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(No. 69, March 6, 1830.)

On Saturday first will be published,


Price 6s. Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.

CONTENTS. 1. Providential and Prophetical Histories-Dr Millar's Lectures

on the Philosophy of Modern History--Rev. Charles Forster's MaDR MUIR'S SERMONS.

homedanism Unveiled. This day are published, in one volume 12mo, neatly done up in

2. Political Economy-Mr Sadler's School-Italian Economists. cloth, price 1s. 6d.

3. Lieutenant Maw's Journal of a Passage from the Pacific to the

Atlantic. ERMONS on the CHARACTERS of the SEVEN

4. Etruscan History and Antiquities-Inghirami, Muller, &c. CHURCHES in ASIA, described in the Book of REVELA. 5. Wilson's Life and Times of Daniel De Foe. CON. To which are added, TWO SERMONS on the Distinction 6. Duties on Sugar-Sugar Trade. tween" SECRET and REVEALED THINGS" in RELIGION. 7. The Ottoman Empire, Travels in, Present State, and Prospects; By the Rev. WILLIAM MUIR, D.D.

Frankland, Madden, Walsh, and MacFarlane.
Minister of St Stephen's Church, Edinburgh.

8. Impolicy of increasing the Duties on Spirits, Edinburgh: Printed for Waugh and Innks, 2, Hunter Square, 9. Sir R. Donkin on the Course and probable Termination of the d 41, South Hanover Street; and sold by M. OGLE and T. OGIL Niger. E, Glasgow.

10. New System of Cure-Hahnemann's Homöopathie.

11. Southey's Colloquies on the Progress and Prospects of Society. NEW WORKS,

No. 101 will be published in April.
Just published,

Printed for LONGMAN, REES, ORME, BROWN, and GREEN, Lon- Messrs COLBURN and Bentley, London; and sold by Bell and don; and sold by ADAM BLACK, Edinburgh.

BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. TARRATIVE of the LATE WAR in GER

In 3 vols. post 8vo, MANY and FRANCE, by Lieut.-General Charles William

DARNLEY; A NOVEL. Ene, Marquess of Londonderry, G.C.B. G.C.H. &c. &c. In 1 vol. By the AUTHOR OF " RICHELIEU.” A Tale of the Court of France. th Map and Plan.

Among other historical personages who figure in this work are : 2. THE MANNERS OF THE DAY. A No-Henry Vill--Francis 1.-Lady Katherine Bulmer-Cardinal Wol1. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

sey- The Duke of Buckingham-Duke of Suffolk-Lady Constance * Passant la moitié de leur temps à ne rien faire, et l'autre moi de Grey--Lord Derby-The Earl of Surrey-Lord T. Howardà faire des riens."- Narmontel,

Lord Montague-The Earl of Devonshire-Sir Wm, Cecil, &c. &c. 3. THE DIARY OF RALPH THORESBY; Au- imagine a period better suited to the pen of the Novelist."-Lite

“ An aniinated and gorgeous picture of the times ; we cannot or of “ The History of Leeds." Edited by the Rev. Joseph Hun

rary Gazette. 7, F.S.A. 2 vols. post 8vo, with fine portrait.

" A story that perhaps surpasses any similar work that has ever 4. SYDENHAM ; or MEMOIRS of a MAN OF appeared, with the exception of Ivanhoe." - Morning Journal. HE WORLD. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and sold by 5. THE REMINISCENCES of HENRY AN- Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. ELO. The Second and concluding volume. In 8vo. 6. LAWRIE TODD, or the SETTLERS in the THE UNITED SERVICE JOURNAL and NA

VAL and MILITARY MAGAZINE, for March 1830, price OODS. By John Galt, Esq. Author of " The Ayrshire Legatees,” | 2s. 6d. Annals of the Parish, 3 vols.

CONTENTS: 7. RECORDS OF CAPT. CLAPPERTON'S Sketch of the Services of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Clinton, AST EXPEDITION to SOUTHERN AFRICA. By Richard K.C.B.-Service afloat during the late War-Two Months' RecollecEnder, his faithful Attendant, and the only surviving Member of tions of the late War in Spain and Portugal, by a Private Soldierat Expedition. 2 vols. post 8vo, with Illustrations.

Scenery in the St Lawrence-Memoir of Sir Charles Vinicom be Pen8. THE LIFE of MAJOR-GEN. SIR T. MUN- rose, K.C.B.-Coloquies with Folard-A Tale of the Spanish War), Bart. K.C.B. late Governor of Madras, with extracts from his

A Popular View of Fortification and Gunnery, No. 2.—Thoughts

on the Classification of Ships-The Calmuc's Battle Song-A Day's errespondence and Private Papers. By the Rev. Mr Gleig. 2

Journal on board a Transport--Anecdote of his late Majesty and 13. 8vo.

General Picton--Great Guns on a Novel Construction-On the Re9. TRAVELS to TIMBUCTOO and other Parts duction of Expenditure without reducing the Efficiency of our NaCentral Africa during the Years 1824, 5, 6, 7, and 8. By René val and Military Force, by Sir Samuel Bentham-Recollections in illie. 2 vols. 8vo, with a Map of the Route, a view of Timbucco, Quarters ; a Burmese Adventure ; Bull Fight Extraordinary--Naval dlother plates representing the Buildings of that City.

