street, Edin. and Ministers."- Home Aliss. Mag.

burgh; and (authenticated by the Preparer's name and address, in “ The work serves the purpose, happily, of a Concordance and

the Label affixed to each box and case) may be obtained of BETLER Common-Place Book, as well as a Dictionary: and in these varied

and Co., 1, Cheapside, Corner of St Paul's, London; and of all the characters we give it our most hearty recommendation.”-Christian principal Druggists and Booksellers throughout the United Kingdom. Instructor. V.

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, SIX SERMONS ON INTEMPERANCE.

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; Delineating its Nature, Occasions, Signs, Evils, and Remedly. By Sold also by Robertson & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY, LYMAN BEECHER, D.D. Boston, United States. With an Introduc jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London; and by tory Essay. by JOHN EDGAR, Professor of Divinity, Belfast College. all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout Ninth Edition. Price 6d.

the United Kingdom. BLACKIE, FUI LARTON, and Co. Glasgow ; A. FULLARTON and Ço. Edinburgh ; W. F. WAKEMAN, and' w. CURRY, jun. and Co.

Price 6d.; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d. Dublin; and JAMES DUNCAN, and SINPKiN and MARSHALL, London,

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.


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