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(No. 60, January 2, 1630.



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Just published, price L.1, 85. plain, or L.2, 165. beautifully

coloured, and folded up in a portable form, Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.


LONDON to RICHMOND. This work is upwards, of 60 feet This day, small 8vo, 5%

in length, and on a scale of sufficient extent to exhibit every Build.

ing on either shore of the River. It is accompanied by Descriptive THE THIRD and concluding Volume of THE Notices of the most remarkable Places: and preceded by a GENE. HISTORY OF THE JEWS, forming No. IX. of the FA.

RAL VIEW of LONDON, 5 feet 5 inches in length. MILY LIBRARY.

London : Published by SAMUEL LEIGH, 18, Strand ; sold by C.

Smith, Edinburgh, and all other Booksellers.
John MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London.
Lately published,

New Editions of Nos, I. II. and III. of THE FA-

NAPARTE, 2 volumes, and of ALEXANDER THE GREAT, 1


This day is published,
In neat fancy binding, 18mo, with frontispiece,

BEGS to intimate, that he bas now on Sale an price 18. od

extensive collection of the best Works, ' at greatly reduced Prices, among which are copies of the following:

Supplement to the Eneyclopædia Britannica, 6 vols. 4to. Fire People to Read; containing Remarkable Appearances in Nature, Signal Preservations, and such Incidents as are particularly

Edinburgh Review, from its commencement, 12 vols, boards, for

91. 93. fitted to arrest the youthful mind.

Edinburgh Annual Register, from its commencement in 1803 to Published by WaUGH & INNES, 2, Hunter Square, and 41, South 1824, 21 vols. half-bound, 204 for 51 Hanover Street.

Benger's Memoirs of Tobin, 12s. for 6s. Burds's Works, 5 vols, Extracts from Reviews.

bds. 15s. Burns's Works, 5 vols. bls. plates, 21s. for 108. Bums's “ The Excitement will be found gold from end to end. We have

Works, 3 vols. without plates, 21s. for 6s. Burns's Works, 1 Fol. by never, in truth, 'scen a book, the contents of which correspond better

Currie, 9s. for 78. Boswell's Life of Johnson, 1 rols. 8vo, 11. 1fs. for with its title, or more calculated to promote the design intended by

11. 2s. Boswell's Life of Johnson, 5 vols. royal 18mo, 14. 2. for its publication."-Saturday Post, Dec, 26, 1829.

15s.6d. Blair's Sermons, complete in 1 vol. 12$. for 7s. 6d. Bel" The Excitement is embellished sufficiently to captivate the juve

zoni's Researches and Operations in Egypt and Nubei, 2 vols. 1l.de. nile eye, and the subjeets are exactly of that description which the

for 15s.6d. Crawford's History of Renfrewshire, 4to, large paper, fresh, sanguine, and inquisitive mind of youth most delights to un

bds. 208.. Dwight's Theology, 6 vols. Svo, bds. 24. 10s, for 1l 155. bide ravel."-Edinburgh Observer, Dec. 29, 1829.

Elme's Dictionary of the Fine Arts, 8vo, bds. IL 1s. for 10s. Gib.

bon's Rome, 8 vols. Svo, bds. 31, 4s. for 2. Goldsmith's Animated " It would not be easy to speak in terms of too strong approbation of this volume."-Edinburgh Literary Gazette, Dec. 76, 1829.

Nature, with plates, i vols. 8vo,2.8s.for 11.11s. Ed. Goldsmith's Ani. “ This neat little volume seems admirably adapted to the purpose

mated Nature, 3 vols. Svo, with plates, 22.25. for II. 10s. Goldsmith's the editor has in view."-Edinburgh Advertiser, Dec. 99, 1829.

Miscellaneous Works, 4 vols. 11. 128. for 17. 2s. Hume's England, 8

. . ,

13 vols. 51. 5s. for A. 12s. Cd. Josephus's Works, A vols. sro, This day is published,

bds. 2, 28. for lis. Imison's Elements of Science and Arts, 2 Fols. In one volume royal 18mo, price 5s, boards, gilt leaves,

8vo, il. 58. for 15s. Ilustrations of Marrion, 12s. for os. 6d. John

son's (Dr S.), Dictionary of the English Language, the rols. folia, THE MIRROR OF THE GRACES; complete in 1 vol. inperial 8vo.) with fine portrait, bds. 24. 2. for

11. 158. Labaume's Russian Campaign, 8vo, bds. scarce, lus. Ed. OR,

Literary Gems, in two parts, 10's. 6d. for us. Mackenzie's (Sir Geo. THE ENGLISH LADY'S COSTUME, Illustrations of Phrenology. 8vo, bds. 15s, for 5s, Morgan's (Lady)

France, 2 vols. 850, bds, 248. for 12s. Morgan's (Lady) Italy, 3 vols. Containing General Instructions for combining Elegance, Simplicity, 8vo, bds. 21. 2s. for 185. Memoirs of Montrose, 1 vol. 8vo, 12. far and Economy, with Fashion in Dress.