Reminiscences-Foreign Miscellany-General Correspondence; Sir 10. RANDOM RECORDS. By George COLMAN Charles Dashwood, and Sir Howard Douglas, in reply to the Quar- Younger. Dedicated by Gracious permission to his Majesty. In

terly Review, on Breaking the Line-System of the Coast Blockade

--Military Establishment-American Ships of War-Reduction of 11. THE ADVENTURES of an IRISH GENTLE--General Orders and Circulars — Monthly Naval Register-Army

the Hall-pay-The United Service Museum - The Editor's Portfolio 11. Written by himseif. 3 vols.

Estimates for the Year 1830-Gazettes, &c. &c.
HE MORNING JOURNAL.-In consequence Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and sold by of the harsh and oppressive Measures that have been resorted -sith a view to effect the ruin of Mr Alexander, (now a Prisoner Chin the walls of Newgate,) and to destroy " The Morning Jour

BELL'S GEOGRAPHY. " Newspaper, of which he is the Editor and principal Proprietor, has been resolved by several distinguished Friends of the Liberty the Preas to recommend that a Public Subscription be entered forth with, in order that those who love freedom, and desire to containing GREAT BRITAIN and PART of AFRICA, with four

Just published, Volume III. Part I. price 7s. 60. serve unimpaired the Constitution of Great Britain, may be ena

Maps, d to testify their sense of the recent Measures, under the effects =hich he is suffering.

A SYSTEM of GEOGRAPHY, Popular and Scitis obvious that the nature and object of these Measures have entific; or a Physical, Political, and Statistical Description of n to destroy the Freedom of the Press-to prevent the possibility the World, and its various Divisions. By JAMES BELL, Author of Free Discussion in a free Country-and to give to the Government “ Critical Researches in Geography," Editor of Rollin's Ancient he day a power most prejudicial to the liberty of the subject, and History, and Principal Editor of the Glasgow Geography. The work Eructive of the very spirit upon which our noble and glorious will be completed in about forty Parts, price 2s., or half volumes, 7s. ostitution is founded.

6d. each, forming six large octavo volumes. Four party will consist Chat such is the fact, is not only felt and believed in all parts of of Maps--five in each part. The other parts will contain 96 pages kingdom, but has been asserted by individuals of all parties in each, with a Map in each alternate part. Other Engravings, illustraCommons' House of Parliament, as well as by the various Public tive of the work, will be given in the course of publication. The rnalists of the Metropolis, of the Provinces, of Ireland, and of Maps, which are modelled on the best authorities, and include the latland, with scarcely an exception.

test discoveries, are beautifully engraved on steel, and will form an - is, therefore, now proposed that a Subscription be immediately Atlas superior to those sold for thirty shillings. The whole will thus ed-the object of which shall be to pay the Fines imposed by form one of the most comprehensive, correct, and cheap systems of Court of King's Bench, to defray the heavy expenses consequent Geography ever published in this or any other country. che recent Prosecutions, and to negative the attempts to ruin

The Second Edition of Parts 1 to 4, at 7s, 6d. is just ready, conhe Morning Journal," by upholding that

paper, and by supply; taining General Geography, and Continental Europe, with 12 Maps it with the means of being conducted with energy, ability, and and 4 Plates. Part I. contains a complete copy of Balbi's Political

Scale of the Globe. everal of the Public Journals having already, in a spirited and “ We consider it due to the spiritel conductors of this work to exerous manner, directed the attention of their readers to the pro press our conviction, that it will be found a truly scientific and ex. ty of the course now adopted ;-their zealous and warm co-opera cellent system of Geographical knowledge."-Edinburgh Literary

Journal is earnestly requested--that they will give force and effect to statement now put forth-and that they will receive and transmit " The public awe a debt of gratitude to Mr Bell for the popular - Subscriptions as may be forwarded to them.

and compendious form in which he has embodied a vast mass of geoubscriptions will be received at Holmes's Hotel, Parliament graphical, historical, and statistical knowledge. The work will be et, Westminster ; at Garraway's Coffee House, Cornhill ; or at found a valuable adjunct in the school, the library, and the merOffice of “ The Morning Journal,” where a Committee sit daily chant's counting-house."-Liverpool Mercury. a 12 to 4;-to whom communications are requested to be ad Published by BLACKIE, FULLARTON, and Co., Glasgow; A. Fulesed.

LARTON and Co., and W. TAIT, Edinburgh; W. CURRY, Junior, D. HURST, Hon, Sec. and Co., Dublin; and SIMPKIN and MARSHALL, London.





The following ENGRAVINGS, after the Original Paintings and Drawings by the late President of the R. Academy, are published by Moon, Buys, and Graves, Printsellers to the King, 6, Pall Mall, London.


GEORGE the FOURTH, in the costume of an English Gentleman, seated on a Sofa. Engraved in the most highly finished i manner, by William FIndex, from the Original Picture in the possession of the Marchioness of Conyngham, Size, 18 inches ? high. Prints, L.5, 35.-Proof on French Paper, L.5, 58.-on India Paper, L. 7, 75.

II. HIS MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY KING GEORGE the FOURTH. Half-length, in Mezzotinta, CHARLES TURNER. Size, 12 inches by 18 High. Prints, 1, 1s.-Proofs, L.2, 25.India Proofs, L.2, 12s. 6d.

INI. HIS Late ROYAL HIGHNESS FREDERICK DUKE OF YORK. Engraved in the Line matiner, GEORGE T. Doo. Size, 10 by 14 high. Prints, L.1, 1s.-French Proofs, L.2, 25.-India Proofs, L.2, 12s.6d.-Before Letters, L-5, ás

Dedicated, by express permission, to her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, NATURE. Represented in the Portraits of Two FASCINATING CHILDREN, (Daughters of C. B. Calmadı, Esq.) Engraved in the most exquisite Line manner, by G. T. Doo. Size, 14 by 16 high. Proofs on French Paper, L., 25. Proes, tz class, L.3, 35.- The proofs before the writing are all disposed of.

