Philosophical Principles of Religion: Natural and Revealed: in Two Parts. Containing the elements of natural philosophy ... ... .... Containing the nature and kinds of infinites...... ..., 第 1-2 篇

G. Strahan, 1715

讀者評論 - 撰寫評論






第 18 頁 - ... an uninterrupted communication of the fame degree of motion from one part of matter to another, in a circle or other curve returning into itfelf, fo that the fame momentum ftill returns undiminifhed upon the firft mover.
第 88 頁 - ... medium or substance, much after the manner that vibrations are propagated in the air for causing sound and move faster than the rays so as to overtake them; and that when any ray is in that part of the vibration which conspires with its motion it easily breaks through a refracting surface, but when it is in the contrary part of the vibration which impedes its motion it is easily reflected; and, by consequence, that every ray is successively disposed to be easily reflected or easily transmitted...
第 58 頁 - ... the surface of the earth, as the square of the semidiameter of the earth to the square of the semidiameter of the orbit. But by what was...
第 336 頁 - The back, for the fecurity of that medullary fubftance that runs down its cavity, is bent after the manner of the catenarian curve. Cheyne. (c.) MEDONA, a river in Friuli, which runs into the Livenza. (a.) MtDUNA, a town in Friuli, i
第 98 頁 - A. The sum of the ten commandments is, To love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our strength, and with all our mind ; and our neighbour as ourselves.
第 90 頁 - May not the harmony and discord of Colours arise from the proportions of the Vibrations propagated through the Fibres of the optick Nerves into the Brain, as the harmony and discord of Sounds arise from the proportions of the Vibrations of the Air?
第 180 頁 - Thus, the proposition, that the three angles of a triangle are not equal to two right angles...
第 86 頁 - Fragments mould not conftitute a Mafs or Powder of the fame Colour, which the Plate exhibited before it was broken. And the parts of all natural Bodies being like fo many Fragments of a Plate, muft on the fame grounds exhibit the fame Colours.
第 52 頁 - In this state of sublime resignation everything in the shape of attachment goes away completely, except that one all-absorbing love to Him in Whom all things live and move and have their being.
第 98 頁 - ... surfaces,, plain, and smooth, and curve, which will account for all the various degrees of cohesion in bodies, in respect of their figures. But now the cement, which hinders the separation of bodies, when the points of their surfaces...