8s. Murray's Discoveries in Africa, 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 10s. 6d. Ne Hints on Female Accomplishments and Manners, and Directions for moirs of Captain Rock, foolscap, bds. 9s. for 3s. Memoirs of the the Preservation of Health and Beauty.. 1

Rev. J. Blackadder, 8s. for 4s. 6d. Oxberry's . Dramatic Biography, By a LADY of DISTINCTION,

aud Histrionic Anecdotes, with numerous portraits, 6 vols. 1800,

bds. 11. 75. for 155. od. If beauty be woman's weapon, it must be feathered by the Graces, pointed by the eye of Discretion, and shot by the hand of

Robertson's Works, 6 vols. 800, boards, 2. 143. for 11. 176. fel. Virtue.

Robertson's Works, 12 vols. 18mo, bds. 21, 8s. for 17. 11s. Ed. Rome ADAME BLACK, Edinburghs and LONGMAN & Co. London. ;'*t

in the Nineteenth Century, 5 vols. ods. 11. 113. 6. for 20%. Scores. by's Journal of a Voyage to Greenland, 16s. for 6s. Scott's Mecha

nie's Magazine, sro, bds. 155. for Es. Shakspeare, complete, in 1 This day, 3 vols, small 8vo,

vol. 12mo, beautiful edition, bds. 155. for 103. 6d. Toland's History BERTHA'S VISIT to her. UNCLE in ENG of the Druids, 08. Newgate Calendar, 4 Tols. 2. 2s. for 12 %. 6d. LAND: comprising a variety of interesting information for

The British Plutarch, edited by Wrangham, 6 vols. Svo, bda. Young Persons.

32. 123. for 31. 128.1. NT) 1.* " A great variety of information is here pleasantly collected ; and The Abbe Miilott's General History, with Continuation to 1815, though we are very far from wishing to see any young ladies of our

6 vols. 8vo, bds. 31. 38, for 12.168. acquaintance either chemists, botanists, or gcofogists, yet such slight The Novels and Talcs, and Historical Romances, of the Author knowledge as, without dabbling in science and hard words, moes of Waverley, 18 vols, Syp, 101. 16s. fox 51. away with the prejudices of complete ignorance, may gracefully be

Door's English Classics, 25 per c pt below selling price Henry made subjects of female acquirements.

Bible, vols, royal dvo, öl. 258. for 32 55. Wau's Bibliotheca Bri" We must add, that BERTHA's Visit will be a most agreeable tannica, 4 vols. 4to, 67, 68. British Essa vists, 20 vols, half eloth, Christmas present to our young friends."--Literary Gacette.

81, 8s, for 11. 145, 6d. Beaumont and Fletcher's Works, with Notes JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London. *1

by Weber, 14 vols. Aro, 81.8$. for 44. Fieldivg's Works by Murphy,

10 vols. 8vo, sl. 15. for 21. 108. Hogg's Poetical Works, 4 voks. fe. 8vo, Volumes of the FAMILY LIBRARY already published,

11. 10s. 6d. for 168. Packharst's Hebrew Lexicon, royal Sro, Il. 1s. 5s. each.

for 14s, éd. Packhurst's Greek Lexicon, royal 8vo, 11. 1s. for 14s. bid.

Brook's General Gazetteer, 8vo, 13s. for 98. Bell's Principles of SurNOS. I. and II. The LIFE of NAPOLEON gery, 4 vols. 8vo, plates, 31. 38. for 21. 128. 6d. Fax's Book of Mar

BUONAPARTE. Second Edition --No. III. The Life of tyrs, with sixty Engravings, Jos. 6d. for 88. Siddons on Gesture and Alexander the Great. A New Edition.-No. IV. Lives of the most

Action, 1l. ls. for 10s, 6d. Barlow's Surgery, 12s. for 5s. Shipwrecks Eminent British Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, Vol. 1.-Nos.

and Disasters at Sea, 3 vols. $ro, bds, scarce, 12.168. for 1!. Is. Cook's V. and VI. The History of the Jews. Vols. 1. and 11.-No. VII.

History of the Reformation, 3 vols. Svo, bas. 11. 168. for 12 BurThe Natural History of Insects. Vol. 1.--No. VIII, The Court and ton's Anatomy of Melancholy, 2 vols. svo, 11. ICs. for 11. CunningCamp of Buonaparte.

ham's Songs of Scotland, I vols, 11. 16s. for 11.25. Rollin's Ancient A New Volume of the FAMILY LIBRARY will continue to be History. 6 vols. 8vo, 31. 58. for 11. 11s. Çd. Murray's History of Eu. published early in every Month.

ropean Languages, with a Life of the author, 2 vols, 8ro, lo Sce for 1I.

&c. &c. &c. &c. Joux MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London.

Orders from the country punctually attended to. SCULPTURE.

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning


Sold also by RoBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow ; W. Curky,

jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London; and by EIGHT FIGURES, illustrative of the above, all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout executed in Stone by Mr JOHN GREENSHIELDS, now exhibit

the United Kingdom. ing at No. 12, George Street, next door to Physicians' Hall.

Price 6d. ; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d.
Admittance, 1s.-Season Tickets, 3s.
Open from ten till four; and from seven till pine.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & CO. Paul's Work, Canongate.

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[No. 61, January 9, 1830.

This day, small 8vo, 58.

THE THIRD and concluding Volume of THE ADVERTISEMENTS,

HISTORY OF THE JEWS, forming No. IX. of the FA.

MILY LIBRARY. Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Joh MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London.