PORTRAITS of the DAUGHTERS of LADY MARYBOROUGH, to whom (by permission) the Pia is dedicated. A beautiful Group of Whole-length Portraits of Ladies BAGOT, BURGHERSH, and FITZROY SOMERSET. Elegantly Erzu by J. THOMPSON, in imitation of the Drawing.Size, 17 by 22 high. Prints, 15s.--India Proofs, L.1, lls, 6d.-Before Letters, L2, 1..

Dedicated, by permission, to his Grace the Duke of DEVONSHIRE, PORTRAIT of ELIZABETH, late DUCHESS of DEVONSHIRE. Engraved by F. C. Lewis, in imit tion of the Original Drawing. Size, 12 by 17 high. Prints, 10s. 6d.-Priots tinted, 15s.-Proofs before Letters, 158.-Proofs tinted, L1, La

VII. The late MARQUESS of LONDONDERRY, Whole-length, in his Robes of the Garter. Engraved in Vezzo tinto, by CHARLES TURNER--(Plate destroyed.) Size, 21 by 32 high. Prints, L.2, 25.-Proofs, L1, 15.

VIII. LITTLE RED RIDING-HOOD; a Whole-length Portrait of a Young Lady. Engraved in the Live manner, by R. LANE. Size, 11 by 14 high. Prints, 15s.- India Proofs, L.1, 11s. 6d.-Before Letters, L.2, 2s.

IX. JOHN KEMBLE, as Hamlet, holding the Skull of Yorick, Whole-length. Engraved in Mezzotinto, by W. S. REYNOLDS. Size, 22 by 34 high. Prints, 21s.

X. JOHN KEMBLE, as Rolla, Whole-length, and Companion to the above. ' Engraved in Mezzotinta, by W. S. REYNOLDS. Prints, 15s.-Proofs, L.1, 11s. 6d.

XI. PORTRAIT of THOMAS CAMPBELL, Esq. Engraved in Line, by J. Burnet. Size, 5 by 7 high. Proofs, 5s.--India Proofs, 6s. Only 200 printed.

XII. PORTRAIT of MISS BLOXAM, (Niece of the late Sir Thomas Lawrence): a Study. Engraved by F. C. Lewis, in imitation of the Original Drawing. Size, 11 by 1:1 high. Plain Prints, 5s.-Prints tinted, 78. 6d.- india Proofs, is 6-Proof tinted, 10s. 6d.

XIII. PORTRAIT of MISS ADAMS: a Study. Engraved by F. C. Lewis, in imitation of the Original Drar. ing. Size, 10 by 12 high. Prints, 10s. 6d.- India Proofs, 15s.-Prints tinted, 15s.

XIV. PORTRAIT of MRS NEWDIGATE: a Study. Engraved by F. C. Lewis, in imitation of the Origina! Drawing. Size, 10 by 12 high. Prints, 109. 6d.-India Proofs, 155.-Prints tinted, 158.

The undermentioned Portraits are now in progress, of which the first and second will be ready for Publication in the ensuing Spring.

1. FIELD-MARSHAL HIS GRACE the DUKE of WELLINGTON, K.G. &c. &c. &e. An Equestrian Portrait. Engraving in the Line manner by W. BROMLEY, Esq. A.R.A. from the Original Picture in the possession of Joha Anger. stein, Esq.

The Duke is mounted on the Charger his Grace rode at the Battle of Waterloo, and the Costume is the same he wore on that ever. memorable day.

The size will be 18 inches broad by 27 high. Prints, L.2, 28.--Proofs on French Paper, L.1, 1s.-Proofs on India Paper, L.5, 5s.-before the Letters, L.7, 7s.

II. CHILDREN of HIS GRACE the DUKE of HAMILTON. Engraving by F. C. LEWIS, in imitation of the Original Drawing.

III. PORTRAIT of SIR HUMPRHY DAVY. Engraving in the Line manner by Mr NEWTON, Size, 13 by 13 high. Prints, 158.---Proofs, L.1, 5s.-on India Paper, L.1, 11s. 68.-before Letters, L.2, 25.

IV. PORTRAIT of SIR WALTER SCOTT, Bart. Engraving in the Line manner by J. H. Robrssox, Esq. In two volumes, 8vo, 28s.


This day is published, THE DIARY and CORRESPONDENCE of

In one Volume, illustrated with Plates and Maps, 5s RALPH THORESBY, Author of the “ History of Leeds.” NO. XI. OF THE FAMILY LIBRARY, Edited by the Rev. Joseph HUNTER, F.S.A.

The name of Thoresby has long been familiar to the public ear.. In the antiquarian literature of the country he ranks deserved.

THE LIFE OF COLUMBUS. ly high. His Ducatus Leodiensis, or Topography of Leeds, has al.

By WASHINGTON IRVING. ways been a book prized and popular; and there is scarcely an antiquary or a distinguished naturalist of his time with whom he was not intimately acquainted, and among others with Nicolson, Gibson, the

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London. Gales, Smith, Hickes, Strype, Hearne, and Baker. But perhaps he is best known as the possessor of a very extensive and curious Mu Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning seum, in which were deposited the rarest specimens of art and na by CONSTABLE & CO, 19, WATERLOO PLACE; ture. The Diary and Correspondence of this distinguished indivi Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. Cra, dual, contain a variety of original and curious notices of nearly jun. & Co., Dublin; Hurst, CHANCE, & Co., London ; st all the literary and scientific characters who flourished at the close all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throug.17 of the 17th and at the beginning of the 18th centuries."—Courier.

the United Kingdom. HENRY COLBUKN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London ; and sold by

Price 6d.; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d. BELL and BRADFUTE, NO. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.