Lately published, THE NEW MONTHLY and LONDON MAGA New Editions of Nos. I. II. and III. of THE FAZINE, For JANUARY, 1830.

MILY LIBRARY, containing the LIVES of NAPOLEON BUOCONTENTS: Remarks on the Present Administration-Whigs and NAPARTE, 2 volumes, and of ALEXANDER THE GREAT, 1 Tories; Power of the Duke of Wellington; the Earl of Eldon Duke volume, 5s. each. of Newcastle, Mr Peel, &c.—Observations on Mr Flaxman's Lec. tures on Sculpture, by Thomas Campbell, Esq.--Posthumous Letters

THE WESTMINSTER REVIEW, of the King of the Sandwich Islands and the Principal Attendants of

No. XXIII. his Suite,

now first rendered into English-Opinions for 1830.- Lord Mountcashel; the Corn Laws, &c.-Art and Artists ; Nollekens,

Has just arrived in Edinburgh.
Canova, Chantrey-Characteristics of Rosini's Compositions-The
Diver, by Mrs Herans—Sketches and Recollections,

No. II:; Squire and Doctrine

of Buddhism.-4. Provincial, Scotch, and Irish News

1. Coleridge and Poetry.-2. Thames Water Question.-3. History Auction-Excursion from Dover to Calais-The Malt and Beer Du- paper Press: A Continuation of the Articles on the Newspaper Press ties-- Recollections of a Gottingen Student- The Last Days of Men-siness of Legislation.-7. Free Tra le-Mr Sadler's Speech at Whitby

of Great Britain.-5. Head's North American Forest Scenes.-6. Buzikorf-New Year's Day in France; French Funerals-The Harp and Blackwood's Magazine.-8. Australia.-9.

Frisian Literature. String-Childhood--Letters from New York, No. 1V.; Mr Gover 10. On continued Fever.-11. Liberties of the Gallican Church.-12. nier Morris; De Witt Clinton-POLITICAL Events-CRITICAL No Radical Reform.-13. Rose's Four Years in Southern Africa.-14. TICES OF New PUBLICATIONS-The DRAMA-Music-Varieties, Edinburgh Review, No. xcix. Art. 6. on “ The Utilitarian Theory Dorrestic and Foreign, Biographical Particulars of Celebrated Per- of Government, and the Greatest Happiness Principle." sons lately Deceased, Provincial Occurrences, &c. &c.

To be had of WILLIAM TAIT, 78, Prince's Street, Agent for ScotN.B. Those who desire to commence taking this Magazine with

land. the New Year, are requested to give their immediate orders to their respective Booksellers and Newsmen.

and BRADFUTE, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.


EIGHT FIGURES, illustrative of the above,

executed in Stone by Mr John GREENSHIELDS, now exhibitTHE NORTH BRITON.

ing at No. 12, George Street, next door to Physicians' Hall.

Admittance, 1s.-Season Tickets, 3s.

Open from ten till four, and from seven till nine. A

ed a wish for the establishment of a Newspaper in this city, to be conducted by an Editor unfettered by any party connexions,

Just published, unshackled by subserviency to any local interest, and free from the

Price Two Shillings and Sixpence, dietation or caprice of a límited proprietary; and considering the great utility of such an organ for the fair and free discussion of pub- EXERCISES on the DERIVATION of the ENGlic affairs, whether national or provincial; it is proposed that a Jour

LISH LANGUAGE; to which is added, in a Series of Exnal of this description shall, as soon as possible, be established in tracts, the HISTORY of LANGUAGE, and a VIEW of its GENEEdinburgh, under the exclusive management and direction of JAMES RAL PRINCIPLES, as pointed out by the Etymologies of Various BROWN, LL.D., who has for the last three years edited the Caledo- Tongues; intended for the Use of the Higher Clasies in English rian Mercury newspaper. Of Dr Brown's fitness for the task as- Schools. signed him, and his practical acquaintance with the details of a

By WILLIAM GRAHAM, newspaper no less than the duties of Editor, the readers of the Mer.

of the Cupar Academy. cury, while it was under his management, and the public generally, have had sufficient experience; and without making any professions and as a scholar ; and having occasionally been present at the exami

"We are well acquainted with Mr Graham's character as a teacher for the future, he wishes his pretensions to public favour to be judged of by his past exertions.

nation of his pupils in Cupar Academy, we can speak of him as an

author under lights and iilus rations of high import. It is our deci. This Journal, under the denomination of “ The North BKI- ded opinion, in which we shall probably be borne out by every one TON," will be published twice every week, viz. on the Wednesdays acquainted with Mr Graham, that his method of teaching is original, and Saturdays; and as there will be a Second Edition of each paper and his way of communicating instruction most successful; his mind published soon after the arrival of the London Mail on these days, it is weli fitted to strike out for itself pathways of improvement, which is respectfully requested that Subscribers will be pleased to intimate minds of less energy and compass would infallibly be blind to. We whether they wish for the morning or evening edition.

shall establish the truth of these remarks by a reference to the work Price of a single paper, 7d. ; price per annum, L.3, 3s. ; when paid now before us.