(No. 70, March 13, 1830.)

In three vols. post 8vo,


A NOVEL. Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts. A book of great intelligence and merit."-Literary Gazette.

“This romance is the work of a very able pen. The Characters Just published,

are strongly, we had almost said piotorially, conceived ; and the By W. WHYTE & Co., George Street, Edinburgh,

thoughts are condensed and masculine."-Court Journal. In one thick Volume, 12mo, price 6s. 6d. boards,


PARDON BELL and BrapFute, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. CONSIDERED and REFUTED, in a scries of SERMONS,

Published this day, in 12mo, 85. boards,
with Notes, Critical and Expository. By ANDREW THOMSON,
D.D., Minister of St George's Church, Edinburgh.

Also just published,

The Second Edition, in 8vo, price 10s. 6d.


ing SUPPLEMENTAL DISCOURSES; and NOTES and " To the volume before us we must assign a very high place, both

ILLUSTRATIONS. on account of the views of divine truth it uniformly advocates, and

By the Rev. ROBERT MOREHEAD, D.D., F.R.S.E., the very able and enlightened manner in which it illustrates and enforces those views. We wish

that it may fall into the hands of Formerly of Balliol College, Oxford, one of the Ministers of St Paul's those who are enemies to evangelical views.

Chapel, York Place, Edinburgh, and Domestic Chaplain to their " It is so conclusive in its arguments, that it leaves no room for an

Royal Highnesses the late Princess Charlotte, and Prince Leopold of

Saxe Cobourg. opponent to escape. It literally shuts every sinner up to the faith of Christ." - Evangelical Mag. May, 1829. See also Ed. Lit. Journal,

Printed for OLIVER and Boyd, Edinburgh ; and SIMPKIN and April, 1829, and Christian Observer, July, 1829.

This day is published,

In 2 vols. 8vo, price 24s., with Plates,


a VOYAGE in the SOUTH SEAS. Performed by Order of the
FATE of LA PEROUSE'S EXPEDITION. By the Chevalier In 12mo, containing 432 Pages, and Illustrated by upwards of 300
Capt. P. DILLON.

Wood-cuts, price 7s, 6d. bound,
London: HURST, CHANCE, and Co. 65, St Paul's Church-Yard.
Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co, Edinburgh.


Theory and Practice, for the Use of Schools, Private StuThis day is published,

dents, and Practical Men. Comprehending Algebra, Practical GeoIn one volume, large 12mo, price


metry, Logarithms, Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, Mensuration RINGSTEAD ABBEY, or THE STRANGER’S Surfaces, Solids, Heights, and Distances; Land Surveying, GRAVE; with OTHER TÁLes. By Mrs SĄRGANT, Author Gauging, Mensuration of Artificers' Works, &c.

With a copious of " The Life of Cranmer," &c. &c.

Appendix, containing the more useful Propositions of Geometry, London: Hurst, CHANCE, & Co., 65, St Paul's Church-Yard. Body of the work. The Second Edition, thoroughly revised, with

Conic Sections, Fluxions, and Demonstrations of the Rules in the Sold also by CONSTABLE & Co. Edinburgh.

many important Additions and Improvements, besides an accurate Where may be had, lately published, by the same Author, in one Set of Stereotyped Tables, comprising Logarithms of Numbers, Lovolume, 12mo, price 6s. 6d.

garithmic Sines and Tangents, Natural Sines and Tangents, and the THE LIFE OF ARCHBISHOP CRANMER. Areas of Circular Segments. By ALEXANDER INGRAM, Author of Dedicated, by Permission, to the Hon. the East India “ Elements of Euclid," &c. Company.

Printed for OLIVER & Boyd, Edinburgh, and SIMPKIN & MAR. This day is published,

SHALL, London.

of whom may be had,
price 3s. 6d. bound, a new edition of


explained in a Popular Manner, and its Application to real Business WITH

clearly illustrated. 4th Edition, 18mo, 1s. bound. WALKER'S PRONUNCIATION

A KEY to this WORK. By the same Author. of all the difficult or doubtful Words.

18mo, 2s. 6d. bound. Printed by C. CORRALL, for HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 65, St

MELROSE'S CONCISE SYSTEM of PRACPaul's Church-Yard. Sold also by CONSTABLE and Co. Edinburgh.

The two Standard Dictionaries of the English Language are those TICAL ARITHMETIC, Improved by INGRAM. 8th Edition. of Johnson and Walker; the former in all that regards the authority 18mo, 2s. bound. and spelling of words, the latter as to their pronunciation. The ob A KEY to this WORK. By Alex. INGRAM. ject of the volume now offered to the Public is to combine in a

18mo, 4s. bound. portable form the advantages of both : and to assist in acquiring the ease and elegance of a correct speaker, in the current language of


BOOK EVER PUBLISHED. This day is published, in 3 very large vols. 8vo, price L.2, 28. embellished with a fine portrait,

In 18mo, containing 300 Pages, and illustrated by Ten Maps, price

3s. 6d. bound in red, the Second Edition, thoroughly Revised and MEMOIRS of the LIFE and TIMES of DANIEL

considerably Enlarged, of DE FOE, containing a Review of his Writings, and his Opi. nions upon a variety of Important Matters, Civil and Ecclesiastical.