We conclude by earnestly recommendin advance, L.2, 18s. Price per quarter, 16s. ; when paid in ad- ing this valuable volume to all teachers whose minds are open to conPance, lis. 6d. Advertisements will be inserted at the lowest rate viction, and capable of benefiting by the well-directed labours and charged by any Edinburgh newspaper.

talents of its author."-Esinburgh Literary Journal. As it is proposed that the publication of The North Briton " This appears to us really what it professes to be, a very useful shall commence early in January, it is peculiarly desirable that those school-book. Too much care cannot be bestowed on opening the who are friendly to the undertaking transmit their orders, without understanding of the pupil,

as well as in exercising the memory ; and delay, to the following Booksellers :

by no plan can this be done more effectually than in explaining the Mr DANIEL LIZARS, 5, St David Street; Messrs Cadell & Co., meaning of vocables, and tracing derivatives to their roots—a plan 11, St Andrew Square ; Mr R. MILLER, 92, Prince's Street : Mr which teaches boys to reason and reflect, as well as to attain a cor. JOHN ANDERSON, Jun. 35, North Bridge; Messrs MACLACHLAN &

rect apprehension of the structure and force of language. Another STEWART, opposite the College; Mr W M. HUNTER, 23, Hanover advantage of Mr Graham's method is that of shortening the time Street; Mr Ropt. Grant, 36, Lothian Street: Mr W. Wilson, spent in the acquisition of the classics, and placing the study of phi11. George Street ; Messrs CARFRAR & Son, 3, Drummond Street; lology in general on a more secure and natural basis, as inany of Mexsrs STILLTE, BROTHERS, 140, High Street; Mr G. A. DOUGLAS, the initiatory difficulties are here smoothed down, and by tracing the 19, South Castle Street; and Mr A. Hill, 50, Prince's Street, Edin ramifications and connexions of meanings, the mind is gradually burgh:-Messrs W. REID & Son, Leith :-Mr W. R. M.Puun, stored with a treasure of words which it can easily combine and anaTrongate, Glasgow :-Mr C. SIDEY, and Mr JAMES DEWAR, Perth lyse. Without at all depreciating from the merits of other compilaThe Westminster Review for January, 1830, (No. XXIII, just culated to facilitate a correct knowledge of the English language,

tions, we can safely recommend Mr Graham's Exercises,' as calpublished) thus speaks of Dr Browne's Editorial talents, in connexion and as containing a great deal of curious philological information." with the Journal which he lately conducted :

Edinburgh Literary Gazette. " Among the most distinguished papers on the liberal side, is the “We think this little work is calculated to be useful, or we should Caledonian Mercury, edited by Dr James Browne, a man of distin- I not have noticed it here. To teachers who exercise their pupils in guished ability, and the writer of several articles in the Edinburgh that department of etyinology on which it is written, it may render Review. * * * It was reckoned a Tory paper, although belonging to Mr considerable assistance, and it may also be of advantage to those who Thomas Allan, a wealthy banker, whiggishly inclined. Indeed, ull have some knowledge of Latin and Greek, by enabling them to apthe Scotsman started, it was supposed impossib e that a paper, oppo: ply the learning which they have gained to the better comprehension

The author concludes with a few extracts on Ets e litor and proprietors. But since Dr Browne became its editor, the history of languages, which may be interesting to the etymologie this paper has become a bold exposer of abuses of all kinds, whether cal student." -Montrose Review. In the city or in the government. It has also outstripped its compe “ The system which, under Mr Graham's own care and inspection, ditors in presenting early reports, and in procuring exclusive infor- has been found to work so well beneath the eyes of the public of this mation. In fact, this paper is an evidence of what the active atten, place, is in the present volume explained and illustrated in such a tion of a single inind can accomplish, even of a mind engaged in manner as to render its results attainable in other places, and under many other pursuits." —Art. Scotch Newspaper Press.

different superintendence, with perfeet facility."-Fife Herald. N.B.-The above, of course, applies to the Mercury, while under Cupar :-Printed and Published by R. Túllis; and Sold by J. The management of Dr Browne, who, however, resigned the editorship Cook, St Andrews-W. COCKBURN, Anstruther-J. CUMMING, mof that journal on the 1st of December last, at which date his con- Kirkaldy-J. MILLER, Dunfermline-D. MORRISON, Jun. and Co. nexion with it finally ceased.

Perth-3. CHALMERS, Dundee-and CONSTABLE and Co. EdinEdinburgh, January, 1830.



WEEDS and WILDFLOWERS. Býftlie' tate LlBRARY, being the LIFE of BUON APARTE, 2 voks. 15 Engsa

published at

جدا للكلفهممتعلق


Published this day,


LIBRARY. Chevalier of the Military Order of Merit, and of the Rrussian

This day impublished/ in one volume, royal 18mo, 5s. Order of St Anne, &c. &c.Now first compiled from his origina! THE FAMILY LIBRARY, No: III., containing Journals and Correspondence: Ineluding an Account of his Services

under Prince Potemkin prepared for Publication by himself,
Printed for OLIVER & Boyd, Edinburgh;

And SIMPKIN & MARSHALL, London, in denen

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London.
This day is published,


Just published.
In post 8v6, 95.6d. boards, ni veitt rock 16

A New Edition of Nosi I and II. of the FAMILY Mr ALEXANDER BALFOUR, Author of "Campbell, or vings, 10s. the Scottish Probationer, la contemplations, and other Poems, “ Characters Omitted in Crabbes Rarish Register," &c. &c.; con. taining Selections from the Author's Correspondence, and Original Letters from $65. Walter Scott,? di Robert Andersen Deka. No

98 10 94 The Second Valame of?! at bed. to Pringle, Mr Mudiết trên trang thu Thọ

whole Gee profits of THE POLAR STAR OF ENTERTAINMENT and the publication are intended for the Auhor


London : H. FLOWER, 19, Bkime StreetSnow Hill, and J. Sc. London; and W. CURRY, jun, and Co. Dublin. Il grud, A

On the 50tk ftistant om be published, in post octavo, Published this day,

Price 10 cd boards 'In 18ro, with plates, asl bd. hálfhboubdyl C" the of IRE-SATAN. CA POEM: By the Author of “The Om

“ Whence comest thou: Woll From polog to and fre in the ries ; containing IRELAND UNDER THE TUDORS.' Printed for W. CURRY, Jwn and Co. Dublin J. and sold by Oli- Earth, and from walking

up and down in it."

London : Printed for S. MANDER Nexgale Street
VER and Boyd, Edinburgh.
To be whóm này d hadjust published, VODI


DICTIONARY, na + half-bound.

1) no NEW WORKS. 1 darwotnie

18 motor 103100 1.7 TO TINTOT

Just published i alt? 99 941 11 noun

- Lot 21012. Priee One Shilling (NUMBER Lofot JA 90 od 1991 1. 15.H has joiti to tiri


Hon. W. LONG WELLESLEY, 5s. 6.


and Hamlet in the three Kingdoms. With fourgII.

eight Quarto Maps, en faved bp steel by staney Hai. LORD COLLINGWOOD'S MEMOIR S' aña 33 Editor of The Center at Bidophical pretiofiary, CORRESPONDENCE Fourth edition, in octavo,' with a fine portrait, &e. 165. PMI 2015

1. Each Number of the Work will contain at least forty pages of “We do not know when we have met with so delightful'a book as letter-press, closely printed in oétavo, double columns, with an esthis."-Edinburgh Review, 1115 Women's Moti 981***

tirely new type. h. LIII.

1747 11:"3",

2. A Quarto Map will keempany each Numbers arist and et

graved on steel expressly for this work in the first style of execu

4.147.111 Venon. 2 vols. octavo. 185.

3. The whole Work will be comprised in fortrieto Numbers, one Introductory_Life_remains the old Gentlemniari_Christmas one

hitling; berpuths the moment dans les parent coloured righted more Night--The Haunted Mill-The dead arm and Ghost or Cæsar--The forming, when complete, two hendsonne volumes. **** odd Gentleman and old Maid-Twelfth Day The Smuggler.The London : CHAPMAN and HALL, 3, Arundel street, Strand: OLIVIE Poacher-The Wig_Travelling Companion-Henry Halworthst and Boyd, Edinburgh; and sold by all Boukseliers and Newsoen in Valentine's Day-Gordon-The Paihter's account of himself..-Vol. the United Kingdom. 11. Introductory-The Monk of Benevento The Three Brothers The Revolutions of a Village The Boarding House Death and the

THE COURT JOURNAL Grave The Will An Intraduction to Julia Julia Sterilverst;*4).

"The Author of this book is ērtdently a man of strong' mind and The Publisher begs to remind these pobo plesire . ONNERCITAright feeline. "-Edinburgh Literary Journal. 7ylivinkit KING the PUBLICATION with the NEW YEAR, that, unies their e of young persons without scruple. We cordially

recommend them to sellers, he cannot

ensure their being supplied, -as, in consequence our readers. "**New Monthly Mag. Nov. 1829. TRIOT Orman of the expense of the stamp, only a moderate quantity of copies,

IV. tubosu Harusts 20 v*):14 exceeding the actual number subscribed to inwilin future te The SPEECHES and MEMOIRS of the Right The Attention of the Public, and of the FASHIONAALS FORLD Hon. GEORGE CANNING. 6 vols. 8vL13, 12sa dan langs in particular, is respectfully invited towards Stais pea and popular

11 Ei osin 911 ?!1 V. att ni 279 ) On Botown Weekly Ipuineko hich; Presente ringlicu merels as the compaRETIREMENT. A POEM BY TO STEW lo POEM BY TO STEWART, table and the Study.

nion of the Drawing-room and the Byudoir, but of the Breakfast

di 10 gister 1 Esq. Second Editions w polsyol bur frontoitti to 301102es Classes of Society had long required a records and they foun, it is

The occupations, engagements, an l amusements of the Higher VI. 0017318 blh 134,151.

the COUBT JOURNAL. The MOXOPOLIES of the EAST INDIA COM- noble life, those habits which sing the tope 19 anders throughout PANY. By the Author of "Free Trailer and Culonization of In- the empire, are

here depicted with a freshness and trouracy

hitherto !!.!.!!. in ih!111 1'?

Tor it supplies information on every tonie of passing interest, thus ren. SWEET S HORTUS BRITANNICUS,' new edis valuable Nature. riyara dering it a Weekly Newspaper of an entirely Nerlmproved, and

yeyote 10.2 tion, with the addition of inany thousand new plants to the time of The Court JOURNAL is published every SATURDAY MORN. publication.76.7Y

ING, on a handsome sheet of Sixteen Quarto Pages, coa sining 43 Messrs ; ; Ridaway, London, and an Bookselterbe anive qer's yol itin yor! sion being stamped, subscribers may receive and nånsrait it to their

Tattoo friends, POSTAGE FREE, throughout all parts of the kingdom. TO BE HAD GRATIS!