PHY; with Remarks on the Physical Peculiarities, ProducLondon: HURST, CHANCE, & Co., St Paul's Church-Yard. Sold tions, Commerce, and Government of the various Countries ; Quesalso by CONSTABLE & Co. Edinburgh.

tions for Examination at the End of each Division; and Descriptive Where may be had, just published, in 2 vols. 8vo, price 21s. Tables, in which are given the Pronunciation, and a concise Account The HISTORY of the HEBREW COMMON- of every Place of Importance throughout the Globe. By the Rev.

ALEX. STEWART, Author of “The History of Scotland," &c. WEALTH, from the Earliest Times to the Destruction of Jerusa The general approbation with which this work has been received, Jem, A. D. 72. Translated from the German of JOHN JAHN, D.D.

has encouraged the Author and the Publishers to use every exertion With a Continuation to the time of Adrian. By Calvin E. STOWE.

to render this new edition still more deserving of preference. The

whole Work has been revised with the most anxious attention; and This day is published, In one thick vol. post 8vo, price 12s., with a beautiful Frontispiece, racy, in condensation, and in extent of information, it bow forms the

has received so many improvements, that in arrangement, in accuMODERN FUGITIVE POETRY. SECOND SERIES. Edited graphy, of a similar size, that ever issued from the press. by ALARIC A. WATTs, Esq.

Printed for OLIVER & Boyd, Edinburgh, and SIMPKIN & MAR• See, I have cull'd the flowers that promised best,

SHALL, London.
And where not sure-perplex'd, but pleased-I guess'd

of whom also may be had,
At such as seem'd the fairest."-BYRON.
London: HURST, CHANCE, & Co., 65, St Paul's Church-Yard. STEWART'S DISCOURSES on SOME IM-
Sold also by CONSTABLE & Co. Edinburgh.

PORTANT POINTS of CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE and DUTY. Where may be had, lately published, price 12s. the First Series of

8vo, 10s. 6d. boards. THE POETICAL ALBUM and REGISTER of

STEWARTS HISTORY OF SCOTLAND. MODERN FUGITIVE POETRY. Edited by ALARIC A. WATTS, Esq. In one thick volume, post 8vo, with a beautiful Frontispiece Thick 12mo, 5s. bound.

STEWART'S STORIES from the HISTORY by Williams.

This volume will be found to contain a very large proportion of of SCOTLAND. - 2d Edition, enlarged. 18mo, 43. half bound. the most beautiful Fugitive Poetry that has appeared during the last STEWART'SIMPROVED EDITION of GOLDten years, including upwards of 300 poems, for the most part inedit- SMITH'S HISTORY of ENGLAND. 5th Edition. 19mo, 5s. ed, of Byron, Moore, Campbell, Wilson, Wordsworth, Rogers,

bound. Coleridge, L. E. L., Bowles, Shelley, Mrs Hemans, Miss Baillie, Barry Cornwall, Moir, Montgomery, Croly, Horace Smith, Alaric


NELIUS NEPOS, with Notes, &c. 7th Edition. 18mo, 3s. bound.

of Geo


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Just published,
Published by ALFRED PETTET, 18, Hanway Street, London,

No. III. or

8. d

Alice Gray (3d edition),

Miss Paton, &e.

LITERATURE, AGRICULTURE, GARDEX. Ditto, arranged for Guitar, by Huerta,


Hame frae the Wars, dedicated to Lady Wm. Lennox, 2 0
I prithee give me back my Heart, Mr BRAHAM,


2 0 Oh! Love is like the sunny ray,

2 0

CONTEXTS. The Birks of Aberfeldy,

Mr Wood,

2 0 Observations by General Stewart of Garth, in Elucidation and De The Soldier's Return,

Mr BROADHURST, 20 fence of the Statements in his Sketches of the Highlandet."“ The Soldier's Return is another lovely production of a Lady, Musings of a Trareller.-Sketches of the Life of a Non-Commissionwho, as a Melodist, not only rivals, but bids fair to surpass, our Pro ed Officer.-Braham at Perth.-Interesting Original Communie. fessional Composers. We do not find an exceptionable note, or the tions on Agricultural and Botanical Subjects.-Notices of Sex Pub most trifling error of any kind, in this charming Ballad, which, being lications.-Spirit of the Magazines for March.-Local News, &e. ke. moderate in compass, easy to execute, and sure to please, we recom

Sold by Adam BLACK, Edinburgh; BALDWIN and CRADOCE, mend to the notice of our readers."-Vide Harmonicon.

London ; and D. MORison, jun. and Co. Perth.
The successful performance of these popular Songs at the Theatres
Royal, the London Concerts, and Provincial Meetings, having ob-

“ Perth is better entitled to the character of a literary place than tained the best test of approbation, viz. IMITATION, it is neces any other of our provincial towns. Its Antiquarian Society serves sary to state, that Mrs Millard's Publications will in future bear her to keep alive a taste for learning, the pride of having been an ancient signature, V. MILLARD.

capital stimulates still farther the love of distinction, and the beauty The above may be had of ROBERTSON, Purdik, PATERSON of the situation secures as its residents a class of society among whom Roy, and Co., Edinburgh; and of every Musicseller in the United such pursuits are eminently popular. It can boast of having furKingdom.

nished the world with an Encyclopædia, the first, if we are not mis

taken, published in Scotland-at all events the only one ever atORIGINAL PORTRAIT OF ROBERT BURNS. tempted in a provincial place and this alone manifested a degree of

literary enterprise that has never yet been equalled anywhere else Preparing for publication,

beyond the capitals and the English university towns. An edition DEDICATED, BY PERMISSION,

or 'Burns also proceeded from the Perth press, with an able life of the TO SIR WALTER SCOTT, BART.