Published for HENRY COLBURN, by W. Thomas, at the Office, 19, *Torty

Catharine Street, Strand, London. A GENERAL CATALOGUE, with descriptive Orders are received by all Booksellers, Newsvenders and Ckarda

Notices, the THEOLOGICAL WRITINGS OF EMANUEL of the Raadse tento Public Libraries to which the works have been presented, and where

Private Communications for the Editor may be sent to No S, New they may be perused, Apply

1877.3.14TV--00:11: Burlington, Sixeeta rotun? yll mit he's veis Messrs Constable and to 10 Dibintail) - Ini Messrs James Robertson and Co.

Pont, l'A1, Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning Mr Oglé s Robertson an Edinburgh

Mr Skeat i 1918
Messrs Robinson and Atkinson Glasgow
Mr W. Troup

gust. Sold also by: ROBERTSON ADKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY. Aberdeer..

jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & C., London; and 5 Mr Chalmers

all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout

Dundee, Mr Sime

the United Kingdom. Mr D. Peat


Price 6d. ; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d.
Mr Nichol


Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.

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1. B)

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Mr Stewart

(No. 62, January 16, 1830.)

This day is published,

Handsomely printed in 12mo, price 6s. extra cloth boards. Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.


PLAGUE. or the First-Born of Egypt Smitten ; and other




Of whom may be had, by the same Author, Second Edition,

The AFRICAN, a Tale; and other Poems.
The Dean of Faculty

Professor Wilson
Henry Cockburn, Esq. Patrick Robertson, Esq.

This day is published,

Price 4s. in boards, Highness the Duke of York, and a number of the Nobility, and was EXODUS, or the CURSE of EGYPT, a Sketch afterwards revised under the patronage of his Royal Highness and from Scripture; and other Poems. the following Noblemen and Gentlemen :

By T. B. J.
His Grace the Duke of Gordon

Glasgow: W. R. M‘Phun, Publisher; Sold by John SUTHER-
His Grace the Duke of Argyle

LAND, Edinburgh.
The Mest Noble the Marquis of Queensberry
The Right Hon. the Earl of Moray
The Right Hon. the Earl of Weinyss and March

The Right Hon. the Earl of Fife
The Right Hon. the Earl of Kinnoul
The Right Hon. the Earl of Caithuess

This dav is pub'ished, for the use of General Readers,
The Right Hon. the Lord Gray

In one volume 12mo, with Engravings, price 8s. 6d. boards,
The Right Hon. the Lord Belhaven

The Right Hon. the Rord President
The Hon. Lord Meadowbank

Sir John Hope of Cragiehall, Bart.
Sir John Hay of Hayston, Bart.

Sir George Clerk of Penicuik, Bart.
Sir Walter Scott of Abbotsford, Bart.

Containing a brief View of its Structure and Functions, and the
The Hon. Baron Hume

Discases to which it is liable; with ample Directions for the ReguFor the purpose of affording Relief and Support to Actors and Ac

lation of Diet and Regimen, from Infancy to Old Age. tresses, who, being Members of the Fund, should become incapacicated, by age or infirmity, from continuing in the exercise of their Edinburgh : DANIEL LIZARS; WHITTAKER & Co. London; and Profession.

W. CURRY, & Co. Dublin. The Committee of Management beg respectfully to state, that the TRIENNIAL DINNER, in Aid of this Institution, will take place, in the Assembly Rooms, George Street. on Friday the 29th current, THE UNITED SERVICE JOURNAL, and under the sanction and support of the following Noblemen and Gen NAVAL and MILITARY MAGAZINE, for the year 1829. is tleme:

now completed, in 2 large vols. 8vo, comprising upwards of 1600 PRESIDENTS.

pages, price 15s. each.
The Right Hon. the Lord Provost
The Right Hon. the Earl of Kinnoul

The attention of the Public, and particularly that of the United
The Right Hon. the Earl of Caithness

Services, is respectfully invited to this New Periodical, which was The Right Hon the Lord Elcho

commenced on the 1st of January, 1829, in Monthly Numbers, price The Right Hon. the Lord Chief Baron

2s 6d. each, and embrace subjects of such extensive variety, and of The Solicitor-General

such powerful interest, as must render it scarcely less acceptable to Sir John Hope of Craigiehall, Bart.

readers in general, than to the Members of those Professions for Sir Walter Scott of Abbotsford, Bart.

whose use it is more peculiarly intended. The Dean of Faculty

Independently of a succession of Original Papers on innumerable Professor Wilson

interesting subjects, Personal Narratives, Correspondence, AnecJohn Archibald Murray, Esq.

dotes, &c., each Number comprises Biographical Memoirs of Emi. John Borthwick, Esq. yr. of Crookston

nent Officers-Reviews of New Publications, either immediately reWm. Burn, Esq.

lating to the Army and Navy, or involving subjects of utility or in. John Cay, Esq.

terest to the members of either - Parliamentary Proceedings, as far Wm. Forbes, Esq. of Callander

as they relate to Naval or Military Affairs-Trials by Courts MarSir Henry Jardine

tial, General Orders, Circulars, &c.--Distribution of the Army and John Bonar, Esq. of Ratho

Navy-Promotions and Anpointments-Births, Marriages, Obituary W. J. Sands, Esq.

-and Miscellanies, Naval and Military, comprehending such brief George Douglas, Esq.

Notices, Professional, Literary, and Scientific, as cannot with proJames M. Melville, Esq.

priety be arranged under the preceding heads. James Nairne, Esq. of Claremont

It would be impossible, however, within the compass of this an. Donald Smith, E-4.

nouncement, to enumerate all the subjects which this Miscellany is Henry Cockburn, Esq.

designed to embrace. The Publisher will therefore only add, that it Sir Francis Walter Drummond, Bart. of Hawthornden

is conducted by Officers in his Majesty's Service, who have ensured Gen. Sir Wm. Maxwell, Bart.

the effective co-operation of gentlemen of high professional and liThe Chief Maistrate of Leith

terary character, and that it will be uniformly animated by the same Sir George Mackenzie of Coul, Bart.

ardent spirit of patriotism and loyalty which achieved the triumphs Patrick Robertson, Esq.

of Trafalgar and Waterloo.
Andw. Skene, Esq.
Wm. T'rotter, Esq. of Ballandean

The first Number for JANUARY 1830, price ?s. 6d. contains:
Duncan MacNeill, Esq.

Sketch of the Battles of the Pyrenees-Service afloat, being the Major Maxwell, King's Dragoon Guards

Personal Narrative of a Naval Officer during the late Mar-Arnold Gilbert Innes, Esq. of Stow

and André-Traits of Admiral Byng, from the Journal of an Officer George Williamson, Esq yr. of Lixmount

engaged in the Action off Minorca in 1756-Biographical Sketch of W. D. Gillon, Esq. of Wallhouse

General the Earl of Harrington, G C.H.---Russian Conquests in Asia George Burnett, Esq.

- Memoir of the late Captain Richard Sainthill, R.N.--Remarks on STEWARDS.

Military Surveying-Suggestions in Naval Economy, by General Sir Mr Jones, late of the Theatre-Royal

Samuel Bentham-Popular View of Fortification and GunneryMr Mackay

Proposition for employing Men-of-War as Transports--Preliminary Mr Denham

Naval Education--law for recruiting the French Army--Comman. Mr Pritchard

der Marshall's Work on Naval Gunnery-Royal Military College, Mr Stanley

Sandhurst-East India College, at Addiscombe - Aphorisms of Sir Mr Ward

Philip Sydney-Foreign Miscelany-CORRESPONDENCE; Breaking Tickets for the Dinner, One Guinea each, to be had of the Stew. the Line; Indian Army; Naval Surveys, &c.--Editor's Portards at the Box Ofhce of the Theatre-Royal, from Monday the 11th

POLIO: United Service Museum-Newly discovered Rock in the il til Monday the 25th,

West Indies-General Orders and Circulars, including the New ReThe Dioner will be provided by Mr Steventon, of the Black Bull gulations--MONTHLY NAVAL REGISTER, Annals of the British Fleet, and Waterloo Hotels, and on the tab e at Six o'clock precisely. ihe British Army-Distribution of the Entire British Army on the

Those Gentlemen who intend to honour the Dinner with their 1st of January, 1830, &c. &c. presence, are respectfully requested tu provide themselves with N.B. - Those who intend to commence taking this Journal with Tickets, on or before the 25th' instant, as none can be issued after the New Year, are requested to forward their Orders immediately to that date, that Mr Steventon may be enabled to make the necessary their respective Booksellers an1 Newsmen. arrangements.

HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY London ; and Bell and The Contribution in aid of the Institution will be made in the

BRADFUIE, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh ; course of the evening.

To whom communications for the Editor and Advertisements By order of the Committee,

may be addressed. JOHN DENIAM, Secretary. Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh,

The Numbers are supplied by all retail Booksellers and News. Jan. 6, 1870.

venders throughout the Kingdum.


In a few days, in 4to,

Published this day,

In one volume 8vo, price 8s. THE LIFE OF LORD BYRON,





Regius Professor of Military Surgery in the University of JOURNALS OF HIS OWN LIFE AND OPINIONS.


ADAM BLACK, Edinburgh; and LONGmax, REES, ORNE, BROW,

and GREEN, London.
Joun MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London.

This day is published,
This day is published, 4s. bound,

For the use of the Edinburgh Academy,


CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY; and IDIOMS, Systematically arranged, so as to communicate a progressive knowledge, both of the practical and critical parts of

CONTAINING the French Language, preceded by the Conjugation of the regular

THE HISTORY OF Verbs, &c., the rules for the formation of tenses, and the most complete and useful table of Irregular Verbs, with all their irregularities, CHIVALRY AND THE CRUSADES. &c., distinctly marked out and explained. By C. P. BUQUET,

Master in the Edinburgh Academy.

Volume 1. To be completed in Two Volumes,
Sold by OLIVER & Boyd, and all Booksellers.

Edinburgh: CONSTAPLE & Co., 19, Waterloo Place; and HCAST


Also, just published,

The LIFE of HERNAN CORTES; including the OF THE SOCIETY FOR THE DIFFUSION OF USEFUL Discovery and Conquest of Mexico. By Dox T. DE TBCEEA, 22

thor of "The Castilian," "The Romance of History," te. KNOWLEDGE. Published this day, price 28.