poet by Professor Walker : and the note, Morison's edition, when

found in the catalogues of booksellers, is well known to add value to A GENUINE AND ORIGINAL PORTRAIT

many other works to which it is attached. The splendid literary ex. OF

ertions made in our city for a considerable series of years back, have ROBERT BURNS,

superseded the necessity of exertion elsewhere, and have also tended

to drain the provinces of the talents necessary for such pursuits; but PAINTED IN 1786, BY THE LATE MR PETER TAYLOR,

Perth may look back with no little pride to the time when she start

ed so fairly in the same honourable race. AND FINISHED IN THE FIRST STYLE OP LINE ENGRAVING, 35.“ With all these recollections fresh in our memory, it was with BY MR JOHN HORSBURGH.

pleasure that we heard of the proposal of reviving the former flarne, Size of the Print, 12 by 9 inches.

by the publication of a literary periodical in the Beautiful City. PRINTS,


Perth, on account of the engrossing rivalry of Edinburgh, is not fitted PROOF'S ON FRENCH PAPER,

L.1, 1s.

to be a great publishing mart; but it ought to command the sale PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER,

L.l, 5s. of a local magazine, and we hope the present one will meet with the 2s.

support which it merits. PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, BEFORE WRITING, L.2,

The plan of the Miscellany, as the barre

intimates, embraces considerable variety. Original literary articles, To be delivered strictly in the order of Subscription, and will be

such as form the staple contents of other magazines, come first; then ready about the middle of April 1830.

follow reviews of books ; selections from the principal magazine, Edinburgh: published for the Proprietor, by CoNsTABLE and Co.

with introductory remarks; scientific varieties; a full meteorologi. 19, Waterloo-Place; and Moon, Boys, and GRAVES, Printsellers to

cal table, from the register kept at Kinfauns Castle; agriculture, inhis Majesty, London.

cluding original communications, and notices of publishei works; This day is published,

gardening and botany, treated in the same manner as agriculture: a With Twelve Engravings, illustrative of Light and SHADE, PER suminary of local intelligence; the whole brought up by a goodly array spective, with COLOURED EXAMPLES to mix the simple colours,

of aulsertisements. so as to form COMPOUND TINTS, 12mn, 3s. boards,

“ This Miscellany is, we believe, the only Scottish periodical which THE ELEMENTS of DRAWING, containing the devotes a stated portion of its columns to gardening and botany, and

it ranks among its contributors to this department some of the most first principles of Light and Shade, Colouring and Perspective,

distinguished horticulturists in this country, who have hitherto been with Engravings, and Coloured Examples of Tints : compiled for the

ample contributors to similar publications in London. juvenile Student of Drawing, in his earliest stage of study; by

" We do not know whether the appearance of the Fair Maid of GEORGE MARSHALL MATHER, Mini iture Painter, and Teacher of Drawing, Edinburgh.

Perth' may not have given a new impetus to the literary eireles of Daniel Lizars, 5, St David Street, Edinburgh ; WHITTAKER,

that city, and have thus indirectly been the cause of the Miscellany's TREACHER, & Arvot, London; and W.Curry, jun.& Co.Dublin.

being started; but it is at least certain, that the article which forms

the leading one in the first two dumbers owes its origin to the novel, FOR INVALIDS AND FAMILIES.

being an account of the personal history of the wretch Henbane

Dwining. Only a few chapters have yet appeared, from which, how. This day is published,

ever, we augur well of the rest. The opening, we contess, was

somewhat tedious to us, being occupied chieily with antiquarian matFOR TYIE USE OF GENERAL READERS,

ter, of a local interest; but as we proceed, the narrative improres, In one vol. 12mo, with Engravings, price 8s. 6d. boards,

Seeping BODY, in Health and Disease; containing a Brief View of its

an win. Structure and Functions, and the Diseases to which it is liable; with dow during a food of the Tay, which threatens to prove fatal io ample directions for the regulation of diet and regimen, from infancy them, and, having it in his power to effect their deliverance, leares to old age.

them to perish; and immediately after learns that the young man “ It is one of the very few professional performances which con whom he supposed his rival, was not so, but on the point of being vey to the reader precisely that degree of valuable information re married to the orphan daughter of his (Dwining's) only brother. The specting the nature and structure of man, the diseases with which third and fourth chapters are written with no little spirit. The rest he is afflicted, and the general mode of treating those diseases, which of the articles are in a lively vein, and neat style; the extracts are every intelligent person ought to possess. Altogether, the work will well chosen, and the remarks upon them judicious: the same good be found the most practically useful in families-especially by wives taste pervades the other departments; and on the whole, the Visa and mothers of any of its class that we have seen."-La Belle As- cellany will be found a pleasing companion for the chimney nook semblée, March.

of ease.' "--Edinburgh Weekly Journal. “One of the best compilations of the kind we have seen ; and be Judging from the first number, we augur well of this publica. sides directions for the regulation of the diet and regimen, it contains tion ;-lhe contents are highly respectable and well varied; and it apa brief but clear view of the structure and functions of the body, and pears to be an addition of some consequence to the literature of the diseases to which it is liable, with several well-cut wood prints."

Perthshire."-Edinburgh Literary Journal. -Eraminer, 14th Feb.

" The 'north countrie,' a region which, Beattie tells us in his “ Our author, in a plain and well-meaning book, instructs his Minstrel, was once readers literally how they are made, shows them their functions and

“ Famed for song, and beauty's charms,” animal economy, and gives them much good advice, as well as gene we daresay has still nous enough to support a Monthly of its own, ral information."'-Literary Gazette, 27th Feb.

if conducted with the talent and discrimination which this Number “ It possesses many recommendations to popular attention, and is One evinces. We cordially recommend to the public the Perth Mrs. an excellent manual for family use. Every care seems to have been cellany. We hope it will receive that support which it so well de taken by the intelligent author to exclude whatever might be unfit to serves."-Edinburgh Literary Gazette. be rearl by all classes of the community; and we have no doubt that A second Number has just appeared, consisting of pieces, orig. it will be extensively consulted. It well deserves to be so."--Edin nal and select,-communications on every variety of subject,-intelliburgh Lit. Gazette.

gence, both local and general, agricultural and gardening,-poetry, vi The book is an excellent one. The practical knowledge it em science and the arts; and, in fact, communications suited to every braces is great, and the manner in which that knowledge is deve variety of taste. We again most cordially wish success to this laud. · loped is highly judicious and instructive. It is moreover the pro able undertaking."--Ibid. 20th Feb. duction, we believe, of a gentleman of considerable professional emi. " It is beautifully got up, and most judiciously edited."-Glasgow nence,”'-Edinburgh Observer.

Free Press. Edinburgh: DANIEL LIZARS; WHITTAKER and Co. London ; "* It is worthy of commendation for the industry and taste disand W. CURRY and Co Dublin.

played both in its original and selected arcles, "-Scots Times.

A MANUAL of the ECONOMY of the HUMAN with the character of the scoundrel apothecary in the novel Desti




AND SOLD BY to the Public of Edinburgh, that he is about to deliver, in the Hopeton Rooms, a Course of Six Morning Lectures on the DRAMA,

ROBERT BUCHANAN Illustrated by SHAKSPEARIAN READINGS, and CriticalRemarks upon Popular Plays and Celebrated Actors, particularly Mrs SID

No. 26, GEORGE STREET, EDINBURGH; DONS, JOHN KEMBLE, KEAN, and MACREADY. Ticket, transferable for the Course, admitting a Lady and Gentle

And to be had, per Order, of any Bookseller in the United man, £1, 11s. 6d.-Single Ticket, £1, 18.-Admittance to a single Lecture, 1s.

Kingdom. Farther particulars will be given in future Advertisements.

*** The Trade are respectfully informed, that they will receive the

regular allowance on all Books in this Advertisernent. In two vols. royal 18mo, 12s. THE SCOTTISH SONGS; Collected and Illus

In a neat pocket volume, price 5s. bds.

(Dedicated, by permission, to Professor Duncan,) trated by ROBERT CHAMBERS. « A most admirable collection, in a cheap and convenient form, A PRACTICAL FORMULARY of the PARIinterspersed with amusing notes and anecdotes."'-Bell's Life in SIAN HOSPITALS, exhibiting the Prescriptions employed by London,

the Physicians and Surgeons of those establishments; with remarks By the same Author,

illustrative of their doses, mode of administration, and appropriate The SCOTTISH BALLADS, royal 18mo, 6s. application ; also, General Notices of each Hospital, the Diseases it " An admirably selected volume."-Times.

especially receives, and Medical Doctrines of the Practitioners who The PICTURE of SCOTLAND; a New Edi

preside in it. By F. S. RATIER, M.D. Translated from the Third

Edition of the French, with Notes and Illustrations, by R. D. M'LELtion, 2 vols, post 8vo, with 8 fine plates, £1, 1s.

LAN, M.D. TRADITIONS of EDINBURGH, 2 vols. 9s. ROBERTSON'S (ARCHIBALD, M.D.) CONPrinted for William Tait, 78, Prince's Street

VERSATIONS on ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, and SURGERY, This day is published, price Is. 6d.

in a neat, closely-printed pocket volume of 460 pages, boards, price 6s. ACCOUNT OF THE SHIP LIFE BOAT. *** "This little volume contains a most excellent summary of By JAMES MATHER, Esq.

what must form to the medical student the foundation of his know. Second Edition.

ledge. The anatomical descriptions are full without being prolix, ADAM BLACK, Edinburgh; LONGMAN and Co. London ; and w.

and concise without being defective or obscure. As was to be exCURRY, Jun, and Co. Dublin.

pected, the physiological notices are but short, but they serve to pass

before the student a detail of the leading facts on each particular This day is published, price 7s. to Subscribers for the whole Work, point, and to show him the scope of what he either has studied, or And 9s. to Non-Subscribers,

is about to study elsewhere. The same may be said with regard to Part I. of DR WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY pathology, and especially the pathology of surgical diseases. Even

to the more advanced student or practitioner, this little work will be OF THE

found to be of considerable use. From the manner in which it is ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

arranged, an immediate reference can be had to its pages, for an anThe Work will be completed in 12 Parts, each consisting of 20

swer on any topic within the range of the subjects on which it prosheets, and will appear at intervals of two months,

fesses to treat, with much more certainty of concise and exact infor. London : BLACK, YOUNG, and YOUNG; and may be had of all

mation, than is to be expected or can possibly be obtained from more Booksellers in Scotland.

bulky and seemingly more important works."-Scots Times. Just arrived,

EDINBURGH MEDICAL and SURGICAL Price seven shillings and sixpence,

JOURNAL, a GENERAL INDEX to, forming the 20th vol. of NUMBER X.

that Work. 8vo, new, in boards, 16s.