This day is published, in 12mo, price 6s. INSECT ARCHITECTURE, PART II. The

A TREATISE ON complete Volume, bound in cloth, price 4s. 6d.

ATMOSPHERICAL ELECTRICITY. Also, in the course of this Month, will be published,

Including Lightning Rods and Paragreles. The PURSUIT of KNOWLEDGE, Part II., By JOHN MURRAY, F.S.A. F.L.S. F.H.S. F.GS. &c. &c completing the Volume, which will be ready at the same time.

London: Printed for WHITTAKER, TREACHER, and Co; and
London: CHARLES KNIGHT, Pall-Mail Ea:t; and sold by DANIEL LIZARS, Edinburgh.
OLIVER & Boyd, Edinburgh.

This day is published,

In small octavo, neatly bound. price 4s. 6d.
Price 78. 6d.

The Second Volume of


N.B. The Second Volume, containing the Conclusion of DemosLondon : H. FLOWER, 19, Skinner Street, Snow Hill; and J. Su

thenes and the whole of Sallust, will appear on the First of Fett

ruary THERLAND, Edinburgh.




Just published,
On the 31st of March, 1830, will be published,


And BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. Price Six Shillings, of a new, greatly improved, and cheap Edition. THE EXCLUSIVES!!! A Satirical Novel of of the

Fashionable Life. 3 volspost 8vo.

" The Exclusives will be read with as much interest in some ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, being the quarters as with aların in others. It presents us with an expose that SEVENTH, including the recent Supplement to that Work :

yet with Preliminary Dissertations on the History of the Sciences. By Journal. the late Professors STEWART and PLAY FAIR, and by the Right 2. TALES of the CLASSICS; a new delineaHon. Sir JAMES MACKINTOSH and Professor LESLIE. Illustrated with a new set of Engravings on Steel. To be published in

tion of the most Popular Fables, Legends, and Alegories, cumns

morated in the Works of Painters and Sculptors. Selected and writMonthly Parts, and completed in Twenty Volumes quarto.

ten by a Lady for the amusement and instruetion of her own Edited by Professor NAPIER.

daughters, and forining a desirable Christmas and Ne=-Year's PreMODE AND TERMS OF PUBLICATION,

sent 3 vols. neatly bound, 21s. . I. By augmenting the contents of the page, but without decrea

3. TRAVELS in the EAST, by Joan CARNE, sing the size of the tyre, the work, while much improved in appear- Esq. Author of " Letters from the East, printed uniformly with, ance, will be comprised, notwithstanding the great extension of its

and in continuation of, that Work. 1 vol. 10s. 64. matter, in Twenty Quarto Volumes, handsomely printed on paper 4. ADVENTURES of an IRISH GENTLEMAN, of a superior quality, twenty volumes of the present being nearly with an account of his Travels, and of his Residence in France equal to twenty-four of the former Editions. Each volume will con

during the sanguinary period of the Revolution.

3 vols. sist of 800 pages, containing a much greater quantity of matter than any similar publication ; and the Proprietors hold themselves dis

5. PRIVATE MEMOIRS of the COURT of tinctly pledged to the Public, that the work shall not, on any ac

LOUIS XVIII. 2 vols. 8vo. count, excced Twenty-One Volumes; their present confident belief,

** This work lays open the Secret Intrigues of the most intrigo. at the same time, being that it will be completed in Twenty.

ing capital in Europe. Almost every person of note in France.

since the downfall of Napoleon, is here pourtrayed.-Vorming II. The publication will proceed in Monthly Parts, of which Six

paper. will form a volume; each part thus averaging above 133 pages. The 6. TALES of an INDIAN CAMP. 3 Volumes. First Part will be published on the 31st of March 1850. As the printing of the whole will be finished long before the expiration of the

Contents The Phantom Woman--The Fire Spirit--The Lake of abe period required for issuing the successive Monthly Parts, the Sub.

White Canoe-The Two Ghosts - The Devil of Cape Heggin, &e. scribers will have the option, at the close of that operation, of com

" The genius of this Writer, we understand, was first discovered pleting at once their copies of the work, or of abiding by the publica- by the author of Gertrude of Wyoming, who has expressed his contion in Parts till the end of the Series.

viction of the extreme interest of the present production, and is

high importance and value in an historical point of view."-Cousiz. III. Each Part will be sold for Six Shillings, thus making the price of a quarto volume, of 800 ample pages, only Thirty-Six Shillings--a price very considerably lower than that of any similar pub. | Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning lication of the day; and which, when the quantity of Matter in each by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE ; volume, the quality of Paper and Printing, the numerous Engravings, and the ability of the Articles, are taken into account, must Sold also by ROBERTSON & Atkinson, Glasgow; W. CURET, be allowed to place the work in a highly advantageous point of view. jun. & Co., Dublin; Hurst, CHANCE, & Co., Lindon; and Considering its Execution and Extent, it will, indeed, present the all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerka of the Road, thrcughes cheapest Digest of Human Knowledge that has yet appeared in Bri the United Kingdom. tain, in the convenient form of a Dictionary,

Price 6da; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d.
Printed for Adam BLACK, Edinburgh, and to be had of all the

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Cancogate.

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