** The above contains also complete Indexes to the Edinburgh OF THE

Medical Essays, 6 vols.; Essays, Physical and Literary, 3 vols.; MeFOREIGN QUARTERLY REVIEW.

dical Commentaries, 20 vols.; and Annals of Medicine, 8 vols.; in

all, 56 vols. CONTENTS.

COMPENDIUM of the LAWS of the CHURCH 1. Present State of the Netherlands.

of SCOTLAND, containing Pardovan's Collections, complete in II. Rossetti's Dante.

Four Books ; The Form of Process; The Books of Discipline ; Acts III. Spix and Martius's Travels in Brazil.

of Parliament relative to the Church; Extracts from Principal IV. Blanca Capello. The Medici Family.

Hill's View of the Constitution of the Church, &c.; just published in V. Christianity in China.

a compact 12mo volume of 516 pages, good type, price 78. 6d. extra VI. French Novels. Paul de Koch.

cloth boards ; or in Seven Numbers, any of which may may be had VII. Life and Works of Jovellanos.

separately, price Is. each. VIII. History of Gnosticism.

***“ The plan is excellent, and the selection judicious.”-DR IX. The Court of Chancery.

BROWNE. X. History of the Crusades.


JAMES BEATTIE, LL.D. late Professor of Moral Philosophy and LoCRITICAL SKETCHES.

gic in Aberdeen. Reprinted from the rare edition (penes R. B.) dated XIII. Present State of Literature in Poland.

1778, but never before published. Foolscap 8vo, price One Shilling. XIV. Cellerier's Introduction to the Old and New Testaments,

(Oaly 250 copies.) XV. Vadillo's Politico-Economical Discourses.

The MODES of PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHXVI. Theatre of Gustavus III. XVII. Bertolotti's Tour in Savoy.

WORSHIP VINDICATED; in a letter to the (Inverary) BlackXVIII. Wronski on Steam-Engines.

smith, by a Presbyter of Ireland, new edition, reprinted verbatim Miscellaneous Literary Notices, No. X.

from a a copy (peries R. B.) published in 1763. 8vo, sewed, price ls. List of New Publications on the Continent, from November, 1829, BOYLE'S (Hon. ROBERT) TREATISE of to February, 1850, inclusive.

SERAPHIC LOVE. Some Motives and Incentives to the Love of The first five volumes may now be had complete, price £3, 15s. in

God, pathetically discoursed of, in a Letter to a friend. New edition, estra boards; or any Numbers separately.

with the references and quotations carefully corrected, 18mo, neatly Printed for TREUTTEL and Co. London; and CADELL and Co.,

printed, price, in boards, 2s. Edinburgh; and to be had of all Booksellers.

DICTIONARY of LOVE; in which is contained FASHIONABLE MUSIC.

the Explanation of most of the terms used in that Language, seMR ROBERTSON has just received from Mr somd. sditionTo which are added, The Ladies, a Rhapsody, and

some. Songs, neatly printeil, 18mo, extra boards, 2s.6d. Power, 34, Strand, London, an additional supply of the fol.,

This amusing and really useful little Work first appeared in lowing popular Musical Productions :

1753, and has been attributed to Christopher Smart, Author of Ten Songs, and two Duets, the words and music by the Honoura

Poems, 2 vols., Translator of Horace, &c. &c. The additions to De Mrs Norton and her Sister. Price 15s.

this new edition greatly enhance the value of the book. Six Songs, composed by Mrs ROBERT ARKWRIGHT. 10s 6d.

SCOTIA REDIVIVA; a Collection of Tracts Songs of Mrs ARKWRIGHT, published separately :Beth Gelert, 3s. Roland the brave, 28.

Illustrative of the History and Antiquities of Scotland, Svo, extra One hour.with thee, 2s. Oh! poor Louise, 2s.

boards, 15s. Then be it so, 2s.

Rose, thou art the sweetest Contents of this Volume:-1. Hay's Vindication of Eliz. More Greek Exile, 2s.

flower, 2s.

(Queen of Robert II.) and the Royal Family of Scotland.-2. Gor. Soxos from Moore's LIPE of LORD BYROX. Music by KIALL

don's Dissertation on the Marriage of Robert II. with E. More, now MARK, C. E. Horn, and Dr CLARKE:

first published in English.-3. Waddel's Remarks on Innes's Critical Hills of Annesly, 2s. Friendship is Love, 2s.

Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of Scotland.-4. Taitt's Roman

Those flaxen locks, 2s.
Memory, 25.

of Britain and Ireland, in Answer to Innes's Essay.-5. The days of our glory, 25. Young Oak, 28.

Cunningham's Essay upon the Inscription on Macduff's Crosse in Young Friendship, 25.

Fyfe.-6. Memoirs relating to the Restoration of King James I. of SACRED Songs from the same Work:

Scotland.-Lord Ruthven's Relation of the Death of David Rizzi, Forget this World, 2s. 1. Father of Light, 2s.

the only reprint of the genuine edition published in 1699.-8. JohnA Set of GLEES, written and composed

ston's Historie of Scotland during the Minoritie of King James VI., By Thomas Moore, Esq. 125.

translated by Thomas Middleton.-9. A True Accompt of the BapWatchman, 23. Song of the olden time, 2s.

tism of Prince Henry Fred. Son of K. James VI., Edinburgh, 1594.

The whole illustrated by Bibliographical and Critical Notices. Do. a3 a Glee, 28. 6d.

Rose of the Desert, 2s. Music Saloon, 67, Prince's Street, Edinburgh, 13th March, 1830.

Edinburgh, 13th March, 1830.

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